Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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25. Computer contacts with Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach 

As already described in the last part of chapter 20, the experimenters in Luxemburg have had regular contacts via computer since January 1988. Always when the couple had left their home, the computer switched on, and they found that texts had been entered which they then could have printed. As time passed, they recognized that it were positive entities who tried to get in touch with them this way and who wanted to ask for their cooperation.  These entities are or belong to the same group they are able to contact via radio. The group’s name is Zeitstrom (time stream), it wants to pass messages to the humans and transmit them advices for better contacting.

Scientist Swejen Salter declared prepared to cooperate with Prof. Dr. Senkowski.  At regular intervals Mrs. Swejen Salter enters texts into the computer which the couple Harsch-Fischbach sends on to Prof. Senkowski. For laymen, these texts are very difficult to understand since Swejen Salter expresses in the language of a scientist in her messages to Prof. Senkowski, and, overmore, disposes of the knowledge of a person having crossed the threshold of eternity. When conversing with the couple Harsch-Fischbach, she uses simpler words. Here is a little excerpt from such a message: 

Swejen Salter: So, some men or animals are, so to say, raised from the dead newly born. This was also the case with X. Others, like those you call M., come to us as old entities and rejuvenate after a regenerating sleep.  We do not know where these differences come from. At the end of the growing process or the rejuvenating process, as it may be, all those having been humans have the age of about twentyfive to thirty years. The animals have the age in which they feel themselves most comfortable, since no ethical factors enter into consideration. Damaged tissue or even bones regenerate; for example, like a wound heals with you, but much more perfectly. Extremeties can grow again, blinds can see again, etc. Size, colour of hair and colour of skin cannot be chosen by the person him-/herself, but are the same as they were during the lifetime on the other side: here in the world of the river arrive entities of all existing worlds…..

Here below the copy of the original text as found in the computer. As already said, it is an excerpt; addressing, welcome and signature are missing.


As another example of a computer message from Swejen Salter now follows a message for Prof. Dr. Senkowski exactly as it was on the hard disk (data carrier) of the couple Harsch-Fischbach’s computer. This message is not easy to understand, but perhaps is just this one an evidence for the fact that the subconsciousness does not participate in the coming off of such a computer message.


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For the reader’s better understanding, Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski, physicist, has transposed the message, passed without any punctuation signs, into grammatically correct German.

(Below you find the translation of Prof. Dr. Senkowski’s transposition.) 

(updated to 1989) 

Century by century, humankind approaches the cognition of the last things/ I had promised you, Dr. Senkowski, to reply to your questions/ The assimilation of the material turns out to be more difficult than I had presumed / The inhabitants of your world do not only have a different physical world-picture, but really different physics/  
For example, Varid, the planet I stem from, about sixhundred A.C. flat/
As flat as today, now I have left it, it is round/Not the planet Varid, but the mind/spirit of its inhabitants has changed. This has lead me to some thoughts which I wish to clarify with you, so that we can build up a real exchange/
The mind/spirit of man, whether he is from Terra or from Varid, changes constantly; but man ascribes that what causes the maturing of his mental powers to a broader application of sciences and more exact methods of research/ Please read the following and give me your comments when the occasion arises/: 

From your side: Chaldaeans and Babylonians (clay-tablets from the library of Asubanipal), Egyptians (Ahmespayrus, approx. 700 before Christ), Chinese (Chou-Kung; manuscript approx. 1100 before Christ), Phoenicians (fragments in Tyros approx. 900 before Christ), Hebrews (unknown Bible historian approx. 850 before Christ) and early Greeks (map of great traveller geographer Hekateus 517 before Christ) regarded the earth as a flat disk, but from the fifth century before Christ onwards, the round shape of the earth is gradually being recognized/ Greeks of the later epoch deduced the round form from the observation that the mast of a ship was seen earlier than the ship itself/ Question: why was the same discovery not made earlier already ?/ 

