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18.01.2006, 01:51

Nikki Sherwin
EMail: kingston_chick2006@yahoo.com  Homepage: http://www.worlditc.org/t_01_introduction_14_spiricom_cam_short.mp3

country: USA


What did he say in response after he asked if he could record the conversation? I'm talking about the sound that I put as my homepage. I'm just curious.

P.S. btw, I received an A for my Composition paper about ghosts! My teacher was very impressed. Thanks for your help!

15.01.2006, 12:40

Dr. Vinod Khera
EMail: drkhera@hotmail.com 

country: India


I am a follower of Dev Dharma, a science grounded religion whose founder Shri Satya Nand Agnihotri died in 1929 after giving the world new scientific light on every aspect of human life including soul" and "Life After Death" His researches were done during the late 19th century and early 20 th century. Going through the material on your website, I find that information in total conformity with your researches done in late 20th century.

I was myself a witness to a seance through a medium nearly 47 years ago when the spirits of my maternal grandfather communicated with us about the circumstances concerning the death of my maternal cousin by an electric shock and that of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose, a great Indian Leader during the British Rule who gave messages concerning the India's national interests.

If you are interested in knowing more about the researches on human sould done by the founder of Dev Dharma, I can send the same to you by mail.

With profound regards.
Dr. Vinod Khera
Ph.D. (U. of Notre Dame, USA 1971)

by MARK:

Hello Vinod,
Thank you for the guestbook entry.
I would indeed be interested in knowing more about the research on human souls done by the founder of Dev Dharma, but you should not go to trouble or expense.
Do you currently live in the US or in India?
And how extensive is the document?
Warm wishes,
Mark M

03.01.2006, 20:53

EMail: lunamoonstones@yahoo.com 

country: USA


I absolutely love your site. Most informative. My question is: Are we together with our loved ones on the other side? Do they wait for us?

Also, I am a paranormal investigator here in the states, and I have been told over and over that it is sometimes difficult to capture EVP at certain locations. I have NEVER had a problem with it. I will capture them continuously, wherever I am - and they are often interactive with me, frequently answering my questions. This site, has helped me to understand why. Thank you.


Hi Amy, thanks for your guestbook entry:

> I absolutely love your site. Most informative. My question is: Are we together with our loved ones on the other side? Do they wait for us?

> Also, I am a paranormal investigator here in the states, and I have been told over and over that it is sometimes difficult to capture EVP at certain locations. I have NEVER had a problem with it. I will capture them continuously, wherever I am - and they are often interactive with me, frequently answering my questions. This site, has helped me to understand why. Thank you. <

Yes, if there is a love between two people, they will be together as much as they wish when they are both on the other side, assuming they reside at the same spiritual vibration. Even at different vibrations they can see each other from time to time.
I'm very pleased at the success of your experiments. You apparently have that psychospiritual quality for ITC. We're told either a person is born with it or not. Congratulations.
Please keep us apprised of your results, and I'm glad the information on our site was helpful to you.
Mark Macy

29.12.2005, 19:18

EMail: mediaharlot@hotmail.com 

country: U.S. of A.


Dear Mr. Macy,

I recently finished reading your book, Miracles In The Storm, and found it to be a most fascinating look into the ITC phenomena. I first heard about ITC many years ago watching an episode of the television show Sightings and even still have that first issue of Contact! that was mailed to my door. I’ve been reading the WorldITC information posted for quite a while now and was wondering if you could take some time to answer a few questions I have about the contacts and other things related?

First, has using the VLF converter Konstantin Raudive suggested improved the quality of contacts your group in Colorado has received?

Second, what’s become of the accumulated Spiricom evidence since George Meek and Bill O’Neil’s passing? I have found the mp3 copies of Meek’s presentation on the ghostpix.com website, but what I’m inquiring about is the supposed video and hour of audio recordings of O’Neil conversing with Dr. Mueller in his lab. Are there any plans of someone releasing these materials for public consumption?

Third, are there plans to release any more audio and video contact recordings from the other ITC researchers, particularly the Harsch-Fischbachs?

And finally, have you and your colleagues considered starting a blog or message board for open discussion so that others interested in ITC can share their views and insights? If you’re concerned about ignorant, mean-spirited hecklers and critics abusing the forum, there are services out there that would allow you to restrict it to members only. I believe such steps could be a step in the right direction towards spreading ITC information and strengthening the contact bridge.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.






I brought up the issue of the original recordings of the contacts made by O'Neil and the Harsch-Fischbachs because I'm concerned about the preservation of what should be considered one of the greatest scientific and spiritual breakthroughs in human history. Many of the first pioneers in EVP and ITC have already passed on, but thanks to the internet what remains of their work can live on virtually immortal for the next generation of researchers to pick up and continue on. Though, as you said, the contacts dried up a few years ago, I'd be hard to believe a 'second coming' of sorts isn't already in the works. Judging by what I believe to be a calculated vagueness in Timestream's approach, there are machines in motion happening somewhere. But my point is that a torch must be passed on and anything of the contact evidence that remains should be allowed digital immortality.

I have to sympathize with your troubles with the media, being a button monkey behind the scenes and working with journalists and producers who don't always consider the consequences of sensationalism. Journalism in the 21st century is in desperate need of an overhaul. There's no doubt in my mind that ITC would need a long-term public relations strategy to deal with the media in order to preserve its dignity.

A few additional questions came to me earlier today that I hope you won't mind. In chapter 6 of your book, you mention the reply you got back from Timestream concerning the negative entity trying to pass itself off as Raudive, but blocked out the entity's name. Was this done to prevent anyone living from seeking out this entity and increase its influence? Also, I haven't gone through all your posted luminator yet, but have you ever used a video camera in conjunction with the device as you would with a polaroid camera?

26.12.2005, 19:47

EMail: caruso_tony@hotmail.com 

country: canada


hi my name is tony i have a qeustion how do i see itc what do i have to do am confused on it. whats a good recording to use. is there some way to contact you guys? please get back to me and do you guys sell or have anything on eps how they work like in steps and itc to see them i am hoping some day to see my grandfather or a close friend please get back to me


Hi Tony,
we recommend to start with the information on our homepage in the middle-like the book "Bridge between the Terrestrial and Beyond" and so on.
That is the basic one should know before starting with ITC experiments.
Good luck and keep persistent!



Thanks for your guestbook entry.
Most of your questions are answered on our website.
We don't try to contact specific people on the other side, as a service.
Our main aim is to share what other researchers are doing and to give good advice on how people can themselves make contact with the other side. We like to reveal the wonderful possibilities of ITC.
Thanks again for your interest, and good luck making contact with that person on the other side who is close to you.
Mark Macy

20.12.2005, 01:52

EMail: rmn92980@yahoo.com 

country: USA- New York


I am new to this whole idea of contact with the dead. 2 weeks ago I would have laughed in the face of anyone who tried to tell me about this material, but I must say I am now completely enthralled. I must confess that stupid movie, White Noise turned me on to this. I think that movie was nothing special, but I think your work might be.

1) I was wondering, do you know of any groups in the New York City area that would let me tag along? Would I ruin things because I am a novice and the chemistry between people involed has to be just right? I just want to see people do this the right way first so I don't go and get some demon following me around all day.

2) So what do the spirits say about Jesus and Mohammed and Buddah and Moses etc. Are any of those figures complete fabrications? Were they what people believed them to be or were they something else? do you hear from any of them?

Do you ever hear anything from (or about) Edgar Cayce? What was he?



Hi Rob,
Thanks for your entry last week. It's always good to hear from a confirmed skeptic who is greatly moved or "won over" by the reality of ITC, as I was some 15 years ago. As far as ITC groups in NYC, I know there are lots of people in the area interested in ITC, but I don't know of any active groups at this time. Hopefully there is a good group who will see your posting and contact you. As far as the right chemistry needed to be involved in an ITC group, I think it mostly depends on a person's attitudes and motivations. Ethereal beings seem to be partial to people on Earth who are interested in helping the less fortunate and who thrive on sincerity, honesty, and general decency. (In other words, people who can resonate with them, since that's the way ethereal beings are.) People with those qualities who join together for ITC or for any other purpose have a good chance of bliss and miracles happening in their lives. We've received limited specifics about the great spiritual masters who have walked the Earth. From what we HAVE heard I would deduce that the basic legends about these folks (the miracles of Jesus, the NDE of Mohammed which whittled down 50 daily prayers to 5, the enlightenment of Gautama Buddha, and so on) are true, while the exclusive and dogmatic interpretations (that all the teachings of one religious text are true while other teachings are false) are wishful thinking and (in my opinion) dangerous in today's world, as they stir up conflict and mistrust at a time when we need collaboration, friendship and trust among political and religious groups around the world. Specifically, we've been contacted by an Arab who had heard Mohammed speak on two occasions, and we've heard from a fellow who visited "Pescator," a popular name for Jesus of Nazareth as he exists today in "the Moreysian Mountains" of the spirit world and has a very large following of people who are doing much good on both sides of the veil. A Chinese spirit friend has extolled the virtues of the Tao. So, there is much in the time-proven world religions that is valid even in the more timeless realms. I believe I got a picture of Edgar Cayce during a workshop at the ARE Center in NYC last year. On our website, click on Researcher' Results, then Macy Mark, then Luminator 2004. Scroll down to the pictures of Debbie. In the last picture of Debbie you'll see two spirit faces that fit together almost like a single face. The lower left is her late husband John. The upper right, I believe, is Edgar Cayce. I have a book coming out next fall that tells that story and others, and shows the pictures compared to lifetime photos. More about that book as the putlication date approaches. Thanks again for your entry.
All the best,
Mark Macy

06.12.2005, 21:56

EMail: maltney@adelphia.net 

country: USA


I am intrigued by this website. I haven't had a chance to really read it in depth, but I have bookmarked it and I'm sure I will be coming back to read more. Looks fascinating! thanks, *melanie
05.12.2005, 23:15

Mark Macy
EMail: markmacy@worlditc.org 

country: usa


Dear Brian and Jason,

Here’s a short excerpt of my next book, which will be published next fall. I think it helps to answer most of your questions:

"Think of humanity and the physical realm as a child who has just turned seven. His mother is God, and his birthday cake represents the worlds of spirit.
The body of the cake would be the spiritual realms of form and structure - - the quantum and astral realms. The decorative frosting would be the highest or subtlest worlds within the astral realm, sometimes called the Summerland - - the sweetest, most colorful, most beautiful part of the cake. The bright, sparkling candles are angels and light beings whose warm collective glow forms the ethereal realm and lights up the boy’s happy face. The cake has been made and carried to the table by Mother - - God - - whose beautiful, smiling face radiates unconditional love.
She tells her son that this is a special cake in which all ingredients are not blended together. There are countless pungent pockets of diverse flavor. Every bite is unique. For every inhabitable climate on Earth there is at least one astral region baked into the body of the cake. There are winterlands and forestlands and tropiclands and mountainlands and prairielands and countless other lands baked into the cake. For every traditional culture on Earth characterized by unique clothing, language, and art, folk songs and dances and dialect, there is an astral region somewhere in the cake. For every religion and nationality there is an astral region.
In the course of creating the cake, things were allowed to settle. The lighter, more perfect and appealing ingredients rose toward the top, while the heavier, harder, unsavory ingredients settled to the bottom. The top area of the cake and the frosting are rich with thoughts and attitudes of love, trust, empathy, and good will. The bottom layers contain bitter pieces of fear, doubt, animosity, envy, and prejudice."

That’s the excerpt from my book. In answer to your questions I’d add that when we on Earth die, we become part of that cake. The patterns of thoughts, words, and actions that we’ve developed over our lifetime have created a certain spiritual vibration within us, and it is that vibration that carries to a compatible (resonant) region in the cake. Mohatma Gandhi and Albert Schweitzer will not be sharing a spirit world with Hitler or with murderers and liars.

ITC involves communications between people in spirit and people on Earth, and it seems to occur mostly between compatible (resonant) parties on both sides. My own approach to ITC would involve a team of people with good will opening a communication bridge with a team of compatible spirits. Those bridges are opened to the “higher” areas of the cake. Through experience with INIT, the first team of that type, I can say that we can assess the nature of our spirit friends the same way we assess the nature of friends on Earth. If they talk to us in a reasonable, friendly, and helpful way over a period of time, we come to trust them. That was the case with the Timestream spirit group.

