Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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20. The Euro Signal Bridge and the Duplex Device at Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach


Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach, living in Hesperange, Luxemburg, are, both, at the age halfway between thirty and forty and are both working, he as a Ministerialrat (high administrative official), she as a teacher. They have been engaged with the - at that time usual - magnetic-tape recordings since about 1983/1984, and this with great enthusiasm. They participated in all symposia/meetings and congresses, built a group of like-minded,  and quite frequently held interesting lectures evidencing their idealism and their comprehensive knowledge.


It was on the congress held in Milano in June 1985 - in which the couple Harsch-Fischbach took part and where Jules held an informative lecture about the research on tape-recorded voices in Luxemburg - when I first heard of their direct contacts with voices coming directly out of the loudspeaker or the radio receiver, which implies that it was not necessary to track such voices while playing the tape.


At that time, they both were rather shocked with these extraordinary, as yet unknown, direct contacts, of which I could convince myself when hearing the cassettes they had brought. In the course of the more and more improving  contacts they had with deceased friends, relatives and acquaintances, a particularly intense contact with the deceased voice researcher Dr. Konstantin Raudive came about. After this had cemented, in summer 1986, they were surprisingly addressed by a – somewhat strange to hear - voice speaking with computer-like rhythm. Harsch-Fischbachs first thought of a passed technician, because this entity gave technical information, and because each communication from the Beyond was announced as well as “organized”  by this entity. The contacts were preceded by some counting with which the (“Techniker”) "Technician” each time tried to tune the frequency of his synthetic voice and that of the other entities coming through with the frequency of the radio receiver of Harsch-Fischbach. It was the “Technician” from whom they received all the information required for building a very specific installation (Eurosignalbruecke ESB – Euro Signal Bridge), and for the set-up of a second installation (Gegensprechanlage GA 1 – duplex device). The latter allowed duplex operation (talk-back), say better dialogues. Very frequently the experimenters received instructions for improving and completing these installations.


This “Technician”, who transmitted and surveyed the set-up and the performance of the contacts, amazed by his extraordinary knowledge about electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, astronomy, natural sciences, the future and the past; he was an impressing polyglot and disposed of the memory of a computer. Additionally he had the eloquence of a man of learning and still knew the tongue of common people.


He said, his functions were those of an archivist or a librarian, but they may also call him “Technician”. In their news letter of February 1987, Harsch-Fischbach wrote about the “Techniker”:


“Some call him an angel, others see in him the protector of the door between time and eternity; for us he is the “super-human technician”.  A kind of unselfish love unknown to us emanates from him, and in his words we recognize the truth, the positive, the respect and the care for all that  lives.”


Regarding his identity, the “Technician” explained to the couple Harsch-Fischbach:

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ESB contact – Message of Konstantin Raudive of July 20th, 1986:

The body of B. Franklin, Printer (Like the Cover of an Old Book Its Contents torn Out And Stripped of its Lettering and Gilding) Lies Here, Food for Worms. But the Work shall not be Lost; For it will (as he Believed) Appear once More In a New and More Elegant Edition Revised and Corrected By the Author.

Dear friends !  You must imagine the installation here as a computer; what you say arrives here in writing. Great help is Senkowski, professor, a clever man.

On the third level in the Beyond, the human being finds back to its proper self. When I was living on your side, I always tried to be somebody else than I really was; most men try to present an image of themselves which is not the image really conform to them. Now, that I am here, I avow myself more to what is my innate ego.

Messages of Konstantin Raudive on August 5th, 1986 (shortened):

To this statement, and to one or the other of the following contact examples, I would mention that the entities in the Beyond have quite frequently indicated that it is easier for them to have recourse to texts already written down somewhere, though sometimes in a modified form, similar to the famous cross-correspondence of Frederic Myers. It is therefore well possible that the reader finds in the foregoing contact example, or in the following ones sentences he/she has already read in a similar form in an other text passage.


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Contact via Eurosignalbruecke (ESB) (Euro Signal Bridge) in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski (ES) and Mrs. Adelheid Senkowski on September 6th, 1986:
Konstantin Raudive addressed Prof. Senkowski:

KR: Good evening dear friends – good evening, dear colleague Senkowski.

