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"Voice Transmissions With The Deceased"
Friedrich Juergenson

For those among the readers, that are not so used to that matter EVP/ITC I like to give some introducing words using the reverse page of the book mentioned above:  

Contact to beyond using a tape recorder 

By chance Friedrich Juergenson observed in the summer 1959 strange voices on his tape. First he believed to have included parts of an other radio program - until under that he noted voices that he knew and that came from persons that had passed away for a long time.

Meanwhile Friedrich Juergenson collected innumerable tapes with such voices. They were tested by scientists, radio experts and sound technicians - however, no one of them could find a valid technical declaration for this phenomenon.

As already mentioned at an other place, I had had my "AHA"-experience in the year 1986 through the TV program of "The Incredible stories" (Die Unglaublichen Geschichten) of Rainer Holbe on RTL. From that date EVP/ITC became a topic I was interested in because I had received my first voice at the same evening with own devices and in own rooms. These were good assumptions for an experimental physicist, to be with a matter that was not known to him (me) until this date.    

As a matter of fact, the above mentioned book was necessary to read. I took note of a lot of things with astonishment and most of it could not be understood because I was "new" in that field. Today, at the end of the year 2001 (for a given reason), I read this book again - and can't stop being astonished all time reading it. Without any doubts, that I see the book today with completely other eyes after 15 years of more or less intense occupation with the topic EVP (which is a subcategory of ITC). Of course I had to study all the other fields resulting from the fact that a spiritual world exists. Some chapters which I so incidentally had taken note of formerly are for the ITC of great importance. This knowledge, already to be found in that book, I had acquired myself in the meantime (1986 to 1997) going a quite different way and using other sources of information. I'm glad that everything fits together. Independently from which angle or side one approaches this subject, the consequences and results are always identical after a long study. You will find further information on that in the essays on the website (only in German yet). I would like to notice, that the website displays only a part of the studied phenomena and knowledge fields which I was occupied with in the course of the years.

The main reasons why I make the following remarks to that book are: 

Following I like to give some quotes and make some remarks.

Quotes from the book and the chapter where to find them

my remarks

... The systematic evaluation of different voices also showed that the reverse voices should not sound at all the way they do which continues to confound physicists and electronics experts. ...

that shows: reverse voices are a well known fact. Perhaps one should try to look at the principles behind them.

Chapter 5:
... slower than the normal recording speed, instead of the dog barking the following sentence was heard in German, “Moelnbo…main block…twelve o’ twelve (as in o'clock) " Here again a “magic metaphor” entered that will have to be solved by future parapsychological research. ...

"magic metaphors" take place since the beginning of EVP/ITC

Chapter 5:
... I have to confess that such revolutionary events are hard to describe, and harder still to experience. As path breaking and interesting as they may appear to be, they are coupled in reality with tremendous obstacles, since their “tool” needs to turn and form himself into a live “bridgehead”, an accomplishment that just isn’t possible without psychic strength and elasticity. ...

the human with his personal spirit is the bridgehead on earth and not the equipment used. The "energetic field" needed to get in contact consists to a very high degree of human's (experimenter's) psychic strength and elasticity. 

Chapter 5:
I discovered the simple truth that the biggest difficulties and obstacles are to be found within ourselves, and that without their removal the attempted approaches by the invisible dimension of life, could not be realized and would instead inevitably lead to new misunderstandings. ...

Juergenson no longer assumed but discovered these facts. All successful working experimenter know these facts and use that in their experimental work. 

Chapter 5:
In the following three episodes you can clearly see the attempted approaches that followed closely, one upon the other, and you can recognize the difficulties that have accompanied the contact between the two different spheres of life and consciousness. It’s a good thing that those on the “other side” also possess a good portion of healthy humor.

through his experiments he had found out that there are different life and consciousness fields (indeed here onto earth and in beyond) 

Chapter 7:
It started with a strange sound phenomenon being audible around me during the course of the day. For example, when I was sitting in my studio listening to the splashing of the rain, I could clearly hear short calls, words or partial words, yes among them even longer sentences, that originated from the drizzle or rain dropping sounds from the water and that were whispered undeniably by a female voice. For the most part the sentences repeated themselves and were spoken sometimes in German and sometimes in Swedish and they went something like: “Hold contact – with the equipment hold contact – please listen – daily contact with equipment – please, please listen!…”

that shows that Juergenson had special capabilities which might be very important or even essential for his success in EVP. His human part of the "energetic field" had without any doubt a special structure and strength. 

