Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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22. Tape-recorded voices in the medical field – Dr. Dieter Kaempgen’s research 

Dr. Dieter Kaempgen, chemist and lay practitioner (55), has been carrying on a practice for biological healing methods in Eschwege since 1976, and since January 1985, a Forschungsstelle für medizinische Transkommunikation (research centre for medical transcommunication) in Bad Soden-Allendorf.

Dr. Kaempgen knows about the phenomenon of tape-recorded voices since 1970. Due to his experience and the results obtained, passed on by him orally and in writing, above all, however, because of his success in healings attributable to statements made by recorded voices, he saw himself motivated to open this research centre.

I hold it important to give room to the medical field in my book, because, on the one hand, indications from the “Beyond” prove to be serviceable, but, on the other hand, erroneous opinions prevail about the help the “inhabitants” of the Beyond give via magnetic-tape in cases of illness, opinions that may cause damage.   

Dr. Kaempgen is a researcher with objective mind, who by no means wants to raise hopes and illusions in the homoeopathic paranormal sector. Since practising physicians, and particularly lay practitioners have subscribed to the research on transcommunication, I consider Dr. Dieter Kaempgen’s point of view on this field as very revealing.

Dr. Dieter Kaempgen’s research work serves, among others, to clear up questions related with paranormal information in the medical sectors of diagnosis and therapy. 

  1. How reliable are such statements ?

  2. Under what conditions do they come about ?

  3. Do the entities in the Beyond have deeper insight into what happens in the human body than the present science of medicine has ?

  4. Are the entities in the Beyond capable of recognizing effects of medicaments that surpass the knowledge we so far have ?

  5. Where are the limits of paranormal indications ?

  6. In which cases does it appear to be convenient to request paranormal “advice” ?

Therefore, the research centre not only serves for experimental work, but also for the exchange of scientific experiences. Dr. Kaempgens research centre cannot practise direct treatment, but the physicians and lay practitioners knowing their patients and assuming the full responsibility for all therapeutic measures, is offered the possibility to ask the research centre for paranormal information.   

To the basic question whether, in the medical field, paranormal information via technically supported transcommunication is usable at all, or not, Dr. Kaempgen pronounced as follows:

“To this important question only a differentiating reply can be given, is to say, no general unrestricted yes or no.”

As regards the sector of diagnosis, in his recordings, correct and wrong replies hold in equilibrium; the majority of the statements not to the point concern cancer or other very serious or incurable diseases. We know that in transcommunication we have to do not only with positive, but also with negative ghosts, who still are on a low level. Dr. Kaempgen therefore advises to rely in any case upon the proved diagnostic methods of conventional medicine and physiatrics.

According to Dr. Kaempgen, a quite different image results however when looking at the therapeutical sector. Here is no field of activity for low-spirit ghosts. Though they could also manifest in this sector, they even do not try it, because, if they did, they could not cause damage here. The reasons for which any damage from low spirits can be excluded, are the following ones: 

  1. The paranormal “therapeutical suggestions”, in general a medicine, are prior to their use subjected to very thorough checking.

  2. Acute cases, where rapid action is required, are offhand excluded from a therapy including the chipping-in of recorded voices.

  3. Homoeopathical and purely vegetal medicines are harmless – when correctly dosed. Even in a case where, based on a recording, a wrong homoeopathic medicament would be given, what – also without recourse to magnetic tape - may happen in every practice, no harm would be caused to the patient.

Particularly helpful are the paranormal messages in the field of homoeopathy where the point is to find the most suitable medicine out of a very big number of medicaments (meanwhile there exist more than three thousand). With Dr. Kaempgen’s recordings, the quota of “good shots” has been 40 percent so far. This magnitude is enormous when taking into account the great troubles and difficulties which the search for the best medicine presents even for a versed homoeopathist, and when having regard to the fact that the suitable medicament means healing or, at least, improvement for the patient.

An ingenious magnetic-tape recording for the described purpose postulates that the homoeopathist beforehand has a critical look on the situation of the patient’s illness. In one of Dr. Kaempgen’s recordings a male voice says:

Use the Servi not before Picture; Doctor ! (Nutz den Servi nicht vor Picture; Docteur !)

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This voice describes the problem exactly: first prepare the “picture” of the illness or the medicine, only thereafter use the “Service” from Beyond.

Thus is already delineated when and with what group of diseases the voices’ advice should be asked for. Not in case of illnesses due to wear, such as arthrosis, not in case of cancer, not with multiple sclerosis, not for incurable diseases, but for those cases where, despite of all endeavours, the origin is not clear and where therapies remain without effect because the basic complaint cannot be identified. This consequently means that first all conventional medicaments shall be used and, should they not lead to success, it should be ultima ratio to pinpointedly inquire in a magnetic-tape voice recording for a remedy or a healing method, possibly by calling for certain physicians or lay practitioners in the Beyond. Even so, the suggestions made from the Beyond need to be thoroughly verified.

It may, however, also happen that paranormal voices suggest a remedy that appears divious or inapt or improbable as help. If the harmlessness is unquestioned, such remedy should nevertheless be prescribed, provided, so far, no other remedy could bring help. That is to say that there are signs indicating that the interlocutors in the Beyond know effects of medicaments as yet unknown here.

