Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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18. The Spiricom experiments of George W. Meek 

It was in 1982 when it got round, worldwide we may almost say, that a US American team of researchers directed by George W. Meek (President of Metascience Foundation in Franklin, USA)  had sensational contacts with the Beyond.  Since, in regard of the length of the dialogues, these contacts were unique in the history of research on tape-recorded voice phenomena, it is opportune to let them revive in this chronicle, although they unfortunately functioned only for a short period of time, and belong to the past now.  

During about ten years, a team of engineers and specialists in electronics, directed by George W. Meek, has been trying to get into contact with deceased physicists and technicians. Initially such contact had been intended without having recourse to any technical aids, only via mediums. These mediums reported of groups in the Beyond who in the same manner were trying to get in contact with the earthly. Thereupon the earthly side emitted electromagnetic signals and, at the same time, a trance medium transmitted the reactions of the other side. Eventually, the partners in Beyond directed William O’Neil, specialist in electronics and radio amateur, to build an electromagnetic acoustic arrangement via which he then, in 1981, had dialogues, partly lasting for hours, with electric engineer Dr. George J. Mueller, deceased in 1967. 

In the course of these dialogues, the passed Dr. Mueller transmitted a great number of his personal life data. The authenticity of the tape recordings of these messages was verified  with utmost scrupulosity. The authenticity of the contents of the messages could be confirmed to their full extent.  

It was on April 6, 1982, when this equipment, called Spiricom (SPIRItual COMmunication), and the results obtained with it, were presented to the American public on a conference in the National Press Club in Washington D.C.  

For better understanding I (the webmaster) use here the original sketch to be seen in the Spiricom Report in Chapter 6:

The voluminous information material was released not only in the United States, but also in other countries, for example, in Great Britain, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, on the Philippines, in Japan and in Brazil. In Germany, Dr. phil. Ralf Determeyer, active in communication research, published a statement of 56 pages in German. This informatory material contained exact descriptions of the equipment, complete with the pertaining sketch diagrams and plans, photos of the personalities actively involved, a writing by Prof. Ernst Senkowski, physicist in Mayence, and interesting dialogues which William O’Neil and deceased Dr. George Jeffries Mueller had had, the latter in the original English version. Complementary to this material and as a proof, it was possible to acquire a cassette with dialogues.

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As already said, the SPIRICOM construction plan, including all technical details, was released to the public. Here I show this diagram, though the equipment unit in the described form is no longer in use. Maybe it can nevertheless motivate one or the other experimenter to undertake similar experiments. 

In his report on this phenomenon, Dr. Ralf Determeyer put forward the original wordings of conversations which, via the electronic communication system SPIRICOM Mark IV, had taken place between Metascience collaborator William J. O’Neil and Dr. George Jeffries Mueller, deceased in 1967 from heart disease. They represent a cross-section of the altogether many hours of dialogues, some of them having lasted more than half an hour. 

Since I dispose of the English texts only and have desisted from getting translations, due to the situation being no longer of the day, I here wish to concisely describe the contents of part of these conversations. A proof of the continuance of Dr. Mueller’s memory, mind and personality and their impressing activity is furnished by a conversation in the course of which the former specialist in electronics gave technical advice. Once he said that the problem were near the third transistor of the pre-amplifier unit. The problem were a fault with the impedance and could only be eliminated when using a 150 Ohm resistor of 0,5 Watt parallel with ceramic capacitor of 0,0047 microfarad. (Conversations of April 1981) 

In an other recording  Dr. Mueller was talking with an entity standing at his side in the Beyond - who could neither be seen nor heard by William O’Neil,  and who could not speak via SPIRICOM. This entity called himself “Nathaniel” and declared knowing William. Dr. Mueller acting as intermediary, William and Nathaniel then conversed about reminiscences of their childhood and boyish tricks in which both of them had taken part more than half a century in the past. 

Dr. Mueller spoke on scientific subjects with the same exactness as on commonplace things, and he could show a lot of humour. Once, for instance, he mentioned having great liking for carrots and cabbage. On another occasion he stated that in his world exists no sensation of the flowing of time as we know it on the earthly level.  

It was a great surprise for George W. Meek and his collaborators to learn that Dr. Mueller could see everything in their laboratory. Therefore, they often laid out letters and magazines so that Dr. Mueller could “read” them and discuss with them on their contents. And this happened in fact. 

One day Dr. Mueller said that G. Meek and the participants in the session should search for a small book entitled Introduction to Electronics which he had written in 1947. Meek found this book in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, the state where Dr. Mueller had been born.    

The following is another very interesting occurrence: Dr. Mueller transmitted to William O’Neil the construction plan for an electronic switching which enabled the building of a small device for treating arthritis. Metascience built two prototypes named I-F-R-T  and achieved positive results from little test series made in Japan and Florida.  Dr. Mueller also gave several telephone numbers not registered in the directory and invited to dial these numbers. The results were astonishing. 

Dr. Mueller’s personality – after all, he had had control over big and important research projects in his earthly lifetime - showed clearly by the tone of his voice when he requested to adjust camera and sound in such a way that he could make some very personal remarks to William. 

Dr. Mueller’s indication: “I cannot stay here for ever” was prophetic; soon afterwards the fading-ins changed, abated and became shorter. Within one month after this indication he could no longer be reached over SPIRICOM Mark IV. The supposition that he has gone to an other, a higher level, to which we cannot establish connection as yet, stands to reason.  

Remains unanswered the question to what degree the communicator’s or his collaborators’ spirituality have influenced the contacts between this earthly and the Other World. In any case, it is certain that the phenomenon has appeared exclusively with the experimenter O’Neil and that it was not possible to get in contact when he was absent. 

Furthermore, there is the question if the equipment, which is not cheap, would also be usable by other experimenters or by other entities in the Beyond. We should therefore think over it, if the financial expenditure and time to spend would be worthwhile in view of the mentioned factors of uncertainty. 

The short life of this communication bridge does however not justify any suspicious speculations, for the verified statements of deceased Dr. Mueller are conclusive. The thesis of his transition into an other, higher dimension, obviously announced by himself, appears to be a plausible explanation.  

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