Chapter 7:
My listening skills had improved greatly, I had actually suddenly become very keen of hearing. ...

doesn't explain this very much??   

Chapter 8: 
Slowly I sank into a condition of peaceful release, and became very still internally, though I was wide-awake and fully conscious of my surroundings. Then something happened that never happened before. I clearly heard a muffled male voice speak, at no more than three yards distance; ”Listen to me – take part in the work…” The voice spoke in German. ...

that are direct voices and those will only received by psychic. Please listen to:

Chapter 9:
I was just getting ready to place the headphones on, when suddenly a intensive “puffing” was audible simultaneously through the headphones and in the room. ...


Chapter 13:
“Help…make contact with radio…radio we have…day contact…evening radio helps…help my man…” were the phrases repeated often phrases that I did not yet understand correctly. ...

if there is a stable bridge to beyond (here with Lena), then the experimenter is informed from there how the contact can be bettered

Chapter 17:
... For example, I was given instructions that were spoken with unusual haste, or Lena, my radio assistant spoke in very high frequencies that were barely distinguishable from the surrounding noise. ...


Chapter 17:
... My friends were capable of using practically any wavelength and at any time. Still they avoided short wave and particular hours, as for example, when the daily news was broadcast. ... ... During a thunderstorm, or more correctly, just before a thunderstorm, all transmissions ceased. ...

the entities in beyond know best what and how to better the conditions on earth in order to increase quality, durance and frequency of the contacts

Chapter 19: 
... I knew very little then about the role of my radio assistant “Lena”, who was busy trying to guide me to the correct wavelength in a very special and rather complicated way. But since I misunderstood her instructions most of the time, I used to switch on the microphone intermittently, ...


Chapter 20:  
... At first I received a comprehensive description of the so-called “Beyond” from which there emerged a fairly clear picture of a certain sphere to which my friends have devoted their special care. ...

it is obvious that there are several spheres/stages of consciousness/areas in beyond where entities can "reside" 

Chapter 20:  
... As far as I am personally concerned, I to had first to gain an extensive insight into and become familiar with the otherworldly sphere and the psychic changes that humans experience with death. ...

if somebody gets busy with this theme intensively then there is no way around these findings 

Chapter 20: 
... The deeper I gained an insight into this unknown sphere of existence, the clearer I saw the processes in our own world. It was startling! Both worlds seemed to be divided only by our spatially and temporally limited imagination. ...

I got this information long before I read this book from another EVP researcher in Berlin/Germany

Chapter 20:
...There were only two paths open to me to obtain a clear and detailed picture of this celestial sphere. ... Path number two consisted of my capability of entering the otherworldly sphere by “myself” without having to die first, no matter how fairytale-like this may sound to some readers. ...

there is no doubt that Juergenson had special capabilities which are normally  characteristic for a medium 

Chapter 21:
... Here was a person who died two weeks ago in the hospital. ... And now a dead person speaks on tape to his friend! Someone who disappeared into the “Great Nothingness” speaks clearly with his old, dear voice clearly and always repeatable on a tape – in spite of infarct, cremation and that small pile of ashes, the presence of which is also undeniable. ...

everyone has the chance to  convince himself  that these statements are correct - presuming that he has the correct attitude and commits himself to this matter 

Chapter 24:
... Lena not only watched over the radio bridge, she formulated the signals and the key words and showed me the correct wavelength. Without Lena’s help, I could never have found my way in the labyrinth of radio waves. ...

Juergenson as well as all the other successful experimenter knows that cooperation between "beyond" and "earth" is required in order to be successful. There is no "voice-catching" by simply record something/ someone's voice hoping that it will be a meaningful message.

Chapter 24:
... Over time it became clear that a permanent contact bridge existed between my friends on the other side and myself. ...

Juergenson had also these experiences of having a permanent contact bridge. Experimenters who have the same experiences today are confronted with fraud  reproaches and at least with distrust as far as quality and quantity of the voices/ pictures received by them are concerned. Example: Recording of information from beyond also with absence of the experimenters!  

Chapter 25:
... As soon as I was able to establish a radio contact with Lena’s help, I could be sure that I was being observed by her via a kind of radar screen. Lena did not only see my body sitting in front of the radio receiver, but she was able to read my thoughts at the same time and even before I had thought them out completely. ... (further very interesting information).

reading of thoughts of the experimenters on earth by the entities in beyond is also well known in ITC/EVP 

Chapter 25:
... But then it could happen that, for instance, an Arabic announcer would begin speaking in German, Swedish, Estonian, Italian and also Russian without any change of emphasis in his voice! Suddenly he would call me by name, bring me personal news, mention Moelnbo, Maelarhoedjen and the names of my friends that had passed on, mix in a few Arabic words again, and once again quickly, casually, send words of greetings to my wife Monika and our poodle Carino and then
end his commentary in the original language. ...

