Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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14. Reverse voices

An interesting variant in transcommunication research, which above all is conclusive for the paranormality of the voices, are the fade-ins giving a completely different text - though with full meaning - when heard backwards.

This curiosity produced already with Friedrich Jürgenson and later with other experimenters, too. It appears probable that such results could be found on all recordings if they were thoroughly examined. Unfortunately the fewest people take the trouble to do the labour of detecting such backward voices. But there is no better proof for the authenticity of the voices from Beyond than these backward fade-ins. They invalidate all the arguments of the sceptics. Fact is that sentences listened to backwards normally must become senseless talkee-talkee.  We must therefore have to do with intelligent entities who, during the backward winding of the magnetic tape, are capable of projecting on it understandable information that makes sense.

When listening to my cassette with examples of paranormal magnetic-tape voices (Hermann Bauer, Freiburg) while playing it backward, I found with almost all of the seventy examples totally different, but well hearable (like when playing forward) statements that make sense. Find here below just a few examples: 

Example No.

Forward wording

Backward wording


Das war eine Tote -
This was a dead -

wir rufen ab -
we call away


so viele Lichter hier –
so many lights here

es geht mir nicht gut -
I don’t feel well


Gretchen ich werde dich anmelden –
Gretchen, I will announce you

die neueste Welle ist wieder durch -
the newest wave has passed again


liebe gute Muje -
dear good Muie(mummy)

dich hab ich lieb -
it’s you I love


in bin hier! -
I am here!

bin die Heli -
am Heli


Ruf mich nun! -
call me now!

hoer dich hier -
hear you here


Frage nicht so viel -
don’t ask so much

hört mich an -
listen to me


Glaubt fest! –
believe strongly!

Versuche! -

Reverse play is possible with magnetic tapes when turning the tape and listening to the track not used for recording. With cassettes the most simplest way is to acquire a small unit (cassette player) available under the term “Auto-Reverse”, which has to be modified by a specialist in electronics. 

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