The Power of
by Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt
(Translated by George Wynne, USA in Jan 2006)

Every reader is likely to have had the experience that his/her thoughts influence their feelings of wellbeing. Sadness and cheerfulness reflect feelings and attitudes and in this way they have a major impact on an individual’s mental attitude. But it not only subjective feelings that are affected, physiological processes themselves undergo changes if certain thought processes are maintained over a long period.

A physician can objectively determine these physiological changes. This represents the simplest case of a person finding out for himself: Yes my thoughts can have an effect and I recognize that I like them or not. A subcategory of medicine known as psycho-neuro immunology (PNI) has now determined ‘scientifically’ what has been known for a long time – the human psyche, our thought processes influence our immune system.  More information on this complex subject can be found by clicking on Illness as the Path (to recognition) ?!!! (Only in German yet)

One might ask whether research already exists that has taken a look at the question whether thoughts can be ‘seen’. Clairvoyant individuals can see the human aura and state that they are able to see changes in the aura triggered by changing thoughts. But can this be actually demonstrated?

Please come along with me on a path that may also claim your interest and that will lead us to:

This not the place to discuss the numerous experiments in psychokinesis such as the bending of spoons and metal objects and the moving of compass needles, match boxes and  book pages by mental effort because these have been documented extensively by word and picture. These experiments to show how thoughts can influence material objects directly.

I want start with quotations from a very perceptive book by Charles W. Leadbeater (1847 – 1934) and Annie Besant (1847 – 1933) titled Thought Forms that appeared as early as 1901 which will demonstrate that this knowledge has been around for a long time already. (Online version on )

The authors write that while thoughts themselves are invisible each definite thought produces a double effect--a radiating vibration and a floating form. The pictures shown below drawing and painting of the Thought-Forms observed separately or together by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater were rendered by three talented friends of the authors Mr. Varley, Mr Prince, and Miss Macfarlane.



The authors note that on the occasion of a funeral two thought-forms utterly different in every respect of colour and form and meaning, were seen, simultaneously coming from separate mourners. They represented two very distinct points of view with regard to the same occurrence and observed during the funeral by the clairvoyant authors. “They exhibit the feelings evoked in the minds of two of the "mourners" by the contemplation of death. The thinkers stood in the same relation to the dead man, but while one of them was still steeped in the dense ignorance with regard to super-physical life which is so painfully common in the present day, the other had the inestimable advantage of the light of Theosophy”.

“In the thought of the former we see expressed nothing but profound depression, fear and selfishness. The fact that death has approached so near has evidently evoked in the mind of the mourner the thought that it may one day come to him also, and the anticipation of this is very terrible to him; but since he does not know what it is that he fears, the clouds in which his feeling is manifested are appropriately vague. His only definite sensations are despair and the sense of his personal loss, and these declare themselves in regular bands of brown-grey and leaden grey, while the very curious downward protrusion, which actually descends into the grave and enfolds the coffin, is an expression of strong selfish desire to draw the dead man back into physical life.

“It is refreshing to turn from this gloomy picture to the wonderfully different effect produced by the very same circumstances upon the mind of the man who comprehends the facts of the case. It will be observed that the two have no single emotion in common; in the former case all was despondency and horror, while in this case we find none but the highest and most beautiful sentiments. At the base of the thought-form we find a full expression of deep sympathy, the lighter green indicating appreciation of the suffering of the mourners and condolence with them, while the band of deeper green shows the attitude of the thinker towards the dead man himself. The deep rose-colour exhibits affection towards both the dead and the living, while the upper part of the cone and the stars which rise from it testify to the feeling aroused within the thinker by the consideration of the subject of death, the blue expressing its devotional aspect, while the violet shows the thought of and the power to respond to, a noble ideal, and the golden stars denote the spiritual aspirations which its contemplation calls forth. The band of clear yellow which is seen in the centre of this thought-form is very significant, as indicating that the man's whole attitude is based upon and prompted by his intellectual comprehension of the situation, this is also shown by the regularity of the arrangement of the colours and the definiteness of the lines of demarcation between them.

It is the thought, the attitudes of people that are responsible for the way they talk and act. But can "thoughts' be rendered visible or is it possible  that they might be perceived in a different sort of way?  And in reference to spirit beings on the other side of the great divide, one might ask: "Can these spirit entities with whom we communicate, discern our own spiritual makeup, to wit: do they know what are thinking and how we are motivated?" Every reader will ask, as I did: "How were these pictures created, and are the pictures and shapes the same or similar among different people thinking the same thoughts, etc?"

Let us give the word to the authors of the book mentioned above:

Another example that demonstrates the way those pictures come into being.

Radiating Affection.

FIG. 11. Radiating Affection

Fig. 11 gives us our first example of a thought-form intentionally generated, since its author is making the effort to pour himself forth in love to all beings. It must be remembered that all these forms are in constant motion. This one, for
example, is steadily widening out, though there seems to be an exhaustless fountain welling up through the centre from a dimension which we cannot represent. A sentiment such as this is so wide in its application, that it is very difficult for any one not thoroughly trained to keep it clear and precise. The thought-form here shown is, therefore, a very creditable one, for it will be noted that all the numerous rays of the star are commendably free from vagueness.

