Principles of new science

Scientists and researchers from around the world are stepping beyond the borders of the traditional scientific paradigm which has been prevalent since the days of Isaac Newton, some three centuries ago. The new principles they have been uncovering are reshaping not only our view of the world, but the world itself—literally. This page takes a look at some of those principles, starting with an article by Japanese ITC researcher Siyoh Tomiyama.

To believe or not to believe
© 2002 by Siyoh Tomiyama

1. Virtual world in our mind

It was five years ago when I started to do meditation with the help of Hemi-sync. Hemi-Sync is an audio technology by The Monroe Institute based on the natural functioning of the brain that encourages coherent brainwave activity. About a half year later, I had my first mind-body separated state. This state is usually called an astral projection or OBE (Out of Body Experience). While those who have it tend to see their own body and a 360-degree view, my experiences were totally different. I was like a dot floating in the air without the five senses. I could see things a bit only when I concentrated to see it. Still, it was completely different from the view which I usually get by my eyes. The view in this state was like a feeling.

I started to grasp the state as I had it several times. I gradually got accustomed to use this alternative sense. It is actually a sensing. I do not, or precisely cannot use the five senses in this state. This new and only sensor sometimes works like physical senses. If someone asks me "What was the most beautiful landscape you have ever had?" , I would answer, "I saw it in my OBE state." However, the word 'saw' is not correct in a strict sense. I felt real blue sky and beautiful landscape more vividly than seeing with the physical eyes.

When I went into the state, I tried to find some proofs which can show this world is a part of the physical world in the early days. I tried to memorize the street sign, the arrangement of things. But it seems that this world exists only in my mind and is not linked with the physical world. This virtual world becomes more and more concrete whenever I have the OBE state. The alternative sense I use in the world, now works like the five senses in the physical world. I sense the sight, I sense words or thought, I sense materials in the world like I touch something in the physical world. So, I am sometimes confused whether I get back to the physical world after a meditation. Still, I can recognize it correctly since the sense in the virtual world has far more ability than the senses in the physical world. For example, I can see a thing from different angles at once when I try to do so with the alternative sense.

Without any meditation, there are people who can experience such a clear, concrete virtual world. Do you know a mental illness named 'Schizophrenia'? To make it simple, it is the illness naturally creating a virtual world in one's mind. Since the virtual world is very concrete, the person cannot distinguish that world from the physical world. Often, the person appears to be sane. S/he is logical and persuasive because the person is telling the story which s/he actually experienced. But we find several inconsistencies when we interview people who know that person, and finally realize his or her experience happened only in the mind.

There is no doubt our mind has the power to create an elaborate virtual reality as an inner psychoworld. LSD and other powerful drugs can easily create such a concrete virtual world in a person's mind. And there is one other method to easily create such a world. It is to cut out our five senses. Dr. John C. Lilly studied such an effect. The details of his study can be read in his books, so I won’t go into detail. Anyway, he created a kind of sensory deprivation tank, filled with liquid that has almost the same specific gravity and temperature as his body. He set up this tank in a laboratory where no light and no sound come. These conditions will cut off almost all information which can be detected by the five senses. After trial and error, he started to experience several mind states in this isolation tank, which usually cannot be achieved without a deep meditation.

When someone dies, if the mind can survive beyond physical death, it is obvious that the mind being deprived of the five senses naturally creates its own reality. First, the person might not feel anything in that virtual reality. It might feel like a dream. Everything is vague. But the person will feel as if s/he is living in the physical world again as s/he becomes familiar with that situation. Thus the person starts his or her new life in his/her own psychoworld, the afterlife.

2. Psychoworlds can penetrate through each other.

I was a high school student when a boy suddenly sang a song to himself near me. I felt odd since I was just thinking about the song. Similar incidents happened twice in the next few years and it made me consider the possibility of telepathy. Since then, I have had more and more experiences suggesting the telepathy hypothesis is not an armchair theory. Let me introduce one particular incident.

