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In the photo at the far left we see a medium whose hands are strapped together and whose legs are strapped to the chair, sitting in a cage made of -inch steel bars. In the other photo, taken after the medium had fallen into a deep trance, ectoplasm has started to issue from her left ear. (On close examination we see a cluster of small pearl-like balls forming at the edge of the ectoplasmic mass.)


In this photograph the ectoplasmic material has assembled into the figure of a nun whose arms reached out through the bars to take and hold the open Bible! The arrows indicate where the figure of the nun is starting to come through the iron bar cage! Of course you will remember that I told you earlier that all of our material world, including these iron bars, is 99.99% empty space. (And you will recall the photo in my laboratory which clearly showed the chair back through my body.)

Here the figure is completely materialized, and standing outside the cage. You can see such complete details as the crucifix, the seemingly woven texture of the garments, and (above the forehead) a pearl-like ornament which was one of the first bits of the figure to materialize as it passed from the medium's ear. This figure was identified as a sister of the medium, a Catholic nun who had died two years previously.


"Reincarnation" is another area in which there is survival evidence. Although the Western world has a preponderance of people who do not believe in reincarnation, this group is a minority when one considers the total world population. Today there are considerably more than two billion people on the planet who are convinced of the reality of reincarnation. Incidentally, please note that nowhere in the New Testament is there a statement against the concept. In fact, some verses indicate that the early Christian church accepted the idea. In recent years, serious scientific studies in the United States, England and Brazil have brought forth some extremely interesting evidence of reincarnation which we will see later.


And at last science has begun to accumulate evidence for survival under the heading of ...
Conservation of Matter and Energy
also under the heading of ...
Space-Time Relationships
and finally under what to me is one of the most interesting areas ...
Electronic Communications with the Worlds of Spirit

In Germany today there are more than 1,000 people conducting serious research aimed at perfection of electronic equipment needed to converse with those who have left their physical bodies. In England, the United States, France, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, and Switzerland there are perhaps another 2,000 researchers working on this.

Until recently, that research would have been considered the absolute height of folly! But there is no longer any question about the ability of the dead to communicate with those of us still in our physical bodies-as you will learn in detail from the recording that accompanies this booklet. Such evidence of survival begins to provide the real "clincher"- proof to end all doubt! All that now remains is the task of refining the electronic system to the point that such communication is a day-to-day reality.
When that day comes-most likely within the next five years-Man's relationship with Man and Man's relationship with his Creator will UNDERGO PROFOUND CHANGES.

At this point you are perhaps agreeing that there is considerable evidence for survival but you probably want to ask, "What actually happens to me when I take off in my new astral (butterfly) body? Where do I go?"
You will recall that in the Bible, Jesus is quoted as saying His Father's house has many mansions. This poetic terminology, the only kind Jesus could use at that stage of Man's evolution, referred to the fact that there were many different levels of being in the worlds of Spirit. Amazing as it may seem, science has helped us to learn more about these many "mansions" in the last 100 years, and  particularly in the last 25 years, than has been taught by all of Man's religions in all of recorded history.


One of the most important insights we have obtained through science is that these worlds of Spirit are not out on some far distant planet or some other part of the universe. They are actually right here, interpenetrating this very world we live in - this world of empty space. There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of electronic messages and pictures via radio and TV zapping all around you and through your body at this very moment.
These other mansions, these other worlds of Spirit, are, for all practical purposes, right here where we are. But since that idea is as much of a mindbender as was the idea of our interpenetrating seven bodies, I have made a diagram (shown section by section in the next 6 pictures) to help you comprehend these interpenetrating worlds of Spirit.

The various levels of spirit world are represented as being placed one on top of the other and extending upward from
the level on which we all now live in our physical bodies as well as in our interpenetrating etheric and astral bodies. Each of the worlds of Spirit, or levels of consciousness, if you want to think of them in that terminology, is of successively higher rates of vibration. There is literally an infinite number of these higher rates of vibration, but, purely for convenience purposes-and I stress that-purely for convenience, we have labeled these various levels as shown. (These levels are sometimes given other names
by other researchers.)

