Miracles in the Storm
by Mark Macy

Table of Contents



1. Thunder and Rainbows

The storm, March 5, 1998 — Healing the world and me, late 1980s — To the threshold of death, the summer of 1988 — Clearing my spiritual path, the early 1990s — Meeting my spiritual mentor, the autumn of 1991 — My private course in miracles — Getting started in Luxembourg, 1985Our extraterrestrial home; long, long ago

2. Journeying to the Brink

Voice of authority, February 1987Making plans to spread the miracles, 1988New bridges to other worlds, 1988-89Storms of the ego, the summer of 1989Broken dreams and darkened hearts, the fall of 1989 — On deaf ears, 1989-91 — Getting started in Colorado, the winter of 1991-92 — Jeannette settles into Wonderland, 1992 — A world of infinite possibilities, timelessness — Surprise call from a musician, August 11, 1992 — Angel wings and a fork in the road, 1992-93 — Note from a Nineteenth Century chemist, summer of 1992

3. The Ill Winds of Skepticism

History is made, April 16, 1993 — The media catch wind of ITC, the fall of 1993 — My guardian angel, Juliet in the East, November 1993 — Bridge opens to the States, January 1994 — Another media dead-end, March 1994 — Boggled minds, February 1994 — Open minds open doors, the spring of 1994 — More ups and downs in the media, May 1994 — Miracles in New York, the summer of 1994 — A dark cloud, July 8, 1994 — Distant thunder, July 15-17, 1994 — The professor and I, July 23-24, 1994 — Planting seeds for international collaboration, August 1994 — TV exposure at last, November 26, 1994 — Two women scorned, end of 1994

4. Getting On the Same Wavelength

Troubled spirits, January 1995 — To take the Lighted path, the spring of 1995 — The issue of money, spring of 1995 — Speaking tour, spring of 1995 — Cultural differences, an obstacle to harmony — Exclusivity, another obstacle — Strained relations, the spring of 1995 — An up-and-coming psychic, summer of 1995 — The last straw, the summer of 1995 — A broken connection — Homes receives a contrary contact

5. Forging an Association, Being Showered By Miracles

Left out in the cold — By the warmth of celestial fires — Hello from Heaven, 1995-96 — Our extraterrestrial heritage — On the threshold of spiritual science — The door slams shut

6. The Gates to Heaven and Hell

Positive spirit voices on tape — Who's calling whom? — A phone call for the record — Subtle energies are not so subtle — Spirit colleagues attend our second meeting — Technical support from Beyond, February 6, 1998

7. Science, Spirit, and the Storm

Miracles before the storm — The storm erupts, 1998-99 — Storm in the States — Troubled waters — The river runs dry, the early spring of 1998 — The road to abundance veers off course — The collapse of civilization — The challenge today

8. The American Seed Takes Root

The afterlife of INIT — The GAIT closes — Portal to miracles, the spring of 1999 — A breakthrough for Stateside ITC, the fall of 1999 — What to make of the images — My own Luminator, the GT-21 — Try this


An excerpt


A miracle of profound possibilities was brought to Earth in the closing years of the Twentieth Century, as people in various countries began to receive information through their televisions, telephones, radios and computers from spirit colleagues. With the support of ethereal beings, or angels, an international team of scientists and researchers came together to nurture the development of instrumental transcommunication (ITC), under an umbrella of love and morality. Properly nurtured, the miracle could bring reassurance and understanding to our troubled world as we step into a new millennium.

But alas, negative human tendencies began to leak into the work, threatening to destroy the miracle and to trap humanity in its present state of uncertainty. The researchers must find a way to remove the threat.

Miracles in the Storm is a factual account of the author’s role in sustaining the international, interdimensional research and documenting the amazing results over a nine-year period. During that time, he and his colleagues worked alongside some of the most powerful forces of Light involved with our world, and they confronted various influences of negativity and darkness on both sides of the veil which nearly destroyed their valuable work.

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Miracles in the Storm is the first book that takes a close, compelling look at the fragile, young field of ITC research from the eye of the storm that nearly tore it apart. Since 1991 the author has been a key figure in world ITC—documenting the results of the most prolific receivers of ITC contacts, funding and organizing annual research seminars on both sides of the Atlantic, and opening the first enhanced ITC bridge in the States.

Currently, in the year 2000, the author is experiencing unprecedented miracles in his lab as he completes this book. The miracles include color images of spirit beings on a reliable basis and steady improvement of radio contacts toward loud, clear dialog. The book could play an important part in the resurrection of world ITC by putting things into clearer perspective. That is the author’s hope.

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Chapter One
Thunder and rainbows

The storm, March 5, 1998

This was NOT a pleasant phone call. I glanced out the window. The moon was moving behind a cloud and the trees were waving their branches wildly as winds from the north brought a chill to the air.

"I’ll tell you something, Mark, you need to get some advice, and I’m talking about legal advice," said Dale Palmer.

He was telling me to get a good lawyer! An uneasiness stirred in the pit of my stomach; I sensed a battle coming. "Why do you say that?" I asked.

"I think you’re terribly naive sometimes," Palmer replied. "When you get stuff like that, and you reproduce that, and you send it through the United States mail, and then you use that to raise money, do you know what they call that in the United States, Mark?"

Was he accusing me of fraud? I couldn’t believe it. Dale Palmer was a lawyer—a retired district attorney for the State of Indiana. The job of a DA is to prosecute criminals, and I was starting to feel like a criminal, even though I knew I’d done nothing wrong.

I’m involved in a controversial field of communication research called ITC, or instrumental transcommunication. It’s not your normal, everyday type of communication; it involves the use of technical instruments to get information from the worlds of spirit in the form of voices, images and text. Effectively, my fellow researchers and I are in contact with departed colleagues and loved ones by various means—primarily telephone, radio, television, computer, and camera.

At the time of my phone conversation with Dale Palmer, I was part of a group of scientists and researchers calling ourselves INIT (the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication), and we were dedicated to the spread of ITC around the world in an ethical way. I was in charge of compiling the contacts from the various research stations and publishing them in a journal.

Now Palmer seemed to me to be suggesting that my journal carried false information. I wondered if he really believed that, or if it was just a case of sour grapes. He had been voted into our research group a couple of years earlier, then was asked to leave a couple of months ago as a terrible conflict raged among several members, including him.

I didn’t like the idea of someone implying I was involved in fraud, but ITC researchers such as myself had heard empty accusations before, and we would likely hear them again and again until the notion of ITC became more widely accepted. It was a real mind-boggler to many people—the idea that we were talking, as some would say, to "dead people" on the phone. Still, hearing those words coming from Dale Palmer—a man I’d considered a friend and colleague—was especially troubling. I thought he really should have known better.

Palmer’s main contention seemed to be with the research results of a European couple who were friends and colleagues of mine at that time—Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg. Maggy was reporting by far the most miraculous contacts in the world. She was enjoying not just phone conversations, but also computer contacts, voices through radio speakers, images flashing across TV screens, and even FAXes—all purportedly coming from sources beyond the Earth.

Palmer said, "One of the things that bothers me a great deal is that you really don’t know whether this dialog that’s coming out of Luxembourg is valid or not, and yet you reproduce that and send it out to hundreds of people."

I asked, "You’re referring to the contacts they receive?"

"The contacts they SAY they receive," he replied. Again, it seemed to me he was suggesting my friends were involved in some kind of a hoax, which I knew was not true.

"Of course they’re valid...!" I said, and I explained in some detail why I believed the contacts of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach were valid.

I was not alone in that belief. Many other discerning researchers and scientists who had witnessed the couple’s miraculous experiments had walked away believing that amazing and wonderful things were underway in the life of this woman who claimed to be in touch with "Timestream," a team of several thousand spirit beings who worked with the support and guidance of angelic beings to choreograph contacts with the Earth. Palmer had never witnessed Maggy’s experiments, so if he was skeptical, as he seemed to me to be, then perhaps his skepticism was understandable.

I thought that if we could now go our separate ways in peace, that would be fine. But it was not to be. We debated for more than an hour. I felt like a falsely accused criminal, defending the legitimacy of the research and the character of my friends and colleagues against what seemed to me like a pointed attack. When our conversation ended, neither of us having budged on our positions, I placed the receiver back on the hook and shook my head.

It was dark and still outside now, but the rumble of distant thunder could be heard. A storm was approaching.

Our story begins a decade earlier—a time when the world was preparing for a spiritual renaissance. In the 1980s, a few scientists and researchers claimed to be enjoying long dialogs with spirit colleagues by telephone and radio, and they began to report images from Beyond through TVs and computers. Those events apparently were being made possible by the collaboration of ethereal beings, or angels, and I have to make it clear that they were miracles, not phenomena.

Phenomena and miracles are those extraordinary things that happen in our world which can be observed, but not necessarily understood. Nor can phenomena and miracles be explained completely by conventional science, as a rule. According to Webster’s Dictionary, what sets miracles apart from phenomena is divine intervention. Miracles involve the influences of higher spiritual powers.

