Bi-Location and Multitasking
by Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt 

Are beings from beyond in the position to communicate on earth at two or even more locations at the same time?

Judging from experiences of ITC researchers, I am sure that they can.

Let me explain how that can happen and what kind of consequences result.

So-called cross-correspondences have taken place in which a being from beyond announced via telephone at one station that it has just left a certain message on a tape or on a computer at another station, and then the entity gave the message. So you have the message at two places at the same time. Studying the situation, one can argue: "That hasnít happen at the same time, because first the entity left the message on tape or on a computer, and then it announced it elsewhere and gave it again!" Perhaps so!

But there are other reports from experimenters in which the same message came through different experimenter at exactly (or almost exactly) the same time. We might be talking about a time difference of one minute or less.

How can that happen?
Let us assume that the paranormal force or energy applied by the entities has to extend from somewhere (not necessarily a location in our three dimensional terms) to a person and/or place on earth. The entity has to make the decision to get in contact with one or more persons on earth. And then it has to apply the energy needed to act in the larger 4-dimensional world, because time adjustment plays a big role. That demands skill from the entity in beyond and therefore the entity has to learn how to do it. It depends on us -- on "our equipment and ourselves" -- whether we can receive or even recognize that sent energy. Often we get unclear pictures, unclear and short voices which indicate that we have received something but could not recognize it. Let us assume further that the expansion of that energy should take place with speed of light. Through experiments in a Faraday cage it has been shown that this type of energy is not electromagnetic in nature. But let us still assume that the speed of expansion of that paranormal energy is only the speed of light (300,000 km/s).

An example should make some things clearer now:

A radio or TV transmitter broadcasts its program. The message sent runs in less than one second seven times around our earth. The result is: one transmitted message can be received at the same time at many places on earth (presuming the right wavelength is used: SW, LW, FM). To receive the same message you must have tuned your television or radio receiver to the right station. That is a precondition of contact.

Apply this example now to ITC. As far as ITC is concerned we can say: it is the same time when the same message was received by different people. The difference in milliseconds is meaningless in that regard. There is no reason to assume that the entities are not in the position to use at least an energy that expands with the speed of light. The message sent by the entity could be received by several people on earth at the same time. There is a precondition of contact: All the recipients should be almost equal in their energetic structure. What does that mean? In most cases those people know each other (though they might not live near each other), they have similar intentions, and they have some degree of relationship to the entity that transmits. We have had that situation with Konstantin Raudive as a transmitting entity from beyond.

It should be no big problem to understand that type of communication. Nobody would be surprised to see that electromagnetic waves sent by radio stations could be received by different people at different locations at the same time. Imagine what would be possible if paranormal energy expands with even a higher speed than the speed of light? Doesnít thinking occur faster than the speed of light? 

Are the beings also in the position to act at different locations in a different way at the same time?

Why not??

Can they speak to someone at place A and give a picture in the same moment at place B? Practical experience with computer multi-tasking suggests that is possible.

When a computer has several users, each has the feeling as if the computer is working only for him, although they all know and see that other tasks for other people are done obviously at the same time (concurrent). It is the computer's speed and memory size, and the size and number of single tasks that have to be done, which determine how long that feeling lasts. Increase the number of tasks and their size and slow down the speed of the computer and you can see from Monitor to Monitor that parts of the tasks are worked off sequentially and not concurrent. We can conclude: if the processor is fast enough, the RAM large enough, the number of tasks little and the size of the tasks not too big Ė then we have the feeling that a computer handles tasks concurrently.

Consider another example where a top chess player can play against 20 other players at the same time (seen from their point of view).

Presuming again that the beings in beyond are in the position to have at least the capabilities we have, how could there be a problem with the idea of "multi-tasking" coming from the other side of consciousness?? We have heard that they use in beyond also technical devices besides all the other possibilities they have. Canít it be that the entities are much faster in transmitting messages than we are capable in recognizing them? Could it be that the entities can transmit so fast that they can serve several recipients at a time, seen from our point of view? I would see no problem with that.


If we open our mind to those possibilities which are understood on earth and apply them to beyond, then we can understand and accept much more that takes place in ITC. Why should we assume that the entities in beyond are less capable than we are??

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