Resonance—a key to ITC contacts
© 2001 by Mark Macy

A hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla worked with oscillators—small devices that create vibrations of regular rhythms. In his lab in New York he would adjust the pitch of oscillators and watch with interest as they reached resonance with different items around the room, which would start to shake—first maybe a chair, then a desk, then a lamp. One night he strapped an oscillator onto the thick steel pillar that ran up through his ceiling and down through the floor. As he adjusted the vibrations, the pillar started to shake. Then, the entire building began to tremble. Soon, the vibrations ran down through the pillar into the bedrock below Manhattan to set off an earthquake.

Nikola Tesla knew that vibrations were the stuff of life, and that bringing vibrations into resonance can produce forces that profoundly affect our physical world, for better or worse. He claimed that if he could match the Earth’s resonant frequency with the right equipment, he could send information to any location in the world very easily and inexpensively, using the planet itself as the carrier. If the wrong equipment were used, he warned, he could split the planet apart like an apple.

Electromagnetic waves and material objects are not the only things which can achieve resonance. When two or more people resonate with one another in their feelings, thoughts, and attitudes, powerful forces are generated which open the way to smooth interaction and communication at the subconscious or spiritual level. There is a chemistry and compatibility among them which is not present in most relationships. Wonderful things can unfold when such resonance occurs among human beings.

With the right attitude and a "good heart," I believe we can achieve resonance not only with other people, but also with other life forms on this planet. And not only with life on this planet, but also with positive, vibrant beings who reside in more finely spun realms of existence which are right here, all around us, beyond the perception of our physical senses. Resonance between a group of humans and a team of elevated spirit friends, I believe, is the principle behind ITC contacts received by researchers in various countries in recent years, such as the following:

Adolf Homes reconnects with his long lost mother

Adolf Homes of Rivenich, Germany was just an infant when his mother, Elise Caroline Homes, died. Apparently the loss left a hole in his life which would remain until his later years. When he became interested in technical spirit communication in 1987, he quickly began to get tiny spirit voices on tape during his daily experiments with a radio and tape recorder.

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Adolf Homes and his wife Rosi

That year he struck up a friendship with another German man, Friedrich Malkhoff, from nearby Schweich, who also had become fascinated with technical spirit communication. 

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Fritz Malkhoff (yellow shirt) with colleague Hans Heckmann,
analyzing spirit image of "Doc Mueller" on television

Before long, the two men were receiving phone calls and computer contacts from the Centrale spirit group. On one occasion, Adolf turned on his computer and found an image of his mother in spirit. The rapid ITC progress of Malkhoff and Homes, I believe, was made possible by resonance between the two men and, more importantly, between Adolf Homes and his departed mother.

The love story of George and Jeannette Meek

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, George and Jeannette Meek were enjoying their golden years. Since George’s retirement from a career as an industrialist, he had immersed himself in the pursuit of understanding man’s basic nature. The Meeks founded the Metascience Foundation and sponsored research trips around the world with teams of scientists, researchers and doctors to explore such phenomena as energy healing in the Philippines and acupuncture anesthesia during major surgery in China.

In 1980, George was working with a gifted psychic named Bill O’Neil to develop the Spiricom device, a set of 13 tone generators that allowed dialog between Heaven and Earth  through electronic equipment for the first time ever. 

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Bill O'Neil and the Spiricom device

It was an historic occasion. Here is an excerpt from the 20 hours of dialog between Bill O’Neil on Earth and George Jeffries ("Doc") Mueller in spirit which came through the Spiricom device from 1979 to 1982:

Doc Mueller: I think the problem is an impedance mismatch into that third transistor.

B O’Neil: Third transistor…

Doc Mueller: Yes, the transistor that follows the, uh, the input.

B O’Neil: I don’t understand.

Doc Mueller: The pre-amp. The pre-amp.

B O’Neil: Oh, the pre-amp.

Doc Mueller: Yes. I, uh, think we can correct that by introducing a, uh, 150-ohm, 100-watt resistor in parallel with a point-double-oh-four-seven microfarad ceramic capacitor. I think we can overcome that impedance mismatch.

B O’Neil: Oh, boy, I’ll have to get the schematic. I…

Short excerpt

Full dialog

Spiricom dialog: Bill O’Neil and Doc Mueller (audio)

Doc Mueller had been a physics teacher at Orange Coast Community College in California before his death in 1967. In his dialogs through the Spiricom device in 1980, he provided his terrestrial colleague Bill O'Neil with a long list of personal facts, including social security and phone numbers, to verify the contact.