ES: Good evening !

KR: We on our side are glad to welcome you here this evening. – You know, dear colleague Senkowski, that men of today are torn between extreme poles, and so they prefer to flee, above all from what has to do with the sphere of death. You have received the sentence of the storage room.

ES: Yes. (remark: During a recording made in Grosseto on June 10th, 1986, Prof. Senkowski had received the sentence: “The storage room is the last.”)

KR:  It has to be pronounced: as long as humanity has not solved the problem of death and has not made dying decent, humanity’s entire progress is of little worth. Until that time they remain semi-conscious animals. Man, as a partly space-timeless being, belongs to the most different fields and dimensions.

KR:  Hello, dear friends, here is Konstantin Raudive again. – It was said, the impulse of speech were different; it was said, the voices were not exactly the same. Friends, the paranormal is not repeatable. – We will try to adapt (anformen) and to carry through our equipment everywhere.

KR:  K. looks after the entire organization. – K. is ahead of his time now, in the most literal sense of the word. (Regarding the last message, it is of interest to know that Rudolf K., whose full name is mentioned, is a colleague of Prof. Senkowski.)


Message of December 13th,  1986; shortened text:


Konstantin Raudive on February 8th, 1987:

On February 13th, 1987, in the presence of Dr. Ralf Determeyer, the following contact with Konstantin Raudive came about via the “Eurosignalbruecke” (EURO Signal Bridge ESB):

Excerpt from a message passed by Konstantin Raudive on March 13th, 1987 in Luxemburg in the presence of Hildegard Schaefer:

During the same recording, a feminine voice then says:

Statement of Konstantin Raudive via ESB on June 11, 1987:

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Also in June 1987, Konstantin Raudive speaks during a public recording attended by about seventy persons:

Statements of the “Techniker” via GA 1 (duplex device) in Luxemburg – some of the first statements made in September 1986:

To a question relative to the pain of men:

In the course of the winter months of 1986, the “Technician” made suggestions for improvements in order to stabilize the contacts via the GA 1 installation. His indications on diodes and frequency translator enabled the dialogues to become continuously clearer. Repeatedly, attention was callen to the problems faced with the building of a bridge from the other dimension to this world.

”Techniker” on December 2nd, 1986:

”Techniker” on December 9th, 1986:

”Techniker” statements of February 1987 and March 1987:


January 24th, 1987 – Comments on the “fall of man” were requested.

January 29th, and February 1st, 1987 The “Technician” built up a “double bridge”, which means that we experimenters could reach him over two points of the scale, between 88 MHz and 90 MHz, and over 87 MHz.

February 2nd, 1987 – We are talking about the frequency tanslator:

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February 12th , 1987 – Question: Does the Akasha chronicle exist ?

February 15th, 1987 – Question: “Do the human emotions produce difficulties with contacts ?”

On February 13th , 1987 – via GA 1, a dialogue came about between the “Technician” and Dr. Ralf Determeyer, Kirchzarten. After the usual welcome from the “Technician’s" side, Dr. Determeyer voiced particularly his great pleasure about the fact that this extraordinary contact has been made possible. The “Technician” requested Dr. Determeyer to be brief, for

Dr. D.: What is the best way to bring transcommunication to the people ? Will its existence propagate ?

Dr. D.:  What can we do to propagate the existence of transcommunication most efficiently ?

Dr. D.:  May I address you also otherwise than using the designation “Techniker” ?

Dr. D.: How does it come that, from so high astral levels, you, of all the languages, speak to us in German, a very earthly form of communication ?

Dr. D.: With the sight of your high astral level, you are most likely able to tell us if an all-embracing spiritual entity exists that we call “God” ?

Dr. D.: I have read a book of a medium named Forsboom: “ Kundgebungen des Geistes Emanual”  (“Manifestations of Spirit Emanuel”) dealing with creation and the eternal laws of God. – Is Emanuel from your astral level and are his statements correct ?

