American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

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This book is made available to you by AA-EVP with the permission of Sarah Estep.

Voices of Eternity is written by AA-EVP Founder, Sarah Estep. Sarah invites you to download, read and share this book with your friends. She asks only that you respect her copyright and credit her should you chose to quote any part of the book.

Our thanks to AA-EVP Member, Christopher Hazlitt, fo manually typing this book into electronic for AA-EVP.

Each page has been numbered as they appear in the book to facilitate correlation with the hard copy version of the book. The text of this file has not been proofread, so we would appreciate your help in correcting any possible errors you may discover.

The file has a size of 651 KB and is in PDF. To read this document you need the Acrobat Reader.

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