Our Multidimensional Body
by Mark Macy

According to the spirit-world model of ITC pioneer George W. Meek, if the nucleus of each atom in our body were enlarged to the size of a baseball, all the atoms would be about 2,000 miles apart from each other. If you extended a solid steel rod from San Francisco to New York and removed all the space between its atoms, the rod would now be about an eighth of an inch long. Matter as we know it is 99.99999 percent empty space. It seems solid because the vibrations of the atoms fill in the spaces, but really there is ample room inside us for several additional bodies.

And, according to modern researchers (as well as to ancient mystics), such is the case: We contain several spiritual bodies within our physical body, each vibrating at a different rate, in a similar way that information of different frequencies can exist as radio waves jumbled together yet still distinct in the same room, or as telephone messages streaming together along a single optical fiber. As long as they keep their separate frequencies they can coexist as unique entities in the same space. 

As depicted in the illustration, the physical body contains a quantum body, or what Russian researchers call a bioplasmic body. This quantum body contains our astral body, which houses several subtler mental bodies. The formless beings in these mental bodies are often called Beings of Light. Inside all these bodies is our soul. The soul is said to be our real, eternal self--a small ray of pure, undying love and cosmic Light located in the area of the heart but existing in a subtler dimension or plane of reality and, as such, it remains invisible to us.

Death. When we die, we shed the physical body, and usually our quantum body becomes our new outer shell for awhile. The quantum body is like a template or exact copy of the physical body in its present state. Just as a radio broadcast is "inaudible" to a radio that is not tuned to that station, after we die we consist of matter that is so subtle and vibrates at such a fast rate that our new body is invisible to most non-clairvoyant people. It is the quantum body that people often equate with ghosts and apparitions.

We might spend a few days visiting acquaintances and loved ones in their dreams, saying quiet farewells. Then it's time to move on. Assuming we've lived a positive life and have died a natural death, we'll probably be escorted by previously departed loved ones to a comfortable place where we can enter a deep, regenerating sleep that will last about six weeks of earth time.

Eventually we will awaken in a young and healthy astral body, which we will inhabit for an uncertain period of time (from a few weeks to a few centuries, depending on a variety of factors -- whether we reincarnate, how spiritually elevated we are, whether we choose to work with a higher being to learn how to raise our vibration and ascend to ethereal realms, etc.) The astral body is said to have the same basic shape that our physical body had in the prime of life, and it is subtler still than the quantum body.

Eventually, after many lives in many worlds in the physical and astral dimensions, we will shed our bodies with the familiar human form, to become a being of Light. Then we will be residing in a formless mental body, or mental sheath, with an appearance of a living flame, or a ball of living Light.

Ultimately we will shed the mental sheaths and, as a soul--a pure ray of undying, non-vibrating Light--merge with the Source. At that point we still retain our uniqueness while becoming one with All.

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