I have also received lesser contacts from negative (malevolent) beings and confused beings, and I could sense the nature of those beings right away. These contacts occurred at times when I was emotionally drained or troubled. It is easier than one might think to discern between the two types of entities - - the harmful and the helpful.

ITC as defined by worlditc.org is simply the reception of information from the other side in a way that the information can be received and/or stored by technical means. If I were to add a moral note to that statement, I would say that a reliable way to get good information from positive, loving beings is the true aim of ITC. It all comes back to resonance. Sustaining a friendly, loving attitude in one’s work attracts a friendly, loving spirit team. That’s true in all walks of life, not just ITC.

Hope that answers most of your questions.

Mark M


Brian wrote on 07.12.2005, 06:03 o'clock the following text:

Thanks Mark, that was a good clarification.


03.12.2005, 03:27

Brian Hubbs
EMail: tricolorbrian@hotmail.com 

country: USA


Now, first of all, do not read this the wrong way. I am very open to phenomena, but i have a few questions about ITC. I have read your books, and communicated before with you (last year?) but never got an answer. Maybe you're very busy. Anyway, here goes...

1) How can you be sure of WHO you are getting messages from, when your own book says there are different levels on the other side and that lower entities are closest to us? How do you know these messages are not from them, just to screw with you? Like a Ouija Board or a Pendulum does.

I guess that's the only question. I've gotten to the point where i trust very little other than astrology, numerology and a few other hidden sciences that seem to be mathmatical roadmaps, rather than spontaneous communications. Although i do believe there are a few (very few?) mediums who get accurate information that is positive, correct and uplifting. But, I do not count Sylvia Brown among them. Nor Ruth Montgomery or Jeanne Dixon. I think (based on personal experience) that the vast majority of psychics and mediums have little ability or are actual frauds. Anyway, kinda got off the point there, but I'm just curious how you can be so positive about the source of ITC.

Brian Hubbs, Tempe, Arizona
02.12.2005, 18:38

EMail: walesboy@yahoo.com 

country: USA


ANyhow, I looked over your site, and have perused much of the theory which I find fascinating (especially as I have a math and science background). I havent got my head around it all yet but it all sounds very plausible and makes a great deal of sense. So, from a scientific angle, ITC really broadens ones understanding of space, time, causality, and being.

But, when I started to try to resolve this spiritually and morally some things really dont make sense. For instance, somewhere I saw that Hitler was running around the same "dimension" as your Mindstream scientists! Now I am a history teacher as well (Ive studied just about everything so I understand that Hitler was also partly a victim of his own time period etc. but this still throws out big questions. How does Hitler end up in this "higher" realm? Do all people end up in the same (great) place? Does universal morality not exist? If not, then how can we reconcile that with the Commandments, etc? And what about all the "gnashing of teeth" references in the Bible? If there is only individual morality then once this technology makes people aware, do you not feel that this opens the gates not to peace but to anarchy as people realize that there is no watchdog nor Law over them? Even capital punishment isnt so bad when you know your going to an even nicer place regardless. What about the "Law" of Karma? Does it only exist in earthly realm?

I'm not questioning your results, Im simply questioning how to resolve them into a more universal model of how things work - Universal Law so to speak. I appreciate any light you can shed on these sorts of questions and would like to see some articles about the non-scientific implications and models resulting fromyour work.

Thanks for your time
29.11.2005, 23:40


country: USA


I first saw this site early this past summer before trying any EVP gathering of my own and it both inspired me and instructed me how to gather EVP. Now, after having recorded more than two dozen, I just want to say thanks so much for having this great site! I've recently been able to contact a departed friend, and furthermore the knowledge of the afterlife makes living in this life much easier

always appreciative,
28.11.2005, 03:18

EMail: jdec@earthlink.net 

country: USA


Each night we hear what we feel is the radio playing though the white noise of our Austin air cleaner. My husband and I hear men and women's voices in a conversational tone, and sometimes music, but in bits or clips. How does a radio transmission get through ont the white noise of the whoosh of the air cleaner? I'd love to know more. I don't guess we have spirits, but you seems to know much about sound. This happens all the time, BTW. Many thanks.


Hi Jackie,

I assume your Austin air cleaner is a stand-alone unit in your home, and is not connected to the air ducts of the building (which would allow transient sounds such as voices and radio sounds to come from other rooms through the vents).
As a stand-alone unit, I have my doubts that "radio signals" would be converted to audio signals by the air cleaner.
To me it makes more sense that it somehow opens a portal to one or more of the many invisible worlds that are superimposed over our own world.
In other words, it's acting as an ITC receiver.

Please go to our website, and click on "Researchers Results", and then "Claypool, Charli".
You'll see that spirit voices coming through a noisy appliance does happen.
I'd suggest you tape some of those conversations, then listen closely to what's being said, and if possible, try to have some of the noise removed through a filtering program on the computer.
Please keep us posted.
Mark Macy
reply by JACKIE:

Jackie wrote on 30.11.2005, 01:18 o'clock the following text: Hi, Mark...thanks for the comments. I purchased a voice activated recorder to find out what the radio sounds might be. I also am reminded by a VERY upsetting phone message we got while away last summer. It was garbled, but eerie and threatening...whoever it was knew where we were during our vacation and what we were doing, but I coudn't understand most of the message...("I know you were at X and now you are home....")whispers, words, hissing noises. We clearly felt it was a threat message, enough that I removed the kids from the house and called the police! They were baffled and after some time I deleted the message. Several people listened to it and while creeped out, they had no good answer. I would very much appreciate an email from you for more advice and comments.

24.11.2005, 12:24

James DeVere
EMail: jamesdevere@hotmail.com  Homepage: http://www.poetrypoems.com/jamesdevere

country: Sydney Australia



Thank~you for your site. Please look to your bright future with joy,


Thank you, James, that is exactly the right answer to all the recent postings, I believe.
As Rolf said in reply to another posting, the spirit worlds are all around us, the beautiful ones and the dark ones, and they all interact with our world.
We attract beings into our world with our thoughts and attitudes.
If we are preoccupied with a "bright future with joy," then we attract angels, guides, guardians, and departed loved ones into our lives and into our world, to interact with us from invisible worlds in a most beautiful way.
If we're preoccupied by fears and demons and spooks, then we attract into our lives and into our world the kinds of troubled and troubling beings who will further stir up our fears and insecurities.
As Rolf said, it is the choice we each make with our thoughts and attitudes.
And you, James, make the right choice, in my book.

(PS - - incidentally, the same holds true for groups and nations. When their leaders make honest decisions out of concern for the less fortunate, for animals and for environments, then angels and guardians move in close to that group or nation to help it flourish and prosper. But when the leaders make decisions based on lying, cheating, stealing, fear-mongering and character assassination, then the angels no longer resonate with that group, spirits with dark agendas can move in, and the results are not very pleasant. Food for thought.)

23.11.2005, 22:14

EMail: sjv1@bellsouth.net 

country: U.S.A.


If there are higher "superhuman" beings of love and light like the so named Technician that has been encountered, could there be superhuman beings of an evil nature as well?

This also leads to a second question: if all of consciousness, i.e. us, the universe and and everything, is eventually by design making its way back to itself, a.k.a. "God," why are there some beings who, like the Technician, have never gone through an incarnate stage? This points to an unsettling notion: not all beings, or consciousness units, are created equal. If WE had to work our way up from mineral, to plant, to animal, and eventually to a human being, why not the "Technician"?




Hi Stephen,

you write: "If WE had to work our way ...." and that could show also: that is our way "back"--that is the human way. Why couldn't there exist many different forms of beings much different from humans?? And that includes of course also the beings of an evil nature. But who has defined what an "evil nature" is?

These issues / problems can't be discussed via email or other types of postings in the internet in my opinion.

reply by STEPHEN
wrote on 25.11.2005, 04:48 o'clock the following text:

Thanks Rolf, as to the last response to my questions. I do in fact think that there are other forms besides humans, both in the physical and elsewhere. And, it would seem by the research done so far, that we are all really consciousnes-units, not really ultimately "humans", merely beings having a "human" experience, temporarily. This would imply of course that we can, and probably do, reincarnate, on other worlds, and in other non-human bodies. Atleast it's sensible. While we may take on a temporary human form in the afterlife, we know that the astral body is an illusion. Indeed, the old occultists used to call the Astral dimension the "Plane of Illusion" during the nineteenth century! And, underscoring the idea that we are not humans forever, in any sense, didn't many of the entities that have been contacted, who once lived on earth as humans, refer to the ITC researchers (on this side of the veil) as "humans," saying things like "the humans do not believe yet" and "the humans can't hear us" and so on, implying that in at least some way they already don't see themselves as humans anymore? Which begs again the question: if we are all consciousness units, why are some units made to tough it out in the physical plane, whereas beings like the "Technician" get to enjoy non-incarnate bliss, never having to go through any physical stage? Was he/she "born" into the lucky spirit club or something? That's a joke, but you get my drift... Have a happy holiday, everyone... Stephen


23.11.2005, 06:40


country: USA


Have you ITC researchers noticed an increase in negative feelings or events since you started communicating through these ITC machines?

I'd be very wary, because often Demons (who know everything about the living world) will masquerade themselves as whomever the living person desires them to be, tell them whatever they want to hear, and generally court them into becoming more active in contacting them until the target person has become open enough for possesion.

I find their claims of a team of good spirits working for the betterment of man highly suspicious. It's too fanciful, and it's exactly what you would wish to be true isn't it?
Most evidence up to this point in time has indicated that the only forces actively working in this world are demons, intermixed with lost or evil spirits who never passed on to the other side.

I believe it more likely that it is demons you are communicating with, who are leading you into unwittingly opening the technological floodgates to mass possesion if your device works.


Anton wrote on 23.11.2005, 22:12 o'clock the following text:
I have to disagree with the previous post. Why wouldn't higher entities want to contact the living? Surely, if mankind were to come together and resolve conflicts and differences in beliefs, it would be through the knowledge of what is to come in the next life. People would no longer proclaim "My belief is superior to your belief" if the deceased revealed to us what the real truth was. While I wouldn't doubt there are negative entities trying to muddy up the truth, but I also wouldn't doubt there are positive entities trying to give humanity hope.


NO, I haven't noticed any kind of negative feelings nor events since I started with ITC in 1986. Just the opposite took and still takes place: new doors opened for a new knowledge. I had the chance to learn a lot since that year 1986 and I understand more and more the way our world with all these different humans works.

YES, what you wrote can take place and it will take place to a certain degree when people don't know at least a bit of the way communication with the spiritual world works. It is LIKE attract LIKE that works here or using an other word: resonance (as defined unter Definitions).

Messages from beyond have to be proven and tested by each communicator here on earth. The messages must fit in our own puzzle. That means myself decides with whom I am in contact. Spirits / demons are always "around" us-every day and every second. If I get a message (via ITC, MTC or intuition) that forces me to do this and to avoid that then I prefer not to be in contact with that being. But when I am happy to get this type of advice and follow those instructions then I have made the decision-not the spirit is responsible.
I would prefer to be in contact with beings that suggest and do not try to push me in a certain direction. But again: it is me who makes the decision.

As described in the articles on our website it is oneself who attracts the beings from beyond that "fit" to my stage of consciousness. If you attract demons then you can be possesed if you are mentally "prepared" for that by your own thinking. LIKE attract LIKE.

It is better to strenghten and to foster the GOOD then to fight against the BAD (the demons). That is not the same as you might agree.

I don't see the chance that there is a danger for mass possesion because we are all too much different from each other because of our different thinking.
Let us hope that people take the responsibility for themselves and that they foster the GOOD within themselves. Making contact to the spirit's world without any knowledge is dangerous of course (see also "How ot avoid unpleasant situations", "A model for TC" and "The way ITC works" all on World ITC's website).

BTW, what is a demon? Who has defined that? Aren't that souls too that are on the "wrong" way? Who said what is the right way?
Who can guarantee us that we (you and me) will not be a demon after our death? And perhaps we would be happy to be contacted in order to get help to find back to the right path?


P.S.: Knowing that these books are available in English I would recommend Allan Kardec's books.

