Instrumental Transcommunication ITC - IN SHORT

by Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski Mainz Germany September 1998

Technically supported contacts with "beings, entities, Informational Structures" which are normally not accessible.

Telecommunication devices (audiorecorders, radioreceivers, telephones, videorecorders, TV-receivers, computers) behave irregular delivering voices, images and texts of different, sometimes excellent quality coming from nowhere.

Tesla, Marconi, Edison suspected possibilities to contact other worlds by electromagnetic means. Psychic mediums predicted the future development of suitable apparatus. Unexplained signals have been observed since WW I. Partially successful tests were realized in the 20, 30, 40ies. First voices on tapes were documented independently during the 50ies in Italy, USA, Sweden. TV-Video-images and computer-texts appeared later.

Official research is not known. Attempts to realize voices on tapes are carried out in at least 12 countries by single operators, small groups and some bigger associations. Around 60 monographs have been published in 7 languages. Only very few operators are scientifically interested. Excellent results have so far been realized by about 10 people.

Three open questions:

1. How are ITC events realized?

Excellent results of these extraordinary psycho-physical, mind-matter, man-machine or consciousness-reality interactions apparently depend upon psychic faculties of the operators.

A simple model using the parapsychological terms ESP and PK describes ITC as a largely unconscious two-step process: a trans-entity from beyond our spacetime system establishes a telepathic contact with a terrestrian operator who psychokinetically injects the trans-information into the electronic device. It cannot basically be excluded that our technical systems are directly manipulated from the "other side" using unknown to us techniques.

"Understanding" might result from:

Consciousness research, neurosciences, psychophysical theories, quantum theoretical models (Bohm, Jahn/Dunne-Pear/Princeton University); subquantum- or vacuum-physics; 12-dimenstional field theory (Burkhard Heim); theory of morphic fields (Sheldrake); systemtheories; OBE and NDE; thanatology; "far out" speculations: scalar fields and tachyons.

2. What are the contents of ITC?

It seems that some "NO-BODY" wants to convince humanity about Live after Death in other states of consciousness and of the existence of non-human beings who could be involved to an uncontrollable extent. Generally spoken the contents confirm the fundamentals of mediumistic channeling in technical forms.

3. Who generates ITC?

It seems unjustified to "explain" ITC-phenomena as a mere result of the hypothetical "unconscious" of the operator or by supertelepathy. Trans-entities appear autonomous and render the impression to be consciously alive. The selectivity of trans-information in cases of drop-in-communicators cannot be explained and points into that direction.

It is probable that the operator as an active transducer unconsciously adds a certain amount of his own associations to the primary message.

Important Issues:

Demonstration of yet undeveloped faculties of the human mind.

Multidimensionality of Humans.

Holistic interconnectedness and non-separability of AAL-THAT-IS.

Mental awakening: opening windows to hitherto unknown realities or "parallel-worlds" including "past" existences.

Ongoing and future metamorphosis or transformation of humanity.

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