Juergenson was able to understand and speak all these languages. That "switching" from one language to another within one message should convince Juergenson that the message is of "paranormal" origin and that there's no doubt about it. 

Chapter 26: 
The whole chapter is very interesting and gives important information

many "problems" that are still discussed in the EVP/ITC scene could find the answers here 

Chapter 26:  Question # 6 
... However, in the case of microphone recordings other reception possibilities also seem to exist, namely under certain conditions that have not yet been entirely determined, there are other parts of the tape recorder that can be used as access channels. The supposition lies close that the communicators and singers on the other side can also make use of other parts of the instrument instead of just the microphone. As already mentioned, there is the justifiable hope that this problem can be solved soon with the assistance of scientists. ... 

what was clear to Juergenson earlier than 1981 is still discussed in the EVP/ITC scene. Wouldn't it be better to start very concrete researches? 


Chapter 27:
... Let us now turn our attention to the communications of the dead, to their own characteristic way of expressing themselves as well as to the humor that shines spontaneously through their communications. ...

this characteristic is confirmed of other experimenters and allows to classify many voices easily 

Chapter 27:
... Without the help of a tape recorder these whispered communications could not be understood at all, they took place inside the original transmission not only much too fast, but they had to be amplified and then listened to again several times. This camouflaged appearance on radio transmissions (at the beginning of our contacts) will also have been difficult for the discarnate communicators, in any case they too would have had to undergo a certain training to develop into good “copyists” or “popsers”. ...

the tape recorder is only a "documenting device". The  contact itself takes place with the broadcast. Not to forget: Juergenson is able to hear voices in the room (ESP). In "normal" EVP sessions words appear only on the tape recorder, while Juergenson can hear  the words also directly in the broadcast and could understand them. ---- The entities in beyond must learn also of how to make contact to us on earth. That is easier for them and us when we make contact to a certain being in beyond and stabilize and strengthen this bridge. 

Chapter 27:
... It was evidently Lena’s task to assist me who was sitting in the dark and to give me signs or signals because she was in charge of the time radar, which is to say, the link that enables a connection between the fourth dimension and our own earthbound time. ...

the problems in beyond to "meet" us here on earth in "time" has been reported by several experimenters who got this information from the entities in beyond. To have a contact "person" in beyond helps to solve this problem. 

Chapter 28: 
... Of course the evidence that the human being will live on after death as a conscious entity is of utmost importance as is the fact that the departed can reach us by means of the tape recorder. ...

ITC allows to make an old known evidence "communication with beyond" in an objective way 

Chapter 36: 
... Up to the time of this writing (October 1963), I have been able to record eight voices of people still living on this earth, seven female voices and one of a boy. Except for the boy, all must have been asleep, yet in wakeful and conscious state, knowing that their message reached me and that they were being recorded by me on my tape. Here it must be stated unconditionally that we know from experience that there exist states of consciousness separated from each other, such as the normal waking consciousness and the dream conscience. ...

that are recordings of animistic kind. 

Both: animistic and spiritualistic origins of voices are worthwhile to make researches on   

Chapter 36: 
... Because the dead have kept their pure human side, they understand each other and us whom they have left behind. I have never heard the
dead moralizing. ...

EVP/ITC contacts take place with entities at this stage of consciousness

Chapter 38: 
... I noticed that even my friends and associates were having difficulty while reviewing the tapes, despite their open and positive attitude towards my research work. Most tired quickly and became impatient, especially when they did not understand the text immediately. When I told them the words then they seemed so clear and simple to them, so that they were annoyed with themselves (not to recognize them right away). Most of them did not consider that I had many years of hard training behind me, a fact that is of decisive importance. It was only the very loud and distinct recordings that were understood by all. ...

of course this effect takes place this way because:  the human brain compares sense impressions (that includes also the hearing) with already stored datas; if there are not any datas, one has very often no use of this information received by the ears f.e.. If the words are given by another person then they are suddenly easy to hear because the brain can now compare: the information coming from tape or radio with the word said. The experimenter must know therefore ahead of time what he likes to do: does he like to convince other people or is he only interested to gather information for himself. And when you are trained like Juergenson then you have a lot of data in your brain you can compare the information received with.

