Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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28. Visual transcommunication at Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach 

October 4th, 1986 was a noteworthy day for the couple Harsch-Fischbach. They could both, together with Ing. (engineer) S., at that time their collaborator, do the first paranormal video recording. This first image recording session had been announced by the Zeitstrom (time-stream) group for before the end of 1986. And also all further contacts of this kind were announced in advance by the group Zeitstrom.     

The procedure is different from Klaus Schreiber’s method. The pictures appear directly on a small, inoperative, defective televisor with which earthly senders can no more be received. When making image recordings, the televisor is activated as if done by an invisible hand. In the flickering of the screen suddenly bizarre forms and stripes appear, which form into shapes. Thus a still picture arises. It remains on the screen for a few seconds and can be filmed with the video camera. 

In their Informationsblatt I/87 (information paper) the experimenters describe the equipment used for image recordings as follows: 

“The installation consists of a VHS video recorder with camera (Panasonic A 2), current on the market. The camera is mounted on a tripod at approx. two meters distance from a small portable televisor. The latter is neither connected to an indoor antenna, nor to a collective antenna. It is defective and normally unusable. In the UHF range the scale between 20 and 60 shall be manually sensed. The camera seizes only a neutral picture of lines. To facilitate the subsequent searching for images, an electronic chronometer incorporated in the camera runs throughout the recording.

In the course of the recording a flashing of the picture of lines is repeatedly noticeable. After about ten minutes the recording is stopped. Now the video cassette carrying the recording has to be played in slow motion, i.e., picture for picture.”

The equipment composition as well as the dates for doing recordings were and are still today accurately indicated form the “Beyond”.

This first video recording brought a surprising result. During 8/100th second appeared the portrait of a man on the screen. Via the Eurosignalbruecke (ESB) (Euro signal bridge)  it was then communicated that this man be Pierre K., a transcommunication partner from the Beyond whose voice was known to the experimenters. Later, family members of Pierre K. confirmed that they recognized him on the picture.

The next video recording took place on October 11th, 1986. The equipment arrangement was as afore described. Via ESB each of the experimenters was assigned his task during the recording. Maggy Harsch recorded the sound, Jules Harsch had to adjust at the televisor the “transwindows” (“Transfenster”) 21, 40 and 60, specified from the Beyond, and J.P.S. handled the video camera.

When analysing this experiment, three pictures of poor quality were found. These pictures show portraits of persons, whose identification, however, was not possible due to the unsharpness.

A third experiment was made in the same manner on October 25th, 1986. That time, a very interesting picture was transmitted. From the Beyond the experimenters were given the explanation that this were a transformed earthly TV picture faded in time-shifted.

After a longer pause, video recordings were to come on January 16th, 1987 only. But for this recording ESB gave different instructions. The ESB was to be fully on, as well as GA1, and this in the short-wave range S 2. New elements in this arrangement were two UV lamps of type 125 Watt HOV which shone directly on the televisor.

The result of the analyzation of this recording were two sequences of images of excellent quality (see below).

Deceased, now young looking EVP researcher
Hanna Buschbeck

The first shows during 50/100th second slow motion a young woman, who even smiles and moves her lips as if she would like to speak. This woman, died at the age of more than seventy years, but showing on the picture in her young years, was identified by friends and acquaintances who are in possession of photos taken in this woman’s youth. According to this, she should be the EVP Hanna Buschbeck, deceased in 1984, who is contact person for several experimenters in the Federal Republic.


Henry Ste. Claire Deville, deceased in 1881

The second sequence of images shows a man who appeared during about half a second and who moved his head from the right to the left. His identity could be determined later only. He is supposed to be Henry Etienne Ste. Claire Deville, one of the most important chemists of the 19th century. (Recording of May 2nd, 1987)

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On April 20th, 1987, the “Techniker” announced an image recording for the next day, April 21st, 1987. The experimenters invited Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski and his wife Adelheid to take part in it.

The “Technician” gave the following instructions: 

T:  Because of the high amount of energy which tomorrow’s recording needs, a GA 1 contact will not be feasible. All the pictures stem from the third level. They will be of different qualities. I announce the end of the recording with the picture tablet inserted last time already. The televisor adjustment will be the same, the Euro signal must sound too, loudly out of both sets. Furthermore the radio pertaining to GA 1 will be set on short wave, the same frequency again. Maggy takes her seat at the cassette recorder again, Jean-Paul takes charge of the image recording, Jules posts himself at the right of the televisor, without turning on the scale. Adelheid and Ernst Senkowski best take place at the right of the camera.