Back in the 1980s when all those miracles began, I didn’t believe in any sort of higher spiritual powers, so I would have rejected such claims outright. Now, as I write this book, having been immersed in this new field of spirit communication through technology for more than a decade, not only do I KNOW the miracles are genuine, but I believe that those same miracles could conceivably usher our world into a whole new era of peace and understanding as we enter a new century. We could be on the threshold of a complete spiritual transformation………..

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Getting started in Luxembourg, 1985

It had all started for Maggy Harsch-Fischbach in 1985, a few years before my own life-changing experience had gotten underway. Maggy had been inspired by recent breakthroughs. The Spiricom experiments of George Meek and Bill O’Neil had ended in 1982. In 1983, a German experimenter named Hans-Otto Koenig had successfully demonstrated his "Ultrasound" device to an audience of millions during a live television show broadcast from Station RTL (Radio-Television Luxembourg). Koenig and the program’s host, Rainer Holbe, stood wide-eyed as loud, clear voices were conveyed through the device—voices that technicians and engineers could not explain by any normal means.

Inspired by Meek and Koenig, Maggy had received her first tiny voices on tape right away, and before long a rather strong, high-pitched voice became an integral part of the work. It was a very precise voice, crisp and clear, and it announced the beginning and end of all the sessions. At times it would surprise Maggy with words of wisdom that suggested vast knowledge on a wide array of subjects—math, science, relationships, religion, history, and even events that were supposed to have occurred many thousands of years before recorded history. It soon became clear that he or she—the wise, incredibly knowledgable being behind the voice—not only was allowing Maggy to make unprecedented progress in the development of her ITC receiving station, but was actually guiding and protecting that development. Often Maggy would ask the brilliant being about himself, or herself, and over time she received the following information in reply:

Our existence is beyond your comprehension. It’s easier for us to explain to you what we are not. We are not human, nor animal, nor male, nor female, nor Light being, nor, of course, God. There are seven of us, and although we are individual beings with individual natures, we are fused together. Many beings such as us live together closely in small groups, or clusters, as we exist in subtle realms where such boundaries as skin and ego, which separate physical beings in your world, do not exist. We are in ethereal realms of spacelessness and timelessness where beings who resonate with one another can join together in common existence, if they so choose. Many of the great beings who have walked your planet, such as Jesus Christ, Mohammed, and Gautama Buddha, return home to live in ethereal clusters in our realm which, from your perspective, is very close to God.

Names are of no importance to us. As they are important to you, you may call me Technician, as my role in this project is that of a technician to facilitate contact between worlds. Our group you may call, simply, The Seven. We, The Seven, are assigned as a Gatekeeper between Heaven and Earth, between time and space. For us it is only an assignment, while from your perspective we have accompanied your world for many thousands of years.

We have provided humanity with guidance and protection, and we have moved particularly close to the Earth during seven crucial periods of climactic growth, your current civilization being the seventh. We are here to assist you.

There is a widely known picture in your world of two children crossing a bridge, accompanied by a being who protects them. That is our role in your work, but we have no wings.

Maggy was in close cooperation with seven angels. As I would come to understand, it was her dedicated efforts, and especially her sincerity, which had attracted the help of this group of seven ethereal beings into her life and into her work at this pivotal point in the development of mankind. Apparently it was time for ITC to unfold in our world, and it would become evident to me later on that the home of Maggy and her husband, Jules Harsch—who by now was working with Maggy in her experiments—had been selected as a sort of test site for the first fully functional ITC receiving station.

Ethereal beings such as The Seven are the beings of love, compassion, and wisdom which people throughout history have reported encountering at key moments in their lives—so-called angels, or divine guardians. These are the beings who manifest miracles around the Earth. They have subtle, radiant bodies when they move in close to work with the Earth, emitting ribbons of rainbow light reminiscent of wings and ethereal robes.

Ethereal beings can come into the lives of us humans at times when all shreds of deception and insincerity have been stripped away, such as in a time of severe crisis or during the moments before death of the physical body. Insincerity is alien to these beings, and it keeps them away.

People who live in a sincere and trusting way on a daily basis, whether through inner work or by their basic nature, are blessed with ethereal presence. There is an aura of bliss around these individuals, and their lives are synchronistic; they seem always to be in the right place at the right time.

Perhaps many years of teaching young children had helped to hone Maggy’s sincerity, thus allowing a group of these ethereal beings to commit themselves to assisting her efforts, and soon she was taking quantum leaps in ITC research. Strange beeps and whistles emanated from her radios, produced by spirit-world apparatuses. The music on a radio station would suddenly disappear, to be replaced by voices of departed loved ones and other helpful astral beings.

These astral beings are the folks whom we sometimes call "spirits of the dead." They inhabit our ancestral planes—the so-called "astral" regions of the spirit worlds where people still think and behave as they had on Earth. There are many astral realms ranging from the hellish to the divine, depending on the attitudes and thought patterns of the departed people who inhabit them.

When people on Earth die and shed the physical body, they awaken in an astral body in an astral world. The new body is a replica of the body they had enjoyed in the prime of life—organ for organ, maybe even cell for cell—and their new world is very much like our world. The main difference is that everything is subtler, less dense, and easier to shape and change by intention. The astral planes, where most people wind up after death, are more of a paradise than is the Earth. Most of the astral beings are a bit more elevated than we physical beings, since some of our troubled emotional patterns and our conflicting personality quirks that make our lives difficult here on Earth are left behind when we die and move on to the next life.

The ethereal beings are more elevated still, or of finer vibration, than the astral beings, who sometimes refer to their ethereal brethren as "rainbow people." That seems to be an appropriate term, because when the ethereal beings show themselves in the astral worlds, they glow and pulsate in magnificent colors reminiscent of a rainbow.

A team of astral beings—deceased relatives, scientists, celebrities and others—were coming together around the work of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach to assist in the new and exciting project of opening channels of communication with their old home, Earth. The group of seven ethereal beings were moving in also, to provide guidance and protection.

As one of the rainbow people, the Technician, began to work directly with Maggy, the being’s high-pitched voice began to come through the radios to introduce all the sessions. The voice reflected incredible knowledge and wisdom about the equipment and this new communication process between Heaven and Earth.

In a few short years, Maggy and Jules were capturing pictures from the spirit worlds on their television; long, clear messages were coming through their radios; and they would even get phone calls, usually from the researcher Konstantin Raudive, who had died in 1974.

Konstantin Raudive had been a leading authority on spirit communication before his death, and he had chosen to continue the work from the other side of the veil. Now he was making it clear to Maggy through phone calls as well as through radio contacts that it was his calling to help open the doors of clear communication between Heaven and Earth.

Konstantin Raudive and the higher beings soon began to stress to Maggy a message with growing urgency. The message was stated on various occasions with various wordings, and warned as follows:

Humanity is at a crucial stage in its development. This is the seventh time that humanity has reached this crucial stage, and the results were devastating during the six preceding eras, some extending back in time far beyond recorded history. ITC is the most important means of waking the human consciousness out of its sleep, and in that way will play an important role in getting you through the coming "End Time," but in order for ITC to further develop on Earth it must involve an effort of many unified minds representing many countries. It cannot be centered around any one country, and especially not around any one individual.

So, the overall goal of ITC development was set: Researchers would be able to work miracles if they could learn to work together. A resonance among researchers on Earth would attract ethereal influence into the work.

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Our extraterrestrial home; long, long ago

If we could hop aboard a spaceship today and head away from the Earth and away from the sun, in a straight line through the orbits of the other planets in our solar system, we would first cross the orbit of Mars, then Jupiter, then Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, then off we’d sail into "outer space." We would face the most hazardous part of the journey in the large gap between Mars and Jupiter. Millions of rocks and boulders of various sizes form a belt between those two orbits and could easily rip open the side of any spacecraft trying to pass through.

Astronomers have known of the presence of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter for about 150 years, but why it’s there they can only speculate. Many scientists think the asteroids are debris left over from a former planet that circled the sun in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter—a planet that was somehow destroyed many thousands of years ago.

Through ITC contacts we have been told that those scientists are correct; there was indeed a planet between Mars and Jupiter. It was called Marduk, and it was no ordinary planet. It was the jewel of the solar system, thriving with life and supporting a civilization that would make modern humanity seem like a pack of gifted apes by comparison.

Our ITC contacts of recent years suggest that the people of Marduk enjoyed an Eden-like experience and a highly advanced culture in which science and technology far surpassed anything on Earth today. With an ability to move among worlds, the people of Marduk established colonies on nearby planets, including Earth.

The destruction of Marduk and the fate of its marooned colonies provide a vital missing link to our understanding of the human heritage, which has been coming together like an elaborate puzzle through ITC contacts received in recent years. We are told that the trials and tribulations of the stranded survivors trying to carve a paradise in the primitive and barbaric environs of Planet Earth, comprise the true fall of Man.

So our present story REALLY begins more than 25,000 years ago, when things were a lot different in our little corner of the physical universe.

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Chapter Two
Stormy Beginnings

Voice of authority, February 1987

There were a number of researchers around the world who were studying the miracle of ITC to try to understand it. The man considered by many people to be the leading European authority on the subject was a German physicist and university professor named Ernst Senkowski. He theorized that ITC technology was a blending of forces such as electricity, nerve impulses, emotions and attitudes. The respected, well-known doctor founded a research group called the Association for Psychobiophysics through which to study the miracle of ITC.

