Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

translated by Heidemarie Hallmann

Text on book cover backside:

After Voices from an Other World , edited first in 1978, the author now presents an easy to read sequel resuming and updating her experience from 18 years of practical engagement in the field of transcommunication. It is surprising to see that this phenomenon, at that time rightly called “Tape-recorded voices”, in the last decade has unexpectedly extended into a much embracing complex of technically supported transcommunication. This book is constitutive for both,  the experienced experimenter, and the beginner in this field. The advanced is given information about all new methods of recording, and on equipment and appliances tested with success.

Text on cover flap:
The research undertaken during more than thirty years now makes this field of investigation of paranormal phenomena a factor in “border sciences” that can no longer be argued away. Actually, in his preface to this book physicist Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski calls these Psi phenomena “transcommunication” because, since long, the Voices from an Other World  (title of the author’s first publication in 1978) are no longer just scraps of voices documented on tape, but take shape in clearly visible video enregisterings, and have even used computers and telephone as means to express.  The dispute whether these are signs from the dead, or not, may continue. It is, however, a fact that paranormal communication is taking place, one of the most incredible phenomena we can imagine. Hildegard Schaefer’s book summarizes the state this research has reached on an international level. The beginner is surprised to learn how much the technical means have progressed in this field, the advanced receives extensive information about methods applicable in practice – both in an easily understandable language. This book is a challenge for the materialistic view on our world!


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After termination of a commercial professional formation, Hildegard Schaefer undertook studies in the fields of philosophy, border areas of psychology and literary history. Since 1972 she has been intensely going in for parapsychology, in particular the sector having become known under the catchword “tape-recorded voices”, a sector which now is designated with the more global term “transcommunication”. She is author of the book “Voices from an Other World”  and a number of  other books, among these novels, anthologies, non-fictions. As an acknowledged expert in transcommunication, she gives lectures on conferences, meetings and congresses in Germany and abroad. She lives in Goldbach near Aschaffenburg, Germany.
(published by Hermann Bauer Verlag, Freiburg im Breisgau)

The book has a format of 13,5 cm x 20,5 cm, comprises 282 pages, and includes 20 sketch drawings and 77 illustrations.

The webmaster recommends new-comers and beginners to start by reading chapter 31, Resumé and Outlook.

Book Content

Part 1: Retrospection – in memoriam


1. Friedrich Juergenson 19

Dr. Konstantin Raudive

3. Hanna Buschbeck 25
4. Franz Seidl 27
5. Leo Schmid 29
6. Summary 31

Part 2:  Classic methods in recorded voice phenomena research
7. Basic information 35


Recording with microphone 37
9. Recording with radio 38
10. The diode 41


The Psychofon 43
12. The broad-band method 47
13. Further variants 48
14. “Reverse” voices 56
15. Special indications 58

Part 3: New methods – inventions and results

16. International researcher’s scholarliness 71
17. Contacts with the Beyond by Marcello Bacci and Luciano Capitano 73
18. The Spiricom experiments of George W. Meek 81
19. The Generator – an invention by Hans Otto Koenig 86
20. The Euro Signal Bridge ESB and the Duplex device GA of Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach 101
21. Contacts with ABX-Juno by Peter and Gisela Haerting and Jochem Fornoff 137
22. Tape-recorded voices in the medical sector – research by Dr. Dieter Kaempgen 154

Part 4: Transcommunication via computer     
23. Computer messages with Manfred Boden 165
24. Computer contacts with Ken Webster 181
25. Computer contacts with Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach 184

Part 5:  Transcontacts via telephone


Telephone contacts with the Beyond


Part 6: Visual transcommunication via TV and video
27. Klaus Schreiber and Martin Wenzel and their video images 203
28. Visual transcommunication with Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach  many pictures 222
29. Contacts with the Beyond in other countries 249

Part 7: 
30. Special indications for all those interested in the research on transcommunication 259
31. Resumé and outlook 276
32. Indication of authorities used 282

Hermann Bauer, Freiburg im Breisgau 1989 -  (entered insolvency proceedings in March 2003) – ISBN 3-7626-0374-X

The author’s daughter has been so kind to confer us the right to publish this book on this website.

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