A melody came into my mind when I was working in an office. My mind is sometimes naturally occupied with some favorite songs or new melodies. It is not strange for me and probably not for you. But I felt really bizarre at that time because the melody was a folk song which I do not like. I knew that melody. But I had not heard nor sung the song for a long year. "Why does that melody play in my mind now?" I wondered. I turned away from a computer monitor at that moment, and caught a co-walker beating time with his hand. I noticed the rhythm of his hand completely matched the rhythm of the song still sounding in my mind. It was as if there was a musician in my mind and s/he was playing the song to the baton of my co-worker. I asked him nervously if he was singing the folk song in his mind, and he exclaimed, "How did you know that!"

It is a fact that some people have telepathic ability. You can confirm this when you study cases through all ages. And you also learn that almost everyone has such ability although it is quite poor for the average person.

Telepathic ability apparently does not belong to our five senses. Such sense does not function much while the five senses are working. Please consider. Those who have lost the sense of sight often have significant auditory sense. What does it mean? The senses which you usually do not use will increase the power when you lose some of the five senses. The purpose of meditation is to shut down all five senses. Clear visions will come when you can perform it. Dr. John C. Lilly confirmed this effect in his isolation tank. Now, I can safely say the ability of telepathy will open its maximum power when one loses the five senses, in other words, when one loses his physical body.

Each Psychoworld can intervene through this powered telepathic ability, and often create co-psychoworlds. Those who want to object to this conclusion should research twins. You will definitely find twins have some kind of co-phychoworld even in this physical world. You can also survey many spontaneous mass hallucinations. Those are the proofs which show we can share our phychoworld in this physical world. And one more. I had a chance to see a medium or psychic operate Jourei (I do not know what you call this in English; literally it means to purify spirits) last year at first hand. There was a woman who asked my help, saying that she had been annoyed by some spirits. I could do nothing for her except share some spiritual knowledge. But I have a friend who claims she has a stable psychic ability. Indeed, Jourei is her job. We have developed a mutual trust for three years. So I asked her to visit the woman with me to perform a spirit cleansing, or Jourei. As the result, I observed firm evidence which proves these two women were sharing their phychoworld. For example, my friend noticed a mirror in the woman's home during the cleansing process, and she saw a huge crowd of troubled spirits through the mirror. My friend said to the woman after the cleansing, "Oh, that mirror was amazing. So many troubled spirits were stuck to the surface of it. I suppose you couldn't see the mirror directly."

The woman immediately turned to me and asked, "I didn't tell you anything about the mirror, right?" (Indeed, that was right; she had told me nothing about the mirror before this evening.) But now she told us that the mirror was a horrific part of her life, and she had long been afraid to enter this room because of the mirror.

Her roommate then interjected, "That's why you never want to enter that room! You almost always ask me to enter the room instead of you. Why didn't you say you were afraid of the mirror in the room?"

The woman admitted to her surprised roommate, "I thought it made YOU scared."

3. What is this physical world?

Our mind can have influence on physical matter. I can confidently say this is a fact. The reason is that I own a machine which makes it possible to examine that influence. This machine was made by a Japanese physicist to verify the validity of his theory. I luckily had a chance to try this machine before I bought it since there was an acquaintance who had already purchased one. The machine actually reacted differently at different times, depending on my thoughts.

There is a black round target in front of this machine. All we do is send an image onto it mentally. The right meter moves when we send the right rotation image to the target, and the left meter is for the left rotation image. I saw the right meter move when I imagined right rotation, and then I changed the image to the left. There were four people present when I tried this machine, and the others enjoyed a discussion while I tried to concentrate. The contents of the discussion distracted me when the left meter pointed up to a certain level. While I was listening to the conversation, I noticed the meter level was going down. Then I refocused on the left rotation image. Remarkably enough, the left meter level started to go up again! I didn't touch this machine while I was thinking the images. I simply sent the rotation image to the center target. Coincidence? I confirmed this effect again and again after I bought it.