A warm, delightful man with sparkling eyes, Senkowski was admired as much for his good nature as he was respected for his keen intellect. When he was invited to observe the experiments underway in the Luxembourg home of Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach, he was excited. Such results were unprecedented. He had studied the "Spiricom" project of George W. Meek in the States which had provided the first electronic dialog in history between Heaven and Earth in 1979. He had listened to long, clear radio voices received, apparently from the spirit worlds, by German experimenter Hans Otto Koenig and by Italian researcher Marcello Bacci, and he had seen the video images that had emerged out of the boiling clouds of static on the television screen of Klaus Schreiber of Germany, all in the early 1980s. All these breakthroughs were major steps in the development of enhanced technical spirit communication—miracles in their own right—but none of them compared to the results rumored to be coming out of Luxembourg.

Over the years, Senkowski had seen his share of hoaxes as well, so he entered the lives of the Harsch-Fischbach couple with a discerning eye. What he found was amazing. Video images of forests and mountain ranges in the astral worlds came through the television. Long messages by well-known historic personalities, late scientists, and ethereal beings broke through the radio sounds.

When Senkowski visited Maggy on February 8, 1987, the high-pitched voice of Technician came through:

Dr Senkowski, we are glad you have found your way to this bridge.

Senkowski was startled, but he quickly gathered his thoughts. It was an ideal opportunity to get confirmation on some of his theories. He asked the ethereal being, "Do experimenters’ co-working brainwave patterns make these contacts possible?"

Yes, that is true.

Senkowski was delighted. He had long assumed that the mind of the experimenter was a key factor in ITC contacts and that there was some sort of interplay between the minds on both sides of the veil. His assumptions were apparently correct. "Are these patterns something you can perceive?" he asked.

Yes, I can also impress them, came the high-pitched reply.

So, thought Senkowski, the higher beings not only could READ our minds, but could actually help SHAPE them! Amazing, he thought. "Burkhard Heim suggests that communication is facilitated by five-dimensional field pulses. Is that correct?" Senkowski asked.

Yes. Heim is brilliant.

The contact ended a few minutes later, after Senkowski had asked several questions relating to technical equipment which went unanswered, and the Technician announced that energy for the contact was running out, explaining:

For you, the principal energy is electricity. For us it is consciousness, which sends out much finer vibrations than you are able to perceive with your five senses.

Over a period of several years, Senkowski studied the Luxembourg experiments closely and found no traces of foul play. Maggy’s sincerity and honesty were obvious. The messages from Beyond were often profound. Senkowski quickly became a friend of the Harsch-Fischbach couple and an advocate of their work, but the friendship was destined not to last.

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Making plans to spread the miracle, 1988

The ethereal beings were applying pressure on Maggy to spread the miracle from her living room out into the world, for without widespread collaboration, they reiterated, the miracle would not take root on Earth at this time. There was a problem. Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach led very busy lives—she as a schoolteacher, he as a bureaucrat in the Luxembourg national government—and whatever time they had after work they spent experimenting, fostering ties with the spirit friends, and publishing their research results. They had no time whatsoever to organize an international research panel, but perhaps their new friend Ernst Senkowski did.

Every year in Europe there was a conference called "PSI Days," where thousands of Europeans would experience the latest results of paranormal and esoteric research from around the world. The 1989 conference was to be held in Basel, Switzerland, and it was quickly approaching. Maggy asked Professor Senkowski to announce at the Basel PSI Days conference that a new international research association was being formed. The miracles surrounding the lives of the Harsch-Fischbach couple would be the nucleus of the group, and through the dedicated, united efforts of serious researchers and scientists from around the world, those miracles would spread to all parts of the globe. It was a beautiful dream.

Several months before the conference, Maggy’s plans were announced to a small circle of international researchers, and they found almost unanimous approval. The association at first would cover all German-speaking areas, then expand. There would be a journal published, and all groups involved in technical spirit communication would be represented.

The fact that there was little time to plan the details of an association and no money available to get it on its feet didn’t slow Maggy down. Her spirit friends were making miracles happen in her life. With their help, perhaps, such details would come together behind the scenes.

But other problems began to develop. The opinion evolved among researchers that Maggy intended to be president of the association, and her husband Jules would be general secretary. Some researchers felt that it was only right, considering that the couple were the source of the whole idea in the first place, and they had a direct link to higher spiritual sources. Others, however, began to feel left out. Such human feelings and motivations are largely beyond the control of higher beings. The group of experts on Earth were seeing a rift developing now between the human spirit which yearns for one mind, and the human ego which demands recognition, power over others, and independence. It’s a rift that has followed humanity throughout history, and it would cause a serious division in world ITC in the coming years. And it would have disastrous consequences during the upcoming Basel PSI Days conference.

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New bridges to other worlds, 1988-89

Friedrich (Fritz) Malkhoff lived in Schweich, Germany, a village sitting on the banks of the beautiful river Moselle, which forms part of the border between Germany and Luxembourg. He was about 10 miles from the ancient city of Trier.

Fritz had spent most of his life working on the German railroad. Now in his forties, he was already retired and living on a meager disability pension which supported his wife Erika and himself and their special teenage son Markus in a small, two-story flat. He was known by friends as a rather uncomplicated man, clean and pure inside and out, handsome of appearance, and a loving and supportive husband and father who was completely devoted to his family.

Schweich residents received clear broadcasts from Radio-Television Luxembourg (RTL), which for many years aired a series called "Unbelievable Stories," first on radio, then on TV. The series gave a rather serious look at paranormal phenomena. Fritz and Erika followed the series with mild interest until the autumn of 1987, when commentator Rainer Holbe hosted a program about spirit voices on tape. According to the program, people from many walks of life were busy taping various sounds with the intent of capturing short, faint spirit voices on tape. And some of those people were having an astonishing degree of success.

Something inside Fritz was stirred, and he became excited as the program went on. By the time it was over he had decided to do some taping of his own.

After acquiring the necessary equipment he started experimenting, at first with a great deal of uncertainty. To his great surprise, he very soon captured easily discernible voices on tape, and as his confidence grew stronger, so did the contacts.

Meanwhile, a man named Adolf Homes of Rivenich, Germany, was also having good results capturing spirit voices on tape. There were few similarities between the two men beyond their common interest in spirit communication. Two main differences could be lumped under the heading, "Spirits." Adolf Homes was psychically sensitive; he picked up thoughts and impressions from spirits rather routinely. Fritz Malkhoff was more absorbed in the physical world and, like most people alive today, had little conscious awareness of influences of spirit beings in his life. Fritz had both feet planted firmly on the ground, while Adolf had only one foot on Earth while the other was often testing the waters in the spirit worlds.

Adolf Homes also indulged in liquid spirits, as millions of people do. From personal experience I knew that alcohol numbed the mind and eased some of the pains that life on Earth deals us. Looking back, though, I believe it also made my connection to the spirit worlds rather cloudy and unpredictable over a period of many years. Overall it weakened my mind-body-spirit connection. I wondered if it might be bearing the same bittersweet fruits for Adolf Homes and other researchers who consumed alcohol.

The fact that these two German men—the clean-cut Fritz Malkhoff of Schweich and the psychically gifted Adolf Homes of Rivenich—got good spirit voices so quickly was like a billboard along life’s highway that read: "Miraculous opportunities ahead for all sorts of people of good intention! Next exit." The two men were about to take the same detour on life’s highway.

Adolf Homes became rather excited about the field of research called EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon. At last he could capture on tape the voices that he had been hearing in his head most of his life. He placed advertisements in newspapers to find others of like interest, and in the spring of 1988 Fritz found one of those ads, he called Mr Homes by phone, and they set up a meeting. Opposites sometimes attract, sometimes they don’t. In this case, the two men got along together like brothers, and from that moment on, their contacts began to improve steadily. It was as though the pool of their combined energies was immeasurably stronger than the sum of their individual efforts.

The two men began recording everyday together during sessions lasting up to two hours. They found that they made a good team and complemented each other. Fritz was more comfortable dealing with the technical equipment, while Adolf employed his unusually strong psychic gifts. Also, Adolf had never known his mother, who had died when he was just an infant, and that lack had left a big hole in Adolf’s life that he hoped ITC would fill. Such burning desire to share loving thoughts with departed family members, it was starting to become apparent through the experiments of other researchers, could provide an important fuel to contacts with the spirit worlds.

Fritz and Adolf began to present their results at ITC congresses, and they attended public conferences. At a meeting held in Darmstadt, Germany, they learned of the work being done by Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg, who were in touch with a team of exceptionally capable spirit beings calling themselves Timestream.

The two men started to focus their attention on the Timestream spirit group. They made a copy of the equipment which had provided some breakthroughs for the Luxembourg experimenters, and it worked also for them.

In Rivenich it was not Timestream that contacted the two men, but a group that identified itself as "Centrale." Adolf’s deceased mother and Fritz’s father belonged to that group, so the two men were delighted by this new development.

