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Perhaps the most helpful thing I can do is share information which has come from wise old souls who have already traveled much further along life's highway than I have. That is, persons who are currently dwelling on what we call Mental and Causal Planes. The information which they supply is summarized in this photo which points to the proven path for individual self development. Do these admonitions sound familiar? They certainly do! They are basically a summary of points first presented 2500 years ago in the 8-fold path of Buddha, and 500 years later in the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus. Our communicators from the Mental and Causal Planes tell us that this is the only time-proven, safe, sure, quick and enjoyable route for each soul to travel now and through out the coming centuries.

Another question relates to the same general subject. One of our early listeners said, "I am miserable and unhappy. Will everything be better after I die?"
Sorry, the answer is no. When you someday cast off your physical body; the real you, (your mind, memory banks, personality and soul) will be precisely what you were before you left the physical body. If you are miserable and unhappy before you make the transition, you will be miserable and unhappy in your new surroundings. Today, I repeat, today is the first day of the rest of your life. This is the day to start building into your life and actions many of the attributes listed in this diagram. Thus, you then enjoy this present life and assure yourself of an exciting adventure in the centuries ahead.

Now let us consider the controversial subject of reincarnation. Some of you may feel as Leroy does in this cartoon.


Perhaps I should put my personal experience on record. I grew up in a strictly orthodox mid-western Christian Protestant denomination. During the decades of study, searching and world travel, I continued to reject the concept of reincarnation. Not until I was well past the age of 60 had I assembled sufficient knowledge to change my views. Not until I had logged hundreds of hours of voice contact with beings now actually alive in the worlds of Spirit, did I find the evidence overwhelming and convincing. Only then did my conscious mind accept the evidence so that I could be comfortable with the concept of reincarnation and become personally convinced of its reality.
Let me hasten to say that reincarnation is a very complex subject. Many of my fellow researchers and I feel that at this point Man has not reached a position of understanding sufficient to comprehend many ramifications of the subject. We are equally convinced that much of the material that appears today under the heading of "past lives" is just plain unadulterated nonsense! To put it a little more politely, such "readings" are evidence of the fantastic dream-making capability of certain levels of individual human consciousness. In my personal research I have had a total of 8 "past lives" readings in 7 years by supposed "experts" in the U.S. and England. There is not the slightest shred of
correlation between any two of the readings! And I wish to mention another conclusion. I am convinced that "karma" is not only a little understood term, but it is being used by reincarnationists as a handy excuse or justification for all kinds of questionable actions in day-to-day living.
Due to the complexity of the subject of reincarnation, we (in the larger book) have devoted 9 of the 52 questions and answers to it. But this next illustration, the comments I will now make, and the large diagram included in this packet will give you much sound information.

We might call this diagram, "The Original Recycling Plant." In recent years as the world's raw materials have become scarce and high in price, there has been a trend to ward recycling. In the past we sent vast quantities of material to the dump or incinerator. Today we have started to reclaim some items. We carefully gather beer and soda cans and sell them back to the mill. At the recycling plant they are melted and molded into ingots. Similar recycling plants are set up for newspapers, shipping cartons and many other useful and increasingly valuable materials. Has it not occurred to you that if death is the end of us, our Creator's plan is a very wasteful one? What, in all the world, is more precious than your very own soul? Stop for a moment and think about it. Do you have any material item which is any more valuable than your own self, your soul? Does it make any sense to think that an all-wise Creator is going to send your precious soul to the dump, the graveyard of your dreams, the incinerator? Science, in this century, has shown that energy cannot be destroyed-that it can only be changed from one state of vibration to another. What could be more logical than the recycling of your soul?


[If you find the foregoing material on reincarnation objectionable, that is perfectly OK. Your belief or disbelief regarding this, or any other subject will not prevent you from living forever! When you someday reside on a Higher Astral Plane, you will have opportunities to learn more about the subject and enlarge your perspective.]

Let us sample just one more of the 52 questions: "Is there any factual basis for the idea that the spirit of a dead person can intrude into the mind of a living person and adversely affect that person's behavior?"
Indeed so, even though modern psychiatry has laughed at this concept. For those of us who were open-minded enough to do serious research into the matter, it quickly became clear that there is a solid basis for the age-old idea of spirit or demon possession. Perhaps the best piece of research on this subject is presented in Dr. Carl Wickland's book, Thirty Years Among the Dead. (If you have any interest in the subject of possession it is my opinion that his book is "must" reading.)

This illustration will help in understanding how possession is possible. Consider this example: a person misguided enough to think he had ended it all by committing suicide, instead finds himself automatically in the dark dismal place we referred to as the Lower Astral Planes. Now remember that this plane, as do all other planes of spirit, inter- penetrates our physical everyday world. The suicide in his astral energy-field "body" might, as we say, "bump into" the energy fields of some living person who is physically, mentally, or emotionally depressed, and merge his field with the energy field of that living person. (See lower left corner.)
This is not as far-fetched as it may sound. There is considerable evidence that perhaps as many as 25% of the occupants of our mental institutions are the victims of somewhat similar occurrances, even though modern psychiatry is unaware o the fact.
Space does not permit presentation of other examples, but the concept reflected in this diagram answers literally dozens of additional questions relating to the subjects of meditation, prayers for the deceased, spirit communications, spiritual enlightenment, etc.



In closing, I call your attention to the vertical yellow arrow with the words, "The Purpose of Life: Continuing Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Growth."

Literally, the sky is the limit. With the help of insights provided by the material in this booklet, you can clearly understand why you must stop thinking of yourself as a body with a soul. You must always think of yourself as a soul only temporarily occupying a physical body. The opportunity for the soul to continue to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually, is unlimited.


Now, if our friend Snoopy has been following along, it is my hope that he is expressing himself as indicated here!


I hope that from now on when you see a rainbow you will be reminded that it is seven colors of light energy in vibration. The lower
wavelengths of light, the red, relate to our physical lives and the levels of the lowest astral realms.

As we continue to grow in consciousness by further developing mentally, emotionally and spiritually; we are figuratively "climbing the rainbow."



I hope that you, like Snoopy, now have a better understanding of

If well applied, the information you have learned from this booklet will be of great value for your future, both here on earth in your physical body, and in the hereafter in your astral or spiritual body.
I have touched on so many mind-stretching concepts of importance for your future that you probably want to explore some of them at greater length. The book After We Die, What Then? on which this booklet is in part based, will add greatly to your knowledge.
The book gives straightforward answers to 52 questions, many of which have probably risen in your mind regarding the next phase of your life. It will explain in more detail the big color diagram which accompanies this booklet. You can obtain a copy by using the order form in the accompanying book catalogue.*


Yes, there is a funeral at the end of the present road. But now you understand the seeming magic by which soul and mind, memory banks and personality will be very much alive.
You can now understand that you can't "cop out" by the suicide route. You can't be destroyed even by an atomic holocaust. There is just no way you can terminate the wonderful, total being that is YOU.

YOU are going to be living forever.


* Another book listed therein, As We See It From Here by the Holmes Research Team, goes an important step further. It provides perspectives which can only be obtained by those who have already walked through the door we call death and now want to share their findings with those of us who are still occupants of the earth plane.



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