Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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6. Summary

Having given short surveys of those persons who, at the beginning, or at least in the first years of the research on tape-recorded voices, worked for and had decisive influence on the building of a bridge between this terrestrial world and the Beyond, does not all mean that there have not been other ladies and gentlemen having contributed their share with great engagement.

I admit having presented the mentioned researchers on tape-recorded voices Juergenson Raudive Buschbeck Seidl and Schmid already in my book Stimmen aus einer anderen Welt (Voices from an other world ), but since they meanwhile have left this earth, I did not only deem it appropriate, but also my duty to dedicate a brief epilogue to each of them.

I however wish to desist from repeating the names of further persons having particular merit regarding this research, since such listing is included in my first book on pages 69 to 71 - though I admit that this listing is no longer up to date.  A high percentage of those persons listed at that time are no longer among the here living, others are no longer engaged in this research to an extent justifying their mentioning. Other persons have taken their place, but as they are mentioned in the several chapters of this book it is superfluous to list them here.

It is however not superfluous to come back to those different methods of recording current not only up to the year 1978, when my first book was published, but which are still valid today since the greater percentage of experimenters is still using them.

Although in the chapters towards the end of the book I describe completely new methods and the corresponding new equipment, this does not mean that probably every experimenter will turn to these when endeavouring recordings. On the one hand, not everybody can afford the additional appliances required, on the other hand, many a man/woman will strike his/her colours offhand. Furthermore, there is still no proof as to what extent mediumistic powers have effect. It cannot be taken for granted that two persons having arranged the same appliances in the same manner will both obtain the same results. During the first years of research on tape-recorded voices, it was tabooed to talk of mediumistic powers in connection with this phenomenon. This goes back to Friedrich Juergenson who emphatically denied a necessity of mediumistic powers due to the use of technical means for getting in contact with the Beyond.

It has become more and more obvious, however, that Friedrich Juergenson himself had rather distinct mediumistic powers. But, as I just said, till this day it is not certain, to what extent mediumistic powers influence the tape-recordings. Anyway, I wish to advocate for the classical or traditional methods of tape-recording, because these can be practised by everyone without professional technical knowledge and without considerable expenditure for technical equipment.

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