Workgroup   D

the preparation of information from our and other groups in order to spread it out, for example in the internet by creating and modifying a website related to our concern

Date: Dec 17, 2000

Members: Rolf-D. Ehrhardt

We would suggest not to write the same things again when you can find them already printed or published elsewhere. Therefore I would recommend to create a Web-site where all people can find:

                    - Information about IoTC basis

                    - Information about the members

                    - Information about the workgroups and their goals

                    - List of Web-sites ref. to our concern

                    - List of books, videos and other type of periodical publication

                    - Articles from our members

What is needed??

A webmaster. A person who is familiar with related software (or at least willing to learn) and who is willing to do this "paperwork" in coordination with the coordinator.

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