Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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15. Special indications  

Again and again I am asked if certain rules have to be observed when doing recordings.  Though I have given detailed information already in my first book Stimmen aus einer anderen Welt (voices from an other world), I want to give a short summary here again.

1.  People desirous of engaging in the research on transcommunication should beforehand turn to literature on this subject, since this will make many questions superfluous. The start in this research should begin after having acquired well founded general knowledge on parapsychological subjects. It is therefore recommended to not only read books on the research on tape-recorded voices, but also books reporting on life after death and on contacts with entities in the Beyond. Only the studying of such books will lead the interested to a real understanding of the phenomenon of voices from Beyond.

Here is a listing of the most important books on this subject in German language:  

Research on EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

Baettig, Viktor: Tote reden
  (Carussel Verlag - obtainable from Prana-Haus im Verlag Hermann Bauer, Freiburg)
Juergenson, Friedrich: Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen
(Goldmann Verlag, München)
Raudive, Konstantin: Ueberleben wir den Tod?
(Reichl Verlag - obtainable from Prana-Haus im Verlag Hermann Bauer, Freiburg)
Raudive, Konstantin: Unhoerbares wird hoerbar
(Reichl Verlag. Remagen  - in second-hand bookshops only)
Schaefer, Hildegard: Stimmen aus einer anderen Welt
(Verlag Hermann Bauer, Freiburg)
Seidl, Franz: Das Phaenomen der Transzendentalstimmen
(Frech Verlag, Stuttgart - in second-hand bookshops only)
Schmid, Leo: Wenn die Toten reden
(Rex Verlag, Muenchen/Zuerich (limited number obtainable from private person, addresses by author via the publisher)

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More recommendable books:

Baezner, Erhard: Wo sind unsere Toten? Sehen wir sie wieder?
(Drei Eichen Verlag, Ergolding)
Borgia, Anthony: Das Leben in der unsichtbaren Welt (ders.) Begegnungen in der unsichtbaren Welt
(beide im Verlag Die Silberschnur, Melsbach)
Currie, Ian: Niemand stirbt für alle Zeit
(Goldmann Verlag, Muenchen)
Findlay, Arthur: Beweise fuer ein Leben nach dem Tod
(Verlag Hermann Bauer, Freiburg)
Ford, Arthur: Bericht vom Leben nach dem Tode
(Scherz Verlag, Muenchen)
Greber, Johannes:  Der Verkehr mit der Geisterwelt Gottes
(Greber Foundation - obtainable from Prana-Haus im Verlag Hermann Bauer, Freiburg)
Kardec, Allan: Das Buch der Geister
(Verlag Hermann Bauer, Freiburg)
Kuebler-Ross, Elisabeth: Ueber den Tod und das Leben danach
(Verlag Die Silberschnur, Melsbach)
Ohlhaver, Hinrich: Die Toten sind nicht tot
(Verlag Die Silberschnur, Melsbach)
Schiebeler, Werner: Der Tod, die Bruecke zu neuem Leben
(Verlag Die Silberschnur)
Senkowski, Ernst: Transkommunikation
(R.G. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt)

A number more of recommendable books on the subject „life after death“ is available, but if the interested in transcommunication selects only a few of those listed, he/she will already dispose of the necessary basic knowledge.

Besides, every interested is free to join a membership corporation, or an association of  interested persons, or a working group, or he/she may simply take a subscription for one of the quarterly edited journals. They inform about all activities, novelties and particularities in the research on transcommunication. Here below please find several addresses of associations in the Federal Republic of Germany or neighbouring countries.

Name and address of association Journal published every three months
VTF - Verein fuer Tonbandstimmenforschung
Hoehscheiderstraße 2
4000 Duesseldorf 13
VTF - Post
FGT - Forschungsgemeinschaft fuer Tonbandstimmen
Ruebezahlweg 1
4050 Moenchengladbach
Die Parastimme
CETL - Cercle d'Etudes Sur la Transcommunication
5887 Hesperange / Luxemburg
CETL - Mitteilungen
(in deutscher Sprache)
TBSF - Arbeitsgruppe fuer Transkommunikationsforschung
Heidelberger Landstraße 204
6100 Darmstadt-Eberstadt
VTFOE - Verein fuer Tonbandstimmenforschung Oesterreich
Autofabrikstraße 12
A-1230 Wien-Atzgersdorf
VTFOE - Mitteilungen

2.  Despite of the fact that the methods for recording are described in several of the books indicated, I think it is important not to experiment alone in the beginning, but in the company of experienced like-minded. This saves the beginner from making mistakes that happen to every newcomer. Theory can never replace practice. Those interested having the opportunity of experimenting together with advanced in this field, get a good start and great advantage as compared to those having to feel their way through the initial experiments. I experienced this myself at the beginning when I had no occasion for interchanging thoughts and had to see my way through the confusion and welter of unsolved questions and problems. Therefore, the period I had to go thirsty was very long for me.

