Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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Part  4 – Transcommunication via Computer 

23. Computer messages at Manfred Boden 

In the preceding chapters we could convince ourselves of the fact that the entities in the Beyond try to get in touch with us via most different channels, that they utilize technical means and, probably in combination with their own possibilities of communication, are building up the bridge between our world and the Beyond.

On October 21st, 1980, the entities in the Beyond began to set out on a new, so far unknown way. The person they chose was Manfred Boden (53) of Bühl (Baden), who, since 1973, has been working as an independent engineer engaged in statical calculations, and as a computer specialist. In his equipment got stored the first inexplicable and therefore paranormal computer messages, which to verify Boden had asked scientists as well as computer manufacturing companies.

Manfred Boden owns a computer with screen since 1979. As an extra memory he uses a cassette recorder. When he had bought a printer for his computer, he amplified his existing biorhythm program for one year. That day, in October 1980, he remitted to a friend working with the same computer as he did, the biorhythm program in form of a cassette.

Shortly afterwards his friend called on him and said that there must be something wrong with the biorhythm program, for, as soon as entering it into the computer, it behaves like mad.  After checking, the listing on the screen showed in fact three program changes. Instead of “23” there stood “kg”, and in the demonstration curve stood “hi”. In the language of wireless telegraphy “hi” means “I must laugh”. Having repeated the listing several times, more and more program changes were found (further changes see pages 169, 170 und 172) Hint: Set new window to max. size.

Before describing these strange, extraordinary and also exciting computer statements, I wish to insert that Manfred Boden had previously already, during a short time-span, experienced unconventional manifestations via magnetic tape. Sentences he had spoken were changed or extinguished, or additional information was on the tape. Such occurrences may be more or less “normal” for experimenters in transcommunication, but for Manfred Boden, who at that time had in no manner been occupied with such phenomena, they were incomprehensible. How shocking the changes via the computer must have been for his friend and himself, is quite understandable. In a report, Boden once wrote: 

“Before the paranormal things had happened to me, I would have laughed loud if somebody would have told me of such things. But with all what arrived to me, I lost all desire for laughing.” 

But let us return to those first changes in the computer program. I bring here photostat copies of original excerpts including the mysterious changes as put together by Manfred Boden. 

The repeated entries of “KG” in the store might, according to Mr. Boden, be an indication to his friend Klaus Günter who had died at the age of fourtyfive years. (Pls. see sheet 1 and followings.) 

Sheet 1

Furthermore, the words “good days” (“gute Tage”) were entered into the computer; instead of this appeared  “tiger death” (“Tiger Tod”) (sheet 2) when printing. “Tiger” was Manfred Boden’s name as wireless operator. On sheet 2a is furthermore the Text:  “tiger die” (“Tiger sterbe.”)

On sheet 1 appears the number 180480 five consecutive times. The day of Klaus Günter’s death was the 18.04.80 !  Can this be by mere chance ?

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On sheets 3 to 7 it can be clearly seen how the mentioned bad news built up word by word.

The summary on sheet 8 gives an exact survey on the paranormal occurrences as originally written down by Manfred Boden.  

Regarding the readers not privy to the things, they will logically put the burning question: Did Manfred Boden really die on the forecasted date or not ?

To relieve their minds: We now live in the year 1989, and Manfred Boden is living now as before sprightly and in good health. How is this to be explained ? Though, initially, this was rather a shock for him, he did not seriously believe in this forecast, because his friend Klaus would never have made any statement of such kind and manner.

Those having experience with contacts with the Beyond know that such dates must not be given to humans on earth. In such cases we consequently and with great probability have to do either with bantering ghosts or with earth-bound ghosts on a very low level who want to make us insecure.

Though it is not possible to give a concrete explanation for these ghastly messages, there are plausible hypotheses for it. So, for example, when asking via magnetic tape, it was said that the purpose and meaning of these statements had been to stir Manfred Boden up. Also Boden himself sees the sense of the whole in an intention to shake him up, to bring him on an other course. Boden today says about himself that he has become an absolutely different man by these paranormal occurrences. And probably those things can only happen to persons who are permeable, is to say, very sensitive.  

Manfred Boden was the first having obtained contacts with the Beyond over the computer sector. He furthermore regularly received phone calls from entities unknown to him, calls of a  length and expressiveness never heard of up to that time. (The description of the telephone calls follows in another chapter.)

The program changes in the computer extended over one year, from October 1980 till October 1981. Later (1984) diskettes were destroyed in the presence of persons who presumably have mediumistic tendencies.

In the years between, besides the already mentioned telephone contacts, also other paranormal phenomena produced, like telephone hubbub, changes on tape cassettes, healings, and similar things.
Now, as regards the computer contacts, they, of course, comprised not only the threatening death messages on which I reported in detail, but many meaningful statements and answers to pinpointed questions.

For better understanding, I am going to pick a few examples out of the abundance of material available.

The computer was loaded with the program “message”, which was also listed. The experimenter was more than astonished about the falsified “bio”, because it read:

Manfred shortness of breath – hereabout medium – message for Tiger (M.B.’s wireless name) – Papa Charly Hi Hl (Boden’s DX wireless name was Papa Charly) – Read M KG KLG KG KG KG stop – bad prospects for Manfred – days counted doctor – heart attack – connection into other dimension telephone.
(Manfred Atemnot – Hierum Medium – Botschaft fuer Tiger (Funkname von M.B.) – Papa Charly HiHl  (Boden’s DX-Funkname war Papa Charly) – Read M KG KG KG KG KG stop – Schlechte Aussichten fuer Manfred – Tage gezaehlt Arzt – Herzinfarkt – Verbindung in andere Dimension Telefon.)

In fact, at that time Boden was under a doctor’s care because suffering from shortness of breath.

An amusing occurrence happened when Manfred Boden asked his friend and collaborator J. to enter the words "Klaus, how are you ?“ ("Klaus wie geht es dir ?”)  into the computer. The friend instead wrote: “Klaus, you head of a swine, how are you ?” (“Klaus, du Saukopf, wie geht es dir ?”)   Klaus from the Beyond promptly replied: “No insult.” (“Keine Beleidigung.”)   After Juergen had eliminated the word “head of a swine”, “well” (“gut”)  came through and the word “insult” had disappeared.

But not only Manfred Boden received such mysterious computer messages, other experimenters, too, could credibly evidence with adequate documents that they received contacts from entities in the Beyond via computer.

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