I T C   - for what?
by Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt

This question has often been asked at least by three different groups of people.

NOVICE. One group consists of people, that have never heard about the TC/ITC a little yet and if, they ask which sense it makes to hear short and hardly understandable statements that do not stand mostly in any connection with the experimenter. Most voices are only audible after more or less extensive processing of the raw material through filtering and/or strengthening. They feel that messages received are seldom understandable in their meanings and f. e. two utterances have nothing to do with each other. If hearing unambiguous and loud voices, these are designated as delusion of the own brain and or senses involved and often these loud voices are represented as an example of fraud. But there is still an interest to see what is really going on. Although this people are skeptic they are interested in something new and like to expand their worldview. They are not afraid to change themselves and their attitudes. So, those people try to get their own first recording to assure themselves that there is something new for them. And then they start to get busy with studying a new world - a spiritual world. A world that includes material and spiritual aspects, that has place for reincarnation and body, soul and spirit and their interdependence.  Those people are open minded and we like to help them on their way.

SPIRITUALISTIC. There is however also another group of people who think quite differently. Those people are convinced that there is a "beyond" and even more there is a "living" in "beyond". They  know that there are reports and information which say that going a mediumistic way a contact is possible and takes place since the beginning of mankind. The receiver of the messages, the medium, can keep the information in this case only for himself or he passes the messages on to other people (often only upon request). The transcommunication in our time is not anything special for these people therefore. Doubts exist if any at all, whether the medium has modified/falsified the messages received (intended or unintentional). Because there is a process of translation and/or interpretation involved receiving information from the spirit world and make it accessible to humans with their limited 5 senses in our three dimensional world. Members of this group are only seldom interested in ITC because they are used to get the messages and information wanted and needed by them through mediums. Many books are on the market that give a good impression of how the beyond is build up and what kind of entities exist and what they want and what they have to do. 

SKEPTICS. Especially the close minded people will be found in this group. But there are also some others that might give other ideas a chance. But very often those people are afraid that new ideas will take them off trail. In fact nothing will interest those people in TC/ITC and the related themes. They fight against knowledge that belongs to mankind from the very beginning. It is not our intention to convince people. We must be aware that they fight against us too although we report only our experiences and show them of how to do the same. 

Recommendations for practical work

In the course of the years of my occupation with the ITC and the different types of persons interested at that I had been able to state that there is a great number of reasons to be with this subject. This great number of different motivations results mostly in a missing understanding with each other. That complicates a cooperation or makes it even impossible. 

None of the mentioned reasons mentioned in the Workgroups is more important or more valuable than the other one, since everyone wants to stride on his individual way. And everyone of these individual ways helps the interested human being to recognize his way for the finding and helps him perhaps to go his way. If somebody is not especially medial and therefore a communication is not possible  in the manner, that the voices and the information in general from beyond can perceived immediately in the room (have a look at my remarks given to Juergenson's Book in Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 27 or simply read the entire book), then it is of course very interesting to use ITC methods with their recording instruments. Going this way using ITC methods a message from beyond can really be recognized although it (the message) is around us all the time. People with ESP capabilities see the spirits and hear the voices for example with out the use of equipment.

For many people interested in ITC,  ITC is in fact only, but very important way to the entrance into a new world of knowledge. If  one would like to have contiguous information from and about this new world, it is recommended to get channeled information that has already been published in many books. This is valid for reports by other planets and beings up to the creation of the cosmos and the human being. 

There are only a few ITC-experimenters worldwide to whom it is possible to get into contact with entities in beyond in dialog form which would allow to get more coherent information from beyond.  Let us strengthen that contact field in order to allow more people to get more and better information using the way of ITC. So everybody can convince himself. 

Please do not forget: The Koran is the most impressive channeled information of the world. It was sent to the prophet Mohammed over many years and the Islam developed to a world religion.

Please consider: using ITC methods you are in fact in contact with an anonymous being that says to be grandma, grandpa, child, brother, man, sister, archangels Gabriel or Jesus. From where you take the safety, to be in contact with that being who says to be someone specific?? To learn to distinguish the spirit beings is important especially then, when one takes it as mentors and helpers or as informants onto whom one builds up his view of life.

Instrumental and the "normal" (medial) transcommunication distinguish only through the fact that the voices - pictures - texts received using a technical device can sometimes be understood (f.e. radio method, telephone) or seen (TV or computer monitor) immediately and can be documented. The device or equipment used will not guarantee that the obtained message is not falsified or pure. There are many experimenter that receive frightening voices while others using the same devices get "good" messages. Did you hear already once about several experimenters receiving an identical one-sentence-information with the same devices??? At "cross correspondences"  information received by different experimenter complete each other. Each piece of information received by each experimenter alone is almost meaningless. These merged experimenters were however a team cooperating closely before receiving these messages mostly they were medial gifted. There are very good voices, that were received with the most simple devices or without any devices at all (Leslie Flint 

A quote from Chapter 47 of Juergenson's book tells what has to be considered:

... To a large extent success depends on us. Much depends on the way and means with which we seek to take up contact. We ourselves can promote or inhibit the contact. It is best to act completely naturally, to avoid all solemn, exaggerated, pompous moods. ...

ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) is interesting for whom????

ITC offers the outstanding chance that everybody can convince himself that there is a spiritual world. Everybody can make ITC contacts. 

Of course: 

But you can convince yourself: 

And the more experimenter think and work in that manner the stronger the energy field becomes and the better the contacts will be. The stronger the contact field becomes the better the messages will be in durance, visibility, audibility, frequency and in clarity. Please help to better the conditions for that big challenge!

rodiehr June 2002

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