21.11.2005, 23:15

Robbie Millner
EMail: themillners@cox.net 

country: usa


I don't know if this question will make sense, but I'll try to construct the question. Have researchers considered the idea that the spirits of living individuals might be able to project their realities or their perceptions of reality into the spirit world?


I am not quite sure what you mean in this regard by "project".
Let me explain the way I see it. The spirit world and our world are continously connected. The basic rule for that is LIKE attract LIKE as far as changes and flow of information is concerned. Our thoughts and our feelings here on earth have impressions on those in beyond and attract like minded entities as well as these thoughts will push back (reject) "lower / bad" entities.
Whether we here on earth can be aware of or perceive their thoughts in beyond depends on our capabilities (ESP).
When we see it this way then of course our realities (determined by our thinking, speaking and actions taken) will have influence in beyond. Or: many good thoughts on our side has an effect in beyond. That is valid for "bad" thoughts too.
Much information on that also in Kardec's book "The spirit's book".

21.11.2005, 17:33

EMail: rachel_939@msn.com 

country: united kingdom


How do you become a member on this site? I have had several paranormal experiences, but as somebody who has studied science-I am interested in the research side of it to prove to non-believers that more exist in heaven and earth than in thier philosophy.


Hi Rachel,
Thank you so much for your interest in TC / ITC. I had to learn (since 1986) the fact that people can only convince themselves. There is no other way in my opinion-sadly.
With our website we like to offer interested people different ways to get used to the fact that there is a spiritual world. And furthermore they can learn how to get in contact to beyond using technical devices applying our suggestions-in order to prove something for themselves.
Let us hope that more and more people are interested. Please spread the word.
There is no membership on our website possible. In fact we closed our forum because of the reasons mentioned.

Best wishes

13.11.2005, 00:07

EMail: sjv1@bellsouth.net 

country: USA


Dear Mark and Rolf:

In F-37-13-2 of Senkowski's book, there is a curious medium based conversation about the "devices" used on the spiritside to contact us. The spirit being channeled says essentially that their devices aren't material at all, that they are not even really seen by them on their side. How does this relate to the notions of the astral plane being a realm of forms and shapes like our own earth, not some nebulous, shapeless void? The spirit goes on to say that they essentially do not have forms of any shape that we would recognize. Does this not conflict with your previous research which indicates that, very comforting to most humans on earth I should think (and to me as well!), the astral world is very eartrhlike indeed, it has forms that we would recognize, even though this world is far more ethereal in its structure, composed of matter, yes, but of a higher vibration?

Many thanks!


first of all I like to point out that there is no chance of getting information from beyond from different sources that is identical as far as the information is concerned. Have a look at the situation on earth: will we find two people that give identical descriptions of situations they are in? The rough structure is important I think.
Let me try to explain as I see it:

The spirits have virtual devices they are working with. The devices exist only in their imagination. Like minded / like structured entities "see" / perceive the devices in the same way. We should keep in mind: they create their environment by their thinking.
The Astral plane is a realm of forms and shapes in case the "inhabitants" of this realm think in that way - the need of shapes and forms.
We, as humans, can't recognize the "reality of the astral plane" unless we have ESP capabilities which would allow us to have a glance at it.

Matter of higher vibration can't be recognized by us earthly beings. Entities in beyond that are still bound to earth will have the "need" of being surrounded with forms and shapes they were used to on earth. And they create a virtual world which contents forms and shapes by their thinking and imgination.


STEPHEN replies:

Thanks, Rolf. And points taken. However: It would seem that not just "earth bound" or less advanced entities need or use forms. Swejen Salter, clearly not an "immature soul" as it were, or earth-bound specter, conveyed pictures of herself (three total if I am not mistaken) in backgrounds that we would recognize, including one of her smiling within a very earth like laboratory. She mentioned in several missives to us that they exist in a world where there are "paradise evoking birds" and snowflakes, gnomes, other humans in bodies that are aged 25-30 years, and several strange types of butterflies, among other surreal but nonetheless very "solid" forms. So it would seem that most souls, not just the backwards ones, initially, after death, reside in an astral plane that employs forms and structures of earth like concreteness and recognizability. (Although this is not what Adolph Holmes was "saying" via medium in Senkowski's book.) And thank God. I certainly better not be translated, upon death, into some amorphous, ego obliterating state! At least not at first. I can accept gnomes and huge rivers that span strange planets where life in multifarious forms reside, or parallel universes. Piece of cake. I've been open to these ideas for years, really since I was a little boy (I'm twenty four now). What I cannot accept is a destruction of the ego upon death. This is what I think most people fear about death, besides the now seemingly unlikely total destruction of self, in all forms. We all seem to agree that life goes on. Yes. But that is not enough: in what form shall it continue? If it can continue in a form that we can recognize, then this is obviously most palatable. But if we move on after death to exist in a cloudy nether-region, forgetting who we are and what we are, this is understandably horrifying (not to mention ruthless and cruel). In the afterlife I better be able to manifest my library and my study and all the physical things tha I take for granted here on earth, or at least their facsimiles. Perhaps I may grow out of this. Probably so. But at first I'm going to need some sort of astral safety blanket...and I'm not ashamed to admit that...(And why not? Wouldn't YOU?!)
Cordially, Stephen

ROLF comments:

Hi Stephen,
the "very good" with the astral plane is: you can do what comfort you most. Do you need forms - do you want to be younger or older - do you like to be healthy (that takes place anyway) simply do all that because you create your reality.

The "bad thing" with beyond (not only the astral plane) is that everything you think takes place immediately. Be careful - here on earth too.

I would like to recommend that you study the books written by Allan Kardec "Book of the spirits" and "Book of the mediums".

All the best
comments by MARK

Hi Stephen,

I'd like to offer a couple of brief replies, along with Rolf's good comments.
First, Swejen Salter and other spirit friends told us through ITC systems that the structures in their world are as solid and real to them as ours are to us.
Second, mystics in the Far East have said for centuries (and I'm sure they're right) that all structured worlds are illusions, and the forms and structures on Earth are among the most illusory of all.

Reality comes from the Source - - God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahman, Tao . . .
Everything extending outward in vibration from the Source becomes more and more illusory as those vibrations become slower or denser. Our physical universe is among the densest.


10.11.2005, 23:28

EMail: suddenlysusan@writeme.com 

country: US


I have a couple of questions but couldn't find any place to send them except here. I just recently discovered your site and found so much of your work very interesting. May I ask what book of yours would be good to start with? Also, on one of your recordings, there was talk of creating a map of the afterlife. Was that ever completed?


Hi Susan,
Thanks for your remarks in our website guestbook;
Besides the books freely accessible on our website, of my books most people seem to prefer "Conversations Beyond the Light."
I can send you a copy for , which includes postage.
Paypal is the easiest method.
I'm at worlditc.org on the Paypal.com website.
You'll have to send me your mailing address.
There was a map sent from the other side, a rough sketch of several spirit groups in relation to each other.
I don't know where you'd find a copy of that map . . . . sorry.
Mark Macy

05.11.2005, 20:50

EMail: evelyn@vermontel.net 

country: usa


I found your website within the book, "Peple who don't know they're dead" and decided to take a peek at it. I've had various experiences over the years of early-mediumship and the information here is helpful and supportive--thank you--I'll be back.
26.10.2005, 02:00

Andres Bernal
EMail: che_bernal@hotmail.com 

country: Mexico


Greetings.. first i want to tell you i been reading about your work and investigtions they are all fascinating!! well... i dont know how and where to begin.. well.. my little brother David, he was 14 years old, dies 2 years ago.. at the first time we feel extremely bad.. i start to find, somehow, a way to take contact with him.. then i discover on the net all about the itc, 6 months have pased since i start to try to take contact without any results, can you help us? we only want to hear about him.. well i think this is all.. thanks to all of you for thi great job.. and sorry about the bad english


Hi Andres,
to read our "Tips for experimenters" would be advisable.
Good luck and be patient!


24.10.2005, 18:16

Nikki Sherwin
EMail: kingston_chick2006@yahoo.com 

country: USA


It's me again; my teacher has a question on my paper and I'm not able to answer it. I told her that you can get an ITC through computer or TV, and voice conversations through phone and computer, but she wants to know how that happens. Can someone e-mail me and explain the process?
Thanks so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate this!


Hi Nicki,
it is not quite clear the way how spiritual energy is transduced into a form of energy that can manifest itself in technical devices. We only know: it takes place. Different theories try to explain it. What we know until now is that it needs a human experimenter and his personal spiritual energy.
And the best with ITC is: each and everybody can convince himself that this takes place.
The problem is: only if science has accepted the fact ITC then there is a chance that more researches can be carried out which are time and money consuming.
More on that in the book by Prof.Dr. E. Senkowski in the section "Books".

Good luck

23.10.2005, 06:04

Rob Smith
EMail: smithrjl@melbpc.org.au 

country: Australia



I am an Australian EVP member of the AAEVP and have recently received an image of what appears to resemble Freidrich Juergenson and a .wav file of Konstantine Raudive that I would like to forward to you for verification.

Could you please email me so I can forward

Cheers rob
20.10.2005, 00:33

EMail: bdg5002@psu.edu 

country: USA


I'm fairly new to the whole idea of ITC. I have tried it before and I'm not really sure what I did or did not get. I have read much of the site but I came across one question that I can't find an answer to.

On some of the recordings (mainly to one with the scientist and macy I believe about the reciever), I found something that seemed strange to me. As I read along with the text and listened to the recording, it seemed like the spirit was breathing. The breathes were in the same tone of the spirit voice; so my question is......they breathe? and if they are dead.....why?

Sorry if this was asked before, but I was unable to find it. If that's the case could you simply reply with a URL so I can read the information.



Yes, the breathing caused a stir among ITC researchers too, some of whom assumed that when we no longer have a physical body there's no need to breathe, so they concluded such contacts were faked.
Our spirit team made it clear to us that they have astral bodies virtually identical to the physical body complete with functioning organs, including stomachs, lungs . . . even sex organs.
At the denser regions of the astral realm, closer to the earth in vibration, people in spirit have most of the tendencies, or behavior patterns, that they had had on Earth. They still enjoy sex, feasting, etc.
As they move to subtler, finer worlds in the astral realm, those patterns of physical world living gradually dissipate.
To contact us through ITC receiving stations, it's my understanding that they come from many levels, to an ITC sending station rather close to the Earth in vibration, and as they come to that realm, those patterns of earthly behavior return.
Anyway, to make a long story short, yes, the spirit team told us that of course they breathe; they have lungs just as we do. It's my understanding that they breathe a form of nourishing energy from their subtle environment in the way we breathe air molecules from our dense earthly environment.
Hope that resonates with you,
Mark Macy

19.10.2005, 19:20

Nikki Sherwin
EMail: kingston_chick2006@yahoo.com 

country: USA


Hello, I am doing a paper on ITC, and I can't seem to find a general definition. Can you give it to me? I am also wondering what it takes to get an ITC on either your computer or TV.


HI Nikki, Thanks for your guestbook entry.
ITC is the use of TVs, radios, computers, telephones and other technical devices to get information from the worlds of spirit in the form of voices, images, and text.
Mainly what it takes to get ITC contacts via TV and computer is certain psychospiritual qualities of the experimenter. Also there is resonance between those on Earth and their spirit group.
That is all on our website. Please explore it a bit, and if you can't find it, let me know.
You might do a search on our site for "resonance" and "psychospiritual."
Good luck on your paper.
Mark Macy

19.10.2005, 05:17


country: USA


Many reports from OBEs and spirit entities, including reports from entities contacted through ITC like Swejen Salter and the like, talk of there being a totally different sense of the passage of time in the astral world. Some report, apparently, that there is no time at all, and that no "passage" of a temporal sort is registered. Others simply say that it is "beyond human comprehension."

What do you guys think (Mark and Rolf) about this? I postulate that the sense of time is in fact there, but it is much like a dreamscape, where time is distorted and malleable. Having no time at all simply does not comply with the idea that we are translated to the Astral Realm after death with the same intelligence, bearings, et cetera that we had before physical death. Without the ability to register and differentiate one moment from another, we would go mad. Surely there is a sense of time's passing in the Astral, even if it is rather different form here, on Earth?


Hi Stephen,
Time can cause many problems also here on earth.
May I ask you to read my "Essay on Time" in the Theories section on World ITC's website?
For me is time an experience bound to a perceiving consciousness-more ideas on that in the essay. Even science says that it needs a consciousness to recognize time otherwise you have only changing digits and / or moving parts in a device called watch.