Dr. D.: Who else has such good transcommunication connexions, and do other people also get them ?

Dr. D.: It is said that the Russians, too, have already transcommunication contacts. Is that correct ?

Dr. D.: Can transcommunication influence the securing of world peace ?

Dr. D.: This makes me very glad.

(Remark: It is correct, Hanna Buschbeck in fact has shown on the video screen at Harsch-Fischbach. Pls. see the chapter on video recordings in Luxemburg.)

Dr. D:  says good-bye and the “Technician” says:

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An international transcommunication experiment:


On April 22nd, 1987, Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski, Mainz, received a telephone call from George W. Meek, Director of the Metascience Foundation research group. From his place of residence, Franklin, USA, Meek imparted that the group Life-Line, with which he is in contact via the medium Patty Ann, intended to do a transcommunication experiment the next day or the day after the next. They intended to try to get in touch - via the transcommunication connexions of the Zeitstrom-Gruppe (time-stream) (Harsch-Fischbach) – with Luxemburg at 10 h, 13 h or 18.30 h. Prof. Senkowski indicated that only the last mentioned hour would suit, because both these experimenters are working.


Prof. Senkowski spoke the news in this form on the telephone responder tape in Luxemburg; some time later, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach confirmed and promised to go on receipt at the specified hour, together with her husband.


On April 23rd, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach reported the successful performance of the experiments by phone to Mayence . A cassette (copy of the original fade-ins) was sent to Prof.  Senkowski.


Since the experimenters did not know via which installation the contacting would come through, they switched on both (ESB and GA 1). About one minute after the preparatives, began the communication with an American speaking voice, beginning by saying “Good afternoon”. The communication went on during about three minutes.


Here the messages - without the previous fade-ins of the “Technician”, who apparently was the responsible for the coming about of the contact.

M = Maggy Harsch-Fischbach; R = Rockefeller.


After the welcome „Good afternoon“:

M:   Good afternoon – I am hearing you

R:   I suppose you can hear me ?

M:   Yes – I am hearing you – here is Maggy Harsch-Fischbach, Luxemburg

R:   …. please confirm this – you can hear me ? Answer me – yes or no.

M:   Yes

R:   My name is Nelson D. Rockefeller – I speak to you once again – wooo – and I had the honor to talk to you through Dr. Raudive’s speakaphone (Speakophone or Speakaphone is an antiquated English term for “telephone”.)

M:   Yes – I remember, Mr. Rockefeller

R:   I am once again very honored to be able to speak to you – this is an experiment.

M:   Yes – I am hearing you.  (Here came a short interruption by a an ultra-short wave radio transmitter)

R:   Tell….

M:   Hallo  (hello)

R:   You can hear me ?

M:   Yes – I hear you
R:   Tell Dr. Senkowski: The Mahatmas are reality.

Followed a repetition of the last statement, and after a short interruption, again a repetition: 

M:   I hear you – I can hear you.

R:   Tell Dr. Senkowski: The Mahatmas are reality.

M:   Yes

R:   …. to George Meek

M:   Yes

R:   to Patty Ann

M:   I have understand – yes

R:   They are on the right way

M:   Yes - I understand you

R:   We end this contact now

M:   Hallo – yes –

R:   Contact finish

M:   Yes – contact finish. I did understand you, Mr. Rockefeller.

Subsequent to this, a dialogue with the “Technician” took place, in which reference was made to this contact with Mr. Rockefeller, and the “Technician” confirmed his identity.

In a report written by Prof. Dr. Senkowski on this communication, it is said at the end: 

It is clear to every insider that this successful experiment, in which two trans-groups (Life-Line and Time-Stream) on higher levels have cooperated with two earthly groups, namely the telepathic channel Patty Ann of Metascience Foundation in Franklin, N.C., USA, and the technical-mediumistic channel C.E.T.L. in Luxemburg, represents a first, documented confirmation of transcommunicative possibilities and realities which – same as the results of the pioneers Jürgenson, Raudive, Bacci, O’Neil and Koenig – are of historical significance.


