Dr. Ernst Senkowski, Professor ret., Physicist

Curriculum Vitae


Born 1922 in Hamburg, Germany.

1936: Ham Radio Operator since then.
1941: Soldier in WW II in telecommunications.
1946: Studying experimental physics at University Hamburg.
1958: Dr.'s degree at University Mainz.
1958/59: 15 months UNESCO-Expert Physics in the National Research Center, Cairo/Egypt.
1961: Lecturer and professor at the Technical University (Fachhochschule) Bingen training engineering students   in physics and electrotechniques.

Married, 5 children. Retired since 1988.

1976: triggered by a TV-discussion about voices-on-tapes starting experimentation. The results gained during a few months showed the reality of audible contacts with apparently so-called death. Later it was found that this independent research confirmed the already published detailed observations of the pioneers Juergenson, Raudive and others unknown to me at that time.

Publication of the results in "Zeitschrift fuer Parapsychologie und Grenzgebiete der Psychologie 29, 3/4 (1979) p. 201-208, under the title "Tonbandsprachaufnahmen (Voice-records on tape)".

Since 1981 co-working with most of the eminent European and American researchers in the field.
Author of the scientifically based monograph: "Instrumentelle TransKommunikation - Dialogue with the Unknown - Voices, Images and Texts - Results and problems of the psychic-technical realisation of audio-visual contacts with autonomously appearing intelligent structures from unknown realms of consciousness" (in German, Fourth Edition 2000, Frankfurt, R.G. Fischer Verlag).

Presentations in Radio, TV and press, speaker and moderator at international meetings and conferences on border-sciences in Austria, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and USA.

President of the "Gesellschaft fuer Psychobiophysik e.V." (Association for Psychobiophysics, Inc). Co-editor and publisher of the journal "TransKommunikation" since 1990.

Senkowski 09-03-2001

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