Entities in beyond that are able to change their stage of consciousness can "switch" from "time mode (earth)" to "time less mode (beyond)" and that makes communication possible.

comment by Stephen (wrote on 19.10.2005, 15:30 o'clock):

Many thanks, Rolf. I shall read your essay. It seems what happens (and I don't know if this is what you discuss or not in your treatise)is that the more we become removed from the Earth plane, i.e. the more abstract our existence becomes, the more time is muted: on the Physical plane we experrience the full bluntness of savage temporality, and, for example, on the highest plane we would have no concept of time whatsoever. On the middling planes, like the Astral, we indeed experience time, but it is topsy-turvy and plastic in its nature, not nearly as "palpable" as on Earth.

ROLF replies:

And what has changed between the different planes? In my opinion it is the stage of consciousness (the degree of spiritual development) of the "inhabitants" of these planes that has changed. More in the essay.


18.10.2005, 01:46

Ray Holland
EMail: rayhollandlrs@yahoo.com 

country: USA


Where can I buy a Spiricom, and the device which allows spirits to appear in Polaroids?
What is the purpose stated by the spirits for them trying to increase the communication between our planes? Ours is likely either fear, grief or scientific research, but if they are able to see us in our world, and know events ahead of time (such as answering questions before they are asked) why do they need a voice in the third dimension?


Hello Ray,
Thank you for your interest in ITC. As you might have read in many articles: the SPIRICOM stopped working when Bill O'Neil died. And that is a fact with all the "sophisticated and successful" devices: they stop working when the inventor / developer / experimenter changes to the other side of consciousness-when he dies. It doesn't make sense to buy the "successful" device from another experimenter because the human part plays the most important role in this type of communication. The device itself is only "documenting" contacts that take place since mankind exists. If it would work that way (your successful device works also with me) then we would have many contacts already. Read the book by Theo Locher and Maggy Fischbach on our website please.

One message from beyond told us: one purpose of ITC is to show that everything is connected with everything / everybody and that there is a spiritual world-technical / instrumental documented.

They don't know events ahead of time (mostly not unless it is predictible due to the events that happened earlier ). But what they do is: they "read" our thoughts because that is also their way of communication in beyond. They don't need human voices in beyond in order to be able to communicate with eachother.


16.10.2005, 06:12

EMail: sizzorfite@yahoo.com  Homepage: http://home.comcast.net/~sizzorfite/

country: USA


I truly believe in ITC. I have been experimenting with it for 2 years now and I have captured some amazing stuff. Infact, I plan on dedicating at least 20 to 40 hours a week experimenting with it in the near future.
Please check out my site...
15.10.2005, 17:54

EMail: monkeycchick@yahoo.com 

country: United States


WOW. I have always been able to contact spirits and see them but now i am sooo happy that some people are actually believing! I am only 12 but this kind of stuff interests me. I atract bad and negative ghosts usually but I will try this! Has anyone seen WHITE NOISE??
14.10.2005, 09:30

EMail: Theresa@psy-center.every1.net  Homepage: http://psy-center.com

country: South Africa


I love this site! I'm a Spirit Medium - full time and this kind of thing is great to see. Of course, every now and then someone tries to "create" it or make something up - and that's so unnecessary - there is so much out there that can't be explained - and that's all that's necessary.
Thank you for this site! It's great!
13.10.2005, 14:02

EMail: sjv1@bellsouth.net 

country: USA


What does it matter what we learn when we must automatically dispell our learnings?


Hi Stephen,
A very good question!!!! Don't we learn a lot in our school here on earth what we don't need in our life later?? At least that is true for me. But on the other hand: All information we are confronted with will modify our personality- in this or in an other direction.

On one side it is our handikap that we as humans don't know what our soul knows already. Do you see the difference? But on the other side it is perhaps very good that we (as humans) are not informed what our soul incorporated in other (also human) bodies has experienced already. The burden could be too heavy and could cause more difficult experiences here for us on earth.

What we as humans learn and experience will influence our soul and that might or for sure will have influence on the stage of development and consciousness our soul has even when we as humans have died. And the stage of consciousness a soul has will influence their way of incarnation next time here on earth or elsewhere in the universe.

Myself, Rolf, tries to listen to his inner voice that tells him what the soul wants. And the soul uses all learnings gained by many incarnations.

Difficult for me to explain. Thank you!


12.10.2005, 04:26

EMail: alisclan143@yahoo.com  Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/alisclanevp/

country: OH, USA


I've always been one to study and try to understand the paranormal. EVP's have been my most newest interest and I've really been having some amazing results! Sometimes its quite shocking and other times its most comforting.
05.10.2005, 13:49

Paul dryden
EMail: paul.dryden2@ntlworld.com 

country: England, UK


Hi, been reading the site for 2 hours now - tonight Iam demonstrating EVP to a Paranormal Investigation group, which I am a member.
I have a few "home grown" evp's of my own, mostly using the PC. I find the whole subject of ITC very interesting and would like to do many experiments, as your site has really made me think about my life.

A question for you: I have come across the work of Raymond Cass - how do you rate his work in the field of EVP?
04.10.2005, 20:17

EMail: xvirisvx@aol.com 

country: Colorado, USA


Hello, and thank you for a wonderfully fascinating website.

At first, being a college studen in the sciences, I was skeptical about your claims, but I am open-minded enough to listen to the evidence. The evidence you have provided here is very compelling, and I would like to try some EVP. Can you make some suggestions of the sorts of questions I might ask for my first EVP session? What sorts of entities can I reasonably expect/hope to contact?

Another quick note about myself - although I am a scientific, fact-driven individual, I am also quite spiritual, and I do have a belief in the afterlife. I have dabbled in Wicca, and have always been a bit sensitive to the energies around me. Therefore, I believe I would get some good results with EVP.

A second question: can you suggest the best software for recording via computer? I would like to be able to easily edit my recordings and share them via internet.

Thank you for your time.
04.10.2005, 17:13

Patti May
EMail: ppierce777@aol.com 

country: usa


02.10.2005, 20:40

Graham Theobald
EMail: gtheo@btinternet.com 

country: UK


Dear Mr Macy

Many thanks for a wonderfully detailed website on this rather taboo subject. I am most interested in the EVP phenomenon, and am currently attempting to obtain voices of my own.
One question I have for you - Your luminator - are there any plans by the inventor to make any more? It seems a desperate shame that such a versatile piece of equipment is no longer available.

Hi Graham,
Thanks for the good comment for our website.
Good luck in your EVP experiments.
As far as the luminator goes, you can contact the inventor, Patrick Richards, through his website,
I'm not sure where the development on the device is at this time.
I hope he's developing more of them.
I think it's one of the best subtle energy devices out there.
Thanks again,

26.09.2005, 01:44

EMail: chasidydianne@aol.com 

country: United States


This is all very very interesting and a bit scary all at the same time, but I will definitely return to this site often. If this is all true then there truly is much more to learn. Thank you all so very much,
25.09.2005, 23:27

EMail: christobal2010@aol.com 

country: United States


very interesting, hard to believe but interesting.
21.09.2005, 05:13

Barry Hobbs
EMail: barry1170@comcast.net 

country: USA


I am fascinated by this subject and the work that you have been doing along these lines. Sometimes it is a bit of a stretch for me to believe that communication between the living and those on the "other side" can be recorded as clearly as some of the recordiings on your site as well as the photos from computer monitors and tv's of entities on the "other side". Still, it is is fascintating and I would really like to believe that we have finally made the leap to two way comminucation between the two worlds. Keep up the good work!
18.09.2005, 03:52

EMail: dreamzncolor@charter.net 

country: USA


Greetings! I have been reading your website, admittedly, at first, as a way to appease my fiancee. However, long after he left the computer, I was absorbed. I have read for three hours now and am still fascinated. I am heartily encouraged at your repeated emphasis on peaceful and harmonious conditions. I do have a question regarding preparation for EVP recording. I have a deep and abiding faith in the afterlife and have no inclination to believe my father would have need to contact me, or anyone for that matter, as my (and I emphasize)current understanding of afterlife is known to me. It ocurred to me that perhaps those who do contact us have a need themselves? It is my belief that there are "resting places" for the deceased to accustom themselves to their future (and reconcile themselves, perhaps). Could these EVPs be a part of that process? These thoughts make me feel like I could keep others from contacting me because of my current understanding. How do I shed this and achieve a "blank slate" upon which they may write? I sincerely agree in the "Like attracts Like" mindset and have striven my whole life to avoid those things which make my spirit uncomfortable and don't fear contact. However, I don't want to keep anyone from contacting, and want to be prepared as much is possible for EVP to occur. Any suggestions you may have will be welcomed. Thank you for giving me another level to my belief.

Hi Jeni,
we are happy that you are interested in our website. Obviously resonance is working.
No question for me: the departed ones are in most cases interested to console the left ones on earth, to ensure them that they are well. It is a need for them too. The left ones on earth are grieving and try to get consoled this way somehow. There are "resting places" in beyond if the entities in beyond need them because thoughts create their reality.
It needs a "burning desire" (much emotion involved) from both sides in order to get in contact. I call this precondition here on earth "the human part of the field" needed in order to get in contact with beyond.
What would a personal contact to beyond prove to you? Follow our guide line in "Tips for experimenters" and I am sure it will work for you also if you are persisting enough.
Do you know the books written by Allan Kardec?
All the best

16.09.2005, 11:38

A Friend
EMail: sjv1@comcast.net 

country: U.S.A.


Have you heard anything recently from old Swejen Salter? As far as I'm concerned, she'e the coolest connection, basically, besides the grand old Technician.
15.09.2005, 17:54

EMail: jcwrhrse@earthlink.net 

country: USA


Sirs, I want to thank you so much for all your courageous work. I am diligently studying your tremendously helpful materials and also your colleagues' websites -- I am excited to see the most current successes! I've heard of your work for many years and was amazed to see your link from another evp'er, "www.coffeepotghost.com" It is a very interesting time, no?! Be well! -- JC
06.09.2005, 10:51

paul harrison
EMail: blackwolf11@optusnet.com.au  Homepage: http://optusnet.com.au

country: perth, western australia


hello mark and rolf,

firstly i hope all is well and everything is good and ok, well this is the second time ive signed the guestbook, i read my first entry, im still in agreement with what i said, my entry is 217, anyway i have been over the months learning and practically attempting the experiments, and i can definatly mention this site gets stronger in time, it makes more sense as time goes by, as all phenomena it awaits to be discovered without the motive of being pushed down ones throat, this site is truly the beginning of hopefully all of the physical realm to unite as one, as we are one anyway, the more education the ignorant get by of course freewill the progressional ladder is climbed, i hope your enjoying the bike riding rolf, and mark i apreciate the book by george meek you sent me, "what happens when we die", its great and so true just like this site, hopefully one day maybe it is introduced into schools so the future generation can prepare the way our ancestors started, and then we can all live in this world in harmony and equality.

godbless all..
01.09.2005, 00:44

EMail: lazaroschristou@hotmail.com 

country: Aus


I was using msword on my laptop earlier today and a message started to appear all by itself. I came straight to uni to use the internet to see if anyone else had experienced anything like it and found out all this stuff about ITS.
I read an article which tries to put reason to this phenomenon which really made me realise i had witnessed something special. I reformatted my computer about 15 hrs before the message appeared on my screen and the computer was only plugged into the wall via a power cord. I have not networked or used the internet on the laptop since reformatting... infact, it hasn't been networked or connected to the internet for atleast 3 weeks. I am really intruiged by this and have kept a copy of what was written. all words in the message were legible but didn't flow enough to make any good sense out of. Hope this helps. Wouldn't mind getting some feed back if possible. Cheers.
27.08.2005, 13:14

A Friend
EMail: sjv1@comcast.net 

country: USA


I should say that more people should pay attention to the grand research that has gone on here. Mr. Macy: You have a duty, I should say my friend, to continue this amazing project. Humanity has a right to know where it comes from, and to where it is going. More importantly, it has a right to know why it is here. We have no right to live in ignorance. Let us light the path to freedom for the human being!! We are a wonderful species. No? We are problem ridden, but what species is not? Let's get on with it.
21.08.2005, 00:29

Robert Murray
EMail: robertmurray@starband.net  Homepage: http://www.thestarsstillshine.com

country: Canada


Your site was recommended by Vick Talbott. I'm a psychic and a medium and have communicated with several people residing on the other side. We do have a monthly E-magazine with several well known (dead) authors contributing stories. I find your site extremely interesting and in a way verifies what I've been doing for several years.
Warmest regards,
20.08.2005, 10:04

A Friend
EMail: sjv1@comcast.net 

country: USA


Dear Mr. Macy,

A question if you don't mind: In your book Miracles in the Storm, you explicitly state that information not gathered from ITC contacts is culled from Philip Jose Farmer, in order to flesh out the notions of the human race's origin and prehistoric past. Philip Jose Farmer was a fiction writer: how does one gleam important information from fiction, to bolster, via "facts," a supposedly "real" history?