From my perspective I can only attempt to provide you with a fleeting impression of a very complex subject. I hope that the excerpts from this book will stimulate your interest to delve deeper into the subject matter. You can download the profusely illustrated Leadbetter/Besant volume without charge from the Internet at

Every person is endowed with their own individual thought patterns and forms, it is highly unlikely that there are identical personalities. A high degree of similarity of thought forms among certain individuals will result in mutual understanding and resonance. Perhaps we can add to this their contact partners on the other side. Could they not recognize affinities through a resonating energy field and make use of telepathic means of communication?

Three more illustrations from the book cited above will give you an impression of the multiplicity of thought forms:

FIG. 36. 
Favorable reaction to a painting

FIG. 39.
The six directions of thought – a rendering of an image created and recorded during meditation by the meditator

FIG. 23.
Image of mortal anger

If you would like to see additional images from this book, click on: and if you would like to pursue the theosophical concepts mentioned by Leadbeater and Besant check out this Internet home page:

The Human Aura in Motion

This would really be something important I thought when I saw stands with ‘aura photographers’ at some of numerous exhibits and fairs that I attended. I realized relatively quickly that the aura is not static but is constantly in a state of flux. While its basic structure may remain the same, but changes in mood bring about powerful changes in its composition. 

And so I went from stand to stand with the idea of first getting a photo of my aura, then to the Orgon radiator to ‘tank’ more energy and then back to the photographer to check out whether my aura had changed. When I mentioned this idea to the aura photographers they told me immediately that the aura is far from static and that every photo would only show what it looked like at that very moment. This saved me the expense of the photos, their interpretation along with those of the orgon ray treatment. Because if there were a change I still wouldn’t  know whether it was due to the orgon treatment or some other cause.

And then one day it happened. A device appeared at the fairs that allowed one to see ‘the aura in motion’. The question that came up immediately of course was ‘how does this gadget work?’ Is the aura really being measured or is just a simulation? Because if the aura could be rendered visible by means of a physical/technical device the long standing debate as to the existence of the aura would be settled once and for all.  

The new system (shown below) works as follows: The required physiological parameters are obtained from the subject by means of electrodes and input into a PC equipped with a special software program. This software simulates the human aura as it would ‘normally’ be seen by a clairvoyant as confirmed, one is told, in numerous test series.

Appropriately calibrated for the specific individual the software allows the technician who has mastered the system to make precise interpretations pertaining to the individual subjects, such as green means this, read means that, etc. The instructions are very comprehensive and the software is also  capable of representing and interpreting the chakras. 

Knowing that paper is patient, I exercised appropriate caution in confronting this hard/software combination. However, I had the opportunity to look at the system later in actual use in the offices of a practitioner with whom I am acquainted  and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the effective way in which it is working.

These photos were copied from the web site where detailed information concerning the device, software and the procedure may be obtained. The same site also includes a brief ‘aura in motion’ video. 

What was decisive for me is the following: 

Thoughts Manifest Themselves in Water

It is to be expected that water, too, can be influenced by thoughts. Since we consist about 70% of water, the reader might consider  possible consequences. I recently saw news reports to the effect that there is now a researcher in Japan who has examined this topic exhaustively. 

Dr. Masaru  Emoto has demonstrated with his microscopes placed in a refrigerated chamber at minus 5 degrees Celsius that thoughts and information influence the formation of ice crystals in water. His experiments started in 1994 and his procedures are discussed comprehensively in his book and the articles cited that is why I will just show some of his results in a few photos and discuss possible future impacts on the field of our  ITC.

As to his procedure as described in Emoto’s book The True Power of Water: The water samples to be treated are:

500 people at a remote location
concentrated on a water sample
in a Petri dish. They were to reflect
on Chi (vital energy), soul and
soirit. Water crystals assumed
the above shape

The water of Lourdes

This is what a water crystal exposed over night
to the name “Adolf Hitler” looked like

The results of the continuing experiments is that thoughts and the information they contain have a strong influence on water and as one might deduce on our life as a whole as we are made up at least 70% of water. Destructive words and expressions such as I am going to kill you, Heavy Metal Music, Adolf Hitler, stupid, etc., result in different crystal structures than positive words such as Thank You,   Mother Theresa, etc. It seems that thoughts and concepts as well are also stored in water.

We should be aware of our responsibility for our thoughts, and we should also consider that it is our thoughts that will determine whether and with whom we initiate contact on other levels of consciousness (see: "A model for TransCommunication (TC)" by Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt).

You will find additional information on Dr. Emoto’s experiments at:

The sense and purpose of this contribution is to make us realize that thoughts (and emotions?) play a bigger role in in our daily lives than most people are willing to concede. I also want to suggest that readers pursue this fascinating material a bit further on their own.

Thoughts also have great significance for ITC. There are surely no exceptions to this. Thought is Energy! In our own interest, let us manage this energy prudently!

rodiehr Jan 10, 2002

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