Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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29.  Contacts with the Beyond in other Countries 

Video Contacts with the Beyond at Raffaela Gremese, Udine 

Raffaela Gremese has been turning to the phenomenon of tape-recorded voices since the death of her beloved father. She got contact with him, and he gave her the advice to film with a video camera a certain point in the living room. She followed this instruction and received surprisingly good video images.

Raffaela Gremese explained what had happened on the occasion of the congress on the research on tape-recorded voices held in Udine in October 1987. At this congress, organized by the Gruppo sperimentale di audizione metafonica  (experimental group for hearing metaphonia),  founded and directed by Prof. Dr. Roberto Mangani, physician, about two hundred persons form Italy and from abroad came together. Scientists and experts in the field of the research on tape-recorded voices met in order to report on their experiences and results. The lecturers were physicians, chemists, engineers, highly qualified speakers.

Till the coming forward of Signora Gremese the congress had developped without a particular highlight. This changed spontaneously when Signora showed her pictures from the Beyond. The audience was deeply impressed. The phenomenon of images from the Beyond was an absolute novum, also for those having gone in for tape-recorded voices for a long time already. Raffaela Gremese declared having done such experiments since several years, together with two friends of her, and that, already, she can show hundreds of pictures.

She explained her working method as follows: 

On November 5th, 1979, I received the following message via the radio: “Raffaela, papa is waiting for you in television.” I intensified my recording and a few days later I received my first image. Suddenly a transparent figure appeard on the screen, like that of a photographic negative. It was a man and he approached me. Slowly, during his approaching, the image became sharper and sharper, and at a certain moment I could clearly discern that he was my father. I continued my experiments, but did not receive further results.  Via radio I asked the entities when they would show in television again. By the midst of the year 1980, a voice said to me: “Jole (pet form of Signora Gremese’s second Christian name Jolanda – her father had called her so), I give you six years. One morning in November you will see the pictures in television.” (“Jole, ti do sei anni. Una mattina di novembre, vedrai le immagini in TV.”) 

I did not give much weight to this sentence. And I had to wait till November 1986 to understand it. From that moment on I began to see images of deceased in television. During this long waiting time the “inhabitants” of the Beyond had again and again predicted that I would see them in television, in addition they had given me technical advices to prepare me for it.

They encouraged me to replace the video recorder, because the one I possessed had no stop-motion mechanism and could not deliver still pictures. Then they told me I should use the video camera and direct it onto a bare wall or any other part of the room.

They also told me I should take photos of the television set’s screen while playing the tape I had made recordings on. At the beginning I worked with a polaroid camera, later they told me I should use a normal camera, but should switch a schermit into it. I did not understand what a thing this schermit should be. (The word schermo generally means “filter”, “diaphragm”. The corresponding German word is “Schirm” (screen, shield).) I asked for more explanations, and the entities repeated again and again the same word. Only two months later and by chance, I learnt that schermit is a polarizing filter which is attached to the camera’s objective to obtain pictures with sharper contours.

On November 11th, 1986, I then had a wonderful success. I saw transparent, but sharp faces on the film. Via radio an entity told me: “Brave Raffaela, you have seen our faces.”

Since then, recordings have been done continuously: I turn the video camera on a point in the room and record a few minutes. Then I watch the recording in slow motion, still frame by still frame. In each of these it is possible to distignuish two, three or even more faces. Certainly, I ask who the persons are, but the answers are evasive. For example, it was said: “This is unimportant.” Or “I am a passenger of eternity.” Or “This are thoughts and form.” Solely my father discovered himself to me. One of my friends recognized the image of a girl who had died a few years ago.

While I am recording with the video camera, I am in contact with the entities via radio, and they tell me, for instance: “ We are on the divan above the television set, behind you.” They advise me to where I shall turn the video camera to be able to record/film them. All this has something really unbelievable, I am aware of it. But it is the truth.”

The only thing to be added to  Signora Raffaela Gremese’s statements is that her video images from the Beyond have been seen and inspected by several experts. They ascertained that it were in fact human figures who seemed to slip between the pieces of furniture of the house. Hundreds of photos obtained in most varied situations exclude the eventuality that these pictures could have been produced by blooms or other visual dilusions.

Shall be noted down here, too, that a research group of Catnazaro, Italy, directed by chemist and pharmaceutist Dr. Raffaele Roperto, has also received pictures of deceased by video recordings. However, in the German speaking area no details on these have become known.

An impressing document

Udine: This is one of the most impressing images shown by Raffaela Gremese on the Udine congress, dedicated to the studying of voices from the Beyond. Raffaela Gremese  declared: “I have photographed this woman’s face after having turned the video camera to a corner of the sitting room in my house; nobody was in this corner. Later I showed this picture to several persons, and some of them recoginzed one of their friends who had died a few years before.”

“Mrs. Gremese’s lecture aroused most vigorous enthusiasm on the congress in Udine. We have to do with an absolute novelty”  said physicist Prof. Roberto Mangani, the initiator of this congress. “I included her because I know the earnestness of Raffaela Gremese’s interest in this phenomenon.” (Gente)

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Video contact with the Beyond at Claude and Ellen Thorlin, Eskilstuna, Sweden 

Friedrich Juergenson, nestor of the research on tape-recorded voices, died on October 15th, 1987. During the time of his burial, friends of him, the couple Claude and Ellen Thorlin of Eskilstuna, Sweden, switched on their TV set and received on the screen the picture of Juergenson. They took a photo with a polaroid camera.

Claude Thorlin reports on this occurrence as follows: 

“In the morning of Juergenson’s funeral in Hoeoer, his last place of residence, my wife heard a not identifiable inner voice saying “channel four”. 

When we had breakfast, she told me about it. I did not understand it, because we have only three radio broadcasting stations and only two television stations. However, my wife had an undefinable presentiment that this hint could have to do with Juergenson’s funeral.

Some time before we had already heard that researchers in Germany and in Luxemburg had succeeded in taking paranormal photos via TV screen. I therefore took my polaroid camera fitted with a black-and-white film and set my television set on channel four. So we sat about a quarter of an hour, but nothing happened. We had almost given up hope; to us it appeared to be nonsensical to remain sitting still more time in front of the flickering TV set. Suddenly the screen became black and I thought the teletube were defective. At that moment a bright point appeared on the left part of the screen, and I immediately turned my camera to this light point. During a time of about six to seven seconds the light diffused over the entire screen and then decreased. Exactly in this moment I took the photo and immediately afterwards the flickering and the noise came back. I looked on the clock: it was exactly 13 hours 22. In the course of the developping of this photo, the face of Friedrich Juergenson appeared.

My wife, who meanwhile had left the room, came back and, looking over my shoulder, watched me developping the polaroid photo. Suddenly she shouted: “My God, that’s Friedel !”

And it was him. He had manifested himself on the screen, exactly the hour he was buried. Already many years prior to his death Juergenson had the conviction that one day deceased will be showing via television. Over magnetic tape he had pretty often received messages from his friends in the Beyond indicating this. Certainly, he could no more live the fulfilment on him of these predictions, but he succeeded after his decease in producing the manifestation of himself.”

The following photos show clearly the similarity the video image has with the photos showing the living Friedrich Juergenson.

Friedrich Juergenson in his house
 in Hoeoer, Sweden (photo taken by
Hildegard Schaefer during a visit made in 1982)

Friedrich Juergenson during a 
Symposium held in Fulda in 1981


This photo was taken by Claude Thorlin of Eskilstuna
with his polaroid camera when, at the hour of parapsychologist Friedrich Juergenson’s burial,
he sat in front of his TV set.

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