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Born in 1943, I am a so-called scientist through my study of physics--not theoretical, but experimental physics combined with an engineering focus. After finishing my studies in 1964, I worked with scientists who were my customers. They were employed from schools to universities.

I experimented with different types of equipment applied to the whole range of physics, a wide range of technical education materials, and some materials for chemistry. Being in close contact with science educators for almost 30 years I got to know a little bit how scientists think -- at least those folks in Germany, and through my studies of marketing I learned how to sell products and ideas.

I can admit that in 1986 when all that started with me, I was somebody who thought that the purpose of human life (as well as the other types of life) was only to keep mankind alive. With that as an operational base, I had no problems with my life. I felt (and still feel) good. Things shifted in 1986 when I got my first EVP and you can be sure that I tried almost everything to find out what it was and where it came from. Experiencing EVP and other phenomena challenged me, as I was driven to understand them.

Over a period of several years I developed: (Technical Information for some devices mentioned)

in order to improve EVP results, at least for the playback mode (definitions). I realized that some people got loud, clear and relatively long messages without any additional equipment but recorder and microphone, but that didn't frustrate me. In fact it made me realize that the human component is very important. Many people who got good EVP had a strong emotional connection to that deceased person. And it made sense in most cases that the being beyond (the recently deceased person) still had a strong emotional connection to the person left on earth.

I reiterate: it was EVP that made me (a scientist) interested in the spirit worlds. Without EVP/ITC I would never have come in contact with that kind of knowledge.

I quickly learned that employing the help of a medium often yielded louder EVP and/or better ITC contacts via telephone, computer and video. It made sense that the medium should only better the channel to beyond and stabilize it. With that strong "human part" of the energetic field required to get in contact with the beings beyond, the "contact bridge" cannot be weakened so easily by people who take part in that session and are not so "good-minded". That and only that is my reason to be in favor of working with a medium in order to get good ITC contacts. (Additional information can be found in the article: "How ITC works")

I came to realize that the degree of personal development (knowledge, understanding, liability ....) determines the type of being in the beyond a researcher (scientifically trained or not) gets in contact with. Like attract like.

Why don't the wise beings beyond give us solutions to our problems? I believe almost everything that could better Humanity on earth has been said from beings beyond (through beings on earth) by different ways (mediumship, channeling, ITC-phenomena ...), written down in many, many books. Why don't people change? (That's a better question.) Maybe because they don't believe in what has been said, or they don't even care. Why not? Because they are interested in problems bound to earth. Because they don't believe that they will "earn" the result of their life's efforts after they are dead (reincarnation or afterlife).

We should know that each of us on earth has to go our own way to realization considering that we each (with our own soul and individual spirit) start at a different level of Karma (consciousness) with different insight capabilities and different bodies in different environments.... Look at the educational system and compare the different stages of human beings on earth with that system. One would never expect from first-grade pupils the same degree of knowledge, capabilities, and experiences possessed by students at the universities. Likewise, people are at different levels of mental and spiritual development. Also, just as new pupils come into school, new souls with different tasks come to earth.

Since I retired in 1993, my wife and I have tried to understand ourselves, the people in our lives, and the universe. We have tried to practice our realizations daily. Not an easy task! for example, through ITC it became apparent that most people donít care about what they can't understand in their present stage of development. That is simply the way it is. No reason to be disappointed or frustrated.

This is nothing new. Consider the Bible:

Mt 13:9
"Who hath ears to hear, let him hear."

Could that mean that people hear, but do not understand?

Markus 4:33
"And with many such parables he spoke the word unto them, as they were able to hear (it)."

Could that mean that people were not able to hear, because their consciousness has not developed to the point of understanding?

The soul has chosen another way to learn
its lessons. Nothing is bad or less valuable. It is just another way to realization.

My wife and I find it very interesting that so much information fits together when it comes from such different sources, ranging from ancient religious texts to modern ITC systems. 

Our website (but only in German) shows a part of that what we have learned:

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