Initially, their friends from beyond contacted them only through their radio speakers, but before long they began receiving phone calls as well. In 1988 Fritz read reports about other experimenters in Europe having some success with computers. They would type a question into a computer, and eventually an answer would appear.

These reports began to preoccupy Fritz’s mind, so before long he decided that he and Adolf should try computer experiments. He suggested that they install Fritz’s old Commodore C64 in Adolf’s home in Rivenich to see if the Centrale group could come through the computer to communicate. At first Adolf balked at the idea because of his total unfamiliarity with computers. He wanted to stick with what he knew best—voice contacts—and he felt certain computer contacts were not for him. After much discussion, Fritz finally convinced him by telling Adolf he need not worry. Either it would work, or it would not. Adolf shrugged and resigned himself to the fact that it was time to enter the computer age.

Once the computer was installed, the two men composed a short letter comprising a single question. They left the computer running, and two days later an answer appeared on the screen. They knew then that a strong contact field had been firmly established at the Rivenich station.

They assumed that building up a station in Schweich would run as smoothly as in Rivenich, but they were wrong. Try as they did, contacts were not springing forth in the Malkhoff home as they were in Adolf’s home in Rivenich.

When they posed the question of what Fritz could do in Schweich to duplicate the terrific results of Rivenich, the reply was vague, but disappointing. It said Fritz did not have any more influence. The two men interpreted the message to mean that there was nothing left for Fritz to do at this time, but that the spirit team would try to get through there too. Still, Fritz was eager to get things moving ahead.

1989 July 5. Group Centrale informed the two men:

Wernher von Braun is trying to make contact in Schweich; disturbances unknown to you still hinder the efforts.

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Storms of the ego, the summer of 1989

It was at this time that the idea of an international ITC association was being bandied about by researchers in Germany with a growing upsurge of mixed feelings. Malkhoff and Homes had no desire to get involved in the politics of an organization; they wanted only to be left alone to experiment and get contacts. Unfortunately, it is impossible to remain truly isolated in this world or in any world. The thoughts, words and actions of other people in many worlds boil over into our lives in every waking and nonwaking moment.

In this case, various conventional researchers were having difficulty accepting the kinds of miraculous breakthroughs that had been coming out of Luxembourg in the past few years, and which were now starting to be reported by Malkhoff and Homes. Some well-known researchers had worked diligently for many years to gather large collections of tiny spirit voices on tape. For newcomers simply to begin experiments and to get results that made the work of established researchers pale by comparison, was a hard pill for many people to swallow.

Perhaps in another world where the higher human spirit prevails, all people would embrace the miracles that had been granted to their world through the Harsch-Fischbachs and other young researchers such as Malkhoff and Homes. But it was a world driven largely by the human ego, and it was not always easy to embrace the good fortunes of others.

Long-time voice experimenter Fidelio Koeberle operated the largest organization for technical spirit communication, publishing a newsletter for several thousand subscribers. In his research he continued to get tiny voices on tape, but anything more than that was elusive. He was beginning to write articles suggesting that enhanced ITC contacts (such as the miracles being experienced by the Harsch-Fischbach couple, by his one-time friend Hans Otto Koenig, and by such upstarts as Malkhoff and Homes) were impossible, and therefore must be a hoax.

Such words and actions by Koeberle and others were starting to muddy the waters. Enhanced ITC contacts were made possible by a "contact field," or a pool of attitudes, thoughts and desires of the experimenters on Earth and their spirit friends. These thoughtforms existed as vibrations, and if there was a resonance or harmony among all the vibrations, then information could be sent across the veil through electronic equipment. If there was dissonance, the veil was difficult to penetrate from the other side. The skeptical opinions being published by Fidelio Koeberle were beginning to harm the contact field that was making enhanced ITC possible in Europe.

The young experimenters—the Harsch-Fischbachs of Luxembourg, and the Germans, Fritz Malkhoff and Adolf Homes—all sensed that they could overcome the dissonance and strengthen their contacts by working together, so they forged an alliance.

Working in close collaboration had a magical effect. In the coming months, the station at the Fritz Malkhoff home began to open up, and the three stations began to receive cross-contacts. For example, two or three stations might receive identical contacts at the same time. Or, in other cases of cross-contacts, one station might receive, say, a phone call, then another station would receive shortly thereafter another contact—perhaps a message planted in a computer—which verifies the phone contact. Such cross-contacts provided solid evidence that the ITC contacts were genuine.

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Broken dreams and darkened hearts, the fall of 1989

Ernst Senkowski, who was in charge of organizing all the details and coordinating the efforts in the formation of an international research association at the quickly approaching Basel PSI Days conference, was getting a little concerned. There still were many unresolved factors regarding such matters as funding, organization, and interest among researchers. While interest had seemed great when the idea was first announced, it was now starting to wane. So Dr Senkowski had mixed feelings. On one hand there would be tremendous benefits if a tightly knit association would foster the spread of these unprecedented miracles. On the other hand, the most rapid progress is made when many independent minds explore many paths at the same time. Ernst Senkowski was a free thinker who enjoyed figuring out the mysteries of life. Being guided or directed to bring people into unified thinking was an uncomfortable position to be in. Dr Senkowski had earned a reputation as a discerning scientist, but now he was in a position that could make a person feel a bit like a disciple. He was in a difficult position, to say the least.

At the same time, some of the other established, well-known researchers were getting nervous, starting to feel that they would be playing only minor roles in the association, and they were not accustomed to minor roles. Hans Otto Koenig and Fidelio Koeberle were presidents of the two largest organizations for technical spirit communication in Germany, and they had decided not even to attend the conference.

Perhaps Maggy could not see the underlying current of dissonance that was brewing beneath the surface, or maybe she was ignoring it, assuming it would be resolved in time. In any event, she did not foresee the terrible disappointment that would soon send her reeling.

The conference arrived, and on the last day most of the PSI-Days visitors had already gone home. Those who remained had only the desire to say good-bye to friends and to enjoy the warm glow that had been kindled by the conference. Few people, if any, were interested in hearing about the founding of a new research association. After all, some of the best-known researchers had already turned their backs on the proposed association. By now Ernst Senkowski’s initial enthusiasm had run out of steam, so the message he delivered that day was quite the opposite of what Maggy had initially intended. Senkowski announced that the time was not yet ripe for an international association. Each researcher should pursue his or her own path for the time being.

Maggy had built a beautiful dream as fragile as a perfect sphere of thin glass, and when she heard the news, her dream shattered. Suddenly she was left standing before a pile of broken pieces that she and her husband Jules would have to clean up painstakingly with great care, tremendous effort, an investment of their savings, and a great deal of kindness and understanding from friends and close supporters.

Name-calling and accusations were exchanged among the key figures involved in the fiasco, and within weeks a deep chasm grew between the Harsch-Fischbach couple and those who had broken their dream—Fidelio Koeberle, Hans Otto Koenig, and especially Ernst Senkowski. The dark division within ITC in Europe would last more than a decade, despite the efforts of good souls on both sides of the veil to heal the wounds………..

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Chapter Five
Forging an Association, Being Showered By Miracles

Amid the misty, rolling hills of England, a team of scientists and researchers from various countries met in Dartington Hall to discuss the miracle of ITC. It was in the early autumn of 1995, and the air outside was crisp and chilly, in contrast to the smoldering sense of expectation and heated dialog within. There were 16 men and women present from different walks of life, from eight different countries, and with diverse opinions on a wide variety of topics. One thing everyone had in common was a fascination with ITC as it was unfolding in the lives of Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg.

I had organized the meeting and arranged adequate funding to cover all expenses of all the attendees, thanks to the advice, assistance, and connections of my Connecticut friends, Juliet Hollister and Alison van Dyk.

Dr Hans Luethi, retired Swiss microbiologist, summed up the tone of the meeting. "This is the greatest breakthrough of the Twentieth Century!" he exclaimed. "The information we’re receiving from our transpartners furnishes the first hard, objective evidence of continued life after death. What has been a belief in immortality for thousands of years, has finally become consolidated knowledge." Heads were nodding and excited whispers could be heard among the gathering. Later on we would elect Dr Luethi as our group’s first coordinator.

The miracle of ITC had been unfolding on Earth during the past decade, and these experts had come together to decide how best to understand it, perpetuate it, and foster its growth in the best interests of the planet.

Dozens of questions had to be answered during that extended weekend meeting in England. Where exactly is this information coming from? How should it be presented to humanity? Is the world ready for the information, much of which is highly esoteric and, well, alien? Would the media be willing and able to handle the research responsibly, or would they portray it in a sensationalistic framework of fear and skepticism? Would the information stand up to the test of conventional science, or would mainstream scientists reject it outright? As the more orthodox religions learn that people on Earth are in contact with beings from Beyond, would they react with open minds, or would they accuse the researchers of collaborating with demons? What, if anything, could be done to make ITC more palatable to the more traditional factions of science and religion?

