ITC workgroups overview

Different people are interested in ITC for different reasons, and they want to get involved at different levels of commitment. We have developed a set of workgroups around peopleís different motivations toward ITC research to make it easier for them to get involved in World ITC. 

If you are drawn to one of more of these workgroups, you are welcome to join. Then, if you are compelled later on to leave a workgroup and/or try another one, thatís fine too.  

Questions in the task sheets associated with each workgroup should be answered as scientifically as possible (while keeping in mind modern science is not a adequate to provide all answers for such spiritually based research as ITC). Members of the workgroups should work out plans of how to achieve that balance between science and spirit.  

So far we have concentrated on the following workgroups.

Workgroup A Task sheet  

involves people who are interested in improving contacts to deceased loved ones in order to be consoled and/or to get help from those in beyond.

Workgroup B Task sheet  

is for people who are interested in establishing experimental proof. This proof should demonstrate to the open-minded scientist, who can get his or her own successful results, that there is something unexpected and unknown. That could open his mind further.  

Workgroup C Task sheet  

is for people who desire to get contacts to beings beyond because they need help that could make difficult decisions on Earth easier, or could make impossible decisions possible. Information received in this workgroup should guide those people in a certain way. How can the experimenter be sure that the appropriate advisor is available in beyond? This group should try to assist.  

Workgroup D Task sheet  

prepares and disseminates information that already exists, including received information coming from new, scientifically controlled experiments.  

Workgroup F Task sheet  

plans and executes experiments for scientific authentication of communications between dimensions in order to answer the question: Is this type of communication possible or not?

Workgroup G Task sheet  

processes spirit/paranormal voices and images already received, to make them clearer. Only the "playback mode" is here concerned.

Workgroup H Task sheet Reports

searches for the variables that influence these interdimensional experiments. Scientific methods are required to determine the variables. (Reports available.)

Workgroup I Task sheet  

develops theories behind ITC communications / phenomena.

Workgroup  R Task sheet

tests the theory of resonance by maintaining an international research group whose members try to sustain harmony among them over time.


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