Workgroup   A

bettering contacts to deceased loved ones in order to be consoled and/or to get help from those beyond

Date: Oct 20, 2000


After the successful work of Workgroup H the results should be given to those who are interested to know how to better.

In most cases those people are interested in easy-to-use equipment like normal tape-recorder and an external mike with an amplifier to increase the sensitivity.

We should try to help those people to learn how to differ between spirits that call themselves as mom/mum or daddy and the "real surviving" part of mum and daddy.

What is needed? Demanded is psychical hygiene!!!!

To understand the principle of transcommunication or as Sarah Estep wrote in her "Quarterly Newsletter Vol 17, Number 1 AA-EVP NEWS Spring 1998, chapter "Like attracts like":

Keep this in mind if and when you sit down to tape. Who and what you are, largely determines the kind of spirit who comes to speak.


Or as Ehrhardt says: Resonance determines to whom you get in contact with.

Other words for the same thing.

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