And, most important, how could the delicate contact bridge between worlds that had been built painstakingly over the preceding decade be preserved and strengthened? That was the most difficult question to answer. After all, many of the principles and energies involved in the research were being supplied by other-worldly sources and apparently were beyond the scope and understanding of modern science. So little was known about the deeper realities of life which made such miracles as ITC possible that it would be easy for the miracle simply to fall between the cracks, and the almost unimaginable benefits to the world would be lost until a more knowledgeable humanity emerged on Earth.

It was the first time a challenge of this nature and magnitude had ever faced humanity. Miracles certainly were not new to the planet, but with six billion people in a modern world integrated by elaborate networks of communication and transportation, the impact of miracles such as ITC could be far more earth-shaking than ever before. So we had much to discuss.

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When Maggy Harsch-Fischbach spoke, the room fell silent. She and her husband Jules had been waiting for this meeting for a long time. The couple had been receiving by far the most exciting contacts reported by any ITC researcher anywhere in the world. In the presence of scientists, journalists and others, Maggy and Jules had been receiving all sorts of information from their transpartners—phone calls from departed colleagues and loved ones, moving television pictures of faces and landscapes from the spirit worlds, long orations through specially configured radios, and lately, even large files planted on the hard disk of their computer—files containing long letters or detailed images.

Just about everyone in the room had sat in on the Luxembourg experiments at one time or another and had walked away believing—no, KNOWing—that the elaborate contacts being received at the Luxembourg lab (contacts that most people would find unbelievable) were for real.

Maggy spoke in a quiet, steady voice, her eyes mirroring the expectant gaze of the group members. She spoke of four forces shaping world ITC, the first being the intervention of angels such as The Seven.

Indeed, everyone in the group had become familiar with The Seven ethereal beings who were opening the gateway between our world and the world of our ancestors. For centuries beings in spirit had been in touch with people on Earth through telepathy, or channeling, and that was a pretty easy feat to accomplish; all it took was a psychically sensitive person on Earth as a receiver. Making the leap from psychic channeling to enhanced ITC was an impossible task for our departed friends and colleagues to achieve without celestial intervention.

So, as Maggy Harsch-Fischbach told her colleagues at Dartington Hall, for the first time in history people on Earth—the men and women in that room—were receiving objective, unfiltered reports of the lives and surroundings of "the Dead," and it was the involvement of The Seven ethereal beings that made it all possible.

Maggy said that it was a commitment to ethics among researchers on Earth that attracted the higher beings to our work. So ethics, she said, was the second force shaping world ITC.

Again, there were nods of agreement. Everyone in the room knew that the interaction between Heaven and Earth was a constant, on-going reality—that the thoughts and attitudes generated in one world spill over into other worlds, affecting and shaping some of the reality in those worlds. It was common knowledge throughout the room that people on Earth draw into their lives spirit beings of like attitude. Love and empathy expressed by people on Earth are fueled by the support of loving and empathetic spirit beings. And conversely, resentment and fear felt by hateful individuals on Earth are fueled by the eager support of negative spirits.

These interplays between worlds have affected everyone on Earth to a greater or lesser degree, for better or for worse, from time immemorial, but their effects are most strongly felt by people involved in spirit work, such as ITC researchers. If the people meeting at Dartington Hall wanted to enjoy the miraculous fruits of enhanced ITC, they knew they would have to nurture the relationship with higher beings through positive, ethical thoughts, attitudes and service.

Dr Claudius Kern, an educational scientist from Austria, drew an important conclusion. "The comment, ‘Ignorance does not protect against damage’ is as true for contacts with the Beyond as it is for contacts with high voltage," he warned. "The lack of spirit discernment can be harmful to the health."

Then Maggy continued, her voice still soft and steady. The third force was intention, she said. There had to be a common commitment to foster the spread of ITC in a positive light.

Everyone in the room was well aware of ITC’s potential benefits to humanity. Imagine the relief of grieving relatives if a recently departed loved one could call his family on Earth to share his new adventure. Imagine the benefits if the greatest medical minds throughout history could share vital breakthroughs with doctors and nurses on Earth. Imagine the beauty that would unfold around the globe like a rose if the Michelangelos and Monets of all eras could send artistic masterpieces across our televisions, or if the Bachs and Debussys could deliver ethereal compositions to ITC researchers’ computers equipped with music sequencing programs and MIDI interfaces. Imagine the crimes that could be prevented if all potential criminals realized that their actions were observed by invisible eyes and could be reported immediately to authorities. Imagine especially if a murder victim could name the murderer.

Most of the researchers at Dartington were eager to see the rapid spread of ITC, but a few serious minds advocated discretion. "ITC information ought to be dealt out widely, but also wisely," warned Irma Weisen, a Finnish journalist. "We must be careful with the media. For a journalist it is easier to be cynical and destructive than constructive, especially when it involves phenomenal information such as ours." There was a general sense of agreement in the ensuing discussion. ITC researchers would not be able simply to trust newspaper reporters, TV producers, radio talk show hosts, and others to treat their information appropriately. They would have to employ discretion in future publicity efforts.

Perhaps the only people the researchers could trust in their work at the present time were their fellow researchers. And even that trust would have its limitations, especially in the future. One of the participants was Dr. Guenter Emde, president of the spiritually oriented association Via Mundi and founder of the Ethics Protection Initiative, an international organization that assisted individuals such as whistleblowers, whose consciences and right decisions had made them victims of organizations. So far, said Dr Emde, there was every reason to feel confident that everyone in the room was totally sincere and honest in their research, but that might not always be the case. We are, after all, human. "On the one hand we must search for ways to detect false contact phenomena, but on the other hand we have to protect true contacts from aggressive skepticism and other disturbing influences," Dr Emde stressed.

After some discussion on that point, Maggy disclosed what she regarded as the fourth factor in the healthy spread of world ITC: scientific involvement. Science would have to take the reins of ITC research before it could flourish to its full potential. Only scientists would have the in-depth knowledge to understand the complex forces at work in ITC contacts.

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Nils Jacobson, M.D., argued, "We must be careful with science." Dr Jacobson was a Swedish psychiatric specialist and parapsychologist, and he had had extensive experience grappling with the problem of trying to validate spiritual and paranormal events scientifically. Just a year earlier he had received two phone calls from spirit colleague Konstantin Raudive, and now he seemed to be in the difficult position of having to reconcile those very personal, subjective spirit contacts with his highly intelligent, analytical, and objective nature.

"If I tell my colleagues that some people in Luxembourg and Germany claim to have two-way contacts with the spirit world by phone and radio, and that I believe this to be true, I would lose my scientific credibility."

If the good doctor were to tell his colleagues that he himself had talked to a spirit friend on the telephone, I wondered whether they might even laugh at him.

Nils continued, "Scientists are only interested in what can be proved or disproved in the conventional scientific way, and this work we are involved in is virtually impossible to prove in the conventional way."

"That’s right!" exclaimed Dr Ralf Determeyer, a German scientist and ITC researcher. At six-foot-three, with a tautness in his posture and an earnest intensity in his voice, Ralf almost barked his approval of his Swedish friend’s comments.

"There is PLENTY of solid evidence that our spirit contacts are real," he said, "but conventional science is unwilling or unable to accept any of it."

Someone asked, "Are you referring to cross-contacts?"

"Yes," Ralf Determeyer replied. "Also telephone monitoring. As we all know, Adolf Homes received four paranormal calls while his phone was monitored by Deutsch Telekom, but the phone company detected none of them. NOT ONE! He registered those calls with Senkowski’s Association for Psychobiophysics."

I detected a bit of tension in the room as Ralf mentioned the names "Homes" and "Senkowski," two highly regarded researchers who were conspicuously absent from the meeting.

"Several experimenters in other locations also had their phone lines monitored, including our friends from Luxembourg," Determeyer continued, "and always the same results: NO PARANORMAL CALLS were detected, although several such calls were received."

I exclaimed, "That kind of evidence is almost rock solid! And still science ignores it."

"Yes," Ralf Determeyer stated flatly. Nils Jacobson nodded.

Yes, scientific authentication of ITC would present a difficult challenge in the coming years.

Another unavoidable challenge would be skepticism stirred up by opponents of our intended aims. German researcher Fritz Malkhoff mentioned the well-known experimenter Fidelio Koeberle in particular. As one of the leading authorities on electronic voice phenomena, the study of short, faint spirit voices captured on audiotape, Koeberle circulated a technical EVP newsletter to several thousand German-speaking researchers. He had expressed excitement about video images and loud, clear voices when they first started occurring for Klaus Schreiber and Hans Otto Koenig in the mid-1980s, but as time passed he began to question the legitimacy of the enhanced contacts. Others were claiming miracles while he continued to get only tiny voices on tape. Something was wrong. Lately some people were saying that he had been accusing the Harsch-Fischbach couple of outright fraud.

"In my opinion, people in this situation can become very bitter," said Fritz. "If they have been working with EVP longer than most people, they might think they deserve to receive such contacts themselves."

I said, "Fritz, we have the same trouble in the States, with a man named Bill Weisensale. He’s been involved with EVP since the early Eighties. He publishes a technical newsletter—a good journal—just like Koeberle’s, and lately he’s been accusing our friends Maggy and Jules of fraud. He says there’s no proof that our phone calls are for real."