With many diseases appears a confusing picture of the illness . Anyway, the patient will first subject himself to a conventional treatment. But if this does not lead to a good result, he will search for healing by homoeopathy. Consequently it is quite legitimate, and even obliging for the treating person to use the possibility and to also employ the paranormal sources for information.

We do not know wherefrom the entities in the Beyond have their knowledge, nor to what it has to be attributed that, from time to time, they suggest remedies achieving astonishing results. Several theses exist: one of theses is that it is certain that there are physicians and lay practitioners in the Beyond who dispose of profound knowledge.  


First it has to be stated that Dr. Dieter Kaempgen makes use of the classical appliances and methods of examination/diagnosis, is to say, does not take “new routes” or use “self-made” appliances/equipment.

From a long list of positive results due to messages from the Beyond, here just a few examples: 

Case 1:
To Dr. Kaempgen’s practice comes a twenty-three years old lady ailing from an anaemia from iron deficiency.  She had already consulted a homoeopathic practitioner in her place of residence. His precription was unknown to Dr. Kaempgen; anyway, no improvement had produced. Since the phenomenon of tape-recorded voices was not unknown to the patient, she asked Dr. Kaempgen if he could not inquire with the entities in the Beyond. And so he did; in the recording the following messages came through:

“Let her phosphor“ – “phosphor – phosphor”  (sung) – “ iron”  -  “in the preceding week(s) not take” – “give sparingly”

(“Lass Phosphor ihr” – “Phosphor – Phosphor” (gesungen) – “Eisen“ – „ In der Vorwochen nicht nehmen“ – „Gib sparsam“)

Dr. Kaempgen informed the patient of this result via her mother and learnt on this occasion that the homoeopath who had treated her in the meantime had already ordered her phosphor. Obviously with good success, for the patient has meanwhile given birth to a sound child. 

Case 2:
The neighbour of a patient called in a flurry on Dr. Kaempgen and reported, Mrs. St. were seriously ill. She were having high temperature and were completely distracted, and Dr. K. were to come immediately.

Since, at that moment, Dr. Kaempgen had just his magnetic-tape recorder ready for use, he briefly asked the entities in the Beyond: “What is wrong with Mrs. St. ?”  From the tape he heard: 

„This becomes infect“ – „It becomes better“ – “sepsis” – “Gets well”
(“Das gibt Infekt” – Es wird besser” – Sepsis” – Wird gut")

The interlocutors in the Beyond were right. It was in fact an influenza infect with feever and delirium. After the dispensing of several homoeopathic medicaments, the patients’s health improved, and till the next morning the troubles had gone. – It may be clear that Dr. Kaempgen made his own diagnosis when visiting the patient, but it coincided exactly with the “diagnosis from the Beyond”.  

Case 3:
This case shows a treatment necessary with neurodermatitis (skin affection). A sixty years old patient had since twenty years been suffering from this disease. Every treatment passed without success. His wife, a physician, could not help him either. She knew about the phenomenon of tape-recorded voices and asked Dr. K. to do a recording and to inquire with the entities in the Beyond. He acceded to her request and asked via magnetic tape for a suitable remedy. The reply came through three times with varying clarity:  “Rhus Tox”.  Rhus toxicodendron is a homoeopathic medicine deploying a very wide reaching effect; it can be successfully used against a certain type of rheumatic troubles, and also against certain skin diseases.  Therefore, Dr. K. dispensed this medicament without hesitation. The neurodermatitis was almost completely healed within six weeks’ time. The medicament was stopped; no relapses produced. Till now, the observation time counts three years. 

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Case 4:
This patient, a woman – at that time – siextysix years of age, had been afflicted with otosclerose (hereditary, progressing deafness of the inner ear) since the age of twenty. With the assistance of a well hearing friend, the patient made voice tape-recordings. The two women came to Dr. Kaempgen’s practice because of other troubles, not because of the otosclerose, for which there, anyway, was hardly a chance for healing. The afflicted woman reported that she had contacted her passed father via magnetic tape and had asked him if she could do anything against her hard hearing. The answer was “Graphit”
(“graphite”). As a homoeopath, Dr. Kaempgen, of course, immediately thought of Graphites, which is known to be one of the main remedies against hardness of hearing. He injected the patient one phial Graphites-Injeel i.v. and advised her to take every two weeks one dose of Graph.LM XVIII and to report on the effect. After not more than two months, Dr. Kaempgen received the news that the hearing of one ear had considerably improved – the other ear had already undergone one operation in a specialized clinic without success. After further five months, the patient reported in great gladness that her hearing had improved excellently and that she could hear as well as thirty years in the past. From time to time, the patient takes one dose Graphit.LM XVIII. Till today there has been no change for the worse.   

