Instrumental Transcommunication - A review
by Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski – Mainz – Germany – update Sept. 1998

Translation from the German Journal „TransKommunikation", Vol. 1.I, No. 1, 1990

This review describes initially two simple classifications for different types of communication and trans- communication. Possible sources of transinformation are discussed in short. Historical development is traced from "Voices on Tape" or "Electronic Voice Phenomena" to direct electro-acoustic voices, images on video-tape and TV-screens and messages through computers. Nine particularly impressive cases of transcommunication from Germany, England, Italy, Luxemburg and the USA are reported. Further scientific research of these psycho-physical phenomena is recommended. Current understanding leads to the possible definition of synchronistic events between different informational systems in a framework of harmonic resonance.

Types of Communication

Communication means to share something or to inform someone of something; the prefix "trans" refers to beyond of the material world. Transcommunication (TC) means the one-way reception of information from apparently non-terrestrian sources as well as dialogues with trans-entities, appearing as personal structures. TC can be related to the known types of communication:









technically-supported = instrumental TC

Biological communication is mediated by the sensory-motor organs. It is limited to the near surroundings. In technical
telecommunication electromagnetic information carriers bridge great distances with the speed of light. Suitable transducers, f.i. microphones and loud-speakers for the acoustic range, mediate the transitions between man and device.

Mental-mediumistic contacts happen in the human psyche. They are partially conscious subjective experiences only accessible to the single receiver. Their contents can be mediated to other people either verbally or in writing. Realization of transinformation by automatisms is mostly unconscious f.i. by full-trance mediums. Messages may be spoken by unfamiliar voices or written in unfamiliar writing. Rather rare materializations appear as variable, fleeing, so-called ectoplasmatic structures, which are intersubjectively perceivable and can be documented by photography. They may communicate in human forms. Objective "Direct (or independent) Voices" are of special importance. They are observed near to the medium apparently coming from a "voice box" as sort of artificial larynx in free air which is detectable by infrared methods (see f.i. Leslie Flint in Findlay). Technically-supported instrumental contacts are the latest step in the development of a phenomenon, the challenging reality of which is "swept under the carpet" by many materialistic parapsychologists because it too clearly points to the spiritistic hypothesis.

Instrumental Transcommunication ITC

ITC shows itself in audio-visual forms parallel to the inner voices and visions of psychic mediums.                                                           





I T C 




Nearly all current electronic devices have been used to receive and document voices, texts and images: reel-to-reel tape recorders, cassette-recorders, video-recorders, video-cameras, telephones, answering-machines, broadcast- and radio-receivers, TV-receivers, computers, floppies, monitors and printers. Additional specially developed systems constructed from normal components, as well as acoustical and optical support f.i. infrared and ultraviolet radiation and ultrasonic generators have been applied.

The spontaneity of the ITC-events and their limited reproducibility make their purposeful research difficult. ITC – like other PSI-phenomena – cannot be understood in the generally accepted scientific models. The conditions of their realization are largely unknown. According the knowledge gained until now psychic, bioenergetic and physical fields could be fundamental, their interactions might be described in the frame of generalized field theories. Such theories have been proposed f.i. by Bearden, Dubrov, Heim, Toben. Presuming the existence of trans-entities a special "contact field" may be assumed comprising the involved communicating structures in a holistic manner.

Contact-fields link virtual trans-entities with human persons and an electronic device.

Probably the necessary adaption process of energy-, time- and consciousness structures are hidden behind these connections.

Source of Transinformation

Several groups of trans-entities can be discerned:                          

non-humans unknown spiritual beings

Technically-supported contacts between humans on earth (telepathy by means of audiotapes) is not necessarily part of ITC, but the fundamentals could well be the same.

A reliable definition of the type of existence of trans-entities is not possible. Any classification remains doubtful. Many contents and forms of messages point to autonomous deceased humans who exist independently of us and who can be recognized. This is by far the simplest explanation, in spite of many adverse reactions. Much more difficult is a tentative description of non-human trans-partners. It seems that they possess sort of live on their own. They could be partial projections that try to adapt themselves to our understanding. They could even be provocated or produced by our attempts. Nevertheless all of them have effects and seen in this way they are effective or "real".

The most generalised description uses the nation of more or less complex dynamic structures of an all comprising holistic information-space.

Historical Development and Present Status of ITC

The historical development of ITC has been treated extensively in the literature. Beginning with the 20ies in our century several mediums predicted technical contacts explaining that entities in the beyond were working for it. Early experiments – partially successful – remained unnoticed (see f.i. Weinberger). The first to go public were the pioneers Juergenson, Raudive and others since about 1960 presenting apparently paranormal voices on magnetic tapes. Around the 80ies several experimenters observed stronger effects: the already mentioned direct electroacoustic voices with high volume and good understandability, single images on video-tapes, short sequences of images on TV-screens, and finally page-long texts in computers.