First switch on all appliances – by 14 hours 30 – then leave the room for about five minutes, so that I will be able to charge the installation statically. 

(Wegen der grossen Energie, die die morgige Einspielung benoetigt, wird kein GA 1-Kontakt herzustellen sein. Saemtliche Bilder stammen aus der dritten Ebene. Sie werden unterschiedlicher Qualitaet sein. Das Ende der Einspielung kuendige ich mit der Bildtafel an, die wir letztes Mal eingelegt haben. Das Fernsehgeraet wird wieder so eingestellt, auch das Eurosignal muss wieder ertoenen, lautstark aus beiden Geraeten. Außerdem wird das Radiogeraet, gehoerend zur G’A 1, auf Kurzwelle eingeschaltet, wieder dieselbe Frequenz. Maggy nimmt wieder am Kassettenrekorder Platz, Jean-Paul uebernimmt die Bildeinspielung, Jules stellt sich rechts neben das Fernsehgeraet, ohne an der Skala zu drehen. Adelheid und Ernst Senkowski nehmen am besten rechts neben der Kamera Platz.
Schalten Sie zuerst sämtliche Geräte ein – gegen 14 Uhr 30 – dann verlassen sie für ungefähr fünf Minuten den Raum damit ich die Anlage statisch aufladen kann.)

Regarding the mentioning of the picture tablet, it has to be said that the end of the transmission – because there was no voice contact – had been announced by the fade-in of a tablet identifying a cable TV company of Luxemburg.

In the evening of April 21st, 1987, five persons were present for the announced image recording session. The couple Harsch-Fischbach, J.P.S., Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski and his spouse Adelheid.

After the installation of the video camera, several image sequences could be visually  observed on the screen of the black-and-white televisor and could be electromagnetically recorded.

First, three landscapes became visible, one after the other (ill. 1, 2, and 3).

Ill. 1:  Woodland scenery


Ill. 2:  Mountainous country


Ill. 3:  Mountain-side

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then followed a short picture sequence in the course of which a female figure, in front of a background recognizable as a sea with breaking wave (ill. 4), slowly changes her position.  

Ill. 4:  Deceased Maria Jakubowski, rising from the sea 

In the third sequence a bright disc resembling the sun appeared above a town situated at a water course (ill. 5), and a building structure similar to a tower (ill. 6).

Ill. 5:  Bright disc resembling the sun

Ill. 6:  Building structure similar to a tower

As announced, the transmission ended with the projection of an information panel of the Luxemburg TV network. In total, the qualities of the pictures were very good, only towards the end of the recording they seemed to decrease.

The same day’s evening, Mrs. Harsch-Fischbach informed that the “Techniker” had given her via GA 1, by 8 p.m., explanations on the pictures transmitted.

The “Techniker’s” comments read as follows:

  1. All pictures represent partial aspects of the third level according to the terminology of F. Myers. (Bei allen Bildern handelt es sich um Teilaspekte der dritten Ebene nach der Terminologie von F. Myers.)

  2. The landscapes are of such undescribable beauty as earthly men are not able to see with their mortal eyes.  (Die Landschaften sind von einer so unbeschreiblichen Schoenheit, wie die irdischen Menschen sie mit ihren sterblichen Augen nicht zu schauen im Stande sind.)

  3. The young woman at the sea is Maria Jakubowski, a relative of an earthly family of the same name.   (Bei der jungen Frau am Meer handelt es sich um Maria Jakubowski, die mit einer gleichnamigen irdischen Familie verwandt ist.)

  4. The bright disc is not a „sun“, but the rising of a planet, seized with the camera off a relatively high mountain crest.  (Bei der hellen Scheibe handelt es sich nicht um eine “Sonne“, sondern um den Aufgang eines Planeten, mit einer Kamera aufgenommen von einem hoeheren Bergkamm aus.)

  5. The name of the discernible water course is „River of Eterntiy“.  (Der erkennbare Wasserlauf heisst “Fluss der Ewigkeit“.)

