Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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16  Investigative minds – on an international level 

In one of my books I wrote: 

What thoughts can effect, shows clearly from the fact that people united in mind are particularly influenced by thoughts without being aware of it. We swim in a sea of thoughts. People of similar structure generate similar “thought-waves” and, via these, are in connexion with each other. Perhaps this can also explain the extraordinary fact that two inventors – or more – who know nothing one from the other, and who may even be separated by continents, make the same, or similar, inventions at almost the same time.

Now, when referring in this section of my book to “the years after”, the years after the publishing of my book “Stimmen aus einer anderen Welt” (Voices from an other World), I intend to observe the chronological sequence of inventions and findings, irrespective of the nationality of the persons who, by these, have made particularly meritorious contributions to the research on transcommunication.

Now, while studying all documents required, such as private letters, press reports, lectures held on meetings/symposia and congresses, and many more documentation, I see me faced with an unexpected difficulty.

Certainly, for each device there exists the exact date of its presentation to the public, but these dates tell nothing about the time the persons concerned have sweat their guts out for their inventions, how many years of devoted work are behind them and when they had actually begun to set out the concrete, practical realization of their plans and ideas. Also when inquiring I got vague replies only, for hardly anyone notes in a diary or in a calendar the date when he bean the design or the construction of a new appliance. Maybe, there had first been a muddling with an old or outdated device, without conscious registration of this having been the beginning of a creation. Perhaps they have passed weeks, or months, or years of fruitless experimenting, and the presentation of the newly developped device took place much later only, after first successes had shown up.

Consequently, though following the chronological sequence, it is difficult to do justice to each experimenter or inventor of a device having achieved a major improvement in the research on transcommunication.

A further difficulty is, that the methods of the past are perhaps already outdated, or have been subject to essential modification.

Leaving aside whether everything that once was considered to be an absolute unheard-of is still valid or not, I wish to describe the results obtained in their times, because they are the steps of the progress made in the research on transcommunication. Additionally, it may also be possible that some people technically interested or versed deduce from the described variants of appliances and recordings something useful for themselves, or even inducements for new developments.

It is sure that the experimenters I am going to deal with in the following chapters have -during years - worked parallely on improving the possibilities of transcommunication. Though having obtained different results, or worked with different methods, they all, whether Americans, Italians or Germans, were inspired with the desire of advancing and extending this research, for disclosing new possibilities of communication. But it is furthermore sure that thousands of others have quietly and silently departed on new ways, either on their own, or in small groups, and have achieved good progress without having become known to the public. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to mention here all those persons having contributed stones to the mosaic and who have thus achieved that today’s transcommunication is no longer in its infancy stages.

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