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Doc Mueller in lifetime (l) and in spirit (r)

Jeannette Meek died in the spring of 1990, and before long she sent George a computer letter to prove to the world that she was enjoying the afterlife. George’s aim, after all, was to convince the world that there is no death, and that life is eternal. Jeannette’s letter to her husband George was delivered from the spirit worlds directly into a computer of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach and her CETL association in Luxembourg, which she operated out of her home. On February 21, 1991, Maggy and her husband Jules left for work in the morning, making sure everything was turned off in the house. When they returned home that evening, the computer was running and a file containing Jeannette’s letter had been planted on the disk. All the while, George Meek was at home in North Carolina, unaware of this strange activity underway in Luxembourg. Jeannette’s letter said, in part:

Dear G.W.

Well, it seems there are still people who do not believe in the contacts your friends here at CETL are having. Here are some details which except you…nobody can know"

In 1987, end of April, tenant Debbie called to say her refrigerator was off. It must have been on a Thursday morning… On April 29, Ann Valentin wrote another letter saying that she had not received the Magic of Living Forever booklets they had ordered, but Harlequin novels. Third story: John Lathrop (I don’t think Maggy and Jules ever heard THAT name!) shut off the electricity at the "C" house to put in a new light…

Don’t try to explain this, Honey. My never-ending love to you. I miss you so much, but I know we will be together.

Love forever,

Jeannette Duncan Meek

The letter contained details from their life together that were of no significance to anyone—not even to George—but they fulfilled Jeannette’s wish; they proved conclusively that the letter had been written by no one other than Jeannette, who had left the Earth a year earlier. She was quite obviously still very much alive in the next world. So, yes, life does indeed continue!

On November 21, 1992, Jeannette sent George a picture of herself from what our spirit friends call the "fifth level of human existence". Again, the picture came through the computer of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg, and it showed the beauty of that spirit world, which we on Earth sometimes called the higher astral planes, Heaven, or the Summerland. Jeannette showed up as a lovely, young face superimposed over the landscape. Another young woman in a dark dress is also present in the picture. That is the Meeks’ daughter, Nancy Carol, who had died at the age of two weeks and was reunited with her mother Jeannette after Jeannette’s transition. On the right side of the picture is the face of a man whom our spirit friends identified as Hal Roach, the American film producer.

On January 27, 1994, the telephone rang in George Meek’s office, and once again George Meek made history. It was the late ITC pioneer Konstantin Raudive on the phone, and it was the second spirit phone call ever placed to an American ITC researcher.

G Meek: Good morning, this is George Meek.

K Raudive: This is Konstantin Raudive. George, my friend, at last we succeeded in contacting you. Jeannette is beside me, and she wants to give you all her love. This is Konstantin Raudive. This is the first contact you get from us. I suppose that you can hear me?

G Meek: I can hear you very well. Very plainly.

K Raudive: Fine! So, this is the beginning of a new story, a new chapter, George. You are a very good friend of ours, even if we haven’t met. We will continue this. This is the first bridge we have succeeded to build to the States. Mark was contacted, and I must interrupt now.

Short excerpt

Full dialog

Telephone dialog: George Meek and Konstantin Raudive

My own early ITC experiences

A week earlier, on January 21, 1994, I was working alone in my office when the phone rang. I was expecting a call from my wife Regina, so I answered, "Hi!"

A deep, familiar voice with a thick European accent said, "Good morning, Mark, this is Konstantin Raudive. We have succeeded in building a new bridge to the States. You are the first to be contacted by this means. This is the first contact you get from us. This is Konstantin Raudive."

I didn’t move, hoping the message would continue, but it didn’t. As I hung up the phone, chills ran down my spine, and in a moment the adrenaline kicked in. I stood up and shouted at the empty walls, "Thank you!"

I could almost see the invisible faces around me, smiling and saying, "Mission accomplished." It was an historic moment—the first spirit phone call to an ITC researcher in the States, but unfortunately — tragically — I wasn’t prepared to record the historic phone call. The next day I went to Radio Shack and bought recording equipment for our telephones, which would allow me to capture a series of miracles on tape in the ensuing years.