Many thanks!

Most cordially,

A Friend


You took out of context what I wrote in the book, perhaps for the purpose of expressing your doubts about information in the book. Here’s exactly what I wrote:

“To me, the most fascinating information we received from The Seven had to do with man’s distant past. Following is the story that has been coming together like an elaborate puzzle in recent years through a series of ITC contacts. Italicized passages in the story were adapted from ITC contacts. Nonitalicized information is included to make the story more complete. The information not derived from ITC contacts comes from various sources, including books by Zechariah Sitchin, Erik von Daniken, and Jose Philip Farmer.”

The fact is, many writers of fiction are inspired by dreams and visions, some of which come from finer levels of spirit as information planted in the unconscious minds of people on Earth. That, I believe, is how nearly all the great breakthroughs of science, literature, art, and music have come to our world - - as gifts from finer realms of spirit brought into human minds.

I’ve found some of the information written by these three authors to be close to what we’re finding to be true through ITC contacts (which I accept as very truthful), and that’s why I included their names.

Different people put their trust in different sources of information - - the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, science textbooks, newspapers, etc. For me, the ITC contacts we received as INIT members from Timestream spirit group and The Seven were unbeatable in reliability and fact.

Mark Macy

Thanks for the prompt response, Mr. Macy. Sorry if I sounded like a Negative Nancy; I only meant to relate the notion about Philip Jose Farmer in regards to the Marduk/Prehistory segment of the book, not to the book as a whole.

And I agree. I think that many, many discoveries and ideas of humanity are bequeathed from on high, as it were. Whatever is going on here regarding these ITC contacts is remarkable and unprecedented. I would I think very much trust them, and the entities that are making these contacts, as the tangible evidence as to this phenomenon is, to my reckoning, nearly unassailable.

I would not however pass as fact passages from a fiction book, no matter if the author was partly, fully, or not inspired at all by higher orders of being, since we have no way of knowing this. We DO however know when someone talks to us through a radio or telephone; the difference is vast.

I especially would not trust that con artist Sitchin, and I would take with a little salt the archealogy of Von Daniken.

One must expect to encounter scrutiny in this line of study Mr. Macy--I mean my goodness--the subject matter you deal with is the most important in the world: the age old questions of existence, death, and eternity. What weighty issues! There is the old maxim that one shouldn't, if one was obeying proper decorum, talk about religion and so forth. This couldn't be farther from the truth as you know; these are the most important issues TO discuss.

Keep everything up! I am a full supporter of the work that is going on here.


Another metaphysician, and friend

17.08.2005, 23:15

Karen O
EMail: karen_orton@yahoo.co.uk 

country: UK


Fantastic site!
I'm looking into an approach to EVP whereby I record two channels (on a stereo recorder). One channel (left stereo) is the microphone signal. The other (right stereo) is an electrically coupled version of the noise signal driving the speaker.
My assumption is that EVPs will be present on the mic channel, but not on the electrically coupled channel.
I have created software that estimates speaker/mic spacing, speaker/mic frequency response and room echos, and deletes most of the noise from the mic channel. I get 50dB noise reduction this way.
Has anybody tried this approach?
Is my assumption about EVPs being absent on the electrical noise channel valid?
Any comments greatly appreciated!

Karen added on Sept 08th, 2005 at 20:36 h the following:

I have been working on an approach whereby I record not only white noise through a microphone, but I record an electrically connected version of the noise too. I do this using stereo channels: mic on left, electrical version of noise on right. I have developed a program (which runs as a DOS app) that can read a WAV file, and use the electrical noise signal to suppress the noise on the microphone channel. If the EVPs are only present on the mic channel, then they should become distinct as a result. Is anyone out there interested in trying this out? For various reasons, I cannot undertake EVP sessions myself.

14.08.2005, 17:32

EMail: hspencer@gmail.com 

country: USA


Your work is admirable. I was knocked out by the conversation with Doc Mueller. As an EVP enthusiast, I am so impressed with your capabilities. I have so much to learn, but I will do what I can to support EVP and ITC enthusiasts.

Thank you.
13.08.2005, 12:45

EMail: prairiesky@comcast.net 

country: USA


Has there been any studies done on seeing “faces” imprinted on everyday objects? My twin and I both see faces everywhere… I’ve often thought of photographing them and making a book. You know we see them in wall paper in patterns on concrete, in bark on trees … just about everywhere!!

13.08.2005, 12:34

Doris Wolford
EMail: prairiesky@comcast.net 

country: USA


Interesting stuff here ...
What I don't get is why animals are not addressed as spirit beings? Any feedback regarding this? They are engergy sources as well... also I am wondering where all the "new spirits" come from == each new birth of each new creature? I've heard/read different theories.
13.08.2005, 02:43

EMail: sjv1@comcast.net 

country: USA


The material presented here concerning ITC research over the years is phenomenal; having come across ITC for the first time this year, I have been most taken aback by it all, and have rapidly absorbed most of the information available on the phenomenon.

A curious aside: Some of the background of this research, like the River that spans an astral planet and the involvement of Sir Richard Burton, is very similar to many aspects of the literary works of Phillip Jose Farmer, which concern the travails and adventures of beings from across the galaxy who upon death find themselves on a planet in the next world, with a resplendent river that runs through the center of it.
I'm a writer, and I know the works somewhat, and I find this correlation intriguing.

Perhaps Farmer knew something we're just now discovering? Or perhaps another alternative would account for this uncanny similarity, like coincidence? I would enjoy reading anyone's thoughts on this matter.

Best of luck with the site!

Most cordially,

A Friend
11.08.2005, 23:20

derek wakefield
EMail: derek.wakefield@ttuhsc.edu 

country: texas


Just got done reading 'The Scole Experiment' and was floored by some of the 'evidence'..If you haven't read it READ IT!! Im not kidding....I am today ordering Mr. Macy's books.. If what happened in this book[scole] is 'genuine' then on the face of it........ fear not death ! It's almost too incredible to believe..
11.08.2005, 12:49

petra geurts
EMail: www.geur0217@hotmail.com 

country: holland


i had contact with my sister
11.08.2005, 10:21

Jeremy Turner
EMail: ideatron@gmail.com  Homepage: http://www.mascot2012.com

country: Canada


I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a free online visual noise generator? White noise is fine...anything that creates that kind of random pattern.
I think it would be perfect for online ITC if one has "resonance"
07.08.2005, 22:10

Judith Chisholm
EMail: Feros@ferio.fsnet.co.uk  Homepage: http://www.voicesfromparadise.co.uk

country: England


Someone wanted a picture of George Gilbert Bonner, EVP researcher. He was a friend of mine. There is a picture of him in my book "Voices from Paradise: How the Dead Speak to Us". You can buy the book from all (or most) internet bookstores, including all Amazon stores. I doubt you'll find a picture of him elsewhere as when he died in 1997 his daughter threw everything of his out onto a skip.
27.07.2005, 19:01

EMail: pisoiash_turcoaz@yahoo.com 

country: Romania


I should congradulate you for this wonderfull site...it's great!I'm fascinated by the life after "death".I thimk it's great that you tought to put up such a site...it makes you even more interested in ghosts...keep things as they are it will be super .
22.07.2005, 19:03

EMail: ritatell@yahoo.com 

country: USA


We should or we should not experiment with this type of communication, I do believe that there is not fear if you want to know how that your love ones are in the other life, but will result crazy to try to contact spirits “just because”, It should be a reason why, but I still don’t understand why the police never had used this method to resolve cases.

I also believe that there is a better way to contact them, because they are not gone from the earth to heaven or hell they still here, but they can not talk to us they are in the other side a side that we shouldn’t go “just because
16.07.2005, 07:12

The Trippin' Alien
EMail: trippin_alien@hotmail.com 

country: U.S.A.


Hi guys, I'm very interested in EVP, but one thing has kept me from listening to even the sample recordings. I came here hoping to find the answers to my questions, but one of them was not answered, so I'll try a more direct approach. Has any event of someone from the beyond making threatening remarks come true? perhaps a better way to ask is can the bad things get me? Anyway, great site and we wish you guys Godspeed.
10.07.2005, 00:21

EMail: BobH5000@AOL.com 

country: USA


Hi everyone, My name is Bob, I started Ghost Hunting three years ago with the help of Barbara Macbeath and have recorded 18 EVPs, My hunting is done in local cemeteries, I have experimented with EVP at home but only on a part time basis so I have not had any success as of yet to speak of, Wish me luck and good luck to all of you, Also I would enjoy hearing from all of you .
05.07.2005, 20:24

EMail: pet_350@hotmail.com 

country: UK, England


I'm very interested in the field of ITC/EVP, but absolutely terrified of some of the results I might get. I' m frightened that I will get 'low-level' spirits or negative ones, who may shout abuse, form themselves on my TV screen or perhaps even worse. Just the thought of these runs a hallowing chill down my spine. How often do these occurences happen? I'd be interested to know before I started any work of my own. (I want to get in touch with my deceased italian grandmother)

Thanks, Peter.

For general reasons it is important in my opinion to publish this here!

Mark comments:

Dear Peter,
Thanks for you letter.
ITC partner Rolf Ehrhardt is on vacation til mid-month, and will decide
when he returns, whether or not to post your comments in our guestbook.
I'll probably suggest that he not post them, because of the fear you express
in the letter.
Most serious ITC researchers are quick to say that it is not a good idea to
experiment if you harbor fear.
I would suggest not trying to contact your grandmother or anyone else in
this way until you have overcome your fears.
Keep thinking about her in your prayers and happy thoughts. Then she will
always be close to your heart.
Thanks again,
Mark Macy
Rolf comments:

Hi Peter,

As we have learned "we attract what we are" - this is called resonance by us (like attract like).
Why should you get in contact with "low level" spirits if don't have thoughts of that kind that attract them??
Think positive and protect yourself-that would be my advice. Much information on that on our website ("How to avoid unpleasant situations" etc).
Good luck wishes

01.07.2005, 14:39

EMail: marionsmail@btinternet.com 

country: UK


A good website I am very interested in this subject / phenomena
29.06.2005, 21:56

EMail: stitch_72712@yahoo.com 

country: usa


Greetings, Mark- Since your last email, I have been recording EVP in my home with some wonderful messages, but I wish I could connect with Timestream. Can you offer any recommendations and inspiration to us all...thank-you Anne
28.06.2005, 01:55

EMail: leah.cox1@ntlworld.com  Homepage: http://lcwebdesign.co.uk/evp.htm

country: east midlands UK


Hi mark and ralf. I hope you are both well. I have been really busy with all of my work just lately and havent been to your site for a while. I still read your pages over and over and I always read something and think that I missed it out the last time, so much fantastic information here, brilliant.
I got my first evp!
go here http://lcwebdesign.co.uk/evp.htm i have the long and short recordings there. I have also had voices comming through my computer speakers (comming soon on the site), that were not recognisable...more like someone saying somthing into a mic but with their mouth over the whole of th mic ?(if you catch my drift)some times it is loud..some times faint, but not like a taxi radio being picked up, lots of mumbleing as if it is right neer you.
also, I went on a paranormal investigation in an old RAF bunker and stayed over night, I took my recorder and recieved lots of evp, very clear as the person talking next to you in a wispery lung sort of way.The thing was about it though, when I did my first evp, I had a wierd heavy feeling all over my body as if I was being pushed to the floor, I get hot in the face and feel as though I need to sit down, I also get a pressure round my head as if someone is hollding it. I got these exact same feelings when I did the evp recording at the bunker. I unfortunatly had all my batteries drained in the recorder, and lost all my recordings for that evening, I am still very upset about this happening. One person though who also brought a recorder taped one of the clear voices whilst listening to my original and is going to give me a copy of it as soon as he develops it to disk.
I hope you like the site and also hear the same as I do on it.. I have ruled out all possibility of every day noise in the room and also did some experiments with my own voice and it turned out I had to be pretty close to the recorder to pick such a whispery voice. Would love your input on what you think the voice is, and why do you think that I feel the way i do when i get the recordings, also why do you think that I always get a responce when I do them?. I have had to stop it as my family were getting worried about me.So I agreed to give it all a rest for now, but not to give up.
20.06.2005, 23:30

EMail: shubini@aol.com 

country: usa


I have always believed in the after life, and believed that i was getting some kind of signals so to speak from my grandmother whom i was very close to. Now i recently lost my mother and hope to recieve something from her as well. I believe that the information you have provided to the world on this site will help me to accomplish what i set out to do. Thank you very much.
Cleveland, Ohio
14.06.2005, 18:34

sarah cline
EMail: sarahc1@sbcglobal.net  Homepage: http://Yahoo.com

country: Untied States


I watched a movie last night that had to do with EVP and I became interested in it so I have been checking out sites. Thank you
27.05.2005, 18:09

Chris Peterson
EMail: MrMan320@aol.com  Homepage: http://www.ghostwave.com

country: USA


This is the most informative page (on the subject of ITC) that I have ever seen.
I have been researching EVP for a long time (see our work at www.ghostwave.com)and have lately been looking into ITC. Your page has been a lot of help.
Thanks for all the information.