On April 2nd, 1987,  a meaningful, convincing recording was made at family Harsch-Fischbach in the presence of the following persons: Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Resch, Theologian, Innsbruck; George W. Meek, Director of Metascience Foundation, USA; Jean Paul S., Ingenieur (engineer); Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach.

Three different voices were heard. The first voice called itself Konstantin Raudive, the second one did not give a name, and the third voice pronounced as follows:

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The messages read as follows (re-translated from German):

A strong force, the languor of normality reigns over the universe. Therefore the universe always chooses the same state as before, it sustains itself, it delimits itself. I repeat: the universe is dreamt of the void/nothingness: it is formed differently of fibres; of fibres of virtual existence, of sequences callen selectons. Selectons are in fact tiny points consisting of a completely unrolled/rolled up circle. – They constantly roll back into the void/nothingness; permanently other bits of the void/nothingness join by rolling to exactly replace them: All these selectons join by rolling in the same direction till compact, therefore time in the universe flows in one direction. In our space the selectons are not rolled up, hence in the never-ever all time is one and timeless.

These contacts were recorded via the ESB; radio receiver PHILIPS type RB 192/7 oz was adjusted to frequency 87,5 MHz.


Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski (physicist) gives the following explanations to the several difficult messages. 

1. Henry Etienne Ste. Claire Deville, 1818 – 1881, one of the greatest chemists of the 19th century, among other things, studied the characteristics of crystalline silicium.


2. Life-Line is a trans-group, cooperating with the Metascience Foundation, USA, via a telpathic channel.


3. Time-Stream – Zeitstrom – is a trans-group which, via technical-mediumistic means, is in touch with the experimenters in Luxemburg.


4. Selectons literally are the “selectors”. Notably Burkhard Heim has introducted in his “Allgemeine sechsdimensionale Feldtheorie” (general six-dimensional field theory) operators which he calls Selektonen (selectons).


5.  “Bits” can be interpreted as “tiny pieces” or particles; may be it is a reminiscence of the terminology of the dual system, current in computer language.


6.  The term “never-ever” tries to bring near the idea of a structure “existing beyond” time; which, in our languages, can only be formulated in pairs of opposites that appear to be paradoxial. 

The most important and surprising aspect of this recording are not only the statements, which will hardly have their likes, but also the fact that none of the seven participants knew anything of this Sainte Claire Deville, had never heard of him. All the participants confirmed this fact by their signature and an affidavit.
The enigma of the person Deville was solved by Ing. S., who, in the night from May 2nd to May 3rd , found the information in the dictionary Larousse Universel, volume 2 of the edition of 1923, page 857.


Already a few months earlier, Henri Sainte Claire Deville had shown in Luxemburg via video, and had been classified « unknown » by the experimenters. Via ESB, the “Techniker” confirmed that the paranormal TV picture shows Deville. (Pls. see also: Paranormal video recordings with Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach, Luxemburg.)


On May 15th, 1987, Dr. Ralf Determeyer sent to Harsch-Fischbach, Luxemburg, a letter containing many substantial questions with the request to have them answered by the “Technician”.


Already the same evening this text was read to GA 1. The “Technician” promised to answer the questions one of the next days, what he did. The “Techniker” entered into all questions by even descending to details. The entire catalogue of questions being too voluminous, I can here only choose some of the questions and answers, taking those which to me appear to be the most important for the general public.


Dr. D.: Why is is the memory of preceding incarnations so hermetically shielded at the time of each new incarnation ? Might it not be that intense memory and conscious learning from mistakes could deliver men earlier from their “consciousness of animals” ? As well as a better memory of the respective stays in the spiritual world ?

Dr. D.: What kind of help is particularly needed for the progress of transcommunication ?

Dr. D.: Can  this project not be helped also when establishing contact with material extra-terrestrians ?

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Dr. D.: What can we do, Prof. S. and myself, in order to achieve better results in research ?