Meanwhile, during a period of several weeks after my first phone call, three other Americans besides George Meek and myself received phone calls from Konstantin Raudive—Sarah Estep (president of AAEVP, American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena), Dr Walter Uphoff (president of New Frontiers Center), and Hans Heckmann (a close friend and colleague of George Meek).

A number of researchers began to question the legitimacy of the phone contacts, suggesting that they might be a hoax, but those doubts were suppressed for all but the most die-hard skeptics on February 20, 1994, when the German ITC researcher Adolf Homes received the following contact in his computer. The message in German is translated to English as follows:

This is Konstantin Raudive via the devices at Station Rivenich. Dear Colleague Adolf Homes, I herewith confirm my own contacts with Mr Malkhoff (in Germany) and with Mr Meek and Mr Macy in America. More contacts have been made successfully in China and Japan by telephone and FAX. Our tests are necessary because humanity is in a state of being—created by themselves—which is negative for us to the point that we cannot influence consciousness. We therefore ask you on Earth to open the psychic barriers to a greater extent. Only then is there a possibility for us to proceed with more contacts via radio receivers, televisions and computers. Unfortunately messages from our side by telephone and FAX do not suffice to make clear to humanity our reality as one of many realities.

The computer of Adolf Homes was connected to nothing but a printer and the power outlet in the wall. There were no input devices attached other than the keyboard, and there was no connection to the internet. The above message was planted in the computer by Homes’s spirit team. From his perspective, the message simply "appeared" in the computer on February 20, and it verified the phone calls placed to George Meek and to me in the US a month earlier. That was reasonable proof that the phone calls to the American researchers had indeed been made by our spirit friends.

With the burden of proof out of the way, I began to receive a series of phone calls from Konstantin Raudive in the coming years. This is part of a 15-minute phone dialog  I enjoyed on May 3, 1996:

M Macy: As far as the ITC progress here in Colorado, with my group, how soon do you think we’ll be able to expand into television contacts and computer contacts, or are we going to stick with voice for quite awhile?

K Raudive: Well, as we see it, the first good voices will come through in the fall of this year, and it will develop on that.

M Macy: I see. I’m thinking of incorporating subtle energy technologies into the system on my side. Do these things sound like a good idea?

K Raudive: Well sure, a very good thought of you. And you will have to wait for the things that our group can tell you.

M Macy: Okay, can you tell me about the equipment you use to produce a perfect, almost perfect voice on Earth? That must take a lot of work on your side.

K Raudive: Well, it depends on your reception—or, mainly on your psychic reception… We intend to give plans of our equipment, and send them through Hans. We also wanted to give a sort of a map of our world also, drop it into your world. It will be done in the next weeks and months.

M Macy: That’s tremendous! That’s wonderful!

Short excerpt

Full dialog

Telephone dialog: Mark Macy and Konstantin Raudive

By the time I had received that phone call, Konstantin Raudive’s voice and personality were familiar to me. I had already received several phone calls from him, and one radio contact. The radio contact had occurred in 1992 while I was visiting Maggy Harsch-Fischbach and her husband Jules at their home in Luxembourg one hot, summer day. There were five of us talking cordially at the dining room table as the radios near the sofa emitted a soft blanket of white noise. Suddenly the white noise faded away as the voice of Konstantin Raudive faded in:

  "It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony, and when their aims and intentions are pure."

Then Dr Raudive went on to give personal messages to each of us. He told me:

  "Finally, last but not least, Mark Macy. My dear friend, we bring our greetings to colleague Meek and the Uphoffs, also to Hans Heckmann with whom he realizes a beautiful job to spread ITC information. You know by experience, Mark, how dangerous drugs of all kinds can be. Try to warn humanity that they not only alter their present lives on your side, but also influence in a negative way their future lives. Go on with your experiences, and you will see that the bridge to the States will soon be strengthened. Regina as your twin soul can help you a lot. Listen to her inner voice, and you will be in the right way." 

I replied, "Thank you!"

That radio contact helped to silence a few skeptics who were accusing Jules Harsch of faking phone calls. They suggested that it was Harsch, not Konstantin Raudive, who had placed all the earlier phone calls to researchers in the States and elsewhere. They reasoned that Jules Harsch has a deep voice with a European accent, and Raudive has a deep voice with a European accent, so Harsch must be making those calls. During that radio contact, Jules Harsch was present in the room while we conversed with the familiar voice of Konstantin Raudive through the radios—making it clear that Harsch was not pretending to be Raudive during "fake" ITC contacts.