Chris Peterson
22.05.2005, 23:49

EMail: weed420kush@yahoo.com 

country: usa


22.05.2005, 23:47

Tim S
EMail: tsting321@yahoo.com 

country: Illinois, USA


Thank you for starting such an interesting website. As a young person (24 yrs old), I am still looking for my way through this life. I have always been very into science, but kind of bored by all of them. Once I found this information and then read your book I was infatuated. I have always believed in other dimensions and spirits and what not, but it didn't really solidify until I had an experience with what I believe to be a spirit. I won't delve into that here, but if you would like more information about my experience, which frightened me at first, but I am much better with it now, just e-mail me. I would one day like to help in anyway possible, but now isn't a good time. The most fascinating part to me is the information about our heritage as humans, you know Marduk and all of that information. Just amazing, I cannot even find the words! I hope to continue my own research and maybe even begin attempting recording voices soon, but we'll see. If there are any periodicals or monthly newsletters, I would love to get one. Best of luck in the future!
22.05.2005, 09:46

margie e
EMail: maxmar@ev1.net 

country: usa


thank you so much for this enlightening web site.
You are great for shareing with us.
13.05.2005, 04:22

francis J.
EMail: fjav0926@yahoo.com 

country: Abra, Phillipines


I congratulate your untiring effort in working to established a bridge in the other side. I have already read some books in your website and it's fascinating and breathtaking event. It is really a "Great Event" that happened that you have established a communication that will proved to the world about "Life after Death Exist" and there is Spiritual World helping to established better communications.
I am hoping and praying that someday I could establish contact to my love ones (my father and relatives who passed away) with the use of ITC and a guide from beyond.
Continue your work... and a resonance will established.
12.05.2005, 16:22

EMail: babalawo100@hotmail.com 

country: Nigeria


This, obviously, is a marvellous site. Lots and lots of information, amazingly gathered and articulated. Great work. Aluta!!! But pls, could you educate me on this question. Why come this site contains only photos of people who died many many years ago? Is it that there are no contacts with recently dead people? Again, why are the photos taken while alive almost exactly the same as in spirit? Kindly oblige me. I need to know. Thank you.
07.05.2005, 04:37

Jo Kishkunas

country: USA


Mr. Macy - thanks so much for your wonderful website. I am currently reading a book about about how the universe works which contains much about the afterlife. It is called Life's Hidden Meaning by Niles MacFlouer. The information on your site regarding the nature of our bodies and the astral world correlates well with what he has written. I belong to a study group which studies his books and you can also listen to him by visiting www.agelesswisdom.com. There are archives of his radio shows and, in fact, last week's and this week's shows are on the afterlife. Thanks for helping me expand my knowledge in this area and give greater meaning to my studies.

Hi Jo,
Thanks for the great message for our Guestbook.
The word is spreading quickly in the world today, or so it seems.
Warm wishes,
Mark Macy

(I believe we might share a Lithuanian heritage. My other (Gen Shaltis) was born of two Lithuanian immigrants, and Kishkunas certainly sounds Lithuanian to me.)

07.05.2005, 02:57

Tamieka Dover
EMail: trintom@yahoo.com 

country: Australia


G'day Mark and Everyone at ITC. I have been lucky enough to have been born with a gift of receiving messages through clairvoyancy. I have gone through mixed emotions about the genuity of them, based on my own sceptism, (sadly) but your site, has for one thing, allowed me to accept that what I hear and see every day, is fact, and a beautiful part of life. I would love to be more involved, please tell me if you have an Australian branch or similar, so that I and many of my friends can join and help our world finally mesh with our other world in peaceful harmony. It is about time we all got active and made this happen People!! Spread the word, There is no death, there is only another beautiful world waiting! Thanks and I cant wait to hear back from you all.

God bless you, Tamieka.
What a perfect and wonderful message for the future of ITC and for the future of the world.
Love and light from the other hemisphere.
Mark Macy

You might want to contact Victor and Wendy Zammit.
You can probably get to them from the bottom of our homepage.

06.05.2005, 01:52

George W.
EMail: webgeo99@verizon.net 

country: USA


To Rolf and Mark, If there is
some way I can help with translating the information from German to English don't hesitate to ask me. I'd be more then glade to help out in anyway I can.

Hi George,
I am very glad to hear that good news. Sorry that I reply so late because of vacation.
Will contact you directly.
Best regards

06.05.2005, 01:27

Nancy Lovell
EMail: nblovell@hotmail.com 

country: USA


This is good. Between my own experiences, the Monroe Institute information, Elwood Babett's books, and about 30 other informative sources I have continued to explore such thinking....I like this open, shared additional information Thank you.
05.05.2005, 21:15

Faeden (Barry Stevens)
EMail: faeden@shanry.com  Homepage: http://www.shanry.com

country: England


Very Interesting site, thanks for putting it up for the public to read. You guys share many of the same beliefs I do. I am fascinated with finding out the truth about life after "death". I already know that life after death exists, as I have had more than enough personal proof, but I now want to learn as much about the physics of how the astral and other realms work. So far I have learnt some amazing things, and I write all over the net, and share my knowledge with others. I hope you all continue to bring the great message of spirit to the world, a world that is in desperate need of spiritual wisdom.

Keep up the good work and keep the wisdom coming

Faeden (Barry Stevens)
04.05.2005, 10:51

EMail: thefranchguy666@hotmail.com 

country: Australia


me agian, i remember when i was about 4 or 5. me and my cousin were in my backyard with an old radio playing with the frequencies. we found something wierd... there was a mayday coming from a bout in the middle of the ocean, there was a man screaming for help in a storm, you could just hear him but that was pritty scary. i never 4got it, i dont know about my cousin.
02.05.2005, 10:56

Jon Johnson
EMail: jonjohnson@succeed.net 

country: USA



I have read "Miracles in the Storm" and looked up your website. Excellent! I was contacted in 1981 in the middle of the night, when my television set came on and an electronic voice spoke to me out of the static. I was very frightened at the time and tried to escape further contact, but I have overcome my fears and am currently writing a book about my paranomal experiences, which currently number over 60. I am ready to establish direct communication with the higher dimensions, and sign your guestbook in order to make groups such as Timestream aware of my intention to include record of possible contact with them. I would prefer if they contact me through my computer, in whatever way they prefer.

Great book and website!

Jon Johnson/Laonis
27.04.2005, 01:33

George W.
EMail: webgeo99@walla.com 

country: USA


I haven't been able to think of nothing else since I've found this site. I have read almost everything on this site and love it all. I think this work is too important to stop or too allow it to become neglected in any way. Mark, may I suggest trying another contact to see if there is anything all of us can do to help? Maybe have a large gathering at some point in time?! Just a thought.

Hi George,
I am happy that we hit obviously a resonance point within you. Thank you for your feedback.
That is the reason why we make this site: to spread the word and to supply interested people with the "tools" that make it possible for them to convince themselves that there is a spiritual world.

There is so much information already available that hasn't been published yet in English. Our problem: money and time. If we could solve the money problem (for translations) then the time problem would be less important, because more interpreters could work fulltime for this project.
Very important messages from beyond via computer and fax are already in German on my website. To give you an idea about the mass of information selected by themes (which is in fact an excerpt) please go to: www.rodiehr.de/a_26_tk_1999_iv_sonder_erste_seite.htm

Much information on another hundreds of book pages could help many people to understand what takes place on earth etc. I am sure that messages received in other countries are also very important but not available in English yet either.

We are happy to announce that the translated Chapter D (Physical Theories and Hypotheses) of Prof. Senkowski's book will be soon on the website. It is not so easy to find the right interpreter for this kind of information.

Help is needed in many ways.
Thanks again for your entry.

Best wishes
Mark comments:

Hi George,
Thanks for the good posting.
Yes, on my trip to a Santa Fe conference in the past few days I met with
Laurie Monroe of the Monroe Institute, and we are planning something that
could be very good for ITC.
It could allow people like you and many, many others to participate in a
worldwide resonant field.
I have added you to my email address list, so you will be informed in the
Mark Macy

26.04.2005, 07:21

paul harrison
EMail: blackwolf11@optusnet.com.au  Homepage: http://optusnet.com.au

country: perth, western australia


i thank you from the bottm and all my heart, i heard my brother 6 months after his death and i followed his instruction,, he told me to go to the bike shop,, i did,, i bought a m/bike with guidance then on the 10th may o3 i taken a picture of the bike and my brother is on the picture with a few others so clear,

later on i found the spirits book collection by allan kardec thanks to my brother,, it all makes sense now, and i continue to get all kinds of spirit faces on my bike,, its totally surrounded with love for me as i was told by a late medium, so now i study evp, and itc myself and give away free all of allan kardecs works on cd for free to all who want it,, i spread the word,, with the love of jesus and god himself,, i thank you for all your information as it has set me on a course of truth and investigation.. godbless all...

Paul added:

my brothers name is simon allan harrison, he continues to live on...again thank you for a wonderful information learning site..

24.04.2005, 06:14

EMail: laureana@gmail.com 

country: Argentina


I am so happy I runned into this website. A while ago I went into studio to record a couple of songs. Every time I would sing, it would sound terrific life, but the recording was full of terrible noise. It was a hi-tech studio... There was one song in particular that was filled with odd noises, specially at the beginning and at the end of the sentences. Any ideas of why this happened? Thank you so much.

Hi Laureana,
I have no idea why that happened to you. Also hi-tech studios can have faults and can make troubles (sometimes at least .
If you think / feel that this has more to say then try the "conventional" method (recorder and mike) in order to get in contact to beyond. Don't forget to protect you.
Good luck.
believe me, this recording was a tad odd.
Anyways, I am not intending to contact anyone, because I don't think this doors you can open and then close
I think you guys are so brave.
Keep uo w/the good work.
Hi Laureana,
History of ITC shows that doors to beyond can be opened and closed. The "closing" takes place mostly because the experimenter are not aware that the "human part of the field" needed to get in contact plays the most important role in TC / ITC. The experimenter change their attitudes and behaviours and are astonished when they don't get in contact anymore with the entities they are usually in contact with. (described in my many articles on our website = resonance is working).
Best wishes

24.04.2005, 05:49

EMail: greylocke@hotmail.coom 

country: USA


I found your site many months back after listening to Art Bell's show on SPIRICOM. Many year back in high-school I read Mr. Raudive's book Breakthrough, I found it very facinating. I've searched your site for information on particulars of computer contacts, and it is slightly lacking. Is there an area on the site which deals more directly with this form of communication? My local library isn't on the ILL program so I cannot get your books. Thank you..