  6. The rather faintly perceptible town has no particular name. (Die relativ schwach erkennbare Stadt hat keinen besonderen Namen.)

  7. In the building shown works P.K., a well known communicator. Here is also located the transmission station from which the transcommunication with the earth is realized.  (In dem gezeigten Gebaeude arbeitet P.K., ein bekannter Kommunikator. Hier befindet sich auch die Sendestation, von der aus die Transkommunikation mit der Erde verwirklicht wird.)

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Prof. Senkowski describes the arrangement of the installation with its technical data as follows: 

The entire equipment operated during the receipt of pictures consisted of the ESB, used as usually, and the old Philips receiver D 2225 adjusted to short-wave  (frequency approx. 2,2 MHz, noise), the old black-and-white TV receiver forming part of the ESB (frequency adjustment VHF, channel 35) and two mercury vapour discharge lamps (OSRAM HQV 125 W placed on the floor on either side of the TV receiver, of aluminium foil serving as a reflector,  with the rays directed in oblique upward direction to the screen, the distance to which is approx. one meter). The televisor was on, without connection to an external antenna, solely  connected to the A.C. network and with a sound cable passing electroacoustic signals on to the subsequently arranged amplifier-speaker combination. Not any material connection existed between the Panasonic video camera, the pertaining recorder and the televisor.

In Luxemburg, on February 6th, 1988, in the presence of the couple Harsch-Fischbach and their guests Dipl. Eng. George W. Meek, Director of the Metascience Foundation in Franklin, N.C., and Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski, Physicist of Mayence, a video recording with several, partly moving image sequences was achieved.

For this experiment an old black-and-white televisor was used, which is defective and absolutely unusable for receiving normal TV broadcasts. The energy was supplied by the A.C. system, without external antenna. A free channel (noise) was used and a video camera. Upon termination of the recording it was no more possible to switch the unit, is to say that the pressing of the switch had no effect, despite of the fact that the A.C. network connection had not been interrupted by the experimenters. This is a particular circumstance that may hardly be explainable. Out of the images having manifested, two are of particular importance; the picture of Richard Francis Burton

Richard Francis Burton (1821 – 1890) cooperates with Swejen Salter
in the group Zeitstrom (time stream) and is sending
computer communcations since December 1987

…. and  that of the two young deceased, Heli S. and Victor R., in the “river of eternity” (Fluss der Ewigkeit). The two young people moved in the course of the fading-in, approached each other and seized their hands (pls. see phases 1 to 4):

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Ill. 6:  Heli S. and Victor R. at the River of Eternity

The comments on the pictures were received via Transaudio shortly after the video recording. First the “Techniker” spoke, further comments came from Swejen Salter. She explained that here the young couple was spending a fine day in the river world, as there are only good days here. 

Subsequently, Swejen Salter drew the attention of attending Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski to her having entered a text for him into the computer. This, in fact, was the case, the announced text could be made visible on the monitor and could be printed immediately after the receipt of her indication.  (Pls. see also chapter 25 “Computer contacts at Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach”.) 

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First combined Transvideo – Audio transmission 

It was on July 1st, 1988, in Luxemburg, Hesperange station, when for the first time a transvideo picture with sound was received. One of the pioneers in the research on magnetic-tape voices showed: Dr. Konstantin Raudive (30.04.1909 – 02.09.1974). The recording of picture plus sound was done in the presence of Dr. Ralf Determeyer. The message duration was approx. two minutes; the optical contact lasted also two minutes.

The text spoken by Konstantin Raudive reads as follows: 

Good evening, dear friends – Konstantin Raudive speaking. Dear friends, dear Maggy, dear Jules, dear colleague Determeyer !  I am glad you have come here once again this evening. What you experience in this moment is a historical hour, on your side as well as on our side:

It is the first time that image and sound are simultaneously transmitted.

I have decided (for) myself, as well as in order to teach something to some who still doubt, to pass through a picture of myself  that shows me like I am here where I am now on this side on the bank of the river of eternity, as well as to those men who are of good willingness and who feared I would no longer belong to the group Zeitstrom.

