Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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8. The microphone method

We introduce an empty cassette into the tape-reorder, via the microphone (integrated or external) we either address a certain deceased directly, or those living in the Beyond generally. We leave pauses between our questions to give our interlocutors in the Beyond the time required for eventual answers. Since the subsequent listening to what has been recorded takes at least three or even five times the recording time, the latter should not exceed five to ten minutes.

Having terminated the recording, the cassette is wound back for then starting to listen to what is on it. It is most important to “learn listening” because, for the beginner, it is often very difficult to recognize paranormal voices. It needs training to hear the voices speaking in different manners and manifesting in very different ways. The listener will need quite a time of practice to acquire a certain routine and to later arrive at a point where he/she can “feel” if a voice is paranormal or not.

Regarding this listening I do not wish to repeat myself, since in the precursor of this book, i.e. in “Stimmen aus einer anderen Welt” (Voices from an other World)” (page 191) I have detailedly described everything that has to be observed for learning to hear correctly.

The microphone method is the truly original form employed in the research on tape-recorded voices; it has been practised during many years by Friedrich Jürgenson, taken over by other researchers and still today is readily used by beginners because of its simplicity and the low costs involved – before they turn to more complicated methods. The advantage of this simple method is that paranormal voices are recognized more easily than when making recordings with broadcasting/Psychofon, because neither a radio speaker nor any other noises-off distract the listener’s attention from the paranormal voices. The disadvantages are that the voices are relatively low and therefore difficult to understand, and that longer messages are rare.  – The use of a microphone amplifier is recommendable, it can improve the quality of the voices. 

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