At this point, please allow me to introduce Mr. Masuaki Kiyota, a notable psychic in Japan. When he was a child, he and his family claim, astonishing events were always taking place. Toys automatically came near him every time he wanted to quickly clear them away. His mother lost sight of him one morning when he rushed out of their home. It was three minutes before the school would open, so the young Mr. Kiyota was really in hurry. But it was impossible to be on time since the school was a 15-minute’ walk away. Yet somehow he made it on time. He arrived at the school immediately after his mother lost sight of him. His childhood is painted with plenty of such incredible stories. And I began to take his stories as true after a year relationship. However I have to say these stories are not the subject of this article.

When Uri Geller came to Japan for the first time, Kiyota watched him on TV bending a spoon with unknown power. Since he was a paranormal boy, he could not understand why people were fascinated by such normal act. He quickly began to attract mass media's attention after he proved that he also could bend a spoon. But you know, mass media has two aspects, good and evil. Soon the bashing started. Several mass media attacked him as a fraud without presenting any meaningful reasons to say so. It was at that time when he decided to accept offers from various universities that wanted to study his power.

In one small laboratory, scientists attached many electrodes to Mr. Kiyota for electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram, electromyogram and other measurements. With many scientists observing, he tried to bend a spoon. When a doctor told him to relax, he nearly shouted. "Who the hell can relax in this uncomfortable situation?" But he was gradually able to concentrate under the condition after a few weeks. Still another disturbance would come. Every time he said that the spoon would soon be folded by itself, the scientists stopped him and took his blood. This act definitely disturbed his concentration. After all, it took almost three months until he could bend a spoon in the laboratory. For five years since then, he continued trying to bend spoons, plastic, wood, glass and everything the scientists could think of. He succeeded to bend almost all materials and proved he does not use any muscle power to do so.

One of the materials which he could not bend is glass. He explained to me his idea of why he failed to bend it. We can find the brief information about the relationship between mind and matter in his words. He told me he had bent several metal rasps when he was young. But those bent rasps are really paranormal objects because metals which have been tempered like a metal rasp cannot be bent. It will be broken instead of folding. Once a scientist was astonished when he saw a bent metal rasp, and explained to Mr. Kiyota how it is scientifically impossible. Remarkably enough, Kiyota became unable to bend a metal rasp after the explanation. Rasps were broken when he tried to bend them after that. He lost his belief that he could bend a metal rasp! He explains the glass is the same case. He saw glass broken so many times before he tried to bend a piece of glass. So now he cannot believe in his heart that glass can be bent.

This story reveals an important aspect of our life. Mind can have influence on matter. This is a fact. Moreover, we can safely say mind changes matter more effectively when one believes at the subconscious level that s/he can do so. It is most difficult for us to believe something at the subconscious level. I thought I was opening my mind widely and accepting the idea that a human being is able to bend spoons with their mind power. However I could not bend a spoon by myself until I met Mr. Kiyota.

This physical world is changeable for some psychically talented people. But only for them? Are you familiar with the dramatic story of the nitroglycerine's first crystallization? Or the hundredth monkey phenomenon first reported by Dr. Lyall Watson and later by many other researchers? Or you can check Rupert Sheldrake's theory. Though I have not read any of his books, it seems his morphological theory is quite similar to my beliefs. There are tremendous facts which strongly suggest we are connected at the subconscious level. Many united thoughts have some ability to change things. This is not only my conclusion; it is a general understanding that everyone has a little psychic ability to change matter, while we all have limitless potential to do so. Everyone participates to maintain this physical world to a certain extent. Thus we can recognize our physical world as the special pattern of many co-psychoworlds.

