Our extraterrestrial heritage

adapted from the book
 Miracles in the Storm
by Mark Macy

        If we could hop aboard a spaceship today and head away from the Earth and away from the sun, in a straight line through the orbits of the other planets in our solar system, we would first cross the orbit of Mars, then Jupiter, then Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, then off we’d sail into “outer space.” We would face the most hazardous part of the journey in the large gap between Mars and Jupiter. Millions of rocks and boulders of various sizes form a belt between those two orbits and could easily rip open the side of any spacecraft trying to pass through.

        Astronomers have known of the presence of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter for about 150 years, but why it’s there they can only speculate. Many scientists think the asteroids are debris left over from a former planet that circled the sun in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter - a planet that was somehow destroyed many thousands of years ago.

        ITC contacts have validated that view. Our spirit friends include seven ethereal beings who have monitored our world for many thousands of years, coming especially close on six occasions when human civilization had reached an apex - a point at which we could either ascend to an enlightened state or collapse into a dark age. In all six occasions, humanity apparently fell into a dark period. The ethereal beings told us they have come close a seventh time now, and they wish to help us form a bridge between our world and theirs. That bridge will include world ITC and will help elevate our world to an enlightened state. Those seven ethereal beings have given us the following information about our heritage, which can help us understand our troubled conditions today and can shed light on a path toward an enlightened future. (The italicized text represents facts presented to us by our ethereal friends. Non-italicized text is information added by the author to fill in a few holes.) 

         A physical planet called Marduk once shared our solar system, located in a regular orbit between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It was a lush planet, thriving with riverine communities, home to a human civilization far beyond modern Earth in scientific and technological achievement. Immense powers were attained by such means as large-scale manipulation of subtle energies with crystals. Stone blocks the size of a small house could be moved and situated with great precision by this means in order to construct elaborate buildings. An intimate knowledge of these subtle energies, or life energies, allowed the people of Marduk to be in touch with intelligent minds in other worlds, as well as with each other in silent, direct, mind-to-mind communication.

        The sciences and industries of Marduk had followed a different course of evolution from humanity on Earth, and they far surpassed us in depth and complexity. Genetic engineering, energy production, and other paths of technology brought great wonders to the people of Marduk, but they also presented problems. Simple mistakes by genetic engineers could produce bizarre mutations, and mistakes by energy researchers could cause powerful explosions. After a certain point, scientific technology on Marduk took on a life of its own, and there seemed to be no stopping it, even if the people had wanted to. The rewards of scientific achievement were absolutely wonderful, dwarfing the occasional accidents and potential dangers, or so the people thought.

        The reality of life after death was a simple truth to everyone on Marduk. They were fully aware of their spiritual makeup and knew that many physical ailments have their origin in the subtle bodies. The healing arts took that into account. They were also aware that not just people, but all living things have subtle bodies. And not just LIVING things, but all physical things animate or inanimate have subtle bodies that coexist with the physical body and continue to exist after the physical body disintegrates. Rocks, mountains and entire planets have subtle bodies.

        The people realized that their very own planet Marduk had spiritual counterparts - parallel worlds existing in subtler dimensions. One branch of science on Marduk involved a space-time doorway through which people could travel between dimensions. They could enter the portal on the physical planet Marduk and emerge in astral worlds. The natural laws and the physics of the two realities were quite different from each other. For example, in the astral worlds there were no gravity, no time and no space as there were in the physical world. Scientists studied these differences as part of the natural sciences of multidimensional living.

        One small branch of the complex Marduk scientific establishment involved itself with space travel. It was not travel by propulsion as we know it today. Rather, the travelers would leave the physical world to enter the subtler realms of spacelessness and timelessness, then simply re-enter the physical realm in a new location. Like Marduk, the Earth was flourishing with life, but life on Earth was very primitive by comparison. Mars supported life at that time as well. Teams of scientists on Marduk - the equivalent of our geologists, climatologists, biologists, chemists and physicists - would take exploratory journeys to Earth and Mars from time to time to gather data and monitor the development of life on these very primitive planets. There were species of primates living on Earth at that time, and the scientists of Marduk familiarized themselves with their characteristics and behavior.

        Colonies of people from Marduk eventually settled on the surface of the primitive planet Earth, and, like pioneer families in the American West, worked intensively to carve a sense of order in the wild environment.

        The home planet Marduk had evolved into a paradise much like the legendary Eden, in which people lived for hundreds of years in physical bodies that showed little signs of aging. There was no need to eat other living things for nourishment, nor even to procreate. It was a perfect, idyllic life for most residents of Marduk, but not for everyone. The rugged way of life on Earth tugged like a magnet at some of the heartier souls and pioneering spirits of Marduk.