The level of consciousness which we call the Lower Astral Planes, is a dark, dismal, dangerous and often frightening world which the Bible describes as "outer darkness, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth." It is the habitat of greedy, self-centered, unloving, resentful persons. Often they have fierce bodily desires and lusts which they yearn to satisfy as if still on the earth plane. (It is also the abode of less desirable, shall we say "creatures" of non-human lines of evolution.) This level is traditionally referred to as hell, hades or purgatory.



The next level is called the Intermediate Astral Planes or Middle Astral Planes. Here the person awakes minutes, days or weeks after departing the physical body, or months, years or centuries after arrival on the Lowest Astral Planes. This is a truly fascinating place-the description sounds like science fiction! It is primarily a rest and rehabilitation area complete with hospitals and their staffs, institutions of learning and their teachers. Help is given to persons who had traumatic experiences and/or sudden death, and persons with inflexible or erroneous mental, emotional or religious beliefs. The body is still material but of a much finer substance at a higher vibratory rate. Its appearance accommodates each person's preference, usually that experienced in the prime of earth life.


The Highest Astral Plane can generally be described as a wonderful realm of existence similar to what Christians call Heaven. The term used by Spiritualists for the last hundred years is "The Summerland." There is no pain or suffering.
There are happy meetings with those for whom a bond of love is felt, or of groups formed of like-minded persons. There are unlimited opportunities, and encouragement for each soul to continue to grow in mental and spiritual consciousness. Interest in activities on planet earth decreases. Here there are the first encounters with angels-lovely and helpful beings of non-human evolution.


The next level of consciousness could be called the Mental and Causal Planes. When you arrive on these levels of consciousness, you have unlimited scope for further development of your individual mind and soul. You begin to have access to all of the accumulated wisdom of the ages on the earth plane and throughout other parts of our solar system. Here there is no jealousy, no judgment, no selfishness. There is complete brotherhood. Most of man's inventions and scientific advances as well as poetry, inspired prose, art and music originate here and are passed down to receptive minds through a process we call intuition. In this way the intelligences on this level cause much of the good, beautiful and inspiring activity on the lower planes.

We refer to the next region as the Celestial Planes. The nature of these planes of consciousness (as well as the still higher Galactic, Universal and Cosmic levels) is largely beyond the comprehension of those now living on planet earth. Generally this could be considered the area where the Christian God is located, also Buddha and gods of other religious persuasions on the earth plane, as well as celestial beings who are generally referred to as Masters. Biblically this area is called the Third Heaven. (The large color diagram supplied with this booklet will help you to understand this plane-and the others-more fully.)

At this point you probably have many questions about the lives that are being lived out in these interpenetrating worlds of Spirit. Two years ago we presented the basic information to groups of varying age levels and solicited their questions. Selecting 52 of those most frequently asked, we wrote a section of After We die, What Then? giving specific replies. In the remainder of this booklet are few of these questions and abbreviated answers.


But there is one factor which underlies all of the answers. All of us are equal when we walk through the door marked "Death and Rebirth" in so far as race, religion, sex and color are concerned. These factors have no real bearing on our movement upward through the worlds of Spirit.


This was one of the interesting questions: "There are many types of people alive today in what you have called the physical or earth plane. Let us assume that you are right when you say each person will shed his caterpillar-like body and start flitting around like a butterfly on some other level of existence. What I want to know is, on what level am I likely to find myself?"

Well, not knowing you I cannot answer this. However, you can look at the photo and then look at yourself.

The narrow arrow at the left of the diagram refers to individuals who have made more than average progress in this or past lives and whose souls have evolved to the point where they are just naturally living their present lives in harmony with some characteristics which we will present in a following paragraph. If you are in this group you will probably find yourself in what we call the Highest Astral Planes.
The big arrow in the middle relates to average kind-hearted, considerate, well-meaning and hard-working adults, and most infants and children, with likely arrival on what we call Intermediate Astral Planes.
The arrow at the lower right as this illustration appears in After We Die, What Then? is marked F, indicating failure to achieve true purpose in the life just lived.

This smaller group is made up of greedy, cruel, selfish, materialistic, highly egotistic and unloving persons, including, for example, rapists, drug addicts, alcoholics, suicides, murderers, hardened criminals and despots.
Now let us consider another question: "What can or should I do to make certain that I am on a path which will by-pass that dark and dismal level of existence you have called the Lower Astral?"




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