4. Measuring a psychoworld by current conventional method.

Kiyota succeeded in producing many thoughtographies under strict laboratory conditions. There were two main professors who studied his thoughtography, Prof. Outani at Bouei-Igaku University and Prof. Sasaki at Denki-Tuushin University. Prof. Outani provided a hypothesis that a light should manifest in a Poraloid camera when a thoughtography is done, while Prof. Sasaki opposed this idea. To verify his hypothesis, a small, simple mechanism was made in the camera so that it could detect the light. The experiment with Prof. Outani was successful. The mechanism detected a faint light when paranormal images were produced on the film. Strangely enough, Prof. Sasaki's experiment was also successful. The mechanism could not detect any light even though the paranormal images were firmly created on the film. What does this result mean?

In another situation, a scientist noticed electromagnetic waves beyond 30 MHz were produced when Kiyota twisted a spoon with his psycho-power. It was quite natural that the scientist started to study the relationship between the paranormal power and the electromagnetic wave after the result duplicated several times. But Kiyota showed his ability to another scientist that he could twist a spoon without producing such a wave. Kyota says, "It seems I read the observers' mind and naturally perform the result which most of them expect."

Apart from Kiyota, there are other such results. A certain hot spring water is attracting some doctors and scientists in Japan. This water has notable healing power like a fountain at Lourdes in southern France. Researchers who analyzed the composition of the water found it had many rare minerals. But the actual results were inconsistent. The results changed from day to day, experimenter to experimenter. And one experimenter found a definite change in the water composition when someone passed behind him!

In the world of quantum physics, the uncertainty principle allows for such inconsistencies. German physicist Werner Heisenberg developed the principle in 1927 and stated it as follows (my comments are in parentheses): "The more precisely the position (of a subatomic particle) is determined, the less precisely the momentum (mass times velocity) is known in this instant, and vice versa."

Scientists of quantum mechanics claim we can't get the exact state of a particle since our observation (or our measurement by adequate equipment) definitely alters the state. In other words, when different scientists try to determine the exact conditions of subatomic particles, their results will probably be inconsistent since it is generally impossible that they create just the same conditions to observe. But conventional science does not allow the possibility that similar inconsistencies can also occur in the 'macro' world of our day-to-day reality. They are unable to include such mystifying results in their experiments. Still, inconsistencies happen often in our lives in which the results seem to be affected by the observation of different individuals.

Those who do not believe in this macro effect, often can stop such phenomena from happening around them, without even knowing it, by using their subconscious power. Prof. Hayasaka at Toohoku University wrote a report which concluded that a right-spinning gyro lost some of its weight, while a left spinning gyro did not. He had long been studying the effect of rotation on gravitational force, and his experiments proved that a gyro spinning clockwise reduced the gravitational force. His report was a monument to his work, proving the legitimacy of his theory. The sensational result attracted the attention of world scientists, many of whom believed the results were ridiculous, and they tried to replicate the results in their own laboratories, expecting the experiment to fail. Almost all of them failed. After a few years, Prof. Hayasaka told an acquaintance of mine wearily, "What a nasty thing the collective thought is! I conducted the experiment several hundred times before I announced it. The results were always duplicated. But now, somehow, I sometimes have difficulty reproducing them."

Sadly enough, an important phenomenon can be stopped when a certain number of people start to believe it is impossible. The new physics should begin from the point of view to explain the uncertainty principle instead of accepting it as mere principle. This new view will surely uncover the reason why physics must count our mind as a subject.

Anyway, our physical world is much softer and more changeable than most of us can imagine. This is really a special pattern of co-psychoworlds. Also, the afterlife is formed from certain patterns of co-psychoworlds. There are probably more and more co-psychoworlds which are beyond our understanding.

5. Closing

What is truth? Is there any absolute truth for everyone? Truth usually exists only in one's psychoworld. When a person can share the psychoworld with others, the truth begins to have some general value. There are so many people around the world who fight with others under the name of truth. But they should know that absolute truth is an illusion.

Maybe, this is the only absolute truth in our world:

"All realities are the production of many people's and entities' mind. And those realities are always changeable by their minds."

— 2002, January, Siyoh Tomiyama

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