(Guten Abend, liebe Freunde – hier spricht Konstantin Raudive. Liebe Freunde, liebe Maggy, lieber Jules, lieber Kollege Determeyer ! Es freut mich, dass Sie heute Abend wieder einmal hierher gekommen sind. Das, was Sie im Moment erleben, ist eine historische Stunde, sowohl auf Ihrer wie hier auf unserer Seite:
Es ist das erste Mal, dass Bild und Ton gleichzeitig durchgesendet werden.
Ich habe mich entschlossen, sowohl um einigen, die noch immer zweifeln, etwas beibringen zu wollen, ein Bild von mir selbst durchzugeben, so wie es mich zeigt hier, wo ich jetzt auf dieser Seite am Ufer des Flusses der Ewigkeit bin, sowohl als auch den Menschen, die guten Willens sind und die befuerchtet haben, ich wuerde nicht mehr zur Gruppe Zeitstrom gehoeren.)

Dear colleague Determeyer ! Things like this what you now experience happen not by our trying hard on our side, but also in that on your side there are men of good willingness who go for transcommunication. You yourself have endeavoured in an exemplary manner for the “bringing together … (for) the foundation of a world(wide) organization.”)

(Lieber Kollege Determeyer ! Dinge wie dies, was Sie jetzt erleben, geschehen nicht dadurch, dass wir auf unserer Seite uns bemurhen, sondern auch dadurch, dass es auf Ihrer Seite Menschen guten Willens gibt, die sich einsetzen fuer die Transkommunikation. Sie selbst haben sich in beispielhafter Weise fuer das “Zusammenfuehren … (zur) Gruendung einer Weltorganisation bemueht.”)

A photo of Dr. Konstantin Raudive in younger years (about thirty to thirtyfive years of age), taken from his book “Das unsichtbare Licht” (The invisible light) published in 1956 (Thomas-Verlag, Zuerich).

The video image shows an obvious similarity with the dead, but is by no means identical with photos taken during his lifetime.

A combined transvideo-audio-transmission came also off on December 4th, 1988, in the presence of the experimenters and their guests, the theologian Père Brune from Paris and a journalist with photographers from Luxemburg.

I put down here the extraordinary text spoken by Konstantin Raudive to some images  difficult to interprete: 

K.R.:  Dear friends, Konstantin Raudive speaking – dear friends – on wrong tracks arrives who tries to construct a causal connection, (for) it does not exist. The basic error of the so far predominant purely materialistic science with you consists in that you try to transfer the law of cause and effect, which in your narrow sphere of your beeing is correct, to all forms of appearances, also to those where it has no validity.

Look at the present situation of the world: extreme appearances in the life of men – extreme appearances in nature.

(Liebe Freunde, hier spricht Konstantin Raudive – liebe Freunde – auf Irrwege geraet der, der versucht, eine kausale Verbindung herzustellen, (denn) die gibt es nicht. Der Grundirrtum der bisher vorherrschenden reinen materialistischen Wissenschaft bei Ihnen besteht darin, dass Sie versuchen, das Gesetz von Ursache und Wirkung, das in Ihrem beschraenkten Bereich Ihres Daseins richtig ist, auf alle Erscheinungsformen zu uebertragen, auch auf solche, wo es keine Gueltigkeit hat.
Betrachten Sie die heutige Weltlage einmal: Extreme Erscheinungen im Leben  der Menschen – extreme Erscheinungen in der Natur.) 

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It is not quite easy to range the communcation results of Harsch-Fischbach properly in this or an other chapter, since the contacts are interlinked. For example, like contacts come about via TV, which then are explained by an “inhabitant” of the Beyond via computer, it likewise happens that the pictures are commented by a speaker in the Beyond via radio, or that a telephone message from the Beyond informs the experimenters about the representations on the screen.

So, many paranormal occurrences in the Harsch-Fischbach house can be attributed optionally to one or an other chapter.  I experienced such a “double-line” experiment on February 4th, 1989 myself, when, together with Mr. Jochem Fornoff (TBSF Darmstadt), I visited the couple in Luxemburg.

The time agreed with the partners in the Beyond for a possible contact was more or less observed, and it followed an image recording via a used-up, defective small televisor with mains connection, with which it was impossible to get any program on any channel. This small set was literally dead. Nevertheless we could record, in addition to many more or less undefinable formings on the screen, four perfectly clear fade-ins, which Maggy Harsch-Fischbach filmed with a film camera and later projected onto the screen of a large TV set.