Case 5:
A young patient came into the practice because of neuralgic pain the his left hip. He had an Odyssey through general practices, orthopaedic clinics and hospitals of all kind behind him. He had also consulted lay practitioners without success. Dr. Kaempgen tried with different remedies to soothe the pains, but could not help him substantially. Before giving up his endeavours, he, in a recording, asked his friends in the Beyond. A female voice hissed: “Benzicum acidum !” – Later, Dr. Kaempgen repeatedly demonstrated this remarkable voice on congresses and in lectures.

He ordered this medicament, and three days later the pain in the hip was gone. A light pain did come back, but after having taken the medicament several times again, the residual pain had gone, too. The painless state lasted for more than three years. 

Case 6:
A girl of three and a half years had been suffering from a less serious form of  “neurodermatitis” since two and a half years. The permanent itching was a hard charge upon the little girl. Crusts had formed on her thighs and her back, and the skin looked dry, fissured and swollen. The homoeopathic complex medicaments current on the market gave no improvement. Then Dr. Kaempgen tried it with a magnetic-tape recording. From the tape he heard only “nur Phos.”
(“Phos only”).  The interesting in this case was that this voice could only be heard when the tape ran backward. After having prescribed patent medicine Phosphorus LM VI, the skin itching disappeard already after the fisrt dispense, and a week later the girl’s skin was absolutely normal and the last rests of crusts were healing up.  

Case 7:
Another girl,  fourteen years of age, was also suffering from neurodermatitis of mean seriousness, which manifested in itching scaly skin affections over her entire body, particularly in reddenings in her face. Dr. Kaempgen treated the girl with homoeopathics - in vain. An aggravating situation for the patient’s state of health was that she had been suffering from this pain since her birth.  In view of the improvements hardly worth mentioning, Dr. Kaempgen inquired with the voice entities. There a female voice sung: “Gib Joooodum !”
(“Give iooodine !”) From an other section of the tape “Verordne Du Jod.” (Prescribe iodine.”) was hearable. 

Though the main signs in this case did in no way harmonize with iodine, Dr. Kaempgen dared the trial using iodine D 12. The miracle happened: Already three weeks later the skin affections had radically improved, now the girl’s marred face was perfectly clean. Also after one year observation period, no new skin irratations re-appeared. 

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Case 8: Since 1980, a fourtyeight years old patient had been consulting Dr. Kaempgen’s practice at intervals for a chronic sinusitis (irritation of a sinus – affecting sinuses, maxillary sinuses and similars). In 1978 she had become entangled in a car accident from which she suffered a whiplash in the neck region. In 1981, neurological failure symptoms developped. Gradually, her speaking became more and more ill-defined, the seriousness of muscle cramps and walking problems increased constantly. First, Dr. Kaempgen treated her with medicaments for organs and homoeopathic medicines, to which the reaction initially was quite good. Then the patient was lost to Dr. Kaempgen’s sight because the doctor in her place of residence continued to give her the injections regularly.
In 1986, Dr. K. received a phone call from the patient’s sister who sadly reported to him that an examination made in a neurological clinic had for result that her sick sister would have to die within the next two years. A virus were slowly cankering the spinal cord and there were no remedy against it. In this situation, Dr. K., too, did not know what to do and consulted the entities in the Beyond. Inmidst a “whistling concert” of short-wave senders, a voice clearly shouted: “Denke Caesium !”
(“Think caesium !”). At first, Dr. K. did not know what to do with this advice, because he knew caesium as a micronutrient without special indication, but it was unknown to him as a medicament. Since meanwhile he had lernt that often the “voices” know more than we men, he tried, as ultima ratio, Caesium-Injeel, a patent medicine current on the market.  At regular weekly intervals the patient received a phial of this medicament. – Since then, one and a half year have passed. Certainly, no marvel has happened, but the patient’s state improved and the fatal prognosis has not become true.
After long searching, Dr. K. found in the homoeopathic literature a reference to caesium under the catchword Caesium metallicum with the indication “ache of vertebral neck column”.  Well then ! 

These examples are just a few out of a great number. Dr. Kaempgen speaks of more than sixty cases in which healings, or at least improvements, have come about thanks to paranormal messages. In contrast to these there is an about equal number of cases where no success could be noticed, partly because no messages from the Beyond were received, partly because the suggested remedies did not help. In the average – as already mentioned, about 40 % of the attempts of Dr. K. lead to success. This is a very high percentage when taking into account that we have to do exclusively with cases fast to therapy – and the experiments were made in such cases only.

Should also be mentioned here, that in veterinary medicine as well successes are achieved thanks to tape-recorded voices. 

To summarize, I here insert an excerpt from an article Dr. Kaempgen published in the professional periodical for physiatrics in April 1987. In this article he puts forth important preconditions and precautionary rules for magnetic-tape recordings in the medical sector.

Under 5):  Never undertake any action based on information and tape-recording experiments that may involve a risk, not in daily life, and certainly not in the medical sector.

Under 6):  In the medical sector, the help of tape-recorded voices does not produce miraculous healings, but one may receive very valuable allusions to the therapy, which however – and this has to be expressly stressed – have to be subject to thorough critical verification. 

From all what precedes results that information received by magnetic tape recordings is not limited to a certain field. It is universal. The essential factor is the experimenter’s own mental/spiritual surrounding.

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