Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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17. Marcello Bacci’s and Luciano Capitani’s contacts with the Beyond 

I know that Dr. Ing. Carlo M. Trajna, Italy, among other items, mentioned on the nineth national congress of A.I.S.P., held an October 25th/27th, 1985 in Arezzo, that the group of researchers Marcello Bacci, Luciano Capitani and collaborators have been experimenting with great success in their “psychophonic laboratory” in Grosseto since more than fifteen years. Consequently, the experimenting activities of this Italian group date back at least to the year 1970, reason for mentioning these in the first place. 

I regret not having had the privilege of convincing myself personally of the situation, but I had the opportunity of meeting the gentlemen Bacci and Capitani on the congress held in Milano on June 7th/8th, 1986, where I could follow the simultaneous translation of their lecture and the results. It was a persuading experience. 

In my following account I base upon press reports, lectures of Dr. Ing. Carlo M. Trajna, the mentioned congress in Milano and, last not least, upon information received from Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski, Mayence, who has personally taken part in recordings in Grosseto and who, on several occasions, has done translations of Italian publications into German.  

Indeed, in the Italian translation of Konstantin Raudive’s book Ueberleben wir den Tod ? (Do we survive death ?) (1976), Marcello Bacci gave a short report on the active and successful work of his group in Grosseto, but in German language little has become known about it, neither in the years before, nor in the following ones. According to a statement made by Dr. Ing. Carlo M. Trajna, this is due to the fact that Bacci has always been prepared to cooperate and to assist newcomers and people in need of console, but was too modest for pushing himself and his successes into the centre of attention. 

A book of Marcello Bacci was published in 1985 by publisher Mediterranee, Rome, under the title Il Mistero delle voci dall’aldilà  (German: Das Geheimnis der Stimmen aus dem Jenseits, English: The mystery of the voices from the Beyond), and publisher Salani, Florence, published in 1980 Dr. Ing. Carlo M. Trajna’s book entitled Ignoto chiama uomo (German: Unbekannt ruft Mensch – English: Unknown calls man). Unfortunately neither of the books is available in German.  

Properly speaking, the Italian group directed by Marcello Bacci does not count among the “inventors” or “discoverers”, since the modalities of their contacts did not comprise newly developped equipment that could be regarded as “triggers” for the “voices”; it consisted of known and current instruments. However, the effects – and these are decisive – are similar to those achieved with equipment of recent design. This is the reason for which I deem it justified to go into particulars on the Italian group here.  

In a report written by Dr. Ing. Carlo M. Trajna and translated by Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski, Mayence, we literally read:  

“………that the voices of Grosseto probably represent something absolutely unique. Comparable with the results of this group are only those of the Metascience Foundation in the USA, and the results of Hans Otto Koenig in Moenchengladbach, Germany, but the difference is, that in Grosseto they do not work with equipment as used in the USA or in Germany.” 

Like thousands of experimenters, Marcello Bacci works with a radio receiver only, and the major part of the voices come directly out of the loudspeaker – similar to what happens in the groups in Hesperange, Luxemburg and Darmstadt, described in following chapters. Exactly as it is with these groups, in Grosseto, too, the voices come out at a level of loudness making them understandable for everyone. 

Description of the functional working method
With a cable, the radio receiver is connected to its own antenna and to the electric mains. At the same time, a monitoring receiver, connected with its own antenna and the same electric mains, is placed at a distance of approx. one meter. The monitoring receiver sends the normal radio transmissions. Sometimes the receiver taking up the paranormal voices is not connected with the antenna, or the antenna is short-circuited to earth. Even when turning the tuning knob during the manifestation, the voices do not disappear. This means that the switchings destined for the reception and the revealing of the radio waves, consequential to an anomalous situation, function in an anomalous manner.   

As far as known, in the terminology of radioengineering  the only hypothesis establishable is that of a considerable increase of the capacitor’s capacity, this in such way that the tuning is shifted from the short-wave range to the long waves, perhaps in the direction of the ultrasonic range or the audible range (frequency range). In such case, a full turning of the tuning knob would in fact only effect a minimum capacity change and leave it for ever in the acoustical band. But what causes such an increase of capacity ? There can be no other corresponding hypothesis than a paranormal one. In this context it is worth noting the circumstance that the manifestation of the voices becomes better when Bacci touches the capacitor with his finger.  

So, after all, is it high sensibility or mediumistic giftedness ? Considering the description of the technical aids employed - which hardly may represent congruity with the success achieved – the question regarding mediumistic abilities is cogent. The fact that Bacci, as reported by one of his guests, held his hands over his face during the recordings is, it is true, no absolute proof justifiying the affirmation of this question, but entices to such speculation. It is well known that particularly the human hands – and especially the finger tips – have a “radiation field” apt to influence phenomena – as it is the case with healings through the laying of hands. 