Maggy Harsch-Fischbach asked her friend in the Beyond, scientist Dr. Swejen Salter, to explain the images from the Beyond via computer. Thereupon we could read the following text on the computer:

For better understanding, here below the text with spacings between the words and punctuation: 

“Station Co-Zeit (co-time) - group Zeitstrom (time-stream) to station Hesperingen
- Dr. Swejen Salter at the equipment
(communicating) –

Dear Hilde, dear Jochem, be greeted. Thanks for the engagement you give for the ITC (instrumental transcommunication). Special thanks to Hilde for her writings.
From Peter to Gisela: belief, hope, love. - We can wait.

The pictures show:  1. typical scene at the river of eternity   2. the always snow-clad summits of the ice-caps of Marduk   3. Searching for ABX-Juno, filmed from Trakkha,   4. Marie at equipment.”

Explanations to this text:
- Peter and Gisela  are experimenter Peter Haerting, deceased in December 1988, and his wife Gisela
- The last word “Apparatur” is incomplete (“r” is missing at the word’s end), what probably is due to lack of energy. The input into the computer was interrupted.


Explanations to video images 

In a contact after our visit to Luxemburg, Swejen Salter passed through more elucidations. 

Ill. 1:  The girl in the river of eternity is said to be an Arkturian
and to have the name Alea. Before her death, Alea is said
to have lived on the planet Arkturus which is similar to our earth.

Ill. 2:  Marduk is a planet outside of our solar system
and has two snow-clad caps (similar to our poles).

Ill. 3:  Trakkha is the name of the ship from which the filming was done.
On this ship is the research station of group Zeitstrom (time-stream),
where also the multi-purpose equipment is stationed.

Ill. 4:  “Marie at the equipment” is said to show the scientist Mme.
Marie Curie (rejuvenated) in her laboratory in the Beyond.


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Some more of interesting video recordings 

Swejen Salter’s report about her arrival on the third level: 

“I died at the age of 38 years from the consequences of an accident. Death came suddenly and unexpectedly. I was absolutely unprepared and cannot remember a passing. I woke up on an ottoman/couch in a friendly furnished room. The surroundings were unknown to me. Still before I could look around more thoroughly, a tall, handsome man entered the room and made himself known to me as Richard Francis Burton. He welcomed me heartily and showed me the world where he is staying since 1890 according to earthly chronology. I felt happy here and in safety, all were friendly and obliging. Despite of it, I had difficulty with the change-over/adaptation. It is not easy to find one’s way in a new life.”

Dr.  Swejen Salter, a deceased scientist,
has been communicating since December, 1987,
via computer, thereafter also via TV set and telephone.

Dr. Swejen Salter on September 24th, 1988,
in front of a laboratory plant in the Beyond.


Some further paranormal pictures of animals, recorded on July 24th, 1987 (A proof of the fact that also animals continue living.) 

Bridled horse


Doves moving at a dabbling well


Several cats going to a food bowl


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Dr. Swejen Salter, according to the message together with Albert Einstein (in young years):

1879 - 1955

 Konstantin Raudive’s explanation to the picture of Dr. Swejen Salter and Albert Einstein (on January 17th, 1989): 

K.R.Dear friends, often we are asked, how it is with the work at the so-called “multi-purpose equipment” on our side. The picture shows Swejen Salter and colleague Albert Einstein in their present outward form at the upper part of the multi-purpose equipment. On the next picture you see the entire multi-purpose equipment in its outward form.

Multi-purpose equipment


An important explanation 

It is absolutely necessary to add an explanation to the video images of the Harsch-Fischbach couple. Contrary to the fade-ins of Schreiber, which at that time manifested still unmoving, most of the Harsch-Fischbach pictures move, as far as they do not show landscapes but men and animals or other movable things (for instance, a ship).

There naturally is a great difference if one sees the video pictures in this book as static photostat copies – and fairly good copies are difficult to effectuate – or if one sees the original happening passing on the screen.

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Summary of the contacts at Harsch-Fischbach in Luxemburg 

Since  - as results from the chapters 20, 21, 25, 26 and 28 – the transcommunication at the couple Harsch-Fischbach many times performs over different channels simultaneously and with different methods and equipment, I suppose the reader, because of the interlockings and overlappings, will welcome a clear compilation.