"Of course they are for real!" Fritz exclaimed. "Most of us have plenty of proof." He mentioned various cases of cross-contacts—the same information sent to several different researchers at the same time by radio, computer and telephone—and he acknowledged the phone-monitoring experiments mentioned by Determeyer. He also cited an incident that happened to him on May 17, 1994.

"A German journalist and former EVP experimenter named Mr Wilbertz visited me," Fritz said. "Mr Wilbertz mentioned that he had known Konstantin Raudive personally during his lifetime, and had had some discussions with him at his home. At 3:45 p.m. Raudive phoned me. He asked to speak to Mr Wilbertz, so I handed him the phone. Raudive then said, ‘Colleague Wilbertz, pass on the word to the world: It can only support what we talked about a decade ago.’ In other words, Raudive confirmed what Wilbertz had told me a few minutes earlier. That, to me, is incontrovertible proof that the phone call was from spirit. No one on Earth knew Mr Wilbertz was visiting me."

Fritz mentioned several other, similar incidents that had proved to him that the contacts did indeed come from spirit.

Dr Ralf Determeyer of Germany had observed ITC in Europe for more than ten years. He made it clear once again that there was no question in his mind about the legitimacy of the phone contacts. He recalled six days of miracles in his own home, beginning in June 1987.

"The ethereal being called ‘Technician’ rang my phone to announce the founding of an international ITC organization. The ‘contact field’ remained stable for six days to allow contacts from other entities. As witnesses have confirmed, our piano, which is close to the telephone, started to play by itself."

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There was a moment of silence in the room as we all digested the significance of that miracle. I smiled when I imagined an invisible friend sitting at Ralf’s piano, banging out a ragtime melody or performing a classical sonata. What sort of spiritside intervention must have occurred to make that possible?

Sonia Rinaldi of Brazil broke the silence. She said that she too had received evidence recently that the contacts were legitimate. A year earlier she had received a call from both Konstantin Raudive and a departed Brazilian researcher, Carlos de Almeida, who spoke in Brazilian Portuguese.

"I remember it clearly," said Sonia. "It was April 14 (1994). The phone rang, and I knew it was them. I knew it was Timestream." Ms Rinaldi was a tireless and dedicated ITC researcher, coordinating a network of more than 100 active experimenters in Brazil and publishing a monthly newsletter. From a young age she had been a "sensitive"—a person who receives mental impressions from spirit friends frequently and quite naturally.

"When I answered the phone, I was not too surprised, then, to hear the deep familiar voice of Dr Raudive. He said, ‘Good morning, Sonia Rinaldi,’ I talked for awhile with Konstantin Raudive in English, then he said, ‘I’ll give the microphone to Carlos.’"

Some of us listening to Sonia recounting her experience found it particularly interesting that Konstantin Raudive was turning over a "microphone" to Carlos. We were all aware that our spirit friends employed various forms of spirit-world apparatuses to make these enhanced ITC contacts possible. We had been told that they often used something resembling a telephone receiver. Now we were learning that they could also use a sound system with a microphone with which to contact us by telephone.

Sonia Rinaldi shared the long message from her Brazilian colleague-in-spirit, Carlos de Almeida:

"Greetings! An embrace to all our friends in Brazil. Dear friend, Sonia Rinaldi, this is the second contact we send to your country from Timestream. We thank you for your efforts. We can hear but cannot answer.

"Time is not a line but a circle. Horizons far from you do not finish in the world but enter a sacred universe. Certain details are visible but the most important are not. The world as you see it is an extension of what we have here, and altogether (help make up) the universe.

"A special embrace to Dr. Hernani Andrade who knows all this, and Dr. Marlene Nobre who understands the importance of all religions.... All these are a help to life, together with ITC.

"Timestream, Carlos de Almeida and Father Landell Moure send an embrace to all of you.

"Good luck, Sonia, in your speech! You will be helped."

Skeptics had accused ITC researchers of being gullible victims of a hoax, pointing out that the voice of Konstantin Raudive was deep and reminiscent of the voice of Jules Harsch. They had suggested that it was Jules Harsch, not the spirit of Konstantin Raudive, who had been making all those phone calls to researchers around the world.

In this phone call to Sonia Rinaldi, Raudive had turned "the microphone" over to Carlos de Almeida, who spoke in fluent Brazilian Portuguese, a language totally unfamiliar to Jules Harsch. So, for that call to be a hoax would have required Jules Harsch to have acquired an accomplice, someone fluent in Brazilian Portuguese. Now the accusations by the skeptics were having to become rather gyrated in order for the attacks to continue. But continue they would, causing more troubles for serious ITC researchers.

As the meeting continued, it became crystal clear that ITC researchers had received ample proof that technical spirit communication was underway. Science would simply have to adjust its narrow worldview to accept the possibility. Until that happened, there might be little chance of finding common ground between science and spirit.

The researchers at Dartington Hall agreed that skeptics would have to be excluded from the work in order to maintain a cohesive contact field, but somehow, despite our best efforts, skeptics with hidden agendas would leak into the group in the coming months, causing immeasurable damage. Even a few members present at this first meeting would eventually wrestle with doubts in the coming years.

Meanwhile, the question arose during the meeting of the reliability not only of our colleagues on Earth, but also of our spirit partners. While Timestream had proven itself to be a team of competent, positive beings, other spirit groups had proven themselves to be quite the opposite—unpredictable, troublesome, even dangerous at times. How could our group ensure that we were working with positive beings?

Dr Emde suggested that the most effective way to "test the spirits" is the same as the normal way to determine the reliability of fellow humans.

"When someone speaks to us in a reasonable, intelligent manner over a period of time, we gradually develop a trust in that person," Dr Emde said slowly, choosing his English words carefully. "The same is true with our transpartners. If those who work with us today have communicated with us in a reasonable fashion for many months, then a trust has developed." Nevertheless, he concluded, in the future we must continue to assess our transpartners. This is done by carefully considering the information they deliver to us and by intuitively experiencing their honesty and moral quality.

The most awe-inspiring of the other-worldly beings were The Seven and others who claimed to be residing in light, ethereal realms of existence where love and wisdom reign supreme, where fear and darkness are absent. These angels had told experimenters that they had never lived in physical bodies in a physical world, yet they knew humans inside and out, especially the experimenters, being aware of their moods, their attitudes, their strengths and weaknesses, even their past lives.

Among the oldest, wisest and perhaps most patient of the researchers were Dr Theo Locher and Dr Hans Luethi, both from Switzerland and both in their eighties. Both men realized that they might leave the Earth before global ITC arrives, but they would most likely be here to observe and assist in one way or another, from one side of the veil or the other, if our small group of researchers were successful in forging an alliance at this meeting and maintaining it in the coming years, most likely in the face of adversity.

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Dr Locher, a trim man of medium height, impeccably dressed in a black, three-piece suit, had founded the prestigious Swiss Parapsychological Association. The serious expression etched on his face reflected the no-nonsense reputation he had earned as a world-renowned parapsychologist. He had studied UFOs, OBEs, NDEs, apports, mediumship, bilocation, and other phenomena occurring around the world, but he admitted that nothing seemed more important nor of more profound implication than the coming of ITC to this planet in the final years of the Twentieth Century.

But was ITC really new to the planet? His good friend Dr Luethi, appearing relaxed in a sport coat and comfortable slacks, and exuding a warm, gentle humility, didn’t think so. He was a retired microbiologist with a lifelong appetite for spiritual information, and the appetite had grown bigger since his retirement. He shared some research which suggested that ITC was not as new as everyone else in the room might think. He quoted a passage from the Christian Bible, Mose 7/89:

When Moses entered the tent of revelation, he heard the voices speaking to him from the cover plate on the Ark of the Covenant, exactly from the space between the two cherubs, and he thus spoke with them.

Dr Luethi suggested that this passage from the Old Testament provided an interesting possibility that ITC was on Earth more than 2,000 years ago.

On the last day of the meeting we agreed on the name INIT (International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication) for our group and we completed a statement of intent, emphasizing that INIT members would take an ethical, moral approach to ITC research. One by one we signed it.

The long discussions that weekend planted much deeper seeds of collaboration among us. We all agreed that the underlying goal of our joint work would be to understand the nature of multidimensional communication, to protect the energy field that made it possible, and to foster its spread around the world under a moral umbrella of love and friendship.

Near the close of the meeting, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach shared a message from the higher beings which had arrived days earlier, and which stirred great excitement within the group: Seven new receiving stations on Earth were being planned by our spirit friends. In the coming months and years, seven new experimenters or experimental groups scattered around the world would begin to receive enhanced ITC contacts, such as those being enjoyed in Luxembourg. The message had the effects one might expect—tremendous excitement and inspiration among all members, coupled perhaps with a tiny seed of uncertainty among each individual member, who would begin to wonder in the coming weeks, "Who will be chosen? Will I be among them?"

Meanwhile, we all had some soul-searching to do in the light of this vital new association we had forged. What changes, not only in earthside technology but far more importantly within each of us individually, would have to be undertaken to allow enhanced world ITC to come to fruition?