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Here now a few examples out of the great number of voices having come through in Marcello Bacci’s group in Grosseto. To several questions on who were the interlocutors in the recordings, the following answers were put through:

These statements indicate clearly that the interlocutors are deceased, that they live on different levels, depending on the mental or cultural level on which they live. 

As can be deduced from some fade-ins, the persons most contacting the Grosseto group belong probably to a scientific group.

It is said further:

With these words it is expressed that they do not wish to end the contact; and an absolutely new word is used: magicocracy, a neologism that might mean that they make use of a scientific magic and, so to speak, are master of this science. 

Further questions refer to what aim the persons in the Beyond pursue. Here a few answers to these:

The following sentence makes obviously clear to us here how little we understand, how pretentiously we proceed and how little we are predestinated to explain the “non-existence” of the deceased:

And it is said again, how little we can seize at the bottom of our hearts:

But they also show comprehension of our human imperfection:

To questions regarding the conditions for the contacts with the Beyond, among others, the following fade-ins came in:

And to the question why Bacci and his group get these wonderful contacts with the Beyond, it is said:

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A frequently asked question is in what way the contacts come about. Here a few answers to it: 

(Continue to strive – to maintain the contact – you know – that this here is not easy for us – who would know, what makes the tones the dead ? All does technique ! One needs three earthly transmitters – We are on the (same) height. I hear what you say to me – they hear me- they hear the discovered station always. Has now become one only sound – what you excites (the) sea (of) time – secretly we see that (this) is effect (of) wave. I open the merging – now you know to adjust yourself – I have reached/united the circles of the three rotations. You are great when you have understood the basic question – clever! I would prefer that would become clearer the concept which in foam – in the cinder sees the words. Is sufficient the error in which we leave you – it is a heap of repeated apologies under the name of super-human necessity. But here will be able studies – now I know (it) – possible that we find those instruments which open the forms – all the possibilities one had – elevated  has the majority of persons – procured by  general consciousness . with which earlier or later - everyone must make the bridge/the passing.)

Some of these formulations are difficult to understand, since spoken in symbols and in allegories, but also because grammar is turned upside down and interpretations assume already a different sense when there is the slightest deviation from the rule. On the one hand, we hear from these statements a certain resignation regarding the understanding between the Beyond and this earthly world, on the other hand, however, also the hope for improvement. Further questions refer to the point to what extent experimenters have a share in the communication. Here a few answers:

The preceding question referred to the congress in Milano. Was the answer to mean that Marcello Bacci’s successes were, admittedly, to be attributed to the account of the interlocutors in the Beyond, but that they let the “laurel” to the earthly men, because they need it for their materialistic life ? 

Now I will bring another series of questions and replies. The examples stem from different sessions of the Grosseto group, headed by Marcello Bacci and lawyer Luciano Capitani.

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This statement may sound somewhat strange. According to Prof. Senkowski it could be that they are doing certain “manipulations” with the entity callen. This reminds of the ectoplasmic speaking organs in sessions with direct voice.

(Voice from Beyond: Your world is finished – here is a form – which you did not want – you (have) died – in the infinite has not been shown to you; that with the infinite there was no money. Finally you have ascended again. Here the explanation: the name mislead you. Here you experience death already, see, the play with life – cut the spirit/mind off – you followed the eternal path – you, who hears today – you have passed – do you(plural) know, what I was told ? This I have (from the) joyous baptism – you understand ? Empty the chest – you have been a human – hear, you don’t believe – you were affected/concerned – pray; you quickly rise from the dead – this is the world, the big world – forget the wrong information, you have been confused by the conflict of opposed thoughts – Christ informs us also about your/his intentions.)

The cited statements from the Beyond are only a small selection from the plenty of material collected in Grosseto. It is said there is a huge archive of extraordinary recordings, which to examine, to classify and possibly to make public would take years. 

According to Dr. Ing. Carlo M. Trajna, up to thousand words come through in one only session which normally lasts not longer than fifteen to thirty minutes. Despite of the fact that not all the voices are of a quality suitable for demonstration, this figure makes the magnitude of the success apparent. When taking into account that the messages of Grosseto have been running over a long time, at least a period of fifteen continuous years, with changing participants in the sessions, it has to be conceded to this group that extraordinary parapsychological-mediumistic effects produce there. In view of the unimportant technical supporting appliances it can be assumed that probably no other group exists that achieves equal success under such preconditions.  

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