Secondly: When leaving Plato out of account (he stipulated that the sun were only twice as far from the earth as the moon), then we have the earliest mesurements from the Ptolemaeans (Almagest approx. 14 after Christ). They rated the sun radius at 5,5 times the earth radius (in reality it is 109 times as big) and indicate the distance of the sun with 1210 (in reality 23000)./ Fairly exact measurements were made only in the 17th and 18th century/ One does not quite know why the measurements of the Ptolomaeans are so inaccurate/ Possessed Astrolabium with angle precision down to 10 seconds and improved water clock/ With the same instruments and with the inclusion of the modern pi-value, they calculated the radius of the moon (0,29 of the earth radius against actual size of 0,273) and its distance (59 earth radii against 60,1/3).  So, instruments are relatively precise/ It is noteworthy that Kopernikus confirmed the ptolemaeic sun distance of 1200 earth radii with modern instruments and measuring techniques/ Question: explanation for this striking error ?/ Babylonians used the value 3,00/ Aristoteles came to rather exact physical and theoretical values/ Archimedes was the first to obtain the modern value by employing the limit-value method/ So: Countless generations of correct chaldaean astronomers, who had done so wonderful exact calculations on stars and time, stumble over the pi ?/ 

Thirdly:  Acceleration: Believe that Aristoteles did not discover acceleration/ Galilei used same instruments, same primitive water clock – and found it/  Why ?/ Any known volcano overflows (Vulkanuebergaenge) since 1914, when Einstein explained the eccentricity of the Mercury orbit by the theory of relativity ?/ How could Oliver Lodge discover an ether drift and Michelson not ?/ Why was Lorentz contraction not already physical fact prior to Michelson test ?/ How many chemical elements were predicted before they were discovered ?/ Protons and electrons were discovered only after Rutherford had proven that they must be existent /  And when he additionally ascertained that protons and electrons are not sufficient to explain all atoms of the periodic system, he proclaimed the existence of the neutron, which promptly was discovered in the Wilson cloud chamber/ 

Fourthly:  Electricity: With the Greeks: electrostatic charge/ This state changed only when Galvani introduced theconception/ term of electric current/ Not much known about lightnings prior to Galvani era/ Presumably possessed violent vigor. But this had nothing to do with their closing of an electric circuit/ The Chinese let fly kites during centuries, but it is not known that the lightning was directed to a kite and would have caused an electric shock/  Only when Franklin developped the theory that lightnings were the same as the galvanic electricty and, for evidence, attracted a lightning with the help of a kite, this fact became generally known.  

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Dear Dr. Senkowski: You certainly remember what a stream of protests Mendelejew kindled/  He declared the elements would have to follow certain valency values/  When they did not do it, he insisted on his law being correct and that the atomic weight would have to be changed/  Stas and Berzelius however had calculated these with admirable precision/ A repeated verification of the atomic weights however showed that they fitted into Mendelejew’s system/  Then he discovered lacunae in his table and predicted that there existed still other elements and they would be discovered/  Nilson, Winkler and Deboisbaudran discovered scandium, germanium and gallium/  Explanation: It had to come like this, therefore it came like this ?/
You once had put a question on marble/ The answer did not satisfy you/  I believe having found out why/ your marble is different from that here/  In the seventh century Hookeray and Woodward were occupied with chalk, siliceous carbon and marble/ They did not find the rocks to be contradicting the theory of the deluge/  Now that humankind of terra has come to the conclusion that the earth is older, the rocks, too, seem older/ 

Evolution ?/:  Aristoteles was a conspicuous experimental biologist and he was of the opinion that life were able to produce spontaneously/ Prior to Darwin it was not necessary that the different species developped slowly/  They simply were created out of dead matter/  Still in the eighteenth century Needham held out he had observed in the microscope how spontaneously microlife developped from a barren culture/  These abiogenetecists were, of course, ridiculed and the publication of their works was refused/  but only after it had become known that the - at that time abiogenetic - facts did not suit with the later facts of the theory of evolution/ 

