Workgroup   H

the recognition of the parameters that have influences on the experimental side. Here are the "record-" and the "playback-mode" concerned.

Date: Dec 17, 2000


Some questions should be answered:

1. Are there reports that say, that certain circumstances (people devices) are necessary or at least desirable to achieve good and often EVP/ITC contacts?

2. Can those mentioned circumstances/preconditions to be found as almost equal independent of whom or which group is reporting them?

3. If the same devices are used: is the percentage of successful contacts compared to the tries almost the same independent from the experimenter?

4. If there are successful experimenters:

a) Became the contacts better and better as time went by?

b) Did the experimenter change the equipment while experimenting? With what kind of result? Was there always an improvement through changing?

c) Why have contacts ceased?

d) Can the experimenter determine to which being he wants to get in contact with?

e) Have the beings in beyond (the contacter on the other side) changed since the successful experimenter started his work? Who wanted and/or forced that change?

f) Would it perhaps be good to change to digital cameras or to video recorder with a digital output in order to reduce the losses when working on it later?

g) Can we detect by the use of devices that allow to measure EEG waves that certain EEG pattern occur while an experimenter is working successfully?

Are there relatively cheap EEG addon devices for computers (PC) available that allow to measure this waves and allow also biofeedback measurements?

h) If there are certain pattern: can we induce those pattern (through the hemisync system after Monroe for example?) by people who like to take part in that type of researches?

5. Would it be good to have one standard device in the playback mode to better voices and another one to better pictures?

a) What brings the best results in enhancing the quality of the received voices: filters or software?

b) What is needed to enhance the quality of received pictures?

6. Does it make sense to make researches on all the following (potential) parameters?

For example when taping: using a tape-recorder

same tape-recorder - yes/no

same additional devices - yes/no

sealed music-cassettes - yes/no

noise generators - yes/no

same rooms - yes/no

same surroundings - yes/no

same weekday at the same time - yes/no

same people being present in gatherings/sittings    - yes/no

to get people in a proper mood using always
the same way all agreed upon                                    - yes/no

Task     H: 4 g            R e p o r t                                   
Is there a correlation between EEG pattern and successful contact to beyond?

EEG waves should be measured at a successful experimenter while having contact to beyond. The waves occurring before having contact and after the contact should be measured too. If there is there a correlation between certain EEG pattern and a successful contact: how can we describe these pattern applying the normal terminology using alpha, beta, theta and delta waves?

Equipment needed

Add on devices for PC would be the easiest way, unless we get old EEG machines from a hospitals or doctors. On the mentioned websites there are many different devices offered to be added to a PC, software inclusive.

People needed

It needs some good EVP/ITC experimenter that are willing to take part in that type of research.

Information needed

Have those researches already been made? Where do we get these informations from? How can we learn to interpret EEG pattern? Dean Radin's book: "The Consscious Universe" (see book list) should be of help.

Colleagues should have/be

engagement; technical/scientific/medical comprehension 

Task     H: 4 h           R e p o r t             

Can those pattern found in task -H: 4 g- be induced by means of certain devices or other methods?

Can we induce certain EEG pattern to increase the number of wished contacts to wished beings in beyond? Can we increase the duration of the contacts by acting this way? Which method is most promising: using "brain-machines" or "biofeedback-devices" or "mental ways like meditation"? Are devices actually neccessary or is another method easier, better, less expensive and even more effective? Is there a most effective method for all people/experimenter? If not, why not?

Equipment needed
Tests should be made with brain-machines, biofeedback devices and normal concentration-/meditation methods.  

People needed
It would be good to have the same people as in Task H: 4 g.  A control group would be good to have too.

Information needed
Have researches on inducing EEG pattern already been made? Are the results accessible?

Colleagues should have/be
engagement; technical/scientific/medical comprehension 

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