Examples and Illustrations

historic phases of the Heim theory

by von Ludwiger, Posdzech

since 1949

m = m(r) 

Extension of the Newton's gravitation law 

Consideration of field mass of a gravitational field


non hermitian uniform field theory in R

4-dimensional metric eigenvalue equations 


hermitian uniform field theory in R

6-dimensional metric eigenvalue equations


Theory of metron-geometry in R6

6-dimensional selector eigenvalue equations 


hermeneutic theory of possible structure condensations in space (Hermetrie)

World selector equation (world formula) - it examines whether a theroretical structure may be item of physical world or not 

Vol 1  "elementary structures of matter" 


beginning of the world, Trinity of Spheres, 
nine interacting geometries 

polymetric 6-dimensional selector eigenvalue equations 


algebra of metric exchange processes in space

Which interior dynamics can space possess? 


fundamental symmetries (baryon number, isospin) and 4 symmetries of higher order 


mass formula of elementary particles

derived from internal geometrical characteristics of  space itself 

Vol 2  "elementary structures of matter"  (1984)


effect of absolute Cartesian coordinates x5 and x6
Syntrometric method of a formal multi valued logic 

quantitative term structures describe processes in x5 and x


transition from geometry of metrons into a geometry of Syntrixes up to a totality of metroplexes (6) 

internal regularities of complex structures 


indirect conclusion about dynamics in added totalities of Metroplexes T(n): 

  • Physis n = 3... 7 

  • Bios n = 7 ... 16 

  • Psyche n = 15 ... 24 

  • Pneuma n = 25 ... 

How can these regularities look like? 

How do they work within the area of the bodies?
Which laws work in organisms? 
Which laws work in psyche? 
Which laws work in spirit? 

Band 3 "structures of physical world and its not-material background" (1997) 

Construction of a hyperspace R12 with not-material coordinates x7 ... x12

first approximation to structures of the not-material world


controlling of the material world from not-material world by projection chains from G4 into the microbe realm of R6

Derivation of quantum mechanic laws (eigenvalue equations) as result of this controlling process

investigation of the cosmological equation: effects of original natural set of numbers 

Derivation of todays physical coupling constants from the origin of the world

cosmogony (development of the universe)

age, distribution and movement of matter

since 1997


investigations about the temporal duration of existence of elementary structures 

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Olaf Posdzech, 1998

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