Developing a space-time doorway

After Nikola Tesla shook up Manhattan with his experiments around the year 1900, he moved to Colorado Springs. He set up a lab that contained a room-sized cylindrical coil giving off 15 million volts of electricity that cascaded and crackled around his head in the form of thousands of wild, brilliant snakes of light. Outside his lab, a 16-story tower antenna shot lightning bolts 50 meters (150 feet) upward, creating thunderclaps heard 25 kilometers (15 miles) away.

People walking within a few kilometers of the lab could look down and see sparks jumping between their shoes as they walked. Horses grazing in nearby pastures would stampede as electricity shot through their metal shoes. One experiment pulled so much electricity from the Colorado Springs power station that the main generator erupted in flames. There were even rumors that Tesla’s resonance experiments could make small items disappear and reappear in his lab.

Apparently the US Navy put Tesla’s theories to the test in the summer of 1943. According to reports, a naval ship, the USS Eldridge, was dematerialized along with its crew at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. During "the Philadelphia Experiment," the vibration of the vessel was raised by the use of large electrical generators, causing it to move from our physical domain into subtler dimensions nearby which are imperceptible to us. As the ship vanished from the physical world, the sailors could feel the solid structures around them becoming softer, and before long they could literally walk through the steel bulkheads of the ship. Several became fused in the metal, many died or were lost, and most of the surviving sailors were violently ill after their ship rematerialized. Some of the sailors who survived went insane, according to reports in books by William Moore, Charles Berlitz, Brad Steiger, and others. 

Whether stories about Tesla are true in part or in total, it’s obvious that the man was ahead of his time. Today, some of us in ITC research are looking for radically new subtle energy technologies that can help open the doorway between our world and the spirit worlds for the sake of more fluid communication, and maybe—someday—even travel between dimensions.

I’ve had some encouraging results in Colorado over the past year with a special subtle energy device called a "luminator." The luminator is a tower-shaped device about 1.3 meters (4 feet) high, which radically alters the environment in an area that extends about 30 meters (100 feet) in all directions from the device. It has two internal fans which move air over a series of liquid-filled rings. As the air molecules go tumbling through the rings, unusual things happen to them, according to inventor Patrick Richards, including a reverse spin of electrons. When I bring a magnetic compass into the room with the luminator, the needle points about 15 degrees off north. When I take a picture of someone with a Polaroid camera in the presence of the luminator, there is a good chance that there will be other faces in the picture after it develops a few minutes later—faces of people who are not present physically—that is, faces of spirit beings. These are a few of hundreds of images on file.

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For an explanation of images such as these, 

see Proof of afterlife with new ITC technologies.

The luminator seems to melt away some of the barriers between the physical world and spirit worlds, allowing spirit friends to move in a bit more closely to get their images on film, and allowing other strange things to happen. The inventor of the luminator, Patrick Richards, tells a story of the time he placed three of the devices in a triangular configuration spanning two rooms in his house. He turned them on, sat in the center of the triangle formed by three devices, and felt a very strange sensation. As he leaned his head against the wall, it went THROUGH the wall as though it were passing through a light beam rather than a solid object. He quickly withdrew his head, turned off the luminators, and has not tried the experiment again since then. He says it was quite a frightening experience. Somehow the triangular configuration of the three devices seemed to have created a vortex to other dimensions, or at least it altered the molecular structure of things (the walls or the inventor’s body) in this world.

If the incident can be replicated under controlled conditions in the coming years, our Colorado ITC experiments might evolve very slowly and carefully into the development of a space-time doorway through which we on Earth not only can communicate with beings in subtler realms, but can move back and forth between worlds.

Currently there are eight luminators in use at various locations in the US and Europe. All except mine are used for healing applications. Mine is the only one used exclusively for ITC research at the present time. My friend and colleague Jack Stucki uses his luminator both in his healing practice and during experimental ITC sessions. These two luminators provide very simple, basic ITC contacts—images of spirit beings on Polaroid film—on a reliable basis.

I am one of many ITC researchers around the world who work quietly to improve contacts with positive spirit realms. Someday soon, many of us hope that ITC will light up the world. That will be possible when a critical resonance can be achieved among us and with the brilliant and loving residents of those invisible realms. As we learn to center our lives around love, confidence, and trust, and to deal with the doubts, fears, insecurities, and other dark aspects of the human psyche, that resonance comes closer to reality.

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