Not all was upbeat and positive at the meeting. Being human, some of us harbored quiet doubts about the miracles and their implications for humanity. Should they be shared openly with the world? Was humanity ready for ITC, or would the miracles be buried under the violence, pornography and other debris of the times?

More important, some of us harbored doubts about the implications of such a powerful, new technology that was beyond the understanding not only of modern science, but also of those of us who were receiving the contacts. Even we didn’t understand how these miracles were possible. Sonia Rinaldi brought into the open the doubts that were hiding quietly within most of us.

"It is difficult to talk about the future of ITC when I have so many doubts in the present," she said. "First of all, realizing that we on Earth are responsible for less than five percent of the work, and the contacts depend more than ninety-five percent on the spirits, I wonder if WE can decide the future of ITC development. At best WE are at THEIR disposal to help THEM to implement THEIR plans."

All of us in the room realized that the miracle of ITC was a puzzle. Our friends on the other side possessed the secrets, while we on Earth held only a few puzzle pieces. A part of us sometimes wondered why they didn’t simply send us blueprints for an ITC system that would open the doors to their world. That would certainly make things simple. Instead, we were being given hints—an occasional morsel here and there—that kept us moving in the right direction.

Another part of us realized that things were not so simple. We were learning that ITC is fueled by a complex soup of life forces, electromagnetic energies, human attitudes, intentions, and collaborative efforts that would be impossible to portray in any earthly document. It was the sheer complexity of our research that stirred doubts within many of us.

Sonia also said she felt poorly informed about the progress of contacts in Luxembourg. A valid complaint. I was the person who received the bulk of the reports from the Harsch-Fischbachs, and my highest priority was to organize the information for publication. I was also obliged to share the information with Sonia, who published the results in Brazil. I did not always share information quickly, so she had good reason to be anxious.

I gathered contacts as they streamed into Luxembourg via computers, telephones, TVs and radios and were shared with me. My good friend Hans Heckmann translated them from German to English. I edited, assembled and published them as quickly as possible, then sent the result to Sonia and others in a form that I felt would require little effort on their part to use in their own publications. I assumed that a finished product in English would be more useful to them than raw materials in various languages, mostly German. It was certainly easier for me to send out one complete package than to mail and FAX dozens of one- or two-page reports from Luxembourg. Still, if I were in Sonia’s position under those conditions, I too would feel uneasy.

Finally, Sonia was in charge of coordinating 140 Brazilian researchers with a newsletter and frequent correspondences. The contacts were primarily short, faint voices on tape. Some of the Brazilian researchers were clamoring for direction toward enhanced ITC contacts as published in our ITC journals, and Sonia was not getting suggestions to pass along to them. The key to getting miraculous contacts was unknown to all of us at that time.

Many of us at the meeting had quiet concerns like Sonia’s, but in the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the moment they got swept under the rug. From there they would begin to fester like a thorn broken off under the skin, causing pain and eventual eruptions within our group in the coming years…………

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Chapter Six
The Gates to Heaven and Hell

On the morning of April 5, 1996, seven months after the meeting at Dartington, I was eating breakfast when the phone rang. I answered, and a bizarre voice said, "This is Konstantin Raudive."

The short message was repeated three times in three distinct voices, none of them being the deep, friendly, and familiar voice of our spirit colleague, Konstantin Raudive. The first voice could best be described as mechanical, the second as spiteful, and the third as demonic. Fortunately I captured the disturbing message on audiotape. After studying it, I considered some possibilities: Perhaps it was a prank by someone on Earth or a prank by someone in spirit, or perhaps it was a genuine attempt by our spirit colleagues to contact me through an energy field that was strained, causing the message to break up and sound surreal.

So which was it? I posed the question to our spirit friends at Timestream, and the answer came back to me the same day (via Station Luxembourg):

"It was of course not K.R. who phoned Mark, but a negative entity from here (on the mid-astral plane) known as ____. We cannot do anything against this as long as people like Weisensale and Koeberle are not stopped on your side. Unite your efforts and you will be strong. Avoid contact with those on your side who do not know where they belong.

"1996 April 5, 16:22"

It was becoming clear that the battle lines were being drawn on both sides of the veil. As long as a circle of ITC researchers remained united in trust, love, friendship, and common purpose, miracles would flourish. If envy, doubt, resentment, bitterness, fear, and hidden agendas were allowed to leak in and disturb the work, negative entities would take the opportunity to move in close, break through the weakened protective barriers set up by our ethereal colleagues, and disrupt our lives.

Scathing commentaries on the Luxembourg couple published by Bill Weisensale and Fidelio Koeberle apparently produced troubled vibrations that attracted negative beings like flies to a rotting carcass. Simply stated, positive attitudes among ITC researchers were opening doorways to Heaven, while negative attitudes were opening the gates to Hell.

Around the same time that I received my phone call from the negative being, several other INIT members received similar contacts. Dr Ralf Determeyer in Germany got a call from the same negative being telling him he would soon die. Ralf reported later that the contact stirred up a lot of unrest in his family.

To help us deal with the problem, Jules Harsch in Luxembourg asked our spirit friends at Timestream to come up with a code word that would be known only to them and to INIT members. The word would be stated by our spirit friends during voice contacts to assure us that we were talking to them, not to unknown spirits. In response, Timestream came up with a rather strange and enchanting 12-letter word of four or five syllables that was not easy to pronounce, nor could it be found in Webster’s Dictionary. The word was "silmarillion." (I feel safe sharing it now because it has not been used for a couple of years, and if a code word is needed in the future, a new one probably will be devised.)

I wondered if the plan would work. I assumed that since spirits at Timestream knew the word, and since spirits could read each other’s minds, perhaps the word would spread quickly throughout the spirit worlds, so that ALL spirits—negative and positive—could contact us with this celestial password.

As months passed I was surprised and pleased to discover that I was wrong. I learned that symbols such as alphabetic characters, words and phrases are hard to convey telepathically because they are unreal representations, sometimes of real things. If our research group had chosen a code word such as "radio" or "zebra" which instantly creates a mental image, I believe the code would have been easier to break, and other spirits outside our circle would have been able to pick up the word rather easily. But the long, meaningless word created by our spirit friends summoned up no mental images whatsoever, breaking the subtle communication links among minds.

I developed an ever-growing respect and admiration for the good folks at Timestream who could have been off somewhere in the spirit worlds enjoying splendors beyond our wildest imaginings, but instead were staying close to our world, working hard to remain in Earth-like patterns of thought and behavior for the sole purpose of opening up and protecting communication channels with the troubled home they’d left behind. Our invisible friends at Spirit Group Timestream were like the poor boy who worked his way out of the ghetto, put himself through medical school, then returned to the ghetto to open a doctor’s office to help the poor. I have to believe there is some wonderful reward awaiting those good souls.

other side possessed the secrets, while we on Earth held only a few puzzle pieces. A part of us sometimes wondered why they didn’t simply send us blueprints for an ITC system that would open the doors to their world. That would certainly make things simple. Instead, we were being given hints—an occasional morsel here and there—that kept us moving in the right direction.

Another part of us realized that things were not so simple. We were learning that ITC is fueled by a complex soup of life forces, electromagnetic energies, human attitudes, intentions, and collaborative efforts that would be impossible to portray in any earthly document. It was the sheer complexity of our research that stirred doubts within many of us.

Sonia also said she felt poorly informed about the progress of contacts in Luxembourg. A valid complaint. I was the person who received the bulk of the reports from the Harsch-Fischbachs, and my highest priority was to organize the information for publication. I was also obliged to share the information with Sonia, who published the results in Brazil. I did not always share information quickly, so she had good reason to be anxious.

I gathered contacts as they streamed into Luxembourg via computers, telephones, TVs and radios and were shared with me. My good friend Hans Heckmann translated them from German to English. I edited, assembled and published them as quickly as possible, then sent the result to Sonia and others in a form that I felt would require little effort on their part to use in their own publications. I assumed that a finished product in English would be more useful to them than raw materials in various languages, mostly German. It was certainly easier for me to send out one complete package than to mail and FAX dozens of one- or two-page reports from Luxembourg. Still, if I were in Sonia’s position under those conditions, I too would feel uneasy.

Finally, Sonia was in charge of coordinating 140 Brazilian researchers with a newsletter and frequent correspondences. The contacts were primarily short, faint voices on tape. Some of the Brazilian researchers were clamoring for direction toward enhanced ITC contacts as published in our ITC journals, and Sonia was not getting suggestions to pass along to them. The key to getting miraculous contacts was unknown to all of us at that time.