It appears to me that you are able to change your world of being in the light of a theory if you so wish/ The atomic energy has changed your civilisation/  At this moment it would be time to mind what you are going to devise for your future/ 

For today (my) thanks and a greeting to all/  Of course also to the Director of Metascience, Mr. Meek, with whom I talked already several times/ 

Yes, of course there exists a centre here from which the entire transcommunication into the human area is controlled/ It would make no sense if I gave you names/ 

I am said that the project “Kontakter” (“contactor”) will probably not function in that form, because the needed people with scientific formation here are not interested in it/ 

I hope I could give you, Dr. Senkowski, some inducements for reflections/ 

Thanks for the diskette 

Swejen Salter/

The existence of the text in the computer system was transauditively announced with the indication of the code word. The original print is written continuously in small letters, except of two part-line interruptions. The German vowel mutations appear as ae, etc. Insignificant mistakes (additional letters, invertings, omissions) have been corrected. Punctuation signs are like in the original. Total length 104 lines of 65 letters each.

Transcript:  Ernst Senkowski – Mayence 10.02.88 

Further important messages of the „Technician“   via computer in the course of the year 1988:

“Even if you do not like it, it is like I tell you: reincarnation exists. Parallel worlds exist ! Men evolve in the irresistible wheel of life. Some have today arrived at a stage of development not allowing them to understand some things better. Reincarnation means continuing progression in forward direction, not backward. Animals, too, are subject to the cycle of incarnation. Man does not incarnate in an animal’s body. Important earthly personalities are born again as simple men if they had used the preceding life only for exercising power over men. Illnesses and infirmities have their signification in the human development process. Do not judge on the fate of other men. Should it seem important to us to inform you why some men are particularly afflicted, we will inform you. With some men, advice and help are opportune, others do not want to let them help, as you could notice already yourself(ves). These humans have decided, already prior to their incarnation, for a woeful passage through life.”

(“Auch wenn es Ihnen nicht gefaellt, es ist so, wie ich es Ihnen sage: Reinkarnation existiert. Es gibt Parallelwelten ! Die Menschen evolvieren im unaufhaltsamen Rad des Lebens. Manche sind heute im Entwicklungsstadium angekommen, da(s) es ihnen erlaubt, einiges besser zu verstehen. Reinkarnation bedeutet Weiterentwicklung nach vorne, nicht zurueck. Auch Tiere sind dem Inkarnationszyklus unterworfen. Der Mensch reinkarniert nicht einem Tierkoerper. Bedeutende irdische Persoenlichkeiten werden als einfache Menschen wiedergeboren, wenn sie das vorangegangene Leben nur dazu benutzten, um Macht auf Menschen auszuueben. Krankheiten und Gebrechen haben im menschlichen Entwicklungsprozess ihren Sinn. Urteilen Sie nicht über das Schicksal anderer Menschen. Sollte es uns wichtig erscheinen, Sie zu informieren, warum manche Menschen besonders geprueft sind, werden wir es Ihnen mitteilen. Bei manchen Menschen ist Rat und Hilfe angebracht, andere wollen sich nicht helfen lassen, wie Sie bereits selbst bemerken konnten. Diese Menschen haben noch, bevor sie inkarnierten, sich für eine leidvollen Lebensweg entschieden.“)

Same as all the auditive and video messages described in this book, the computer messages represent only a fraction of the contacts with the Beyond actually received by the experimenters. Each individual experimenter could write a book about his contacts with the Beyond. It would however not suit the volume and the intention of this book to give even more detailed descriptions.

Overmore, I would like to point out here that not only the mentioned persons, but many others have a record of achievements via the different contact bridges. I have restricted to the most dominating persons and results respectively, and I hope conveying with the delineated contacts sufficient illustrative material to the reader.

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