Dr. D.: asks a question on Jesus Christ:

On May 28th, 1987, the “Technician”, via GA 1, dictated Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach a very long text dealing exclusively with dying and death and, above all, represents a comment on the euthanasia topic. From this unusually long message I here give a few passages:

Summary and excerpts from the contacts of May 29th and 30th, 1987:
In the course of the recordings some disturbances occurred, which the “Techniker” commented as follows:

(In the chapter dealing with “further variants” for recordings, I already explained under item 5: “clocks or timers” the probable purpose of these indications, namely facilitating the adaptation to our earthly time.)


To the question on what is the late pope Johannes XIII’  task in the Beyond:

Question:  How do react men having been high-rank personalities on earth when they come to your side ?

Question: Could you tell me something about foetuses: Do they develop in your spheres after abortion or natural death ?

Further messages from the contacts of May 31st till June 7th, 1987:

A question put again and again is where are the “inhabitants” of the Beyond, if they can be localized in the cosmos, if they stay here on earth, or at what place they live.

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The “Techniker” is inquired about suicide in a certain case.

Another statement in this context:

An interesting case happened on June 5th, 1987 on the occasion of a public recording session at the Nobilis Hotel in Luxemburg. By error, this recording was made with a radio receiver without batteries. And connection to mains supply had not been made either. Since not any other energy source was given, it must have been astonishing for all attending persons that voices were hearable despite of this, though they were lower than usually. Two days later the “Technician” was questioned, and he replied:

It results clearly from this message how important it is to always do the recordings in the same place and at the same time, for the interlocutors in the Beyond have to adjust themselves to it.

A question regarding Zenta Maurina, the passed wife of Dr. Konstantin Raudive was answered as follows:

A question regarding the speaking possibilities:  


Question:  Regarding the secret revelation of John:

Regarding the eating of meat:

Regarding: sexuality

When, on June 17th, 1987, Jules Harsch-Fischbach returned home, the computer and the radio receiver D-2225 had switched on by themselves. Group 2105 had left a message, and Harsch-Fischbach needed only to have it typed out. The switch-on time indicated by said group was 9.57 h; the message was discovered not earlier than at 17 h. To this the “Technician” said:

Another statement on the topic “language”:

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Further messages of most different kinds:

Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski and Dr. Ralf Determeyer planned to realize a world congress in Basel within reasonable time. In October 1987, Dr. Determeyer assisted at a recording in Luxemburg and informed the “Techniker” that, with regard to the planned first world organization for transcommunication, first contacts had been made in Basel with Prof. Alex Schneider and the Direction of the Basler Mustermesse, and that he had been signalled interest and preparedness for holding the world congress on transcommunication on the occasion of the Basler PSI-Tage.

Dr. Determeyer asked the “Technician” about details. A long dialogue took place between him and the “Technician” (fives pages of typed text). – Surprisingly, and all of a sudden, Konstantin Raudive got in:

Thereupon, Friedrich Juergenson slipped in himself. He murmured:

Friedrich Juergenson’s message was longer, but several sentences were not clearly understandable. This was the first contact with Friedrich Juergenson who had left this earth a week before, on October 15th, 1987. 


Early in 1988, an organizational problem arose for the planned world congress, so that it became necessary to shift it to the better date, say to automn 1989. Consequently, the partners in the Beyond knew much earlier that there would be a negative aspect for its realization. Originally, the direction of the Basler PSI-Tage had planned the topic “reincarnation” only. – The decision to organize a world congress on “research on transcommunication” was made afterwards, but was agreed to, because it was supposed that the persons interested in the topic reincarnation would not be sufficient to fill the rooms available. But things turned out differently. The topic was so well received that all possible avenues had to be explored. Because of the promise already made, it was left to Prof. Senkowski and Dr. Determeyer to decide if they wanted to hold the congress; they found the room capacity to be insufficient and therefore preferred to resign.


Consequently, the world congress “Research on Transcommunication” will take place in Basel in automn 1989, when much better preconditions will prevail. Since it is foreseen to organize an international mammoth program requiring very extensive preparatives, this solution is even the by far better and the more promising.


A further voice communication with Friedrich Juergenson could be brought off on December 7th, 1987. For this, the Harsch-Fischbach couple used an old ITT radio-receiver TINY-Cassette without any further auxiliary appliances.


