Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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9. The radio method

With this method, presently the most current, a radio receiver is employed in addition to the cassette recorder. It can be connected to the recorder by means of a cable, or it is simply placed near to the tape- or cassette recorder, where it fulfills the same function.

The reason for giving preference to the recording with the aid of a broadcast receiver is that a multitude of energy, pulsations and frequencies is made available to the partners in the Beyond so that recordings of better quality and quantity can be achieved. Experience teaches that with this method the voices manifest more frequently, are in fact louder and thus better understandable.

On the other side, the radio method requires more concentration, ability of discernment and critical approach.

The radio method comprises several recording variants:

Recording with the so-called “white noise”. In this case no audible program is selected, but a frequency between two radio transmitters where we receive noises-off, but no speaking, no music program. Despite of this, electro-magnetic fields of contact promoting effect are generated. This method is recommendable for beginners with untrained hearing power.

The most employed way of radio recording is that of choosing a transmitter with audible speech or music program; according to my experience more messages are obtained when using speech as when using music. Theoretically, recording can be performed with any transmitter available, but in practice each experimenter is sold on his frequency. This proves that no fix arrangements can be indicated (except if communicated from the Beyond), but that each experimenter has to try out with which transmitter he/she gets on best and obtains good results. For many years I obtained the most beautiful messages and the loudest voices when recording with Slavonian transmitters (Russian – Czech, and others). Other experimenters go exclusively in for the so-called Jürgenson wave, which has been given this name because it had been pointed out to Friedrich Jürgenson by his interlocutors in the Beyond. You find it in the hectometer wave range at about 1480 kHz, flanked by the Moscow and Vienna transmitters. Depending on the experimenter’s location, the data may vary. Search for a certain buzzing or wobbling tone, because it is a typical sign of this wave,. On some days, however, all endeavours to detect this wave are in vain so that different frequencies will have to be reverted to.

To Hans-Otto Koenig, inventor of the Generator, his partners in the Beyond indicated two frequency ranges: short-wave range, 31-m band (10 MHz) and 41-m band (7 MHz).

The partners in the Beyond designate these ranges as “frequency windows”, say areas of permeability allowing them to get through well.

When using this method one should however be particularly critical. Listening to the tape is very arduous and the listener can easily mislead him-/herself due to the fact that he/she has to trace several transmitters lying one above the other. The voices received by using radio support are mostly transformations, which means that the partners in the Beyond use the text actually spoken as their raw material for forming their messages. Rather extensive experience is required to get on well with this method.

Other experimenters use short-wave or long-wave emissions, others try frequency by frequency along the full frequency scale in order to offer to the partners in the Beyond the most favourable cut-in possibility. In any case it should be avoided using transmitters speaking German (the language the experimenter speaks). The intention is to avoid interpreting the broadcasted speaking in a manner that has nothing to do with paranormal voices.

A further variant is to do the recording with the support of two radio receivers. One of these will be set on “white noise”, the second one on a transmitter airing a program. The addition of two radio receivers is to amplify the frequencies offered and thus lead to better results.

Despite of all, there are days when it is impossible to get any of the transmitters in the quality wanted. For these cases there is remedy in form of what we call “conserves”. For preparing a “conserve”, record on an empty cassette a program you deem particularly suitable. Then play this cassette during the recording instead of an aired program. It is true, two recorders are needed for this procedure, but every experimenter wanting to compile his results earlier or later in a more or less compressed form will have to acquire two recorders in order to be in a position to do rerecordings.

The recording with the support of a “conserve” will furthermore provide a proof for the paranormal character of what has faded in. Having detected a voice, the recorded can be compared with the “conserve”. The voice classified as paranormal must not be found on the “conserve”.

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