Workgroup   G

improvement of existing and known equipment and the development of new devices to make received voices more and easier audible and to make received pictures better visible. All that takes place in the "playback-mode" of already received ITC contacts.

Date: Dec 17, 2000


Some questions:

1. What kind of equipment, software and other devices are known?

2. Which of those have been tested by the members?

3. What are the results using that known equipment and/or software?

4. Which of those should be tested by the members?

5. also in workgroup H #5:

Would it be good to have one standard device in the playback-mode to better voices (for example the best productive software working on a PC) and another one to better pictures (like: video processor units as they are used in TV-productions and also by hobbyist?)

a) What brings the best results in enhancing the quality of the received voices: filters or software or software as a filter?

b) What is needed to enhance the quality of received pictures?

6. What does the members feel is necessary to reach that goal?

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