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3.  The quality most needed for being in a position to go in for the research on transcommunication is patience, and patience again. I frequently hear complaints of persons getting no results in their first trials. They feel deceived and discouraged, and it is not rare that total resignation follows to the words. I had been experimenting almost three months till I could perceive the first voice on my tape – but I did not give up.
Who cannot put forth such persistency, should not begin. This does not mean that it always takes so much time till we get contact with those in the Beyond; mostly success comes much earlier. And often it is due to the listening when beginners declare having no voices on their tape. When listening to cassettes handed out to me for checking, I quite often found that there were manifestations which had not been heard. At the beginning our hearing is untrained and it needs a certain time till beginners get accustomed to the peculiarities of these voices and become familiar with them.
And it depends not exclusively on us whether those we call contact us or not. Apart from an eventual faulty proceeding of the experimenter, it may also be the case that the persons in the Beyond have important duties or tasks in the other dimension and for this reason are not ready to speak with us. Some of them can either not or not yet be reached, and for others it may no longer be of importance to keep in touch with us humans here on earth. We do not know the reasons for which some persons in the Beyond contact us rarely, others frequently, and others not at all.

4.  If we sit down in front of a recording unit without concentration, without having relieved of stress, when angry or filled with negative thoughts, we cannot expect obtaining results. It is also wrong trying to coerce  contacts, or being impatient when contact does not come off immediately . A relaxed, calm inner attitude, free of  a compulsory feeling of having to be successful, is a favourable condition.

5.  Another important factor is to do the recordings regularly, say always the same day and if possible always at the same hour. When we decide to do a recording only because there is just left some time for doing it, or because we do not know of anything better to do, we must not expect the partners in the Beyond to be well-disposed. If, however we keep to a fix date, our friends in the Beyond, too, will adjust to this and will expect hearing us at such hour.  For example, once, when I had paused for a few weeks, I was blamed for it from “the other side”. On the other hand I was joyfully welcomed and given a “thank you” when I observed the appointed time.

6.  We must not loose patience when the recordings do not always bring equally good results, but shall consider that, certainly, several different components have influence on the contacts. It is recommended to do the recordings after sunset, because at that time displace those electro-magnetic fields that may cause disturbances. Full moon days or the days shortly before and after full moon are said to have a positive influence. Bad and stormy weather, tempest and thunderstorm – in short all atmospherics – may be disadvantageous. Planet constellations, too, are considered to have influence, but we do not know about the interrelations and coherences involved.
When taking minutes of all our recordings we produce means for comparisons - from which we can come to the obvious conclusion.  It is furthermore sure that not only we men or the atmospherics are responsible for the taking place of contacts; what will matter above all is, whether our friends in the Beyond will wish or be able to make contact. In any case, nothing will come off without their assistance.

7.  A frequent question is: Shall certain preparatives be made in the room where the recordings are to take place, or how shall the experimenter prepare himself ? – I think it is up to every experimenter if he wants to light a candle, for instance, or to meditate, or to have a good conversation with the participants. To get relaxed, some people listen to good music before beginning. It may be possible to influence the results, but according to my experience the results are not bound to certain rites. I am fully convinced however that harmony between the participants is a very important factor. Every human has a certain radiation, a “vibration”, and we feel that we are not in unison, syntonik with persons having a different “wave length”.  Such non-accord may have a negative effect on the recording.
One statement received from Beyond is: You have to gather sober, well-balanced men experimenting with scientific intent, who do not sink down in sentimentalities, and do not consider this as a game. Keep impetuous enthusiasts away, but also egoists immediately dissatisfied when not getting personal messages. The group should only compose of unselfish persons who see in the experiments what is of value for people in general. This however is only possible where love and harmony prevail.

8.  Recordings should be made in a calm place. But they should not last too long, since the subsequent listening to the recorded takes a lot of time and is arduous.

9.  Keep the magnetic tapes or cassettes with recordings, even if you believe having heard nothing on them. It may happen that you will detect voices very much later only.

10.  Do not listen to the tape by always following the same sequence, i.e., from the beginning on to the end. Listen to each time different sections. Hearing power becomes exhausted soon and one will repeat the same hearing error when always listening to the same passage at the end. And one should listen to the tape not only in the evening after a recording, but in the early morning, when the hearing power has recovered.

11.  Take minutes of questionable recordings, note down the most important and easily hearable voices. Copy these onto another cassette to have such example voices always at hand. When there is occasion to present a good voice, it costs too much time if you first have to search the right tape.

12.  It is better to let pass unnoticed the doubtful voices which not all the persons present understood identically. Probative force have only those fade-ins which everybody understands well.  On the other hand, there should be no arguing about wordings on which no  concord can be achieved, because it is well possible that a message is destined for one only person and therefore understandable for this person only. If a word or a sentence can be understood in one way or in a different one, we, for instance, talk of “seesaw” sentences. If in such a case we concentrate on the one version, only this version  will be heard. But when hearing and perceiving are pinpointed on a different variant, you will be surprised to note that the message can be understood exactly this way.

