Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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4. Franz Seidl  

One of the most outstanding personalities in the Austrian “para-scene” was electric engineer Franz Seidl. Born in Vienna in 1912, he studied electrical engineering at the Technische Hochschule (college of science and technology) of Vienna . Later he worked in the industry as well as at said college.  

Franz Seidl became known, on the one hand, as a researcher on tape-recorded voices from the Beyond, a research to which he made essential contributions thanks to his inventions - Psychofon, Psitron Transducer and Transcender; on the other hand he became worldwide known for an instrument introducing, by means of different electrodes, tone-modulated high frequency into the brain; with the aid of this instrument deaf persons can hear, even those deaf since their birth.  

All the cited appliances are suitable for the research on tape-recorded voices, and for other PSI phenomena; especially the Psychofon came to play an important role in the research on tape-recorded voices. This equipment allowed to put three recording methods into practice simultaneously: the method for receiving via wide-band broadcasting, the self-sender method and the microphone method. At the same time, the researcher’s own words, too, are recorded on the tape. Through the self-sender stage, additional energy is made available to the partners in the Beyond which they can modulate paranormally.  

A great number of experimenters have been working many years with Seidl’s Psychofon - Dr. Konstantin Raudive was one of them - and have obtained excellent results.  After Seidl’s death, this unit has been copied by many technicians and engineers according to the inventor’s wiring diagram, and still today it occupies a fix place with successful experimenters. The Psychofon became a landmark in Psychofonie, how Seidl used to call the research on tape-recorded voices from Beyond.  

Seidl himself commented his inventions as follows: “In the research on tape-recorded voices we face other rules of nature, since in other dimensions there exist different rules of nature  which are beyond our space-time continuum. Therefore the phenomena cannot be explained with classical physics. The appliances I have developed are already constructions of future transcendental physics, of Psitronik.”  

Engineer Seidl was not only engaged in tape-recorded voices. His parapsychological interest stood also for different phenomena, for instance, photographic “extras”, which he received during his recording sessions through the addition of supporting constructions he had made. Furthermore, on the occasion of meetings held in his home, he succeeded in levitations, or better lifting tests. His scholarliness was also occupied with electrography, and he concerned himself with the soul of plants - a particular matter of heart to him.  

The ascertainment of external influences on the life of plants occupied a wide spectrum in Seidl’s field of activities, and there exist many press reports as well as radio and television transmissions about his surprising findings.  

Of course, by the mass media, particular tribute was paid to him for the successes he obtained to the benefit of persons with hearing deficits. On the experience he had gained in the research on tape-recorded voices, he wrote a brochure entitled Phaenomen Transzendentalstimmen  (Phenomenon of transcendental voices) (Frech-Verlag).  

Engineer Seidl has been awarded several distinctions. For his merits in energy research, he was nominated for the Getty prize, a parallel to the Nobel prize. Because of his great merits for science in general, he was named honorary member of the Europaeisch-Amerikanisches Forschungs- und Kulturwerk “Eurafok”( Association for European-American Research and Cultural Work).  

In 1982 Franz Seidl wanted to speak on the Imago-Mundi-Kongress in Innsbruck on the subject “Psifeld als Erklaerungshypothese paranormaler Erscheinungen” (The PSI field as a hypothesis for the explanation of paranormal phenomena). He could not realize it any more. In midst his preparations, on June 2nd 1982, he was called to that other level of existence with which he had had frequent contact during his lifetime and to the research on which he had dedicated a great part of his life.

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