The first phase of the contacts, as described in chapter 20, consisted of the ESB (Eurosignalbruecke = Euro signal bridge) installation and the GA 1 installation (duplex device). Via these, mainly an entity calling itself “Archivar” (archivist) or “Techniker” (technician) made contact, and very frequently also the deceased voice researcher Dr. Konstantin Raudive. You find excerpts from the long dialogues and circuit diagrams in chapter 20. 

Looking back, the couple Harsch-Fischbach declared: “The greater the wish for new contacts, the higher the power demanded from us. With the perfection of the voice results, the challenges grew, too. Total commitment and efforts to exhaustion, attacks from doubting people and financial problems were part of the scarifices during the initial stage and the learning process.  In the initial phase we, same as our co-operators, found ourselves faced with the decision on either recognizing the tasks in transcommunication, or turning away from it. Two of our collaborators left our research circle. Their mediumistic capacities belonged to the field of power on which the voice connections via ESB and GA 1 were built on. With the leave of these collaborators, the first phase ended, and thus also the functions of ESB and GA 1.

The second phase began in November 1987. Two “inhabitants” of the Beyond, so far unknown to us, got in touch with us via computer and radio receiver. These were scientist Dr. Swejen Salter, who had lived in a parallel world named Varid and who, it is said, lost her life in October 1987, according to our earthly time. In her new existence on the third level, she meanwhile spends her efforts for improving the contacts between the worlds.  The second person is named Richard Francis Burton. He left our earth in the year 1890.

Since November 1987, these two, Swejen Salter and Richard Francis Burton are trying, together with the Techniker, on different ways, via telephone, radio, computer and video, to consolidate the communication between the worlds. They call the communication system they have worked out together with the group Zeitstrom in the Beyond, the Burton bridge.

This installation consits of a no longer operative televisor, two UV lamps whose rays cross each other and are directed on this TV, of a field generator according to Hans Otto Koenig and a video recorder. The apparatuses developped in the Beyond are most probably of “subtle matter”. It has become known that such phenomena also appear in America, Italy and the FRG, probably elsewhere too, and their frequency and continuity are evidences of the authenticity of the phenomenon.

Swejen Salter passes through highly scientific communications via computer (often for Prof. Dr. Senkowski) as well as messages important for humanity. Via radio and telephone, she reports at length about the third level where she stays, and she gives exact descriptions of the planet Marduk on this level, from where she communicates.

Follows one of her most important messages to men: 

After his bodily death, man continues to live on the third human level, like Fr. Myers describes it in his cross correspondence. We have a body same as you have; it nasces on a different, more subtle basis of vibrations than is that of your world of coarse matter. We have no illnesses here; missing limbs grow again. Bodies mutilated on earth are regenerated in our world. We live in comfortably fitted dwellings. The landscapes are of impressing beauty, the average age of the humans continuing their lives here is 25 to 30 years. Old men dying on earth wake up here in full consciousness after a regenerating sleep.  According to earthly time, this regenerating sleep takes about six weeks. For some men it may be shorter. The children arriving on the third level are lovingly received and cared for by their relatives on this level. The children continue to grow and to develop till reaching an average age of 25 to 30 years.  We live here together with other forms of life, with men having lived on other planets before their bodily death, with dwarfs, giants and gnomes, and with bodiless entities, too. About sixty milliards (am.: billions) of humanoids from all the existing worlds gather here. Friendships and partnerships continue to be cultivated here. Sexuality is in no wise declined because it belongs to the human being. Precondition is that both partners are in harmony and wish sexuality.

Also the animals continue living here after their death. Nothing fails them and men fond of animals wait upon them and take care of them conform to their race. We eat and drink like you do. Our food is synthetically prepared, which means that we can sort of materialize earthly foodstuffs. The meat we eat is only a reproduction of matter, and no animal has to die for an other living creature. Here, species exist which are unknown on earth, for example paradise evoking birds, brightly coloured butterflies. The temperature is very pleasing. Personality and character of those men arriving here remain unchanged. All living creatures can learn more. On the third level, they do not awake with your knowledge. Also here, psychic problems and conflicts are not done away with yet. The third level is on a planet which we call Marduk. Marduk is separated from the earth by time and space and cannot be localized in the earthly solar system. Marduk has three suns. The planet rotates around one sun and is illuminated by the two others. It never gets completely dark. Marduk’s circumference is calculated to be approx. 127 000 km. Its moon is bigger than that of the earth. Marduk is watered by one only large stream flowing with many bends across a great part of the planet. This river’s deepest point is approx. 17 000 meters, its widest 3 700 meters. The third level in the Beyond is a reproduction of the human mind. Men whose conceptions and points of view coincide gather in groups and form a unit. This unit builds the fore-stage to the fourth dimension. After having transgressed the fourth dimension, man is freed from the law of reincarnation. For building up these contacts to you we have to approach your world and have to adapt to the best possible. Our biggest problems are time and energy.