In the book by Hildegard Schaefer "Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond" you will find information. Because of lack of money and time we could not translate the messages itself. But perhaps you can see there how the contacts where achieved. Also in the books by Locher/Harsch and by Senkowski you will find information about computer contacts. All books are on our website.
For further researches I like to recommend to use the "Search for..." function on our website.
Have fun while studying!

(P.S.: Mark is out of town for some days.)

20.04.2005, 21:37

EMail: mike@mikefairclough.com 

country: england


hi mark at the moment i'm reading your book miracles in the storm.not only am i finding it very interesting but it is also turning in to a huge eye opener for me.keep up the good work and good luck with introducing non believers.i for 1 have most certainly added to what i already believed and i'm only half way throuh. so thank you.
11.04.2005, 03:14

Mary M.
EMail: McMargo9@aol.com 

country: USA


Mark: Still have my first copy of "Contact" 1996- Jan-April. Have the books and video. Just found this website after long hiatus.
Please put me on the mailing list for "Contact".
We have spoken by phone and correspondence in the early days. Sincerely, Mary M.
10.04.2005, 00:04

EMail: zsalu@earthlink.net 

country: USA


Not into ITC yet. Tried EVP with old reel to reel in 1974 after my father died. Picked up a russian choir and something like a whisper. It frightened my wife and she asked me to stop which I did. Now that she has crossed over 5 years ago Im doing it with an IC recorder and a computer but probably need a good sound editor since I hear some voices on the playback. But they sound way in the distance or in another room and are not intelligible.
08.04.2005, 22:47

chris j. fry
EMail: Ozzyamerican@aol.com 

country: usa


I have been absorbed by the reading and also the contacts on here!
Could you add me to the recieving list for the "Contact!" journal back issues? I would like to read more! I hope that the bridges are connected again! Where can I hear or read more about the Tecnician and the Seven?
Thanks and doubtless admiration,
Christopher J. Fry
06.04.2005, 16:54

becky pena
EMail: penabecky@aol.com 

country: us


great job!
30.03.2005, 00:28

Elizabeth Wagner
EMail: jaimal_nz@yahoo.com 

country: New Zealand


Hello Mark: I have been a "student" of your ITC studies since you began your first magazine some years ago now and am a little mystified as to why the photos displayed on your website are so "old". Are there no new ones and if not why not? I find this perplexing : are no more photos coming through?
Would love some enlightenment.
With kind regards.

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the guestbook entry.
Sad to say, no great pictures or messages came through since the breakdown of INIT around the year 2000.
We're still working toward re-establishing the bridges, but there are no breakthroughs.
Possible reasons: 1) As they told us often, they will not send more information until the information already received has been widely accepted in the world (so some of us are working hard to make that happen). 2) Resonance or harmony among an international group of researchers is necessary (and some of us are also working to make that happen).
There are probably other reasons too, but I believe we will see ITC bridges restored in the coming years when the conditions are right.
Warm wishes,
Mark M

(I am starting to republish the "Contact!" journal back issues on the internet. I have added your email address to the receiving list.)

20.03.2005, 01:07

EMail: leah.cox1@ntlworld.com  Homepage: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ann.cox307

country: UK East midlands


I am so glad I finally found your site. You and your experiments have been shown on the telly a lot of times now (via paranormal investigation documentarys and etc.)
I have always longed to experiment with the evp using a simple dictaphone but never have had enough information for me to go ahead and carry it out. With your basic starting guide and how you have explained everything on this site in great detail I really am starting to understand more about this form of contacting with the after life beings.
I am rather scared at the moment to do the evp as of what will come back if anything. This tells me that maybe I am not ready just yet, but I so want to do it as I have longed to contact my deceased love one ever since I watched my first paranormal investigation program.
Reading about how to avoid the unpleasant and such, I was amazed that it would have to be treated like a form of spiritual contact and needed to be respected with the upmoast happy frame of mind. They never mention about these things on the tv niether had I read that before.  Now reading about these steps to take before trying to make contact it all makes complete sense.
I am still worried though as even if I was in the right frame of mind and atmosphere and respect for them and formed a protection barrier for my self, that would I get a nasty entity, or a troubled spirit?
Have you ever had such an experience like this yourself? Only I saw (on the tv ,again) a lady experiment with a friend using a digital dictaphone and she got a responce when she played it back. (Jane Goldman Investigates,Living TV) they edited the noise until they finaly got what sounded like 'your next' or somthing to that what I remember. I wouldnt know what to do. I have read here on your fantastic site about dealing with your first evp. As I say I am very scared easily sort of person so maybe I am not ready yet to make this step.
I cannot wait to here more about some recent experiments and how far you are getting now to getting a clear response etc. Wonderfull to know that they have made contact through computers and other technologys. Fantastic. Well done!

Thank you for your input here.
My suggestion would be: start when you are not scared anymore. When you look forward to get in contact and when you feel good then start to experiment as suggested. Are you afraid to make a phone call? Of course not because you know who will be on the other side. Protect yourself and get in a good mood and it will work for you also-take time and be patient.
Good luck

Hi Leah (I assume that's your name based on your email address 'leah.cox1' - - if I'm wrong, please let me know so I can correct my address book) - - -
Thanks for that good letter in our website guestbook (copied below). The way I see things, many spirits move in and out of our lives frequently; some are positive and supportive, others are troubled and stir things up in our lives. If a person can just accept that fact, and not be alarmed by it, and "stay in good spirits" emotionally, then it's mostly "the good guys" who influence us. For experimenters, if they keep their departed loved one(s) in mind and experiment from a place of love and happiness, they usually get good results. That's not always easy to do if the experimenter is grieving a lot - - in which case I believe that prayer is more fulfilling and helpful than experimenting.
Hope this helps. Warm wishes,
Mark Macy

(PS - I thought Jane Goldman did a good job of covering ITC during that program about my British colleagues and me)

17.03.2005, 03:24

EMail: ayltonsilveira@uol.com.br 

country: brasil


NUPE; Nucleo de Pesquisas Espiritas. USEERJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

I have visited your site on account of ower researches on evidences of life after death.
Thanks for the excelents informations!

Aylton Silveira
15.03.2005, 17:59

Ray Mssey
EMail: youngsrap@yahoo.com 

country: united states of america


im currently a freshman college student who has to write a research paper on any topic of my choice. I didn't know what to choose until i saw a epsiode of maury where they talk about evp and the movie white noise. i became more interested in it. So now i guess its more then a project to me. Hope to find out for information in the future.
26.02.2005, 18:34

Denis Williams
EMail: eternallife@denis-williams.co.uk  Homepage: http://www.denis-williams.co.uk

country: UK


What a fantastic website. Keep up the brilliant work.

18.02.2005, 05:27

Anne O
EMail: alohaanne@earthlink.net 

country: USA


Aloha Mark Macy and the rest of your Team!

I just finished your book "Miracles in the storm" and want to tell you how inspiring it was for me. I really enjoyed reading it and have logged onto your website to soak up more of these exciting discoveries.

Thanks for your positive attitude and understanding of the oneness.

With warm aloha,
Anne O
07.02.2005, 12:06

Amit Jurgenson
EMail: jurgenson@gmail.com 

country: Israel


Hi, I am the great-grandson of Friedrich Jurgenson.

I wanted to tell you how very excited I was to find the translation of Friedrich's book in your website! I have this book for years, but as I don't know any German I couldn't really read it... well now I can

I met Friedrich about 20 years ago in Sweden. The Swedish TV made a "this-is-your-life" kind of show for him, and they brought me and my family from Israel to be the big surprise at the end of the show... I met a charming man, with a very open mind and many talents. We even did an EVP session at his house, in which his late wife (my great grand mother) has appeared and talked to us all. It was a truly mind-blowing experience for an atheist such as myself.

Two years after I met him he passed away. Sadly I didn't have the chance to get to know him better, and now I plan to do so by reading his book - thanks to you!

So thank you very much for hosting it online in your website. You really made me happy.

02.02.2005, 04:04

Norman Lante
EMail: lante_n_m@iinet.net.au 

country: australia


I am interested in this area of
study. For people who doubt this, if you can find a book
called "The ghost at 29 Megacycles" get it and have a good read. I have re-read it a
few times now.

The author - is/was cautious and did their research.

26.01.2005, 04:41

John C
EMail: Boomstick989@netscape.net 

country: USA


Thank you for this great resource!

I've always been a doubting Thomas, so when I first saw the White Noise trailer, I decided to do a little research, to see how believable this "ghost-stuff" is. Needless to say, after reading hundreds of pages, listening to hundreds of sound clips, and watching about every video on the site, I'm quite close to calling myself a believer! Until my EVP experiments become successful, of course, I'll still be a *bit* on the other side . Don't worry, I'm very persistent...Wish me luck!

Thanks again,

PS- Its too bad George Meek died in '99. He lived about 10 minutes from me. Shoot!

PPS-As soon as an event in the NC area appears, you can count me in!
25.01.2005, 02:00

EMail: nicole@xrs444.net 

country: London, England


Hi there,

Well what an interesting site! Cant say i'm a full believer but the information here has certainly provided a lot of food for thought. Keep up the good work


Hi Nicole,

Welcome to our site. One of the good things with ITC is that everybody can test it. It works sooner or later, depends a bit on the person involved. It needs time and a relaxed attitude to get in contact to beyond. Try it while protecting yourself as described!
More hints of how to do you can find on our homepage in the middle.
The contacts to other stages of consciousness are as old as mankind, but ITC gives an interested and open minded person the chance to convince himself that there is a spiritual world.

Good luck for your attempts!

23.01.2005, 00:25

EMail: webmaster@mivak.com  Homepage: http://www.mivak.com

country: The Netherlands


Hi Mark,
I have a Dutch EVP site named Mivak...The other site! I added your url on my site. Will you add me to your link list. I need a picture of George Gilbert Bonner, can you help me with that.

Kind regards,
21.01.2005, 22:29

EMail: patricio@ressa.es 

country: Spain


Everyday is rolling on I love this site a lot!!!. This coming week I am flying to Slovenia for business. Please pray everything's gonna be good and that my spirit guiders be with me for a safer return to Spain. Love you all!!!
20.01.2005, 11:18

Nikola R. TESLA Jr. 3rd.
EMail: ntjrlll@yahoo.com  Homepage: http://www.nikolarteslajr3rd.org

country: USA


Cool Site, I've Injoyed the
Speaker Mark Macy, at Panera Bread Cafe DENVER, 01/19/2005.
20.01.2005, 05:31

Bill Cote
EMail: bcote@nyc.rr.com  Homepage: http://www.bcvideo.com

country: USA


What a great site. The timeline mentions that not much as occured since 2000. Has this changed at all recently? If we wanted to do a legitimate television program on this topic, who would we contact? Are there clear images (video and still) available as well as the audio recordings.
Bill Cote
BC Video
19.01.2005, 21:46

Paulo Fallavena
EMail: paulob.f@terra.com.br  Homepage: http://www.quimicahoje.com.br

country: Brasil


Hi! I lile very much of this theme.
19.01.2005, 00:56

EMail: Doodlebop90@hotmail.com  Homepage: http://www.spiritseekersofwestgeorgia.com

country: usa


Hi! I found your site today while looking up information on EVP's (which is what my field is in our group) so as to be better informed when we next meet. I found your site to be most helpful! Feel free to look at our website and some of the photos we have made while 'hunting'. Thanks!
18.01.2005, 15:40

EMail: babalawo100@hotmail.com 

country: Africa


I was so glad to find this site but a few questions bother my mind. Why are photographs purportedly received from the dead (as displayed on this site) exactly almost the same as those of when he/she was alive. I expect to see pictures of the current appearance of the deceased, in the beyond, or is this impossible? Seeing photographs sent from beyond, looking exactly like the one taken while alive, tend to cast suspicion on this otherwise good & enlightening work. Pls educate me.

> I expect to see pictures of the current appearance of the deceased, in the beyond, or is this impossible?
--- That is what you expect and this okay. But do you know what the entities in beyond like to do?
What would happen if they show as they feel now in beyond in the age of about 30 years? Look at the picture of Lorenz on our site in a book (use the SEARCH function please). Here you can see Lorenz as a young man in beyond while his age was about 80 when he died. And the next question comes: how can that happen that he became younger?
What I like to say is this: it needs a lot of information to judge. To expect something here on this side is quite different from that what might be possible and desirable in beyond. Take more time for reading.
All questions are answered-at least to my satisfaction.

