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A Lawyer Presents the
Case for the Afterlife
Victor Zammit

Excerpt - Konstantin Raudive

Breakthroughs in Technical
Spirit Communication

by Theo Locher / Maggy Harsch

Bridge between the
Terrestrial and Beyond

by Hildegard Schaefer

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by Prof. Dr. Senkowski

The Magic of Living Forever
by George W. Meek

Miracles in the Storm
Excerpt - Mark Macy

Spirit Faces
by Mark Macy

Spiricom Report
by George W. Meek

The Road to Immortality

Beyond Human Personality

Frederic Meyers / G. Cummins

Voices of Eternity
by Sarah Wilson Estep

Voice Transmissions
With The Deceased

by Friedrich Juergenson

Remarks to:
Voice Transmissions

by Rolf-D. Ehrhardt


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