13.  In any case, recordings should not be made daily, otherwise you will become inapt for your life in this world. We have our place in this world and have to fulfill our duties and solve our problems of this world. It will be fully sufficient to do recordings once or twice a week. Leaving apart that the phenomenon would absorb us too much, the time available to us will hardly allow us to “digest” so much recording. We could suffer physical as well as psychical damage.

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14.  Do not put trivial questions to your interlocutors in the Beyond. The Beyond is no inquiry-office. Bear in mind: to intelligent questions you will get intelligent answers, to silly questions either no answer, or a stupid one. It is also important to know that the messages from partners in the Beyond correspond to the state of cognition the respective partners have at that time, and that they will keep within the limits of what is allowed. Accordingly, the content of the messages depends on the interviewer and the interviewee.

15.  Another important indication regarding technique: Do not take it for granted that you will have good recordings because you have installed the same equipment as an experimenter obtaining excellent results. Likewise you should not assume that only the very best and most expensive equipment will provide success. Certainly, the technical part is an essential component in the research on transcommunication, but it is by far not all. An important sentence received from Beyond says: “Technik ersetzt nicht die Macht des Gedankens.“  (Technics do not substitute the power of thought.)

16.  The question whether mediumistic abilities are needed for receiving voices, cannot be answered, neither with a concrete “yes”, nor with a “no”. On the one side it is supposed that mediumistic abilities are not needed, because technical equipment is used, on the other side it is presumed that mediumistic abilities can be a promoting element. A clear statement could only be made if appropriate comparisons were undertaken. Their realization is however intricate due to the fact that mediumistic abilities are not always evident, that quite a number of persons do not know of their own mediumistic abilities.

17.  How do the voices come about ? The most recent results from the more recent past, commented by me in several chapters, give some information but do not explain everything. Till this day, the phenomenon with its multitude of facets is inexplicable, despite of the many theories developped and published. Isaak Newton, the well-known English physicist, mathematician and astronomer once said: “Things need not be explainable, it is sufficient that they are true.”

18.  Is the research on transcommunication accordable with religion ? This question is very easy to answer, because transcommunication is in no way against religion – or religions, it rather undersets the thesis prevailing in all religions, namely that life continues after the body’s death. The “inhabitants” of the Beyond even wish to have contact and ask for it, so as to have the opportunity to convince the men on earth of life after death. Again and again they confirm that they are working on the bridge between this world and the Beyond.
Theologians, too, engage in the research on transcommunication, for example catholic vicar Leo Schmid (1916 – 1976), who during twelve years has been intensively occupied with the phenomenon of the voices and who wrote a book about it (Wenn die Toten reden (When the dead speak)).  We know that there has been communication with the Beyond from times immemorial. For the Christians of the first centuries the connexion with God’s spirit-world was self-evident. The much cited exhortation “’You shall not consult the dead!”  (…..or putting questions to a spirit, ….., or going to the ded for directions) is completely misunderstood, for wherever the dead are cited in the Bible, not the “physically” but those with a dead “mind” are meant, those having dissociated themselves from God.

19.  The question put as the last but one is by no means the most unimportant. It reads: Can such interchange with the Beyond go with any dangers ? We have to answer “yes” to this question, although it applies to certain cases only. As is well known, we meet persons with fanatic obsessions in all fields, consequently also persons with religious obsessions. This however will be no reason to forbid religions in general. There have been and there are persons whose mind and soul are menaced by contacts with the Beyond, but I wish to underline that the most part of these persons are psychologically unstable, depressive, potentially ill from psychic unbalance, or persons who do not observe important preconditions in relation with the research on the Beyond.
I want to mention an example, in fact drastic and of exemplary severity, but it is true. The consoling is that it refers to an isolated case. I have never heard of any other similar one.
Under a pseudonymous, a woman has written a book about the horrible experience she had had with the research on tape-recorded voices. She had been tormented, tortured, abeted to do absolutely mad things, and – one would not believe it -, she had obeyed everything what had been told to her, even if it was absolutely absurd and disgusting. According to her own words she was in bondage to the voices.  Here I can only put the question: “If anyone would tell you: “Throw yourself down from the fifth floor of your house!”   - would you do it ?”
We have to act logically and reasonably in case any being in the spiritual world should demand any absurd action from us. It is simply a matter of fact that in the spiritual world there exist not only good ones, but also evil ones. We must learn to distinguish what is good and right, and what is wrong and bad. A popular saying is: “Everyone has the ghosts he deserves.”  If I would ever have been said anything of such kind as the woman describes in her dreadful book, I would immediately have stopped doing recordings. This woman had let pass her abuse.
Same as for every field, it is valid for transcommunication, too: we have to know when/where to draw the line and to use our common sense.

20.  To finalize, here the last question: Why tape-recorded voices, why transcommunication at all ?

The answers to it are short and concise, for there are only two main reasons when leaving some very personal and some secondary ones aside:

1st:       To prove that there is life after death.

2nd:      To offer console to persons in anguish and despair.

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