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Friedrich Juergenson, whose voice the experimenters knew well, gave them a hearty welcome and, surprisingly, gave an answer to an unvoiced anxious question of the couple that was only in their thoughts.

Subsequently, Friedrich Juergenson informed the couple about the arrival of a horse, which they had provided for and cared for during years and which had died just recently.  On this occasion they learnt that some humans and animals are born again when having arrived on the third level. Others arrive as aged inhabitants of the earth and rejuvenate after a regenerating sleep. But no information was given to why it is so in some cases, and different in others. Friedrich Jürgenson furthermore said:

The last voice communication in 1987 was on December 28th, 1987, say shortly after Christmas, and this with the already mentioned old radio receiver ITT TINY-Cassette, without any further auxiliary appliances. This contact came about with the “Technician”, and it extended into a long dialogue, from which I cite the most important statements here below.





ITT Tiny Cassette 220 Radiogeraet = ITT TINY Cassette 220 radio receiver / Feldgenerator (Koenig) = field generator (Koenig) /Mikorophon dient zur Aufnahme und ist an D 6920 Philips angeschlossen = microphone f. recording  and connected to D 6920 of PHILIPS / Eine gegenueberstehende Armeelampe = one army lamp placed opposite / Die Lichtstrahlen der 2 Lampen kreuzen sich = The 2 lamps’ beam threads of light cross each other / CB-Verstaerker = CB amplifier / normaler kleiner Cassettenrekorder dient als Verstaerker der Stimmen =  normal small cassette recorder serves to amplify the voices / Filter (Koenig) = filter (Koenig) / Altes UNIVERSUM televisor (anfangs kamen die Stimmen aus dem Fernsehgeraet) = old UNIVERSUM televisor (at the beginning, the voices came out of the televisor) / Abwechselnd kommen die Stimmen aus dem Radiogeraet B oder E = Alternately, the voices come out of radio receiver B or E / G + GI = Briefmarkenleuchten Type BL 366 nm - UV REG = G + GIlamps for post stamps, type BL 366 nm – UV ERG

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To this chapter about the extraordinary contacts – which till this day are certainly the most comprehensive and most expressive with high purport -, I wish to add a few elucidations before closing. Repeatedly the question has been put  – and I am sure that many experimenters put this question to themselves –  why  these persons of all others are so blessed, favoured before others, crowned with success, be it callen as it may: why not me, too ?  Why do I not succeed in getting such communication, despite of using the same devices, having set up the same installation ? We do not know any conclusive answer, but I have always been of the opinion that – in the case “Harsch-Fischbach” as well as in the case “Haertling”, not the equipment alone is decisive, but also other components are co-determinant. Once, in a letter addressed to me, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach expressed her opinion on this question. With her permission I may cite her words from that time, which I consider to be to the point: 

On one occasion, the “Technician” explained us that the contacts have been released with us because we try to become “spiritually one”. This completion of both of us is essential: The one supplies knowledge, a good memory and strength, the other one spirit/mind and religious qualities. The one tries to show people the way to the light, the other one undertakes the organization.  One gives the other strength and help, especially in situations of downheartedness and exhaustion, in times of malicious attacks or physical and psychical problems.  When one hesitates, the other one encourages. It is a permanent process of learning, but every step reached gives a feeling of harmony and unfolds new forces. These, in return, effect improved contacts. Certainly, nobody is faultless, but the “inhabitants” of the Beyond honour the efforts for the objective. One can say that, according to the Yin and Yang principle, the fact that one person completes the other made it possible to get the contacts, thanks to the common concentration. But the affirmation of the cooperation with higher spiritual entities requires from the experimenters also the acceptance of certain conditions. They are confronted with the spiritual laws. Many people are prepared to contact their deceased, but not to mind the spiritual tenets. Also for Jules and me it was, at the beginning, not easy to accept the statements - communicated like an absolute matter of course – about reincarnation, the existence of parallel worlds and the powers of the congeniality of souls. By trying to obey to spiritual laws, one risks to draw away from men. The search for the right path never ends. The “Technician” told us that many people will leave us on the way, but that we shall continue on this way with him, despite of it.  At the Haertling family in Darmstadt, too, the contacts were built up according to the Yin and Yang principle.