        As people became increasingly concerned about the dangerous trends of science and technology on Marduk, colonies on Earth began to expand. People brought seeds of their civilization to the new world, and those seeds quickly took root.

        Suddenly it happened. Unbridled science led to the destruction of the physical planet Marduk. The planet exploded, and the colonies that had taken root on Earth were now marooned here. All life on Mars was destroyed in the explosion as a thick rain of rocks, boulders, and planetary debris showered the red planet. Fortunately the castaways who survived on Earth had brought along enough science and technology from their home planet to build an advanced civilization on Earth over a period of several thousand years. It was called Atlantis, among other names

        Centralized at a location on the Earth where the north Atlantic Ocean is today, the civilization of Atlantis made tremendous strides over a period of several thousand years, and the people achieved scientific and technological prowess nearly equal to their ancient ancestors of Marduk. Genetic engineering developed quickly, altering the genes of ferocious tigers to produce the cute, lovable housecat, for example. They also produced monstrous beasts that future generations would have to battle for their lives. Some of these beasts became the subject of ancient legends which are still told today. Modern archaeologists shouldn’t be too surprised if one day they come across dragon bones.

        The people of Atlantis did not learn from the mistakes of their ancestors, and about 25,000 years ago they destroyed their civilization in a similar way that Marduk was destroyed, only this time it was just a continent, not an entire planet that was annihilated.

        Gradually, through cross-breeding with the primitive human population of Earth, the people evolved to become more compatible with life in their new world. It was a violent world in which animals consumed plants and other animals in order to subsist - a world of short lifespans and intense competition for mating rights. Sex was an integral part of life here. All these qualities which the people of Marduk had considered barbaric, slowly became a way of life in the new world.

        This was the true fall of Man, as documented later in religious texts, and Atlantis would become interpreted as the Garden of Eden. The serpent and the apple would come to represent the circumstances surrounding humanity’s fall from Grace not only after the destruction of Marduk, but also after the rise and fall of Atlantis. Because Atlantis did indeed fall in a similar, cataclysmic fashion. The god-like beings of Marduk, stranded on Earth, had “fallen from grace” when they began to cross-breed with the primitive hominids of Earth and thus became part of the terrestrial food chain. 

        Many centuries after the fall of Atlantis, in an ancient civilization, a panel of wise, old priests met in a temple called “Sothis,” in a city named Shanidar sitting along the banks of the Euphrates River, centuries before the city of Babylon would emerge on that very spot. The birth of Babylon would mark the beginning of the second major epoch of human civilization on Earth. Meanwhile, barbarians from surrounding lands were breaking down the doors to the temple and walls to the city at that moment with intent to pillage and sack this final stronghold of civilization.

        For years the priests had been working intensively to enlighten the masses in order to ward off a coming dark age, but they had failed. The signs of impending collapse loomed everywhere - starvation, disease, indifference to death and suffering, city streets strewn by the homeless, widespread murder, and rampant use of drugs. Such conditions had not plagued the Earth so heavily since the previous dark age.

        The priests had been trying to develop a “space-time doorway” to higher levels of spirit that would allow the wisdom of the ages to pour into the world and enlighten humanity. In hopes of accelerating and legitimizing “Project Sothis,” they had forged an alliance with scientists who would be able to convince humanity of the importance of this project as the last chance for peace in a sick world.

        Alkbrat, the head priest, acknowledged that they had made a big mistake. While the scientists had become so intent on measuring things, dissecting them, and counting them over and over again, he lamented, the higher purpose of the project was lost. That higher purpose was to understand that the physical world was inexorably linked to the spiritual worlds, that the doors between the physical and spiritual worlds had been closed, and that it was time to reopen those doors. While waiting patiently for the scientists to prove the existence of spiritual realms, the priests had wasted the time necessary to complete the project.

        And now, the walls of Shanidar were coming down. The following day would mark the beginning of the next dark age on Earth. All would be lost.

        The priests took this tragic occasion to bid each other farewell, knowing that tomorrow they each would be dead or in hiding. They vowed to try to come together in another lifetime, in a future era when darkness once again was spreading on Earth, leading to another end time. They would not remember each other consciously in that distant day, but they would feel the sense of belonging, and they would devote their lives to spreading Light and spiritual understanding within humanity. This reunion would occur when voices could “speak from boxes,” and when people could “move through light behind glass.”

        The Seven higher beings had been working closely with the priests, and they would return at that future time to help usher in the miracle.

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