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the prove, that there is something I didnít know before and that leads me possibly to a way to get in contact to another kind of knowledge

Date: Oct 20, 2000

Members: Rolf-D. Ehrhardt

This prove of any kind of unexpected and unbelievable occurrences (EVP/ITC, PK) can only be "successful" if we are talking to an open minded person.

Following there is a way described to let a scientist start thinking in a direction we are familiar with. This described way is the conclusion from many discussions, observations and demonstrations. Before we start we must agree upon the presumptions most scientific people have.

* A physicist or scientist will almost never be interested in a medium: because the results are subjective.

* If you try in the very beginning with EVP, the not open minded scientist is afraid to be defrauded. Why? It is not so easy to check all the used equipment. Even in a simple recorder a transceiver could have been build in, he is afraid of. The scientist would have to use his own "machines in his rooms" at a time he determines. If the sitting is successful that could probably open his mind. In my opinion ITC is the second step to open or to widen scientists mind.

* The most impressive way is this (every single step is important):

You ask a physicist to get some spoons or screw driver and he should keep them. You wash your hands in front of the scientist. Then you ask him to give one of his spoons (by far better is a screw driver). You bend that spoon or screw driver in front of his very eyes. After you have done that, you give the bended spoon to the scientist and ask him to do the same with one of his spoons. If he could not bend his spoon you ask for an explanation. (Information: it is even more impressive to the scientist when the spoon will be twisted and not bended because the force that is normally needed is much higher.) Going this way excludes everything a scientist could use to avoid the experience that with this experiment something unexpected and even unbelievable has happened. It might be that the scientist has got his "AHA" Ė experience. That means the person starts to think loudly, tries to find explanations and considers that there is something he didnít know before or he will be very quiet.

That can be the beginning of new considerations and many questions to be asked from that physicist and/or scientist. If it is not that "changing-my-mind"- (="AHA"-)experience to that scientist you can only offer him at a later stage in that discussion that he can get perhaps with your or with the help of others an EVP with his died relatives and/or friends. Be careful that could be the last talk for a long time with this person.

The recognition process could and should result in: spirit rules the matter!

(To add one thing: our personal spirit rules our body(=matter) by thinking)

What is needed? Capable and cooperative PK-mediums with little ego.

Those mediums should not have the impulse to go to media like TV, radio or newspaper!

Although there took place many of these demonstrations where people brought in spoons, watches and the audience could be convinced (if necessary) because there was no fraud possible, it hasnít changed so much in a larger scale. People who didnít take part in that demonstration could not believe it. So, it will be a slow process by demonstrating those phenomena to people who wish it. Everyone has to convince himself.

Those demonstrations, speeches and so on should be made with and to opinion leaders. Opinion leaders are mainly those people who lead f.e. a group of ITC/EVP experimenters. That could lead to a reinforcement of those group leaders.

We have to go step by step!

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