Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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 5. Vicar Leo Schmid  

In the history of research on tape-recorded voices from Beyond, Vicar Leo Schmid is a particularly important personality: there have always been and most probably there are still today men and women who were/are of the opinion that the research on tape-recorded voices from Beyond were something forbidden, something impossible to be brought in consonance with religion.

Leo Schmid was born on April 2nd, 1916 in Haegglingen in Switzerland . On October 9th, 1938 he celebrated his ordination in Wuerzburg. Till 1946 he then was a teacher at St. Josef in Altdorf , thereafter he worked during three years as a curate first in Grenchen, then in Neuenhof, then, till 1952, in Arlesheim. From December 1952 till his passing on February 28, 1976 , he officiated as a vicar in Oeschgen, Aargau.

Since 1969 and up to his decease, Vicar Schmid has been intensely engaged with the “voices”, and this with the authorization of the highest of his clerical superiors. He became one of the most enthusiastic proponents of the phenomenon and was not afraid in representing his conviction in full public, in the radio, on television and on many international conferences and congresses.

During many years Vicar Schmid has been in close contact with all the capacities in the field of research on tape-recorded voices. Almost daily he sat in front of his equipment so that, as the years passed, he could put more than twelve thousand voices in his archive. Same as Jürgenson and Raudive, Vicar Schmid received voices in different languages, for example, in Latin, French, English, Swiss German and literary German.

In February 1972, in the assembly hall of the university of Bern , the Schweizerische Vereinigung fuer Parapsychologie (Swiss association for parapsychology) awarded Leo Schmid the prize due to him for his profound and extensive examinations and recordings of the voices and his corougeous advocacy of the phenomenon in public.

During the years of his activity as a researcher Schmid - who under the pseudonymous Gerold Schmid had wun high reputation as the author of a great number of juveniles - wrote a book about his findings and experiences. Wenn die Toten reden (When the dead speak) was edited shortly after his death. Unfortunately it is no longer available.

Vicar Schmid died on February 28, 1976 at the age of only fifty. Only seven years had been granted to him for working for the tape-recorded voices from Beyond, but his eagerness and his dauntless engagement in public contributed essentially to the spreading of the knowledge about this phenomenon.

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