Many of us at the meeting had quiet concerns like Sonia’s, but in the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the moment they got swept under the rug. From there they would begin to fester like a thorn broken off under the skin, causing pain and eventual eruptions within our group in the coming years…………

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Spirit colleagues attend our second meeting

Throughout 1996 I was busy making plans for our second INIT meeting, this time to be held in Tarrytown, New York, the site that had inspired Washington Irving to write the book, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Shortly before the meeting was to begin, our spirit friends gave us some fascinating insights into their methods of interacting with us. They reported that they would be traveling in parallel in their world to a location similar to Tarrytown. It was not unusual for them to stay close to us during our trips, they said, consuming similar food and drink, and traveling in conveyances similar to the planes, trains, and automobiles in which we were traveling. They had to stay close and in sync with us to avoid losing us in time and space. As Timestream told Maggy Harsch-Fischbach:

We shed our astral body which, although very subtle from your perspective, is dense from our view. As we leave that dense body we can merge with the environment, producing a most wonderful sensation. We float freely in a sense of oneness with nature and the air around us while maintaining our individual personality. We are neither happy nor sad. When we move to this state it is difficult to return into the denser dimensions where humans reside. If you need us for something, we can detect that need which will have an effect similar to shaking us awake. Otherwise we become lost in time and space in a most wonderful way. Years of your time may pass by in a flash. We rarely allow ourselves to travel in this ethereal way since we have committed ourselves to work closely with you on this ITC project. Instead, we resort to transportation means which resemble your earth-like conveyances.

Our meeting at Tarrytown went smoothly during the first full day. The primary purpose of these annual meetings, from the viewpoint of our spirit friends, was to achieve unity and resonance. The Dartington meeting had been a complete success. This year at Tarrytown I felt the same enthusiasm in the air. The fact that we were meeting again, sharing good feelings, discussing statutes for our new group, and reporting on ITC progress and projects underway in our various countries was a catalyst for miracles. If the good feelings prevailed through the weekend, they would make the contact field clear, and so our spirit colleagues would be able to move more effectively in and out of our lives in the coming months to assist in our projects.

As we adjourned the meeting, everyone left for home with a warm glow. None of us knew then that some of the greatest miracles of all would be unfolding in our small, scattered group in the coming months. Nor did we know of three tragedies that would offset the miracles. Nor did we know that all our members would start to polarize into separate, incompatible factions, causing a build-up of friction that would soon erupt.

First, the tragedies: Our coordinator Hans Luethi would develop a severe case of phlebitis and have one leg amputated. He would be replaced by Dale Palmer. Then, our good friend and quiet supporter, Willis Harman, would die from a brain tumor in January, 1997. Independent experimenter Adolf Homes would die of lung cancer in October.

Following are some of the miracles that flowed into our lives in the coming months:

* Spirit colleague Richard Francis Burton, 19th Century author and explorer, delivered a letter to the computer of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach reporting on his visit to a Native American medicine man named Red Jacket in his spirit world house next to his medicine wigwam. That forged closer bonds between my research team in Colorado and a Native American spirit group, who accepted an invitation from Burton to move closer to the Timestream station. From that position the Native American group would play a valuable role in maintaining the integrity of our contact bridge in the coming years. (1996 November 28)

* Maggy Harsch-Fischbach received her first color picture through computer. It showed the face of one of The Seven higher beings. Accompanying the picture was a letter from the being which told us that doubt can be justified, resulting in enlightenment, or it can be a poisoning force that creates dissonance in a group. It can lead to a life of adventure or a life of confusion. (1997 February 26)

* Again through Luxembourg we received a report from a young man named Arthur Moos describing his violent death in 1945 when a bomb exploded just ahead of the farmer’s carriage in which he was riding. In spirit he instantly entered a silent darkness where he remained for fifty years, which seemed to blend together and pass by in no time at all. Then he heard lovely music, saw a violet vortex, and moved toward the light. Floating into the light he saw a lush valley and majestic mountains come into focus, and he wept like a child at the sheer beauty. He then joined Timestream spirit group. (1997 July 7)

* During a phone dialog with Timestream, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach was told of parallel worlds existing in the same physical space with the Earth, but at different vibration. Locating Earth among the many other flourishing worlds was sometimes difficult for our spirit colleagues when they wanted to get in touch with us. (1997 July)

* Willis Harman, late president of IONS, became involved in ITC from beyond the veil in order to continue his direct, intentional support of our work and his efforts to help science and humanity out of their present darkness. Maggy Harsch-Fischbach received a computer letter from The Seven higher beings, who said, "INIT is going strong... Famous names have joined those who already followed the path of light. Willis Harman has now completed his transition. He intends to work closely with the group who is trying to contact Mark Macy. Group Landell in Brazil is not far from a breakthrough. If all of you continue on a close collaboration, we will see that the contact field will grow clearer and contacts will improve. We, The Seven, accompany you with our thoughts." (1997 August 9)

* A day after Adolf Homes died he was able to place a phone call to his friend and colleague Fritz Malkhoff. "I just want to announce myself briefly," he said. "Do you hear me, Fritz? Just want to announce myself. I have terrible pain. I arrived here together with the young fellow who was at the motorcycle rally."

Fritz was not only stunned for the moment by the phone call from his old friend Adolf Homes so soon after his death, but also a bit puzzled by the opening message. "Which young fellow?" He asked.

"The young one who was killed at the motorcycle rally."

"Where did you say he was killed?" asked Malkhoff, still confused.

"Near the town of Fell. You know, near Fell, Osburg-Osburg. Just want to tell you briefly. I am now here in ‘Ahau’. It is true, Fritz, just like we always imagined. Things go on. The fellow from Osburg is saying something. He is with me. The one who was shot, who was shot dead, is with me. I am speaking to you."

"Yes, okay."

"I am going to sleep now," said Homes, obviously exhausted.

"Yes, all right," said Malkhoff with empathy.

"Excuse me...." concluded Homes, the remaining words trailing off into incoherent mumbles…………

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Chapter Seven
Science, Spirit and the Storm

Miracles before the storm

For the first two years of INIT’s existence, the contacts we received were not only miraculous, but absolutely stunning. Images of exotic, kind, wise, and playful beings from other worlds were planted on computer hard drives. A picture of a magnificent temple in the spirit worlds was also delivered in this fashion. A letter accompanied that picture, reporting that the famous French science fiction author Jules Verne had awakened in the temple after his death. After a difficult end of his life marred by rheumatism, gout, diabetes, and blindness, he suddenly found himself among aromatic fountains, solid silver furniture, and tanned dancing girls dressed in skin-tight, blue and orange silk clothes inquiring as to his desires. He was free of pain, and he was overwhelmed by the heavenly sensations of it all.

Ethereal beings sent a letter, again via computer, describing the death process here on Earth from their perspective:

When your lives end, and we come to lie beside you in the final moments, to comfort you, we sometimes find you in a hurry to tie up loose ends and to sweep the clutter of a lifetime under the carpet. Relax, children! We don’t come to judge, only to bring you home. A single lifetime is but a moment in the day of your larger life. Your transition from Earth is a natural process. Lighten your hearts, show each other the real you, share each other’s burdens, and don’t make this important moment difficult for yourself or for each other. Relax.

An ancient Chinese physician named Yang Fud-se sent a self-portrait and letter. He said he had lived in the Chinese capital of Yo Lang during the reign of Shun Ti, around A.D. 150 to 200. He said that our group faced similar problems to those he had faced as a delegate of the king. He had been assigned to investigate reports of spirit communication and healing in the surrounding lands, and to distinguish fraud from genuine miracles. He warned us of obstacles in the path of our group in the form of doubt and skepticism, and he urged us to stay united in order to remain strong in the coming months and years.

An ancient Dane named Skoldung reported that he had been a Viking poet on Earth twelve hundred years ago, and since then was living happily in a small village in the "snow-land" of Marduk, which was within traveling distance of the "summerland." One day in 1986 Earth time he was surprised to find a strangely dressed man lying on the ground near his village, dripping blood into the snow from two wounds. The wounds quickly healed, the man’s agony faded away, and he began to ask where he was, where was Stockholm, and where was Lisbeth. Skoldung knew nothing of Stockholm or Lisbeth, and could not answer. After the healed man calmed down, he introduced himself as Olof Palme, the world leader and Swedish prime minister who had been assassinated on February 28, 1986, in Stockholm.

An African tribesman named Bwele M’Banga sent a self-portrait and reported that his life on Earth had ended in the stomach of an African lion. Now he was a close friend of Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-90), the English explorer. The two men led expeditions around the spirit worlds to explore new realms.

Burton himself sent several reports of his expeditions. One report came after INIT members had received a series of disturbing contacts from a negative spirit group. Burton’s team scaled a mountain to a cave, where they found a holy man whose face was morphing from male to female, to small child, wise old man, young black woman, Native American, Eskimo and a fat Chinese man. The being was all these individuals and more. The higher being told the visitors:

INIT faces troubles from people who are unable to understand the miracles. They don’t WANT to understand the miracles because they are so full of themselves and their written ideas that there is no room inside themselves for the truth. The limits of the ego and physical brain will continue to be an obstacle to ITC, but when these narrow individuals eventually move to new lives elsewhere, they will grasp more in a moment than any truths which words on Earth could possibly convey to them at the present time. Meanwhile, their negative crusades will draw negative influences into the work. Unity among INIT members will keep INIT on a positive path.

Miracles being experienced by our members were made possible by the resonance we felt among us, and they were fueled by our positive feelings—inspiration, wonder, and delight. The contacts received between 1995 and 1997 were so incredibly good that minds were boggled—not only minds outside of our group, but also the minds of a few INIT members…………

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