Workgroup   C

building contacts to beings beyond that could help me making my decisions on earth easier or even possible and that information should guide me in a certain way

Date: Dec 17, 2000


That, was been said in workgroup A is important here too.

To that comes, that it is even more important to know who/what gives advices from beyond.

Is there a difference between messages that allow me to feel and/or to understand which messages are meant well and which ones will not support but even suppress me? Are the type of messages I get somehow to a certain degree a mirror of my own thinking and feeling (like attract like)?

Could it be, that if a guidance leads me to the recognition to listen to my inner voice that this guidance/guide is the right one?

How do I feel getting a message of love, understanding, tolerance and help to develop my own discernment?

To which guide/information source should I listen to?

It is very important to understand the principles of how ITC works in order to be a help for those persons. There is a lot of responsibility demanded by giving information of how ITC works.

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