17.01.2005, 16:53

EMail: cx2325@hotmail.com 

country: USA


I don't have much to say here, but I'd like to say congrats for the great site. At first, I thought it was all a huge fake, and a waste of everybody's time. But I spent 1 or 2 hours on the site, and got interested. While I don't plan to experiment, I don't think it's really impossible anymore. Good luck with your future projects.
17.01.2005, 13:01

EMail: mitchmann@gmail.com 

country: USA


I am so glad to have found this site. It has provided much insight into ITC. I am eager to learn more about the subjct. Although I read about the problems with the former forum, I do think a forum would still be a good idea, especially as a place for an exchange of media and experimentation tips. BTW, if anybody has anything like electrical schematics for some equipment in this field i would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Mitch,
Electrical schematics you can find in the book "Bridge between the Terrestrial and Beyond" in the section "Books".
Welcome to the group of interested people.
We will for sure not have another forum (it was our second one--the first one was closed because of lack of interest and the money the foum cost at that time).
Good luck

15.01.2005, 06:36

Elizabeth Brodofsky
EMail: ebrodofsky1@yahoo.com 

country: United States


You have given me vital information. I am a Medium who has had clients tell me they received voices on the tapes of my readings. The usual is broken sentences or barely audible messages followed by my stating the same thing clearer. I am unaware that this is happening.I have a masters in science and experience in using audio-visual equipment. Past experience in photography also is helpful. One client takes photos that spirits always show up.Am looking forward to hearing from others.
15.01.2005, 05:25

EMail: goose@pacbell.net 

country: usa


They wrote me to after I added a entry. I have good video an know its not fake.For someone to go out of there way like sending emails. I say this-> right understanding, right mindfulness, right concentration, right livelihood. thanks again all you working on ITC, it has open my mind an my eyes.
14.01.2005, 20:22

EMail: landrews@nbnet.nb.ca 

country: Canada, NB, Fredericton


I have trainig in physics, and I understand Heim's theory. I believe that it does explain the likelyhood of these contacts, but I'm currently unable to prove that fully.

I am skilled with computers, both programming, and hardware, including data driven web page design, hosting, and maintainence.

If anyone thinks they can make use of my skills on this project, let me know. I would be happy to help as much as my free time allows.
14.01.2005, 18:40

Laura Settecase
EMail: Nulifeform@aol.com 

country: USA


Hello Rolf Ehrhardt,
Thank you for sending me the information explaining why I received an e-mail from Jay Jones. Whether or not the picture of Mueller turns out someday to be fraudulent really doesn't concern me. I have a friend who has been working with electronic voice phenomenon, or i.t.c, for many years now and has told me of some of his contact successes. Your site is valuable in that it helps people find out how to make contact. You offer alot of free information from a wide variety of different authors representing different era's. This site would have nothing to gain from displaying fraudulent pictures because what you are offering is a way for people to prove this contact stuff to themselves. The pictures don't concern me. What concerns me is how I can someday make successful contact. I am already a believer in this type of research. There is just too much information here to deem it all fraudulent because of one picture.
Laura Settecase
13.01.2005, 14:15

EMail: jamesqb2001@yahoo.co.uk 

country: UK


I've read the Jay Jones story and find it interesting; although I don't agree with the bad language or hostility. It makes me wonder... if the Mueller picture is not fake, then have you considered that since the bad side apparently caused problems for Timestream at one point (showing they don't like such enlightenment occurring), they may also be interested in damaging the whole project at any point they can? Disinformation is a good tactic to use, and what better than to send researchers a photo which looks doctored, whilst pretending to be someone else? Discredits WITC, puts doubt into people's minds as to the veracity of the WITC information, and perhaps makes them question the whole 'life after death' concept. Food for thought.

Hi James,
I posted my reply on our website because of its length. Go to www.worlditc.org/i_03_comment_by_rolf.htm
(in the section "For skeptics and realists")

13.01.2005, 02:52

Christer Landén
EMail: christer_landen@hotmail.com 

country: Sweden


Hi all !
Thanks for a great site. I just want to say to all non-believers that this is really true. First time I heard of this was on Swedish television in 1985 when the great Friedrich Jurgenson was on. He was one of the pioneers here in Sweden already in 1950s. To believe this is a hoax tells alot about the lack of knowledge people has. It would be impossible to set up a hoax like this in where researchers get voices independently parted in time and distance. To say this is is a hoax is to be naiv and arrogant! One should be humble as a human here on earth, we don't know nothing about our universe and world. Not long ago earth was flat wasn't it ???! Keep on your good work ! I just wish I could find researchers like this in Europe to learn from ! Greetings from Sweden
Christer Landén
13.01.2005, 02:06

EMail: tricolorbrian@hotmail.com 

country: USA


I was first directed to read your books in Oct, 2004. The first was difficult to find, and i ended up going to see Pat Kubis at her home in order to get a copy. Talk about having to go to the source...but your book was easier to obtain. I found both to be very interesting and informative, but then came "white noise" which I think may do a disservice to itc. Leave it to Hollywood to scare everyone away from an interesting spiritual phenomenon. Keep up the good work. I may get involved someday, but right now I'm too busy writing books about more grounded matters.

Brian Hubbs www.mountainkingsnake.com
12.01.2005, 20:28

Ashley Cook
EMail: acook_03@hotmail.com 

country: Canada


Hey! I heard you talking on the TV the other night on Square off, on CH TV. I thought what you were talking about was very interesting. I do believe there is more there than people actual think. I have always believed in the paranormal, but I have never really been brave enough to actually go out and get my own evidence. I believe there is someone, or something in my house, but I have never been able to get real proof. But along side of my chickeness, there will always be a piece of me that believes there is more. Congrats on your web site, I think its great that you are trying to get more awareness out there to people! Keep up the great work!

Fan, and Believer: Ashley
12.01.2005, 17:22

EMail: patricio@ressa.es 

country: Barcelona (Spain)


Hi Mark!!!,

Even whether your website were a fraud or not you have helped me in my research in understanding what’s happening when people die. I deeply know you are right and that your research isn’t a fraud. Thank you very much for your great aid and go on with your site that is really excellent!. Perhaps ourselves -as being yet not spiritual beings but physic beings- could be sceptical but remember, my beloved Mark: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled (Matthew 5:1-12) and Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed"(Jn.20:29).

I love all of you and one day we shall meet in the afterlife and from that moment on everybody will know the truth. And I really love and pray to God and our spiritual guides for Jay even though he is accusing to be everything false, every word you utter Dear Jay, though being harmful, is answered back by words of love. Love is the greatest weapon to be used against all kind of riots, fuss and controversy and hate.

Go on Mark and colleagues with your research and your wonderful website and have courage since truth will be always victorious and your efforts will be well rewarded!! And…if everything is a total fake…I shall keep in loving you.
11.01.2005, 23:19

Michael Anaka
EMail: wanaka@telusplanet.net 

country: Canada


i have recently been introducted to EVP through "white noise" at first i was under the assumption that all of this could lead to something very dark, but after reading this web site and the following:
http://www.mikepettigrew.com/afterlife/html/evp___itc_history.html, there seems to be a light side, hopefully as humans we can get past our doubt and global differences and see this for what it could be, "life after death"
11.01.2005, 17:35

cassandra royle
EMail: faggatt@hotmail.com 

country: canada


alright, well i must say at first thought of this whole ordeal...it sort of frightend me, but also helped me realize some things. i play alot of guitar, and through my amplifier i used to hear alot of different things, but i had just assumed it was comming from outside. but one time i herd 'be who you know you are, we like you' and often after i put my guitar down i'll hear wispers of my name 'cassandra' through the amp. i just thought myself as being rediculous, and i didn't want to beleive it because it felt so erie. but this site has helped me deal with some of my findings i've stumbled upon, even though i still am a little skepticle. great site, keep it up.
11.01.2005, 06:25

EMail: rebmadinh@aol.com 

country: chicago usa


this site is truly the best source of info. please continue to put as much effort and love into it as u already do. i will constantly be checking site for updates.ur doing a great thing.keepit up
10.01.2005, 19:38

EMail: lexie33@yahoo.com 

country: Canada


I believe in so much. My dad died in 1997 and boy does he let us know he is still here. Through light and telephone he shows himself. It sure helps heal. Just knowing that he is around me helps me through each day. Electricity is definitely one way they show themselves. Proof is in my house and all around me. Keep up the great work..a good read.
10.01.2005, 18:59

EMail: hannahn20@hotmail.com 

country: Canada


I just saw your entry on the news at noon. I'm too into this stuff! I love this site! I'm a big believer in ghosts spirits and these weird happenings...and afterlife. This a site to see!
10.01.2005, 16:57

EMail: rolf@worlditc.org 

country: Germany


Hi George Pitt,
Sorry that I could not answer earlier. Have you ever thought of looking at our website in the section "For more ITC information" - "Books". There you could find this:
The Ghost of 29 Megacycles
- John G. Fuller - Grafton Books 1987 - ISBN 0-586-06869-4

May I recommend that you might read in the section "Researchers' Results" - "George Meek" his report on Spiricom etc.?

Have fun while studying.
10.01.2005, 16:24

Lu Sciandra
EMail: lcs4d@aol.com 

country: United States of America


To George Pitt:
Dear George the information of the book you mentioned should be:
Title: The Ghost of 29 Megacycles
Author: John G. Fuller
Publisher: Signet/New American Library, 1981, New York.
I will try to find the ISBN number from the local library, in the meanwhile could you please confirm that we are talking about the same book? Thanks, Lu.
10.01.2005, 06:00

Robert-DAVID Hiner
EMail: earthone@myway.com 

country: United States


Yes, the person claiming to be with "KL Research Labs" referred to himself as a "Jay Jones". Good luck. Thank you for your work.
10.01.2005, 05:37

Robert-David Hiner
EMail: earthone@myway.com 

country: United States


Hi. I'm back to tell you that some group referring to themselves as KL Research Labs, calling you a fraud can't be found with Google, Dogpile, or Metacrawler. I submit that you are being attacked. I wanted you and others that have their minds opened by this site need to beware of these atacks you are under. David
10.01.2005, 02:27

Craig Shifrin
EMail: craigshifrin@sbcglobal.net 

country: USA


As a psychologist, I would like to learn more about this and the research which supports its usage.
09.01.2005, 23:28

George Pitt
EMail: geohio1@adelphia.net 

country: USA


Phenomenal website! As a Ham Radio Operator, tinkerer, and agnostic, I became intrigued by EVP years ago when I came upon a book titled 'The Ghost of 28 Megacycles'. I couldn't put the book down, and read it from cover to cover at least five times over the years. Unfortunately, I lost the book. Does anyone know where I can find it? It seems to be out of print, since most of the online merchants don't have it listed. I'd love to find another copy of it. Thanks.
08.01.2005, 18:27

Terry Green
EMail: K5JTM@aol.com 

country: UK


Thank you for your excellent guidance on ITC I have mailed your contact adddress to many friends.
05.01.2005, 04:12

EMail: dherres@hotmail.com 

country: USA


My Mom passed in March of last year. She died 3/23/04-the day before this website was established. I found her the 24th. Since then, several members of my family and I have experienced many episodes of static and "white noise". I know that this is Mom's attempt to let us know that she's around and trying to find a way to communicate.
I'm definitely going to be checking into this.
Thank you for offering this website.
05.01.2005, 00:30

EMail: reload26ny@yahoo.com 

country: USA, NY, Syracuse


Jan. 4, 2005-Today a about 3:oo pm I decided to play around with my new cell phone, it has a voice memo/record option. I was recording clips from a DVD that I played using my computer. In order to do so I needed the sperker volume high. After recording a few clips I began reviewing them, during which the sound from the phone decreased and I heard a voice say "Turn it down". I assumed it was a responce to the DVD being played so loud. Anyways, this peeked my curiosity which led me to this site. I plan to start experimentng with EVP/ITC. I'll post any findings I might have.
02.01.2005, 04:56

Steven R. Piper
EMail: SPiper1@kc.rr.com 

country: USA


A very good and informative site. Read Breakthrough decades ago, and instantly understood the possibilites that sound wave spectrum, and light spectrum, could apply to life spectrum as well. As a driven genealogist, I live in both worlds no more comfortable in one than the other. You have given light to me

rodiehr Jan 18, 2006

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