Compared with the many thousand people trying to find voices on their tapes, the number of "higher developed" experimenters/operators – known to the author – remained rather small so that an overview is possible. Most of the phenomena treated in the following paragraphs developed through many months of extensive patient experimentation. The involvement of personal psychic components or faculties is clearly to be recognized.

Marcello Bacci in Grosseto, Italy, held "psychophonic sessions" once a week through about 20 years with a limited group of co-workers. Characteristic recurring voices have been observed and documented as well as trans-music and extraordinary signals in Morse code. Development and results are reported in detail in a book which appeared in 1985. Two books followed.

William O’Neil, member of the former Metascience Foundation, Inc. (Franklin, N.C. USA) around developed a complex system based on mixed electromagnetic oscillations in close contact with the late Dr. George J. Mueller, NASA expert, who died in 1964. The system "Spiricom Mark IV" allowed for about 20 hours two-way communication distributed over several months. Contacts broke down end of 1981 and could not be resumed in spite of the publication of the details of the system, the function of which clearly depended upon O’Neil’s psychic faculties.

Hans-Otto Koenig in Moenchenglachbach, Germany, started to tape voices in 1974. During the following years he constructed different complex electronic systems on the basis of mixed electromagnetic oscillations trying to improve the quantity and quality of the voices. His transpartners seem to be a group of deceased persons answering questions and giving advice. During the last years Koenig succeeded to realise trans-images, including such in movement accompanied with partially synchronised voices.

Manfred Boden, Buehl, Germany, died in 1990. He was – as far as known to the author – the first to observe meaningful behaviour of a computer (Commodore C 64). Variations and additional signals seemed to be connected with a dead friend. Dialogues via telephone were realized with apparent "energy-beings existing in the 7th dimension". Similar messages have been observed later on in other places by other experimenters. The "dead" Manfred Boden sent several messages through computer and radio at the experimenter Adolf Homes (see further down).

Ken Webster, England, experienced a series of more than 250 computer two-way contacts with two groups of trans-partners. The contacts seemed to be manipulated by a group of nameless "energy-beings" in a "tachyonic universe" who succeeded in synchronizing the time of the experimenter 1984 with the time of a person living in 1546 in the same place. The main communicator from that time, a priest Thomas Harden, could be confirmed in the files of the Oxford University. He envisioned Ken Webster and his girl-friend as "spooks" and was conscious of the fact that they lived in his future. The messages of the tachyonic group contained remarks concerning UFOs. Webster reported his experiences in "The Vertical Plane".

Klaus Schreiber, Aachen, Germany, died 1988. He was the first to use an electronic-optical feedback-system (video-camera pointed onto the TV-screen) connected to a video-recorder. He found single-framed images of his decease relations as well as of prominent people and unknowns. The well known German TV-moderator Rainer Holbe wrote a book about these experiences. The feedback method is now applied successfully in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.

The couple Harsch-Fischbach, Luxemburg, started 1986 with short voices mostly difficult to interpret. During many months several distinct recurrent electro-acoustical voices gave messages of several minutes duration. Later fluent dialogues became possible in which the Harsch received advice to improve their system composed from different radio and TV-receivers in an completely ununderstandable composition. Then their first images appeared on the TV-screen (TV tuned to ree channel) and could be video-taped. The deceased pioneer of voices on tapes, "Konstantin Raudive", seemed to be the most prominent communicator, moreover a "higher being Technician" and a "female scientist from a parallel world" and others manifested. The trans-station calls herself "Time-Stream" with a subgroup "Co-Time". Computer-contacts started spontaneously, allowing written dialogues. Lastly digitalized images appeared.

Peter Haerting, Darmstadt, Germany, died 1988. He received a long series of Direct-Voice contacts through a complex system of different radio-and TV-receivers during 1987. The communicator named himself as "ABX" – in the sense of "an experiment from outside penetrating into our biosphere".

The latest ITC-station developed several years ago in Rivenich, Germany, at Adolf Homes and his former co-worker Friedrich Malkhoff. As in other cases they started to tape voices and by time most of the ITC-forms were realized similar to the Luxemburg case. Partially recurrent communicators mostly include deceased humans and other beings. Contacts via the different devices are interlinked and sometimes referred to contacts received in Luxemburg and other places including the USA. Mr. Homes died Oct. 1997 after more than 300 high quality computer messages by means of a Commodore C 64.

Three final remarks

1. The "official" verification of ITC in laboratories has not yet been realized. The experiences gained so far by private persons justify scientific research.

2. In the cases observed the technique is clearly secondary as compared with the psychic conditions. These are not events which can be compared with terrestrian telecommunication in which the function of any device is independent upon the special user. The purely technical TC-systems are yet to be developed.

3. It remains questionable whether the current communication-model "sender transmits information to receiver via a channel" can be applied in ITC. For deeper understanding more generalized conceptions are probably necessary in the sense of synchronistic harmonic (hyper-) resonance of complex informational structures in information-space (or: hypernet) not subject to the time-depending cause-effect principle or causality.

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