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(see also "Researchers' Results" and the section "Books" "Hildegard Schaefer")           

Video camera: b/w or color with Zoom
set on an empty channel - no antenna
VCR Video Cassette Recorder: with still mode
"supports" the recording

The output of the video camera is fed into the VCR and from there the signal goes to the input of the TV. That is a feedback circle because the camera's signal is fed into the TV. The VCR takes a sequence of  25 pictures/frames a second. When you have recorded  the signal from the camera for 5 minutes you will have  5 x 60 sec x 25 frames/sec = 7500 frames.  In the replay mode Schreiber used the still mode function to look at each single frame hoping to see something unexpected.

This technique allowed pictures from beyond to be observed for the first time.

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K. Schreiber taking a picture of himself using the equipment

one of his results: his daughter Karin

If you like to see the way Claus Schreiber is working in his lab then please click on the links to see video clips with different resolution of 1 minute and 26 seconds length:

Instead of using a VCR one can use today a computer with the right graphic card (video in and video out), high storage capacity of the hard disk and software in order to have a look at each single frame. That is of course an easier job for the computer. The VCR can be damaged mechanically while observing thousands of individual frames. 

rodiehr - December 17, 2002

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