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I think it is necessary to add a few words to this much telling “confession”.  Surely, when fugitively looking at it, it appears as if it were a boundless grace to enjoy this preference given by the “inhabitants” of the Beyond. The attentive reader will however easily draw from Maggy Harsch-Fischbach’s letter that the dark sides are heavy. She speaks of downheartedness and exhaustion, of malicious attacks and of physical and psychical problems. I know that the couple Harsch-Fischbach sacrificed their entire free time for the recording and the lots of visitors received in connection with these, and that not a single free weekend was left to them. In addition, it was important to register everything and to file it all in archives, to answer letters and to have telephone conversations. Their hospitality had become a proverb, and it went even so far that they accomodated and boarded their visitors in their home.

In the course of time, their commitment and the overtaxing got out of hand to such degree that physical and psychical disorders actually arose. Further in the cited letter it is said that   

one risks to draw away from men when one tries to obey to spiritual laws.

It became clear to the couple that they had to provide a very great potential of power, that too much was demanded from them. For this reason, the “Techniker” found means and ways to build the bridge between this world and the Beyond without that the experimenters had to expend energy. – The Euro Signal Bridge (ESB) and the Duplex Device GA 1 were superseded by an other contact bridge.

In December, 1987, a voice communication came about via an outdated radio receiver, without any supporting equipment. They were acquainted to the voice that came through: Friedrich Juergenson. After a welcome, he said:

Then, in January 1988, the couple Harsch-Fischbach lived a great surprise. The computer in their apartment had switched on, and texts had been entered which could be typed out. During their absence, nobody had been able to enter the apartment. In addition, before leaving, they had made sure that all the devices had been switched off.

This phenomenon did by no means appear once only, it repeated. It mostly happened when the couple had left the apartment, sometimes also in their presence. Understandably, the experimenters took up a sceptic wait-and-see attitude at the beginning. Before reporting on it, they wanted to be sure on the kind of “inhabitants” of the Beyond they had to do with. They were convinced that this had to be contact trials from an other dimension, but they knew from experience that not only positive, but also negative forces may be active.

Finally it became clear that they had to do with a group which they could also contact via radio and with which they were connected through common guidelines and interests. This group called itself Zeitstrom (Timestream) and its endeavour was to inform the humans through their messages about their whereabouts and their possibilities for contact.  

From that time on, a passed scientist, who indicated her name with Swejen Salter, got regularly in touch with them. She is the human chief of the Timestream (Zeitstrom) group and cooperates with Francis Burton (1821-1880), her companion. With her knowledge she improved the voice communication. Beginning in January 88, many other deceased humans got in touch with them over the Timestream group. From time to time, Konstantin Raudive took over the voice contacts containing philosophic statements, the “Techniker” spoke about spiritual guide lines, and Swejen Salter tried to prepare a new phase of transcommuniction through scientific messages for Prof. Senkowski.

In February, 1988, the contacts were particularly good. These were voice contacts as well as video contacts (pls. see also the chapter on video recordings). Nevertheless, the contact bridge was subject to very frequent changes so that it was impossible for the experimenters to draw circuit diagrams. Prof. Senkowski sometimes said the arrangement of the devices were a “wild combination of appliances”.

In the dialogues with the “Techniker” and Swejen Salter, the couple Harsch-Fischbach asked for technical instructions and requested to take the good will of many researchers into account. The answer was:

Early in September, 1988, the "Technician" got in touch with them and in the course of a dialogue subdivided the contacts with the Beyond into three phases:

To the question with what energy the Timestream group presently works, the reply was the following:

The last pages of this report make clear that Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach, since a certain time, have three different contact bridges available. They receive voice contacts (radio, telephone) as well as video images and messages via computer. (The video contacts are detailedly described in chapter 28, in chapter 25 you can read on the computer contacts.)  

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