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(“Der Mensch lebt nach seinem Koerpertod in der dritten menschlichen Ebene weiter, wie es Fr. Myers in seiner Crosscorrespondence schildert. Wir haben einen Koerper wie ihr; er entsteht auf einer anderen, feineren Schwingungsbasis als eurer grobstofflichen Welt. Es gibt hier keine Krankheiten; fehlende Gliedmasse wachsen nach. Koerper, die auf Erden verstuemmelt wurden, werden in unserer Welt wieder regeneriert. Wir leben in angenehm eingerichteten Wohnungen. Die Landschaften sind beeindruckend schoen, das Durchschnittsalter der hier weiterlebenden Menschen betraegt 25 – 30 Jahre. Menschen, die auf Erden in hohem Alter sterben, erwachen hier bei vollem Bewusstsein nach regenerierendem Schlaf. Dieser Erholungsschlaf dauert irdische Zeitrechnung gemaess etwa sechs Wochen. Bei manchen Menschen kann er auch weniger lang dauern. Die Kinder, die in der dritten Ebene ankommen, werden von den dort weilenden Verwandten liebevoll aufgenommen und betreut. Die Kinder wachsen und entwickeln sich weiter, bis sie das Durchschnittsalter von 25 beziehungsweise 30 Jahren erreicht haben. Wir leben hier zusammen mit anderen Lebensformen, mit Menschen, die vor ihrem Koerpertod andere Planeten bewohnten, mit Zwergen, Riesen  und Gnomen und auch koerperlosen Wesen. Etwa sechzig Milliarden Humanoiden finden sich hier aus allen existierenden Welten zusammen. Freundschaften und Partnerschaft werden weiterhin gepflegt. Die Sexualitaet wird keineswegs abgelehnt, weil sie zum menschlichen Wesen gehoert. Voraussetzung ist, dass beide Partner harmonisieren und die Sexualität wuenschen. 
Auch die Tiere leben nach ihrem  Tode hier weiter. Es fehlt ihnen an nichts, und sie werden von tierliebenden Menschen artgerecht umsorgt und gepflegt. Wir essen und trinken wie ihr. Unsere Nahrung wird synthetisch hergestellt, das heisst, wir koennen sozusagen irdische Nahrungsmittel materialisieren. Das Fleisch, das wir essen, ist nur eine Reproduktion der Materie, und kein Tier muss fuer ein anderes Lebewesen sterben. Es existieren hier Tierarten, die auf Erden nicht bekannt sind, zum Beispiel paradiesartige Voegel, farbenpraechtige Schmetterlinge. Die Temperatur ist sehr angenehm. Persoenlichkeit und Charakter des hier ankommen den Menschen bleiben unveraendert. Saemtliche Lebewesen koennen hinzulernen. Sie wachen in der dritten Ebene nicht mit eurem Wissen auf. Die psychischen Probleme und Konflikte sind auch hier noch nicht abgeschafft. Die dritte Ebene befindet sich auf einem Planeten, den wir Marduk nennen. Marduk ist durch Zeit und Raum von der Erde getrennt und kann im irdischen Sonnensystem nicht raeumlich geortet werden. Marduk hat drei Sonnen. Der Planet dreht sich um eine Sonne und wird von den beiden anderen beleuchtet. Es wird nie ganz dunkel. Der Umfang von Marduk wird auf ca. 127 000 km  berechnet. Sein Mond ist groesser als der irdische. Marduk wird von einem einzigen grossen Fluss bewaessert, der in vielen Windungen über einen grossen Teil des Planeten dahinzieht. Die tiefste Stelle des Flusses betraegt ca. 17 000 Meter, die breiteste Stelle 3 700 Meter. Die dritte Jenseitsebene ist eine Reproduktion des menschlichen Geistes. Menschen, deren Vorstellungen und Auffassungen uebereinstimmen, tun sich in Gruppen zusammen und bilden eine Einheit. Diese Einheit bildet die Vorstufe zur vierten Dimension. Nach Ueberschreiten der vierten Dimension ist der Mensch vom Reinkarnationsgesetz befreit. Um diese Kontakte zu euch aufzubauen, muessen wir uns eurer Welt naeher und uns so gut wie moeglich anpassen. Unsere groessten Schwierigkeiten sind Zeit und Energie.“) 