Chapter 41: 
... Enzo was driving and had turned on the radio. After the news there came a short pause when a female voice called out suddenly and intensively: “Friedel, Friedel, tomorrow!” ... It was the first time I was called over a car radio. ...

since Juergenson had a continuous contact this new type of contact is no longer surprising. It is only a further variant of the establishing of contact, because the bridge into beyond is stabilized due to the fact that the resonant conditions match.

Chapter 43: (Recording via microphone) 
... Stensson is aghast. His assistant Koistinen likewise cannot understand this phenomenon. Stensson opines: “The bang is even stranger than the voices. One should have been able to hear it in the room.” ...

please look at Chapter 26,  question # 6

Chapter 44: 
... Prof. Laurent also commented positively in the press. However, he added that it would be better for science if it could be proved that the voices did not originate with the dead. ...

it is the known phenomenon: 
that it can not be what is not allowed to be!

Chapter 45: 
... Despite my poor health and a somewhat forced work tempo, several voices appeared and were recorded simultaneously with all the tape recorders. ...

if the human part of the "energetic field" is strong enough then it doesn't matter which equipment will be used. You will find the same message on each recorder (that is my own experience too) 

Chapter 46: 
... Afterwards, the engineer conducted an extensive analysis of the tape that, incidentally, agreed in all substantial respects with that of the German physicists. He came to the conclusion that the voices are not only using the microphone as the access channel, but that other sensitive parts of the tape recorder could be used by them as a receiver. An interesting circumstance consisted in the fact that in case of these recordings all of the tape tracks are irradiated at the same time and that a strange sound can be heard on all of the other tracks that are normally inaccessible for recordings. ...

please look at Chapter 26,  question # 6

Chapter 47
... I am convinced that for whoever seeks a connection out of inner need, love, longing and concern with the fate of a loved one who has passed over, whoever wants to participate in building the bridge between this world and the hereafter with a pure heart and much patience, for that individual the barrier will open. ...

... To a large extent success depends on us. Much depends on the way and means with which we seek to take up contact. We ourselves can promote or inhibit the contact. It is best to act completely naturally, to avoid all solemn, exaggerated, pompous moods. ...

... The language of the dead is the unvarnished pictorial language of the subconscious. Free of any compromises whether these may be caused by false politeness, stylistic prettiness or moral concerns of any kind, the “language of the dead” transmits directly the truth of the heart. ...

... I have often been asked the question as to the best method to use to get into contact with the dead. As I have already said before, it depends exclusively on our motives, but also on our patience and persistence. ...

... While a relaxed and dispassionate mood is of great, almost decisive significance in the case of tape recordings, listening to the recordings requires a sober objectivity. A vigilance of spirit and a good physical condition are essential above all. ...

that are other words for that what I call "human part of the energetic field" needed to get in contact to another type of consciousness

for further information:

- How ITC works

- Resonance, a key to ITC

Chapter 47: 
... Besides, a radio link cannot be realized without the help of an assistant on the other side. But I assume that an assistant will be found for those who are ready, like me, to devote them totally to the building of this bridge. ...

there is no successful experimenter known to me who have constant contact to beyond without the help of an entity in beyond

... The next day, something very interesting happened. As the reader might recall, I have often reported on the activity of my assistant, Lena. Her engagement is unique and invaluable. Without it no radio contacts of any kind would be possible and since Lena also provides important communications over the microphone, hers is a leading role in this bridge building effort between our world and the hereafter.

... Lena was married to one of my childhood friends in Odessa, and after I left Russia in 1925 all contact with her ended. I only know that she was separated from her husband by the political events of the day and I have no
knowledge of her subsequent fate. ...

often the "contact entity" in beyond has a strong emotional connection to the experimenter on earth

I consider the information as very important as it is given also in the chapter 25 that the "dead" (the entities in beyond) can read our thoughts and know our motivation why we request the establishing of contact for example. Drawing other conclusions from these quotations is left to everyone as a matter of course.

After study of the relevant literature lasting for years, after many conversations with experimenters and due to own experiences I can confirm only, that the information published by Juergenson already in the year 1981 corresponds to mine, on completely other ways acquired, state of knowledge. Other information sources which are not to be assigned to the field of the ITC show the same information. In these articles I attempted to take my findings together and to give everyone the possibility, by means of the indicated literature and own experiments, to put his own puzzle together.

rodiehr June 16, 2002

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