Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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7. Principles

What are tape-recorded voices ?
One statement at the beginning. It is unproved if “magnetic-tape” voices actually exist. The most different theses have already been set up, but till this day we do not know which of them, or if any of them proves right.

In any case tape-recorded voices (in the course of the years, this term has settled in the usage of language) are voices of unknown origin which are not explainable and therefore have to be classified as paranormal. They manifest on magnetic tapes and cassettes, but it cannot be evidenced if this performs via the sound head, or through ether waves, or through electromagnetic fields. It is generally known that we are everywhere surrounded by “ether waves” and that we have electro-magnetic fields inside and around us. Possibly we are permanently surrounded by “voices” – we just don’t hear them. Only thanks to the technical progress we are in a position to capture and to store the voices. The most probable is that we have to do with an energy so far unknown to us, an energy that penetrates us and knows neither time nor space. Messages received from “Beyond” indicate that energy from the partners in this Beyond as well as energy of earthly men is needed for contacts to come about.

What is a recording ?
What is needed for it ?

For doing a recording we use either a tape recorder or a cassette recorder. In the first years of research tape recorders were frequently used, later the cassette recorders wan priority. One reason for it is that tape recorders satisfying the special requirements of such experiments are hardly produced any more, another is that cassette recorders are cheaper and - thanks to the technical perfection achieved, they nowadays are so perfectly equipped with all extras that, when doing recordings with cassette recorders, results equivalent to those of tape-recorders can be obtained. In my group, which often counts eighty to hundred persons, at least 85 % to 90 % use a cassette recorder. According to the information I have, in other groups these figures are similar. In the following explanations I will therefore limit to cassette recorders, but will not make any publicity for a certain brand. There are several very good units of different manufacturers available on the market.
When buying a unit, one should however make sure that the recorder is equipped with the following details:

  1. forward/backward key

  2. rewind key (for repetitions)

  3. stop key

  4. speed regulation

  5. sound regulation (volume)

  6. automatic or manual level control

A good recorder can be operated either with mains connection or with batteries.
The repetition key (“rewind”) and speed regulator are indispensable for playing and listening to what has been recorded.  The repetition key allows to quickly repeat a certain section of the recorded without having to press the stop key before. Since it is sometimes necessary to play the tape with slow speed for making the very fast-spoken paranormal sections of the recorded understandable, the speed regulator is highly useful. It is understood that this key also allows the contrary effect too, i.e. fast-speed playing.

Now, how do we proceed for such a recording ?
If we want to do the simplest recording requiring not any further appliance, we decide in favour of the microphone method.

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