Siyoh Tomiyama, Japan

Personal background. Born in 1961, I recall today a very strange incident from the first part of my life. I guess I was three years old when my consciousness suddenly started. I saw my body chasing a girl from some point in the air. I had not had any memory before then, but somehow I noticed the girl was my elder daughter, and a woman beside us was my mother. This kind of strange feeling was repeated several times, and soon my consciousness came into my body, fitting more securely. Maybe this strange experience is the reason why I've always wanted to know, from very young age, why we live. What is the purpose of our lives?

Of course, I was also interested in the afterlife. I was 12 years old when I cried with grief, worrying about what would wait for us humans after we die. The general idea about the afterlife, which I was taught at that time, was that there would be nothing. I wondered what the word "nothing" means. Is it the same as sleeping forever? Nothing, Forever. It was really a terrible idea for me.

Since then, I have eagerly read as many books about paranormal phenomena as possible. Around age 20 I became convinced of an afterlife while reading books by Swedenborg, Monroe and other respectable researchers. So, the next question was how the afterlife is. I vaguely grasped the world of the afterlife through another 10 years research. Then, ITC information almost knocked me out in 1997. I translated the book "Conversations Beyond the Light" by Dr. Pat Kubis and Mark Macy, and introduced it to the Japanese people. I have been also introducing other research results, for example, of the Scole Group in England, of Victor Zammit in Australia, and of others through the media (the Internet and magazines). ITC and other information allowed me to see the afterlife much more clearly.

Samples of my work.

I have experimented once a month with the members of ITC Japan, a small (only six people), dedicated organization. After a deep breathing exercise, we do some kind of invocation, and start the filming for three minutes. We use a common loop method with two lights. A video camera is mounted in front of the TV monitor. The output line from the video camera is attached to TV monitor so that the picture taken by the camera can directly be taken by the same camera again. Additionally, we put an ultraviolet light and an infrared light between the camera and the monitor.

The left image is a combination of the original color and a monochrome feature-enhanced image.

Let me show you a few more images. I see a man's face with smile in the following image.

The following two images show a typical feature of our results: We usually get the same object two or three times in a series of frames. The same object of one frame appears enlarged three frames later. (The second image appeared three frames later than the first one.) I believe you can see the same face in these two images.


We have conducted experiments for the last three years, so we are collecting more and more images. We haven't had time to catalog and edit the images. We recently started to put them in order as a digital archive, but it will be a long process.

Future plans.
I've been doing ITC TV experiment with fellows to get a hard proof for five years. I can proudly say above paranormal images were taken without any fake, and this fact is enough for me. So, I don't want to continue this experiment anymore while other ITC Japan members continue it. Rather I will continue to research the right knowledge about our world using other method.

I'm a composer and a guitar player. About 15 years ago I had to quit playing the guitar because of a problem with a tendon, but I was able to fix the problem three years ago, and I almost become a professional guitarist now. It's a long story, but to make it short I can say that research of the afterlife and this life healed my fingers. The spoon bending by myself gave me the belief that I can play the guitar better than ever. It's really amazing that I can play some technically difficult piece now which I had never played well when I was young.

Recently I have some combined events—music and the secret of life. The keyword is "Everything starts from mind!" I want to spread the right knowledge about mind—the possibilities of the mind, and the flexibility of our world.

March 13, 2005

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