Theories from


Ehrhardt, Rolf-D.

- The Power of Thoughts 
- A Model for (I)TC
- An Essay on Time
- How ITC works
- Bilocation and Multitasking



Heim, Burkhard

by Olaf Posdzech
(c) Copyright for all Articles
- Introduction
- Biography
- Historic Phases


Katsman, Dr. Alex
- Physical Model of the Parallel Etheral World


Lampis, Rinaldo
- Vitae
The Physics of Mind
  as the Basis of Reality
- The Theory of Reality


 Laszlo, Dr. Dr. Ervin
 - Toward a Scientific Explanation of ITC


Macy, Mark

- Our extraterrestrial heritage
- Our multidimensional body
- Resonance, a key to ITC
- Spirit worlds road map
- Spirit worlds realms  


Pearson, Dr. R. D.
- Afterlife Quantum Physics
- Theoretical Physics Backs Survival
- Individuals need to experience PSI themselves for personal proof



Senkowski, Dr. Ernst

Prof. emer.
(c) Copyright for all Articles
- Vitae
- ITC in short
- ITC review
- ITC analysis  


Tiller, Dr. William A.

Prof. emer.
(c) Copyright for all Articles
- Vitae
- "Conditioning" process
- Subtle energies  


Tomiyama, Siyoh
- Vitae
- Principles of new science


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