Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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3. Hanna Buschbeck  

Hanna Buschbeck was born in Marienburg in West Prussia in 1906. She worked as a secretary and a commercial head of department. From 1953 up to 1964 she lived in Santa Barbara in California , where she became acquainted with people going in for experimental parapsychology.  After her return to Germany , she lost first her husband, then her mother and two sisters.  This chain of tragic occurrences was the motive for her intense occupation with parapsychological phenomena from that time onward.  

The “trigger” for her turning to tape-recorded voices was Friedrich Jürgenson’s book Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen (Radiotelephony with deceased). It fell into her hands in 1968 and fascinated her so much that she immediately started her own experiments. From that moment on and up to her death, she sacrificed her entire leasure time to tape-recorded voices from the Beyond and used her full will-power and energy for the research on this phenomenon.  

After she had met Friedrich Jürgenson personally, the journey through of her further life was perfectly clear to her. It was her endeavour to unite the – at that time - small number of thinly scattered experimenters. In her place of residence, Horb on the river Neckar , she began in 1972 to organize regular, supra-regional, partly international meetings. She succeeded in winning high-rank scientists and parapsychologists as lecturers for her symposia, for instance Prof. Dr. Hans Bender, Burkhard Heim, Prof. Alex Schneider, Friedrich Jürgenson, Dr. Konstantin Raudive, and from abroad Prof. Argumosa, Spain , Rector Leo Schmid from Switzerland , Prof. Uphoff from the USA , and many others.  She herself, too, held well-founded lectures and gave interviews inside the country and abroad. In 1975, for example, she spoke before the Parapsychology Research Society in Santa Barbara , California , USA , of which she was a honorary member. Beginning in 1970, she overmore had contacts with George Meek who, in 1982, together with his team, had become known worldwide through the successes obtained with Spiricom. (Pls. see chapter 18)  

Hanna Buschbeck has substantially influenced the research on tape-recorded voices, and she was the virtual founder of the Verein für Tonbandstimmenforschung (association for research on tape-recorded voices). In her function as vice-chairman between 1975 and 1980, she made her knowledge and her international connections available to this association. Beside Friedrich Jürgenson and Konstantin Raudive, Hanna Buschbeck is reputed to have been a pioneer in the research on type-recorded voices.  

At the age of seventy-six she even bought a computer and learnt its programming language   (Basic) in order to investigate on PSI influences on computers for transcommunication.  

On April 14, 1984 , Hanna Buschbeck entered into those levels of being of whose existence she was fully convinced due to her long years of practical experiences.

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