On the "Conditioning" process
for an ITC lab and other sacred spaces
William A Tiller and Walter E. Dibble, Jr.

When a group of well-intended individuals come into a room to meditate together, pray together, meaningfully commune from a "spiritual" perspective together, etc., they collectively create an elevated and tangible "field of consciousness" in the room that only slowly decays after the group leaves that room.  Unknowingly, they have collectively created a metastable condition in the "vacuum state" of the room.  If such a meeting is a daily process continuing for years to decades with the same intention, then this processing may raise the local vacuum state for that room to the condition of a stable phase change at the vacuum level for the room.  Some such sites become what we currently call "sacred spaces." 

For our second example, let us consider some inventor who has worked for years in his garage to perfect a subtle energy conversion device of extremely high efficiency.  Let us suppose that eventually, to his satisfaction, he is successful in achieving his goal.  He shows it to his friends and is able to successfully demonstrate to them the super-high efficiency of his device.  They encourage him to start a business utilizing the device and, as a key part of the overall business agreement, the prototype is to be moved to a testing laboratory in another city for rigorous evaluation by others.  This is done, the tests are carried out carefully by reputable people and the super-high conversion efficiencies of the original tests are not substantiated.  Only normal performance is observed for the device!  What happened?  Are these two examples related somehow? 

As a third example, about five years ago, we began to do serious research on IIEDs (Intention-Imprinted Electrical Devices) at a laboratory in Minnesota.  We selected four materials and four well-defined target experiments as test vehicles for such simple devices.  The materials were (1) purified water, (2) the liver enzyme, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), (3) the main cell energy storage molecule, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and (4) living fruit fly larvae.  By comparing the separate influence of two physically identical devices, one unimprinted and the other imprinted via a meditative process, we were able to demonstrate a robust influence of human consciousness on these four materials.  In particular, by just placing the relevant IIED ~6" from its particular target experiment apparatus and turning it on (total radiated electromagnetic energy less than one-millionth of a watt), the following was observed: 

1 a) A shift in pH of the purified water, in equilibrium with air, down by one full pH unit (in precise accord with the intention imprint for that IIED) with a measurement accuracy of one one-hundredth of a pH unit with no chemical additions to the water.  Thus, the imprinted intention asked for a response 100 times higher than any background noise.
1 b) A shift in pH of purified water, in equilibrium with air, up by one full pH unit (in precise accord with the intention imprint for that particular IIED).  Combined, these two devices (a and b) represented a swing in hydrogen ion content of the water by a factor of 100.  
2) An increase in the in vitro thermodynamic activity of both ALP and ATP by about 1.5% - 30% in complete accord with the imprints imbedded in these two IIEDS.  In both cases, the statistical significance of the data was p < 0.001, meaning that the probability of these results occurring by random chance was less than one in a thousand and,  
3) Reduced larval development time to the adult fly state by 25% at p < 0.001.  This means that the IIED increased the rate of ATP production in the growing larvae so that they were more "fit" physically and they matured more quickly.

A totally unexpected and critically important phenomenon arose during repetitive conduct of any of these IIED experiments in a given laboratory space.  It was found that, by simply continuing to use an IIED in the laboratory space for ~3-4 months, the laboratory became "conditioned" and it was the state of that "conditioning" that determined the extreme robustness of the above mentioned experimental results!  What we think this looks like is illustrated in Figure 1, where QM is the magnitude of any physical measurement, M.

Figure 1. 
For any typical physical measurement (Q), the qualitative magnitude change (QM) is plotted versus the degree of locale conditioning produced by continued IIED use.

Unique experimental signatures heralding the onset of this "conditioning" occurred during the time interval t1 < t < t2 in Figure 1. These signatures were oscillations (large amplitude, ~102 - 103 times our measurement accuracy, and low frequency, ~10-3 - 10-4 Hz) in (1) air and water temperature, (2) water pH and (3) water electrical conductivity and, most importantly, the several fundamental harmonics comprising the wave forms of each were identical in frequency. 

To try to understand something fundamental about this state of "conditioning," we performed the following simple experiment in both an unconditioned space and a "conditioned" space.  We placed a disk-shaped magnet under our pH measurement jar, first with the north pole upwards for ~3 days and then turned it over so that the south pole was pointing upwards for ~3 days and, of course, we were measuring the water pH all this time.  Based upon our standard physics, the U(1) electromagnetic (EM) gauge symmetry state, the EM force is proportional to the gradient of H2 so no sign-effect of a DC magnetic field should enter, and one would expect a null result for our experiment.  This is exactly what we found when the experiment was performed in an unconditioned space.  However, when the same experiment was performed in a "conditioned" space, results like that given in Figure 2 appeared.   

Figure 2. 
pH changes with time for pure water for both N-pole up and S-pole up acially aligned DC magnetic fields at 100 and 500 gauss.

This simple experiment tells us that a "conditioned" space has a different EM gauge symmetry state than a normal or unconditioned space.  Further, it tells us that the new EM gauge symmetry state has something to do with magnetic monopoles; otherwise we could not have observed such a DC magnetic field polarity effect.  Now, in physics theory there exists a higher EM gauge symmetry state called SU(2) and, in such a state, both electric monopoles and magnetic monopoles naturally coexist.  Our experiments, plus others not reported here, show that a "conditioned" space involves the presence of domains of order in an otherwise completely disordered physical vacuum.1  This physical vacuum exists between all the fundamental particles making up the atoms and molecules of our material world (our physical bodies included).  In analogy with Figure 1, if we allow M to refer to the thermodynamic free energy, G, of the space, Figure 3 is what we expect to find.   

Figure 3. 
Schematic illustration of free energy change (rQG) from the ground symmetry state, U(1), as the degree of locale conditioning increases.

One of the important meanings to be drawn from Figure 3 is that, if a device is connected between one of these higher symmetry states X, Y, SU(2), Z, etc., and the U(1) EM gauge symmetry world, then useful work of any variety can be accomplished. An important example of this fact involves the human body. If a single organ or system of the human body was elevated to one of these higher symmetry states at birth and the rest of the body was not, seemingly all functions of the body could be driven via this energy source to exhibit what we call life; i.e., the heart would pump blood, nerve synapses would switch on and off, electric currents would flow, the brain would be activated to direct various body processes, etc. Interestingly, other experimental data shows us that the acupuncture meridian/chakra system is at least one important body system that is at one of these higher EM gauge symmetry states! This chi/prana "pump" drives everything else in the physical body and is what we call "the Life Force." 

Whether we are a minister, a performer, a healer, a medical doctor, an acupuncturist, or simply a spouse or parent, the operational picture of what is involved in any practitioner/client interaction is illustrated in Figure 4. 

Figure 4. 
Operating system.

One must come to understand that all five unique components of this Figure participate in any interaction even though the practitioner, using some device, may only acknowledge that they and the client are involved. It is the practitioner's love, compassion, devotion to service, and intent that can elicit the "unseen" assistance of the universe to co-raise the FM gauge symmetry of the intervening space allowing the intention to be more empowered. In the earlier example of the garage inventor, he unknowingly pumped the EM gauge symmetry state to a higher level with his sustained and focused intention. His exiting experiment results were unknowingly critically dependent upon the existence of a higher gauge symmetry state. Measurements done in a different city would have been carried out with a U(1) EM gauge symmetry state and, therefore, it is not surprising that only typical U(1) gauge state results appeared. 

What we must all come to understand is that, it is via being full aware of, and fully appreciateive of, this entire operating system of Figure 4 in all the various processes of our lives, we can collectively lift the EM gauge symmetry state throughout our entire world and co-create a future that we would all be happy to live in.

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