An experiment with major ramifications
Mark Macy


Hello friends,


I want to share three things that might deserve your attention. First, I’ve developed a sort of roadmap of the spirit worlds based on the latest results of our research. Second, experiments are underway at

the frontiers of science that could change the way we look at the world.

Third, and most important, this email is an experiment to see if we can use principles of new science to trigger a breakthrough in ITC (instrumental transcommunication) research.


I hope you will spread this email if and when you understand my purpose behind the experiment.




Mark Macy, World ITC



1. A spirit world roadmap

2. Stretching science to embrace the spirit

3. An experiment with major ramifications

4. Creating a field in which miracles can flourish



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1. A spirit world roadmap


From the Christian Heaven and Hell, to the Bardos of Tibetan Buddhism . . . from the 12th plane of Eckankar, to Focus 27 at The Monroe Institute . . . it can be confusing when we try to make sense of

the greater reality that exists beyond the physical realm. To make it clearer, I have sifted through many years of ITC research around the world to assemble a new model or roadmap of reality distinguished by its simplicity and modern flavor. It’s a foundation of collected thought that can be built upon in the future, and it’s all on the World ITC website complete with: 


Here’s a taste of the crossing-over story:


"The ethereal being said they had reached the border between form and formlessness, and they would have to undergo a change before proceeding into the ethereal realm. At that moment the man felt all remnants of doubt, fear, and insecurity being washed out of his mind. He felt purified, and the subtle forms around him vanished. There was a complete lightness of being, and he felt one with everything ...


"His ethereal guide then made it clear to the man that one could easily lose track of time in this place, and thousands of years on Earth could pass by in a heartbeat, so they would now return to the astral



"The subtle forms of paradise began to form magically around them, and the man realized that he once again had a perfect human body -- an astral body -- while his guide’s body once again emitted ribbons of rainbow light. And they resumed their tour, moving toward the man’s home frequency -- the place in the astral realm where he would feel at home with loved ones from his recent lifetime.


"What then? he wondered. 

"Indeed, what then? the ethereal being replied with a smile."



2. Stretching science to embrace the spirit


Siyoh Tomiyama, a friend and fellow researcher, recently finished writing a report on experiments underway in Japan which are uncovering principles that will change the way we look at the world.

Here’s an excerpt from his paper (which can be read in its entirety at Tomiyama's new science):


"A certain hot spring water . . . in Japan has notable healing power like a fountain at Lourdes in southern France. Researchers who analyzed the composition of the water found it had many rare minerals. But the actual results were inconsistent. The results changed from day to day, experimenter to experimenter. And one experimenter found a definite change in the water composition when someone passed behind him!"


(Siyoh explains that science can’t deal with these inconsistencies. The uncertainty principle, developed by German physicist Werner Heisenberg in 1927, allows for such inconsistent results in the world under the microscope, but not in the larger world of our day-to-day reality, even though they do occur. Siyoh continues:)


"Those who do not believe . . . can stop such phenomena from happening around them, without even knowing it, by using their subconscious power. Prof. Hayasaka at Toohoku University wrote a report which concluded that a clockwise-spinning gyro lost some of its weight . . . by reducing the gravitational force. His report was a monument to his work, proving the legitimacy of his theory. The

sensational result attracted the attention of world scientists, many of whom believed the results were ridiculous, and they tried to replicate the results in their own laboratories, expecting the experiment to fail.

Almost all of them failed. After a few years, Prof. Hayasaka told an acquaintance of mine wearily, ‘What a nasty thing the collective thought is! I conducted the experiment several hundred times before I

announced it. The results were always duplicated. But now, somehow, I sometimes have difficulty reproducing them.’"


(A similar phenomenon occurred worldwide recently when a stream of miraculous spirit communications through radios, TVs, telephones, computers and other devices suddenly ended. According to spirit colleagues, the contacts were made possible by harmony and pure intentions among scientists and researchers from various countries who were working together for several years in an

association called INIT, and the contacts ended when doubts, fears, and insecurities arose among many members (as they always seem to do in human relationships), creating dissonance that could not be fully resolved. -- MM)


"Sadly enough, an important phenomenon can be stopped when a certain number of people start to believe it is impossible . . . ."

                                   -- Siyoh Tomiyama




3. An experiment with major ramifications


I would take Siyoh’s conclusion one step further to suggest that the opposite is also true: An important phenomenon that has been stopped by collective skepticism and dissonance can be revitalized when collective acceptance and resonance have been restored.


That is the theory we will test with this experiment: If we can get a large wave of ITC credibility and enthusiasm to spread around the world in the coming months, information once again will stream

through phones, computers, televisions, and other devices from intelligent sources beyond the Earth. With this experiment we are preparing a fertile field in which the miracles of ITC can flourish.




4. Creating a field in which miracles can flourish


Please browse through our website, Then, if you would like to participate in the experiment by making ITC better known, please pass this E-letter along selectively to those on your

email list who would enjoy the awareness and possibilities, and have them pass it on to others, and so on. The more people who hold positive thoughts about ITC, the better the connection. During the year

and beyond, ITC researchers in various countries will monitor their results and report any significant improvements and breakthroughs.

Again, we are creating a field in which the miracles of ITC can flourish. There is nothing to lose but a few moments of your time, and so much to gain!


To participate, simply pass this e-letter along selectively to those on your email list who you think will be open to wonderful possibilities.


Schedule of proposed experiment:

February 15, 2002 – February 15, 2003


Thank you for taking the time to read this email and, hopefully, passing it along to others!


Mark Macy

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