Based on these and on further information received from Swejen Salter, Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach made up a table of comparison of our level, the earth, and the third level, Marduk.

Our level: earth The third level: Marduk

The earth, the thirdnext planet to the sun (Sol)

Three suns. The planet rotates around  one sun. The other suns lighten it. 

One day counts twentyfour hours 

It never gets absolutely dark.

Diameter between poles: 12 714 km;
Diameter on equator: 12 756 km;
Equator circumference:    40 075 km

Circumference of Marduk:  127 000 km

One moon (luna), diameter: 3 475 km; earth rotates around its own axis, eastward, one day, one night 

One moon (?), three times bigger than the earth’s moon.

71 % water – 29 % land

One only big river:  river of eternity 

maximum depths of oceans: Pacific 11 033 m 

Maximum depth of river: approx. 17 000 m
Maximum width of river:  approx.  3 700 m 

point of maximum height: mount Everest 8 848 m
longest stream: Nile: 6 650 km

Temperature: temperate

Animals:  1 200 000 different species of animals

Animals: Approximately 2 300 000 species; so far known is existence of dogs, cats, horses and birds.

Vegetation: Earthly vegetation shows similarities with vegetation of third level; more than 300 000 different species of plants 

Vegetation:  Reaches from Lichen (probably oak trees) to mammoth trees. Wood is available. 

Men: 5 billions 

Men:  sixty billions from all existing worlds (parallel worlds) and existence of “bodiless entities, gnomes and giants”. 

Men: average age: 65 years, exposed to many physical illnesses and mental diseases, as well as to injuries 

Men:  average age 25 – 30 years
illnesses and sufferings unknown, not unknown are mental pain and heart-burnings. Some men or animals are born anew, others arrive old and rejuvenate after regenerating sleep.  

Transcommunication stations:  existent

Transcommunication stations:  existent 

Quasars: (encyclopaedia Meyer) In one contact, indication by “Technician”: quasistellar radio source, cosmic object emitting extremely strong radio-frequency radiation.

Message of 12-12-1987:  The transcommunication station from which we are getting in touch (with you) consists of reddish quasar.

(Indication by experimenters Harsch-Fischbach: They also change contact stations on earth.)

It should perhaps be mentioned here that the descriptions received – either via mental or via technical channels - from “inhabitants” of the Beyond about their present forms of existence, may differ. This is due, on the one side, to the fact that man takes his individuality with him into the Beyond, hence there is a suggestion that each person shapes his/her “own Beyond”.

On the other side, the interpretation of communications from the Beyond may diverge according to the psychical condition of the persons receiving such communications.

The described second phase is functioning at the time of writing this book, now as before. The contacts via radio, telephone, computer and video are made regularly. However, according to messages from the Beyond, it is foreseen to soon initiate a third phase

On the occasion of an audio/video contact on August 26th, 1988, in the presence of the President of the “Schweizerische Vereinigung fuer Parapsychlogie” (Swiss association for parapsychology), Dr. Theo Locher, the “Techniker” again gave a hint regarding this third phase. He said: 

The first phase was guided via human channels. Four men had been gathered and have separated again since then.

The second phase served to show that transcommunication develops and is by no means out of existence because the  belief in it is insufficient.

The third phase will essentially depend on whether among the experimenters and researchers of the different organizations, spread all over the world, a mental/spiritual unity can be achieved. Only then an equipment can be “shaped” (angeformt), which can establish contacts to other spheres without leading via human channels.

Locher is particularly called upon to engage for this unity. Now the contacts are still performed via the Burton bridge. We will inform when the second phase will definitely be terminated.

From this as well as from other communications of the interlocutors in the Beyond results absolutely clearly that progress in transcommunication is only possible if a mental/spiritual unity comes about between all those going in for it.

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